Getting dental bridges in Mexico is a sought-after treatment nowadays. With the rising costs in countries like USA and Canada, affordable prices in various Mexican cities are an attractive solution, especially for the uninsured.

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Getting Dental Bridges in Mexico: Patient Testimonial

Why Choose Dental Bridges in Mexico?

In a recently published study, in 2019, nearly 6.5 million people travelled to Mexico seeking dental treatment. 1.1million of them were from the United States of America. [1]

Hence, it can be said that the dental healthcare system in Mexico provides efficient services as compared to the developed countries.

Further, some of the upsides in particular to getting dental bridges in Mexico are listed below:

  • Firstly because Mexico houses well-trained dental surgeons and has excellent healthcare facilities [2]
  • Secondly, getting teeth bridges in Mexico allows you to undergo world-class and low-cost dental care while you enjoy a holiday
  • Further, depending on a case-to-case basis, the reputable hospitals and dental clinics in Mexico also use sleep dentistry techniques to keep dental anxiety in check [3]

Dental Bridges in Mexico - Advantages

Benefits of Getting Dental Bridges in Mexico
  • Moreover, the majority of the renowned dentists in Mexico can speak fluent English; so you don’t have to worry about speaking Spanish or facing language constraints [4]
  • In addition to this, low-cost dental bridges and affordable smile makeovers are possible in Mexico. In other words, the prices in the Latin American country can be up to 80% less than what the procedures cost in the US.

How Much Is a Dental Bridge in Mexico

The cost of a dental bridge in Mexico starts at $540 only. Meanwhile, getting a dental implant bridge in Mexico also cost as reasonably low as $5675.

However, the same procedure ranges from nearly $32000 to $10000 in the US and Canada.

In turn, this helps you enjoy a massive saving of around 80% by getting teeth bridges in Mexico.

Cost of Dental Bridge in Mexico
Country/City Cost
USA $3300
Canada $3000
Tijuana $1185
Los Algodones $630
Cancun $1350
Mexicali $1350
Puerto Vallarta $1650
Mexico City $1170
San José del Cabo $1350
Cuidad Juarez $600
Playa del Carmen $540
Nogales $900
Nuevo Laredo $840
Merida $1110
Monterrey $1800
Matamoros $1700
*Prices are subject to change.

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Types of Dental Bridges in Mexico

Various types of dental bridges include

Traditional bridges are the most commonly used to replace missing teeth.

Their structure comprises a fake tooth .

This gets attached on either side by dental crowns.

You should note that this fake tooth is called a pontic.

Dental Bridges in Mexico

The dental crown assembly on either side supports one or more pontics.

The crowns get cemented onto the natural teeth (also known as an abutment).

👍 Advantage: Suitable option when there are natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

👎 Disadvantage: Adjacent abutment teeth need to be trimmed by enamel removal (in small amounts).

These bridges are used when natural tooth/teeth are on a single side of the gap.

It is a popular option for filling these gaps created by damaged or missing teeth.

Cantilever Bridge in Mexico

👍 Advantages:

  • Effective even with natural teeth on only one end of the gap.
  • Therefore, trimming and preparing the natural tooth/teeth on only one side is required.
  • Additionally, they are easier to place.

👎 Disadvantage:

  • Due to support from only one end of the bridge, lifting action results
  • This could lead to displacement or fracture of the bridge under excessive forces

These types of bridges comprise a pontic attached to a metallic framework.

The metallic framework is attached to the adjacent natural teeth using dental cement fixation.

Maryland Bridge in Mexico

👍 Advantage:

  • No preparation of natural teeth is required.

👎 Disadvantage:

  • A metallic framework may interfere with natural chewing function.
  • Support may not be strong enough in regions with excessive biting force.

These types of bridges are most suitable for multiple missing teeth.

According to the patient’s requirements and clinical aspects, replacement is decided.

Each missing tooth is ideally replaced using an implant.

Implant-Supported Bridge in Mexico

But, in some instances, multiple implants are not indicated. Hence, a pontic is supported by implants on either side.

Therefore, it acts as a bridge supported by dental implants.

👍 Advantages:

  • Very strong

👎 Disadvantage:

  • Implant placement surgery is required.

Source: Colgate [5] , Healthline [6]

Best Clinics for Teeth Bridges in Mexico

We at Dentavacation have curated a list of handpicked dental clinics in Mexico.

They will help you get the perfect smile at extremely affordable rates.

Our partner clinics offer discounted rates for dental bridges in Mexico.

This is often clubbed with special packages for hotel stays and travel too.

Find below our associated clinics, along with their ratings and reviews.

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Fixed Partial Dentures in Mexico – Tips for Your Trip

  • Most importantly, get registered with STEP [7]
  • Watch out for pickpockets in the big cities [8]
  • Do not flash your cash or show off your valuables in public. [9]
  • Moreover, drink only bottled drinking water that has been sealed. [10]
  • Likewise, avoid accepting any suspicious packages from natives or other tourists.
  • In addition, make sure you look into whether the procedure you plan to undergo is FDA approved or not
  • Further, Mexico generally has hot weather. So, it is advised that you visit the country during the winter months between December and February. [11]
  • Therefore, if you are an American,  keep in mind the geographical proximity of the Mexican town as this will help save your travel costs. [12]


To sum up, it can be said that your quest for quality yet low-cost dental bridges abroad ends in Mexico.

As a result, you can have affordable teeth bridges in Mexico, and also rejuvenate with a much-needed vacation in the sun at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a dental bridge in Mexico is, on average, $1155. However, tooth bridge prices in Mexico begin at only $540.

This accounts for more than 80% savings compared to western countries like the USA and Canada.

4 unit bridge in Mexico costs begins at a mere $720. In comparison, US and Canada charge huge sums of $4400 and $4000 respectively.

This means you can save more than 80% and enjoy a luxurious vacation too!

Dental bridges in Tijuana help you save up to 65% on the costs as the prices start at around $1185.

On the other hand, the same is charged $3300 in the US.

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