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All on 4 Implants in Mexico

All on 4 in Mexico for less than $9,000*

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Did you know that it takes just four implants to replace all your missing teeth in either of the arches? You will be glad to know that the evolution of implant dentistry has given us all-on-4 implants that help restore teeth in a complete arch with just four implants.

And getting a full arch rehabilitation in Mexico can help you save thousands of dollars. A dental holiday to Mexico can be looked into to avail this procedure that costs a lot lower than in the United States despite being no less in quality.

Get Your Smile in a Day with All on 4 Implants

  • An all-on-four dental implant is an implant-supported solution which restores both function and aesthetics in people suffering from multiple tooth loss.
  • The bite restored by an all-on-four feels just like that of natural teeth.
  • The procedure involves placing four implants in the jawbone which are topped by a full fixed denture.
  • The day you have your surgery, the doctor will place temporary dentures on the implants till the time your jawbone heals.
  • All on 4 implants are suitable for those with insufficient bone in the jaw thereby discounting the need for bone grafting surgery.

Since you can walk out of the dental office with a brand new set of teeth the very day, the procedure is also known as “smile-in-a-day,” “teeth in a day”, “teeth in an hour”, and “dental Implants in a day”! For FREE Pricing, contact us now

How much for All on 4 in Mexico?

While all on 4 dental implants in Los Algodones cost about $8,950, they cost about $5,600 at a leading dental clinic in Rosarito, near Tijuana, while in the United States these easily carry a five-figure price tag.

It is easier for American and Canadian citizens to come to Mexico for their dental procedure because Los Algodones and Tijuana are easily accessible. Due to the reasonable costs of the travel and stay, the total amount spent is still considerably less than in the United States.

Where to Get All-on-4s in Mexico near United States?

You may consider getting the cheapest dental implants at the following places:

Option 1: Los Algodones

A sleepy Mexican town bordering Yuma, Arizona often dubbed as the dental capital of the world, Los Algodones has a reputation of being a value-for-money, drug-free, and safe destination for Americans seeking quality dental care right across the border. It is often referred to as the “Molar Capital of the world.”

You can look forward to getting treated at a highly recommended American Dental Association (ADA) member clinic in Algodones which is quite popular with American and Canadian dental tourists. This clinic features its own laboratory, thereby speeding up your treatment time. FREE pick and drop facility and discounted stay at Hotel Hacienda are an added bonus.

The closest American airport is Yuma International Airport (IATA: YUM). The border crossing is at Andrade, which is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Option 2: Tijuana

Tijuana is a major Mexican border city located less than 17 miles from San Diego, CA. Your low cost dental implant work in Tijuana will be performed at the city’s largest dental clinic which has been serving the region for more than four decades now. The clinic is known to observe the highest sterilization standards and is one of the first to be certified by the Quality Assurance consultants in the USA.

Option 3: Cancun

All on 4 implants in Cancun are a good option if you want to have your dental work done in a tropical setting. The beautiful resort city of Cancun is lined by gorgeous beaches, and is not very far from the Mayan architectural site of Teotihuacan.

Did you know? All on 4 implants are known to have a 99.8% 24-month survival rate!1

An alternative to them, All on 6 implants, is also available at much lower prices than in the US.


  • Most denture wearers complain of constant pain and discomfort when they wear their dentures. Moreover, chewing food and even talking can be difficult or tiresome for denture wearers. However, those without dental insurance or sufficient funds to pay for dental implants in their own countries feel compelled to bear with the inconveniences caused by dentures.
  • Dental implants in Mexico are an ideal solution to both the challenges.a-comfortable-hotel-in-mexico
  • While implants in Mexico cost anywhere between 20 to 60 percent less than in the US, the quality of dental care is the same.
  • Patients who opt for dental work in Mexico can benefit from the low cost of the procedure.
  • Additionally, the cost of travel to Mexico from the US and Canada is low, so patients opting for it in Mexico will be able to save substantially.
  • The cost of dental treatments in Mexico is low predominantly because of the lower cost of living there.
  • You can request for online pricing to compare costs of full mouth restoration in different clinics in Mexico.

Handy Travel Tips

  • All those getting any surgery done to their face are advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid traveling by air for 7 to 10 days.
  • This is to ensure that cabin pressure does not cause any damage.
  • So when patients head to Mexico for implants they need to plan for a longer stay.
  • This is hardly a hardship as a vacation in sunny Mexico to recuperate from the all on 4 implants will not cost much.
  • Dental tourists should plan to stay over after the procedure to enjoy the hospitality the country is known for.
  • When patients plan for all on 4 implants abroad they need to pick a dentist or orthodontist they are comfortable with.
  • Besides, patients need to have a doctor available to consult in their home town as it will not be possible to visit Mexico for follow up checks.

By planning carefully and selecting the right medical facilities, it is possible for patients to combine four in one dental implants in Mexico and a vacation at an affordable cost.

Denta Vacation facilitates affordable treatments at various destinations across the world. For more information, contact us now!’


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