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Dental Work In Antalya

If you choose to receive Dental Work in Antalya, you are making a great choice! The clinics here specialize in all kinds of dental work and at much lower prices. Besides, Antalya offers plenty of things to do for you and your family.

Antalya is just a few hour flight journeys from major cities of the world:

City Flight Duration (Hours) City Flight Duration (Hours)
Istanbul 01:10 Berlin 03:20
Moscow 03:10 Paris 03:55
London 04:50 Tehran 04:20
New York 12:45 Germany 05:00

Top Dental Clinics in Antalya

Çağlayan Dist. Barınaklar Blvd. No.66, Muratpaşa, Antalya, Turkey

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What is the Cost of Dental Work in Antalya?

The cost of dental work is low in Antalya. This is the primary reason for receiving dental work here.

Antalya was always known for tourism, being centrally located between Europe and the Middle East. Only in recent years, it has gained popularity as a Dental Tourism destination, owing to its lower treatment costs.

Dental Work USA | Canada UK Antalya
Single Tooth Titanium Implant $6,000 | $5,500 $2,880 $1,500
All-on-4 Implants $24,000 | $22,500 $18,000 $5,150
All-on-6 Implants $26,000 | $24,500 $20,000 $6,580
Metal fused to Porcelain Crowns $1250 | $1,150 $1,112 $160
Ceramic Crowns $1,500 | $1,350 $1,244 $160
Zirconium Crowns $2,000 | $1,650 $790 $220
Complete Dentures (acrylic/ porcelain) $2,000 | $1,650 $1,309 $580
Tooth Extraction (Simple) $125 | $150 $104 $40
Tooth Extraction (Surgical) $650 | $550 $300 $100
Laser Teeth Whitening $850 | $650 $650 $250
Root Canal Treatment $950 | $1150 $920 $150
Composite Filling $250 | $225 $340 $70
Invisalign clear aligners $5,500 | $4,750 $4,000 $2,700
Porcelain Veneers $1,750 | $2,150 $1,250 $355

 *Prices may vary with the complexity of the case.

You can see from the table that the costs are approximately 50% to 70% lower than what one has to pay in the USA or Canada. Dental Implants price in Antalya is for the top brand –  Straumann.

Russians visit Antalya the most. For them, it was always one of the most worthy destinations for a holiday. However, it is only in recent years that they have begun to recognize other opportunities that Antalya offers. The price difference may not be large, but Antalya has a lot to offer along with low-price and quality treatment.

Why Prefer Getting Dental Work in Antalya?

Antalya offers enormous benefits for you, such as:

Low Price of Treatment

You save more than half of what you would need to pay in the USA. Thus, it has a favorable price advantage.

Experienced Dentists

Since Antalya receives thousands of patients from most of Europe and Arab countries as well as Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, the dentists here are more experienced as compared to their European colleagues.

Accredited Health Institutions

Turkey has over 45 Joint Commissions International (JCI)-accredited health institutions, two of which are in Antalya.[1] Antalya Health Tourism Association
Antalya Health Tourism Association
” Turkey ranks second in the world in terms of the number of hospitals possesing prestigeous accreditation. Antalya boasts having 2 JCI accredited hospitals.”<br/
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Quality Care and Service

As per the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey, the country has a high level of qualified human medical resources and world-class technological and medical equipment.[2] Ministry of Health Turkey
Health Tourism in Turkey
” Due to high level of qualified human resources, especially in medical staff, as well as geographical location, seasonal advantages, quality of health service provision, world- class technological and medical equipment, up to 60% favorable price advantage compared to Europe, Turkey is the first place in the top thermal resources concerning rapidly growing elderly population as well as youth population of the world along with traditional Turkish hospitality, which make Turkey the shining star in the world.”
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Ideal Geographic Location

Antalya is on the South-west Coast of Turkey, centrally located between Europe and the Middle East. It has visa-free entry from more than 70 countries. Turkish Airlines has flights to 120 countries, 299 cities, and 302 airports.[3] Ministry of Health Turkey
Health Tourism in Turkey
” Turkey, centrally located in Europe and Middle East, provides services with 57 countries, serving 1 million people. In addition, Turkey has visa free access from more than 70 countries, which has Turkish Airlines having flights –to 120 countries, 299 cities, 302 airports- as well as national ones with its brand. These features make Turkey one of the ideal health tourism attractions in the region.”
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Antalya has direct flight opportunities from many parts of the world. Just not by air, Antalya can be reached by land as well as by sea.

Photo – Turkish Airlines – Connecting Over 120 Countries

World’s Favorite Tourist Destination

  • Antalya has more than 1,700 tourist attractions. Hotels here can accommodate 600,000 guests. It has 421 five-star hotels, which is more than that in Spain, the biggest competitor in the Mediterranean region.[4] TRT World
    What is behind Turkey’s Tourism Boom?
    “Antalya has become a brand renowned all around the world in recent years. It has more than 1,700 attractions together with a 600,000 bed capacity when it comes to accommodation.”
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  • For nature lovers, Antalya offers shady palm-lined boulevards, sandy sea beaches, and sea and mountain views on the Mediterranean. For city lovers, the city is full of luxury hotels and marinas.
  • Antalya receives more than 11 million tourists every year. In February 2020, Turkey’s Tourism Ministry reported Turkey receives the maximum tourists from Russia (seven million), followed by Germany (5 million), Bulgarians (2.7 million), and UK and Iran (2 million each).[5] TRT World
    What is behind Turkey’s Tourism Boom?
    “In terms of growth, Turkey’s Tourism Ministry reports that most incoming tourists are from Russia with seven million people visiting Turkey in 2019, followed by Germany, with five million visitors arriving the same year. Bulgarians are in third place with 2.7 million visitors visiting the country, followed by the UK and Iran. The UK and Iran are at the fourth and fifth spots.”
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Optimal weather

The weather is comfortable for all; even in winter, the average temperature is 10-15 ° C.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Antalya has a rich cultural heritage with many remains of the past. The Persians, Alexander the Great, the Romans, and the Arabs have left their mark on the area that attracts tourists worldwide.

Language No Barrier

Though Turkish is the official language, English is widely spoken. Tourists are often surprised by the relatively high level of English spoken by Turkish dentists and other staff.

Why is Dental Work Cheaper in Antalya?

There are several reasons why Antalya offers Dental Work at cheaper prices:

Low Clinic Operational Costs

The operational costs include the laboratory costs and dentist fees. These are much lower as compared to the USA, Canada, or the UK.

Low Tuition Costs

Turkey offers a relatively inexpensive and good quality education. Scholarships are offered that also pay a monthly allowance, cover accommodation cost, travel expense, and health insurance. The low cost of education translates to the low cost of treatment offered by the dentists.

Currency Exchange Advantage

The value of the Turkish lira is less compared to the Sterling pound, the Euro, or the USD. This means that patients from the USA, Canada, UK, or Europe can pay less for the same treatment because of the cost savings from currency exchange.

No Inflated Third Party Fees

When dental clinics have their own dental laboratory, they need not outsource the laboratory work. This results in significant savings to the dental clinic that in turn, is transferred to the patient.

Traveling to Turkey is Cheaper

Flights to Turkey are much cheaper than taking a flight to Spain, Italy, and even Hungary. The cost of food and accommodation is low. You can get a 5-star hotel for as low as 30 USD and a meal at a local restaurant for less than 10 USD.

Free Services

Apart from the cheaper cost of the dental treatment, to bring your costs further down, some dental clinics in Antalya offer free pick-up and drop from the airport. They also offer free transport between the clinic and the hotel. There is no initial consultation charge to be paid to the dentist.

Consider Receiving Dental Work in Antalya if:

  • If you need major dental work to be done, but you cannot afford the costs in your home country
  • You are looking for dental implants of top brands such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare as used back home, but cannot afford it
  • You want a full porcelain crown, but you can only afford a metal crown in your home country
  • Importantly, if you also need a relaxing vacation along with the dental treatment

How Good is Dental Education in Turkey?

Dentists in Turkey need to be trained for five years to earn a bachelor’s dental degree (DDS). There are at present 15 schools of dentistry. The specialization is for further five years in orthodontics or prosthodontics.

The DDS degree in Turkey is ranked at # 83 in the World Education Ranking. According to the most recent edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings, Turkey’s higher education system is ranked forty-third in the world.[6] Free Apply
Turkey – Bachelor programs in Dentistry
” Reasons to obtain a Bachelor program in Dentistry in Turkey No 83 in the world education ranking”
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The dental education and legislation is regulated by the Ministry of Health. Dentists also need to register with the Turkish Dental Association (TDA) that monitors dental practices.

More about Antalya

  • Antalya is a historic city dating back to 133 BC. It can be visited during any season.
  • Antalya has warm sea beaches. You may be able to swim for almost 10 months. However, if you go towards the mountains, you can enjoy winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.
  • The mythological Olympos Mountain is in Antalya. The Turks claim that the Olympic fire comes from Antalya.
  • The main places to visit are:


  • The old center of Antalya bordered by walls with eighty towers
  • Traditional houses lined along narrow lanes surround the walls

Hadrian’s Gate

  • Divides Antalya into the modern city and the old city
  • Erected in honor of Emperor Hadrian, who came to Antalya in 130 AD

Roman Theatre of Aspendos

  • Built by Romans in Asia and Africa
  • Built during the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius by architect Zenon, the son of Theodorus.

Yivli Minaret

  • 13th-century work
  • Oldest Islamic monument in the city
  • Known as the symbol of Antalya, it is 38m high and takes 90 steps to reach the top

Water Falls

  • Several waterfalls surround Antalya
  • One of which is Kurşunlu Falls – 18m high and forms seven ponds


  • Antalya has several beaches. The most famous is the Lara beach
  • 12 km long and towards the east of Antalya
  • Known for fine sands and surrounded by a pine forest
  • Most beautiful and top-visited beaches in Turkey

Top Dental Clinic

Based on several factors such as dentists’ credentials, lower prices of treatment, experience in treating international patients, and English-speaking ability of dentists, we recommend the following clinic for the best dental work in Antalya:

Dental Excellence, Antalya

Dental Excellence Dental Clinic in Antalya is run by a group of specialist dental surgeons, the lead dentist being Dr. Fatih Erkun – a prosthodontist.

Photo – Dr. Fatih Erkun

The clinic is equipped with:

  • Digital X-Ray Machine
  • CAD/CAM Machine – Makes it possible to fabricate porcelain crowns and restorations within the same day
  • Dental Photograph Studio
  • In-house Dental Laboratory
  • 5-Year Warranty on Treatments such as Dental Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers
  • Consultation, Check-ups, Panoramic X-Rays, and Temporary crowns come free with treatment

Several Value-added Services such as:

  • Pick up and Drop from Antalya Airport
  • Pick-up and Drop from Hotel to Clinic for every Clinic Visit

Travel Tips for Antalya

  • You need to bear in mind that you cannot click photographs of local people, especially women dressed in black shawls. If you want to photograph men, do take their permission first.
  • You cannot enter anyone’s house or even the mosque with your shoes. You have to remove your shoes. Maintain silence if you enter a mosque.
  • Wear appropriate clothes that cover your body. If found wearing revealing clothes, you may be denied entry to many places of interest.
  • You cannot have alcoholic beverages while on the streets of Antalya. If there are any important religious celebrations, then even restaurants may not serve alcohol.
  • Tap water may be unsafe to drink. Therefore, we recommend you keep a bottle of packaged water always with you.
  • Most tourist attractions are accessible by buses, but tourists generally prefer to use the taxi. However, make sure you discuss the rates beforehand.
  • When needed, you can make use of the International Patient Support Unit (UHDB) Translation and Call Center (contact number 0 850 288 38 38). It is available 24/7 in German, Arabic, English, Russian, Persian, and French to provide easy access to health services for health tourism and the health of tourists.[7] Ministry of Health
    Health Tourism in Turkey
    ” International Patient Support Unit (UHDB) Translation and Call Center ,having the call number of 0 850 288 38 38 in German, Arabic, English, Russian, Persian and French languages, is available 7 days 24 hours to provide easy access to health services for the health tourism and the health of tourists”
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  • If you do not want to take public transport to visit places, Antalya offers electric bike tours of various sites.
  • Since Antalya is right next to the sea, it has an aquarium. The Antalya Aquarium is the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. It is 131m long and 3m wide. It houses various marine species.
  • Snow World and Ice Museum are near the aquarium where you can have snowball fights, even if it is hot outside.


Spring in Antalya is from March to May. The autumn season is from September through November.  This is the best time to visit since the other months may be hot and dry or humid, and may spoil your vacation mood.

Antalya has over 50 bars and clubs. The night clubs have incredible DJs, light shows, and professional dancers, but some of the places are loud and rowdy. Not just the night clubs, the restaurants are even lively with music in the evenings.

Absolutely! Several resorts in the city are “kids or family-friendly”. Your children can have a great time at the local aquarium, water parks, or toy museums.

Leave that on us. Just fill up the inquiry form and submit. We will customize the tour for you and guide you further.

No! Because the dentist will use an effective local anesthetic. You will not have any discomfort. If you undergo tooth extraction or implant treatment, then you will be given pain killers.

Once back home, we urge you to keep in touch with us via email or phone. If at all there is any complication, we will evaluate the situation and deal with it accordingly.

Once you book your service with us, our case manager will take up your case. They will be in touch with you throughout the treatment duration until you return home satisfied.

We will prepare a complete itinerary for you that should include your initial consultation, examinations, all dental work that you need, and accommodation near the clinic. We will take care of most of your errands so that you undergo the treatment peacefully.

Once you are back home, we urge you that you keep in touch with us via email or phone. If you have any queries or concerns regarding the treatment, we encourage you to contact us, and we will respond promptly.

As per your convenience! You can pay using Cash (US Dollars, Euro, or Pound), Check, Credit or Debit Cards, or Bank Transfer.

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