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4.6 (27 Reviews)
Mon - Sun 9 AM to 6 PM
Avenida Benito Juarez Coahuila 7 “A, Arturos plaza, 88810 Nuevo Progreso, Tamps., Mexico

Flag of Mexico

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Covid-19 Safe
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Dr. Sandra Bucardo
Bucardo Dental Clinic
4.6 (27 Reviews)

37+ Years


The Autonomous University of Nuevo León

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico


Implants, Oral Surgery, Veneers


English, Spanish

Dr. Dominga Cortez
Texas Dental Clinic
4.6 (64 Reviews)

23+ Years


University School of Dental Medicine in Tamaulipas (UAT)

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico


Cosmetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

Dr. Karen Perales
Texas Dental Clinic
4.6 (64 Reviews)

7+ Years


University School of Dental Medicine of Nuevo León (UANL)

Nuevo Progreso, Mexico


Dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers

Patient Reviews

What our patients have to say matters to you and to us. So, take a moment to read some reviews about Nuevo Progreso dentists.

Cost of Dental Work in Nuevo Progreso

The dental prices in Nuevo Progreso are affordable, saving you ~ 85%.

So, you return with a healthy smile from your vacation at a fraction of the US cost.

The low cost & high quality of dental work attracts many Americans & Canadians to date.

Dental Cost in Nuevo Progreso Vs the US
Procedure Nuevo Progreso US Savings
All on 4 Implants* $7,160 $24,000 70%
All on 6 Implants* $11,760 $28,000 58%
PFM crowns $250 $1,100 77%
Zirconia Crowns $400 $2,000 80%
Root Canal Treatment $200 $1,100 81%
Surgical Tooth Extraction $250 $650 61%
Porcelain Veneers# $400 $2,500 84%
*per arch, #per unit
*Prices are subject to change with each case.

Payment Methods in Nuevo Progreso

Credit/Debit Cards
Bank Transfer
Buy Now Pay Later

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Clinic Logistics

You are just a few steps away from reaching us & book an appointment with your favorite dentist in Nuevo Progreso.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Research a little about clinic ratings, reviews & quality before you make a choice.
  • Schedule a free call or request a quote for price updates & more.
  • A respective case manager will discuss everything with you to make your trip successful.

Our dental partner Texas Dental Clinic is open from Monday to Saturday, 8 AM to 6 PM. So, you can plan your visit & vacation accordingly.


Our clinic offers specialist dental care for patient comfort. Moreover, they are officially associated with:

  • ADA - American Dental Association

For sterilization, they comply with set standards by the ADM and OSHA

Brands, Technology & Equipments Used

The professionals at our partners are committed to providing the best dental brands. Thus, offering reliable services to their patients.

Suburb Locations

Nuevo Progreso is a small city near the US border. Nevertheless, a few areas & suburbs are popular among residents and visitors.

Recommended Hotels

We have a list of hotels in Nuevo Progreso with access to essential amenities within a radius of clinics.

To make your stay pleasant, choose any one hotel from the list of cards below:

Before & After: Dental Work in Nuevo Progreso

Before & After: Dental Veneers in Nuevo Progreso

Before & After: Dental Veneers in Nuevo Progreso

Before & After: Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso

Before & After: Dental Implants in Nuevo Progreso


The staff at the clinic in Nuevo Progreso speaks English and Spanish.

So it becomes easy to communicate with them.

Nuevo Progreso is close to the Texas-Mexico border. So, if you live nearby in Texas, you can travel by bus or drive your own car.

It takes ~ 7h 22m to drive through the road distance of 480.1 miles (Nuevo ↔️ Texas, US)

US Cities Drive Duration Distance
Corpus Christi, TX 2 hr 39 min 161 miles
San Antonio, TX 4 hr 3 min 257 miles
Houston, TX 5 hr 28 min 351 miles

You are not bound legally to have Mexico travel insurance for Nuevo Progreso.

However, it's always good to have one as it provides coverage for unexpected events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations or delays, lost or stolen luggage, etc.

If you are bringing your phone to Nuevo Progreso, then you may have to purchase a SIM compatible with the cellular network here.

You get Telcel, Movistar, and AT&T at convenience stores, mobile shops, or even at the airport.

The quality of care you receive in Nuevo will be every bit as good as the care you receive at home.

Yet, you must know what to look for when choosing a dentist. Here you go!

  • Have they undergone training from an accredited institution?
  • How many years of practice do they have in treating patients?
  • Do their patients give positive feedback about them?
  • Does the dentist hold any specialization for the procedure you seek?

Looking for a clinic with promising services? Then, you must watch out for these alarming signs at the dental office:

  • Consistently negative patient reviews | Low clinic rating
  • Poor infection control practices | Improper sterilization
  • Outdated technology | Inferior quality of materials used
  • Lack of transparency | Unclarity about prices & treatment plan

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