Hollywood Smile in Turkey has remodeled countless ordinary faces. It is the secret behind a lot of superstars' radiant personality. Want to get a smile like the stars? Read on!

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Smile Makeover Turkey Istanbul

Imperfect teeth might undermine your confidence over time. It is a natural instinct to have a flawless & beautiful smile.

So, our team at DV strives to breathe new life into your teeth in Turkey.

Our Smile Makeover Packages Start at €3270!

Best of all, our dentists can custom-design your smile to fit your unique facial features.

Is smile makeover just about veneers?

No, it includes rebuilding several dental features to enhance overall appearance. That is teeth’ color, size, shape, alignment, or gums can be revised. [1]

Hollywood Smile Turkey Before and After

From yellow to white, crooked to aligned, and from missing to new, we have transformed it all.

Browse these before & after changes to get an idea of what your smile can look like!

Teeth Whitening in Turkey Before and After

Teeth Whitening in Turkey: Before & After

Smile Makeover in Turkey Before and After

Smile Makeover in Turkey: Before & After

Before & After: Dental Implants in Izmir

Dental Implants in Turkey: Before & After

Zirconia Veneers in Tekirdag: Before & After

Zirconia Veneers in Turkey: Before & After
Aesthetics in the Press!

Do you know Jack Fincham, the Love Island winner? He had his smile makoever in Turkey & the results are charismatic. [2]

Hollywood Smile Turkey Review: Catch the Buzz!

Watch Our Patients’ Testimonials!

Hollywood smile turkey patients’ reviews will guide you to make the best choice.

Dental News in 2023!

A famous Model named Katie Price got herself one of the most beautiful smiles in Turkey. [3]

Now that you know that Turkey is a treasure of healthy smiles, which celebrity smile do you want? Let us know!

Hollywood Smile Turkey Patient Review Videos

Looks like an expensive treatment? But it’s not! The affordable smile makeover Turkey prices won’t drain your wallet anymore.

Hollywood Smile Turkey Price

Seeking the best Hollywood smile in Turkey? Yes, you can have it at a reasonable cost!

Hollywood smile cost in Turkey with Emax veneers will save you ~65% of the UK cost.

Given below are the tables comparing the turkey teeth price with the UK/US & smile makeover Europe.

Avg. Hollywood Smile Cost Turkey: 20 Emax Veneers

Location Euros Pounds USD
Hollywood Smile Cost Turkey* €4,900 £4260 $5,500
Hollywood Smile Cost UK €13,689 £11,900 $15,360
Hollywood Smile Cost Europe €12,760 £11,090 $14,320
Hollywood Smile Cost US €35,640 £30,980 $40,000
*Package price
Every case is different, so the prices are subject to change.

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey 2023 (Procedures)
Procedure Turkey UK
Gum contouring €45 €175
Porcelain Veneers^ €150 €1,220
Zirconia Crowns^ €200 €1,400
Teeth Whitening €330 €660
Dental Implants^ €610 €2,960
^per unit
Every case is different, so the prices are subject to change.

Let’s also brief you about the lavish prices of Emax veneers in other European countries.

  • Smile Makeover Cost in Spain: €9,600
  • Smile Makeover Cost in France: €13,020
  • Hollywood Smile Cost in Germany: €14,000
  • Smile Makeover in The Netherlands: €14,000

You can use different modes to pay for your Hollywood smile dental procedure.

Payment Options | Hollywood Smile Turkey

Depending on your needs, you can either have 10, 12, 16, or 20 Hollywood smile veneers in Turkey.

Similarly, the Zirconia or Emax crowns units may vary from 8, 10, 14, 16, 20, 24, or 28 in the upper & lower jaw.

Looking for some added benefits? Then, check our provider package deals next.

Hollywood Smile Turkey Package

Be the first one to avail the amazing Hollywood Smile Turkey all-inclusive packages.

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Hollywood Smile Turkey Options

Are your teeth holding you from socializing? Worry not! We have an array of options for you.

You can smile in a day or a week with an innovative smile makeover abroad.

Hollywood Smile method in Turkey includes different techniques:

High Demand Hollywood Smile in Turkey!

Females (>76%), younger age groups & those with higher SES are aware of the “Hollywood smile.” Due to social media influence, the demand for esthetic treatment will increase in the future. [9]

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Turkey

Our cosmetic dentists think like an architect & design like an engineer to renew a lost smile.

Let’s walk you through the process of the Hollywood smile procedure.

I. Evaluation: Listen, Check & Plan

Session 1: Firstly, the specialist will listen to your expectations & needs.

Secondly, they check for previous teeth fillings, gum health, crowding, spacing, etc.

X-rays & facial photographs are taken for a thorough examination.

3D scanners are used to obtain your new digital smile design. This will give you a glimpse of how your smile will appear post-treatment.

Digital Xrays

Digital Xrays

Digital Scanner

Digital Scanner

Dental Photographs

Dental Photographs

Finally, a definitive treatment plan will be discussed with you.

Session 2 is required if the jaw position needs correction.

II: Mock-Up Application

As per your requirements, veneers, crowns, implants, or whitening is done under local anesthesia.

So you will not feel any pain during your smile makeover. A mock-up is done to avoid any bad surprises.

Hollywood Smile Turkey Mock up


Different Smile Designs

Smile Design Types

Hollywood Smile

 Smile Makeover

III. Follow Up & Aftercare

You will be checked every six months for further intricacies.

Hollywood Smile Turkey Recovery!

  • Lip & tongue adaptation to new smile: 24 hours to 2 weeks
  • Gums settle to porcelain laminate and crowns: 2 weeks

Now that you have a wonderful smile, it's your duty to keep them clean by brushing & flossing.

Limiting tea, coffee, & cola is another aftercare tip you can follow.

Hollywood Smile Aftercare

Hollywood Smile Aftercare

Limit Stain Inducing Drinks

Limit Stain Inducing Drinks

Digital Smile

Digital Smile Design

Hollywood Smile Turkey Clinics

Our dental providers in Turkey are located in nearly all major cities – Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Didim & Tekirdag.

Click below to avail unparalleled services at the best clinic in Turkey for teeth.

Also, we’ve sorted a list of the top dental clinics in Turkey, so you simply need to make an appointment.

Best Hollywood Smile Turkey Dentist

A healthy & straight smile demands a holistic approach, and our dental team is trained to do that for you.

Here are some certified experts who use meticulous approaches to craft your exquisite smile.

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Why Get Hollywood Smile Teeth in Turkey With Us?

You will be glad to know that we provide the best value for money.

Our Turkish dentists ensure the use of elite technology and brands for satisfactory results.

To get you the best smile makeover, they employ:

  • Dental GPS software
    • Designs every aspect of your smile digitally
  • CEREC technology
    • Fabricates same-day aesthetic veneers, crowns
  • Laser technology
    • Enhances your gum line effectively
  • 3D scanners
    • Capture images for 3D models & virtual smile design
  • First-class brands
    • Hiossen (USA), Nobel Biocare, Straumann (Swiss), Medentis ICX, MB GmbH (German)

Do you know what a Turkey smile makeover consists of?

Turkey Hollywood Smile may combine one or more cosmetic dental procedures to reproduce a smile you've yearned for.

Best Material for Hollywood Smile, Turkey

Veneers Crowns/Bridges Implants Teeth Whitening
Composite Veneer Porcelain Emax Crown Same-Day Implant Take-home kit
Porcelain Veneer Full Porcelain Crown Zirconium Implant In office
Zirconium Veneer Ceramic Crown All on 4 implants Laser Teeth Whitening
Laminate Veneer Zirconium Crown All on 6 implants -
E-Max Full Veneer PFM Crown All on 8 implants -
Other Treatments: Invisalign, Clear Aligners, Dental Bonding, Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings
*The choice of material depends on your budget & needs.

Female Hollywood Smile Results

Female Hollywood Smile Results

Male Hollywood Smile Results

Male Hollywood Smile Results

These wonderful Hollywood Smile Turkey results might be a boost to your career or relationships.

You are just a few appointments away from getting a teeth makeover Turkey.

The Turkish healthcare system is based on WHO principles.

Here are the Turkish laws that govern your dental safety: [10]

  • Health Services in General Dentistry, 2003
    • Dentists must provide high-quality care within ethical standards.
    • They must be certified by the recognized health authority
  • 2010 Law
    • Dentists must participate in continuing education programs to align with the latest technology

Note: Our partner dentists are licensed and registered with the Ministry of Health & Turkish Dental Association.

Furthermore, keeping a note of the following emergency numbers can help:

Turkey Emergency Contact Numbers

Turkey Emergency Numbers for Your Safety

Turkey is a perfect place for those seeking a relaxing holiday & top-notch dental care.

With the influx of ~44 million international tourists, it has been a center for dental tourism in Europe.

Also, Turkey was the 6th most-visited country worldwide, said the UNWTO . [11]
Republic of Turkey-Country Profile

Turkey has everything for enthralling tourism: hot-air balloon rides, windsurfing, rafting, diving & diverse cuisines.

Here's the Takeaway!

Smile is one of the best investments you can make for wishful returns.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey is one step towards your dazzling personality.

At our partner clinics, what you will see is what you will get!

So, are you ready to wear the enigmatic charm of superstars? Yes! but have a few questions. Go on reading ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hollywood smile Turkey cost varies from €3,320 to €4,900 (or $3,160 to $5,500).

The package includes 12-20 Emax veneers, free consultation/medication/tests, transport, and 5-6 days stay.

For other available offers on Hollywood smile cost in Turkey 2023, click here.

Yes, it is! While you can save ~65% on Turkey veneers, the same treatment is more than twice in the UK.

Additionally, you can skip the long waiting periods in your home country. [12]

Thus, Turkey becomes a cost & time saver for dental tourists.

Usually, a set of 6 or 10 veneers or crowns in each jaw can get you a dream smile.

The number of teeth that deserves a restoration during a smile makeover depends on:

  • Patients expectations
  • Teeth visible while smiling naturally
  • Decayed or damaged teeth requiring a repair
  • Discolored/stained teeth, teeth gaps, or malaligned teeth

Every person has a different smile type. Thus, a personalised treatment is planned for each patient.

If you have discolored teeth, teeth whitening is the treatment of choice.

However, veneers are the best to mask stubborn stains, chipped teeth, or mild spacing.

Extensive tooth damage needs crowns while missing teeth can be restored using dental implants supported bridges.

Veneers are the most common & less invasive treatment for Hollywood smile teeth Turkey.

But there are other treatment alternatives like crowns, bridges, or whitening that can be used in place of veneers.

A breathtaking smile awaits you in Turkey

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