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Chronic dental pain can leave you aggravated, and restricted to liquid diet for months at a stretch. Well, pain should not be endured, when it can be cured. If you have been evading dentists' appointments for the fear of ridiculously high expenses back home, its time you change your plan. Find low-cost dental treatments with our network of qualified dentists across the world.

Periodontal diseases(gum related problems eg excessive bleeding, chronic pain, loose teeth) can leave you distressed. They are also a major reason for haliotosis(bad breath). If missing teeth or gum problems are restricting you from smiling freely, its time you get suitable dental treatments for them. Low-cost dental implants are now accessible with Denta Vacation's network dentists. Dental Implants in Mexico are a convenient and affordable option for Americans and Canadians. Those dental tourists not sure about Mexico, may head to Costa Rica or get their dental implants in El Salvador, the other two popular dental tourism destinations in Latin America.

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Every time you laugh, do you fear being laughed at for bad teeth? Well, you no more have to cover your mouth before smiling. Availability of easy and affordable dental treatments should surely let you laugh freely. Denture wearers often complain that dentures are a nuisance, and make speech and chewing difficult, and constantly cause discomfort. Many people also tend to break dentures very frequently. All-on-4, all-on-6 or all-on-8 implants can be the ideal replacement for them, and with Denta Vacation, you can have them at real low prices.

It is plausible that dental treatments in your region are inaccessible, because either they are too expensive, or they make you wait too long. Well, in case you want timely solutions for your dental problems, and are seeking discount dental work, dental tourism is the thing for you.

Denta Vacation offers easy solutions for your dental concerns, and aims to get you that perfect smile. Using our services, dental tourists not only get to make significant savings, but also get to counterbalance the usually-dreaded dental treatment with a relaxing dental holiday in Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Turkey and various other destinations.




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The boom in dental tourism has provided numerous cost-saving treatment options to the patient beleaguered by dental problems.

Delve into Denta Vacation, spend a few minutes looking into the pages, and we’re sure you’d be able to scoop out interesting information about dental tourism. Dig in deeper to find where you can get the most affordable dental treatments, combine them with your favorite tourism activities, and make a complete dental vacation package without burning holes in your pocket.

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Why Plan a Dental Vacation?

Expensive dental treatments in many western countries form the chief factor for people to look for options outside their local turf. However, people may also have other reasons for traveling long distances in pursuit of dental services.

Appointment with a dentist already leaves many distressed; in addition, a thought of the heavy expenses may make you even more apprehensive to the dental treatment, especially if you are among the unfortunate who do not possess dental insurance benefits.

The availability of better treatments in some countries also sometimes triggers dental trips. Besides, the patients who do not want to remain in long waiting lines before ending up on a dentist’s chair, also travel across the borders to get prompt relief from their dental woes.

Where to Head for Affordable Dental Treatment?

Despite having easy access to expert local dentists, people from many countries are flying across the borders in pursuit of low-cost dental implants, crowns, bridges and other treatments. Cost of dental implants in Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Thailand, etc. is significantly lower than that in the first world countries; Availability of low-cost dental treatments is the main reason for dental tourists to travel far from their homes in pursuit of dental treatments.

We work with leading dental experts in India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai), Costa Rica (San Jose), Mexico (Tijuana, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta), El Salvador, Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket), Turkey (Istanbul), Jordan.

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Treatments for Dental Tourists

Dental implants are the most natural-looking replacements of missing teeth. An implant consists of a metal post (mostly titanium), which is screwed inside a jaw bone, and topped with a tooth-like crown.

Implants are among the most expensive of dental procedures. A regular dental implant may completely offset your half-yearly budget. Therefore, despite being esthetically and functionally pleasing, dental implants are not opted by many patients for the fear of heavy expenses. However, many people are now discovering the benefits of dental tourism and saving thousands by opting for teeth implants in Mexico, dental veneers in Costa Rica or dental bridges in India.

Edentulous patients (who have lost all their teeth) can have the best replacement in All-on-4 Implant systems, which come the closest to replacing their natural teeth. All-on-4 basically means that all teeth of an arch (upper or lower) are placed over 4 implants.

Though implants are possibly the most secure solution for full mouth restoration of edentulous patients, most people dread paying for four implants.

Dental Implants Low-Cost Dental Crowns and Bridges All-0n-4-Dental-Implants Fixed Dentures

Loose, ill-fitting dentures can make many a social situation awkward, and be a cause of constant discomfort for the patient. Dental implants for dentures are an ideal solution for this, but most patients wouldn’t want to pay for a single implant, bearing the expenses of four is out of question.

A permanent denture for people with no teeth sure sounds like a good idea, but who wants to spend his lifetime earnings in artificial teeth? Other restorative procedures like dental crowns and bridges, root canals, etc. are often sought by patients, but evaded due to high costs.

Dodging treatments only leads to worsening of the problem, and eventually causes your dental care costs to multiply manifold. Don’t you wish, like the annual sales on clothes and shoes, you could also get discount dental implants and low-cost porcelain bridges sometime?

Well, dental tourism is the answer to it. Countries like India, Thailand, Jordan, and Mexico offer dental treatments at prices that are often less than half of those in Australia, American, European countries.

Even after taking travel and lodging expenses into consideration, dental treatment in these countries can save a patient thousands in treatment costs.

Although a typical implant procedure may take a few months, advancements in dentistry have introduced immediate load dental implants (also called same day dental implants), which allow very quick replacement of lost teeth.

Patients looking for cheap dental work may consider treatments in countries where healthcare costs are low.

We have a wide network of expert dental surgeons across the world and provide you an easy access to experts who can relieve your dental problems. Find the best deals in dental treatments, bundled with entertaining travel plans and make your dental trip comfortable and fulfilling.

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