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Low Cost Root Canal RCT

Root Canal Treatment Abroad

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Root canal treatment abroad is a low-cost alternative to having RCT in the west.

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With good care most teeth that have had RCT can last a lifetime.[1]American Academy of Endodontists
What is a Root Canal?
“With proper care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime…”
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Cost of Root Canal Treatment Abroad

The cost of RCT in the US ranges between $800 to $1,800 (not including a dental restoration following the procedure), while RCT abroad ranges between $100-$400.

The cost includes the procedure, medicaments, filling material, and surgical costs.

The cost of Root Canal Treatment varies depending on

  • how severe the problem is?
  • the affected tooth.

The cost of Root canal for an uninfected front tooth will be lower than a back tooth.

RCT Cost Abroad (USD)
United States$1,500[2]Consumer Guide to dentistry
Root Canal Procedure
“The cost of a root canal procedure may range from $800 to $1,800, and the cost of the post and core procedure to strengthen the tooth is approximately $260 to $360, not including the cost of a crown restoration..”
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Canada$1,500Costa Rica$400
New Zealand$2,000Cambodia$150
United Kingdom$1,400Vietnam$170
*These are the average costs and prices vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Why is RCT Cheaper in Dental Tourism Destinations?

  • Labor costs, operating costs as well as the cost to build a practice are all lower in these countries.
  • Dentists in many dental tourism destinations don’t have to repay massive students debt unlike their counterparts in the US.[3]STUDENT LOAN PLANNER
    Dentistry is the Number 1 Job in America for Debt
    “For many graduating with over $4,00,000 in negative net worth, the only way to make dentistry worth it is through practice ownership…”
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What is RCT?

RCT is an endodontic treatment of the pulp (the soft tissue inside the root canal). It is done when pulp is swollen or infected.

Why get an RCT?

  • Tooth decay starts when food particles get stuck between your teeth.
  • The decay progresses from the outer layer of your tooth (enamel) towards the inside.
  • When the infection reaches the second layer of teeth (dentin), you start to feel mild pain and sensitivity. A simple filling will take care of your teeth at this time.
Root Canal Treatment Cavity and Abscess
  • Once the infection reaches the pulp, the pain will be very severe. There may be abscess formation at the root end.
  • As the infection crosses into live tissue (pulp), depending upon the damage to the external tooth structure, an extraction or RCT is prescribed.
  • In cases where the dentist thinks they can save the tooth, an RCT is done.

Who performs an RCT?

An Endodontist and Restorative dentist is a Root Canal specialist.

However, RCT is a routine dental procedure. Even general dentists perform RCTs without a problem.

Steps Involved in Root Canal Procedure

1. Anesthesia: The first step is to administer anesthesia to numb the affected tooth.

This will make the patient comfortable, and they will not feel any pain or pressure during the whole procedure.

2. Access Opening: Using an appropriate dental drill, the dentist makes an opening in the tooth crown to reach the pulp and free it of infection.

RCT Procedure

RCT Procedure

3. Filling: The canals are filled with a special filling, Gutta Percha. This is biologically acceptable. The filling is strong enough to last a lifetime.

4. Crown Placement: The final step is to place a dental crown over a root canal treated tooth.

Why is a crown placed after an RCT?

To provide support and prevent the tooth from breaking down.

Before and After RCT Patient Pictures

Before Image of Root Canal treatment Abroad

Before RCT

After Image of Root Canal Treatment Abroad

After RCT and Crown


  • Crossing over to Mexico from the United States is hassle-free. There are frequent flights from all major American cities to important places in Mexico.
  • Mexico is a favorite among tourist destinations of the world. Along with your dental treatment, you can enjoy a relaxing vacation here.

Tulum Mayan City Ruins Riviera-Maya, Mexico

  • Our network clinics are spread across Mexico. We have clinics in Tijuana, Cancun, Los Algodones, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta, Ajijic, and Nuevo Laredo which place All-on-4. The cost of RCT in Mexico is $250.


  • Thailand has geographical proximity to Australia and New Zealand. This makes it a favorable location for many of our Australian and New Zealand patients.
  • It is a very sought-after tourist destination.
  • One of our network clinics in Thailand is the only one in the country to have an ISO 9001:2008 certification for both the clinic and the lab.


  • We have partner clinics performing RCT in Bangkok, and Phuket, starting at USD $400.

Costa Rica

  • We work with an internationally accredited dental clinics in San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • The head clinician is affiliated with the American Dental Association (ADA), American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), and International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).
  • Our partner clinics in San Jose, Costa Rica place RCT, starting at USD $400.
Flamingo Costa Rica

Dental Tourism Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is a convenient location for potential dental tourists from the United States and Canada. According to the US Department of State, Americans are allowed a visa-less stay not exceeding 90 days.
  • Also known as the Switzerland of Central America, it is a vibrant country which offers immense biodiversity. You can hike in its rainforests, lounge on its beaches, and enjoy in its hot springs.



Vietnam Tourism

Dragon River Bridge Vietnam

  • Vietnam is often depicted as a place with steamy jungles and hot beaches, but country’s climate is quite diverse, with freezing temperatures and even snow in its northern highlands.
  • The cost of RCT in Vietnam starts at USD $400


  • The partner dental clinics of Dentavacation are in Bogota, Cartagena, and Medellin.


Colombia Tourism


  • Colombia is the second most bio-diverse country in the world. Located in the north of South America, it has coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
  • The cost of RCT in Colombia starts at USD $190.


  • In Cambodia, we work with a state of art dental clinic in Phnom Penh.

Dental Tourism in Cambodia

  • Cambodia feels like a bit of a hidden gem in Southeast Asia. With spectacular temples, beautiful islands and beaches, and a rich cultural heritage, Cambodia’s a place you won’t want to miss.
  • The cost of RCT in Cambodia is approx USD $ 150.


  • One of the oldest civilizations in the world, India is a mosaic of multicultural experiences.
Hawa mahal India

Hawa Mahal, India

  • Our network clinics are spread across India, namely in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, and Chandigarh.
  • Our partner dentist in Chandigarh, India is internationally trained and is a Nobel certified Implantologist. The starting cost of RCT in Chandigarh is USD $100.

5 Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Myth 1: Get an RCT only if you are in pain.

Pain is not the only indicator of an infected tooth. Sometimes, the tooth might show other signs, such as discoloration. An RCT may be required even when there is no pain.

The extent of infection will be evident once the dentist studies your X-rays properly. Sometimes, infection of the pulp occurs due to gum disease too.

IndicationInfection is in dentinInfection reached the pulp
Time taken1 day1-3 sittings (1 -5 days)

Myth 2: RCT is a painful procedure.

In dentistry, pain management is no longer a significant problem. There are numerous methods available to make the patient comfortable and pain-free.

Anesthesia is the first step of the protocol. An RCT is usually done under local anesthesia. A tooth or a part of your mouth is numbed.

In extremely anxious patients, conscious sedation can be done. This is a state where the patient is not completely asleep, but the pain sensation is gone entirely.

The whole purpose of an RCT is to eliminate the pain from a particular tooth, instead of causing it.

Myth 3: Tooth removal is a better option than RCT.

Sometimes tooth extraction is the only way of restoring good teeth. In such cases, the missing tooth is then replaced with an implant.

Below is how you choose between extraction and Root canal treatment.

IndicationWhen a tooth can’t be savedWhen an infected tooth can be saved.
CostInexpensive initiallyExpensive.
InvasivenessInvasiveNon invasive.
Time taken1 day1-3 sittings (1 -5 days)
SuccessNeed a replacementCan last a lifetime!

The amount of support, chewing efficiency and comfort you get with your natural teeth can’t be 100% replicated by any treatment option.

An often asked question is “What is the difference between Dental Implants and RCT?”

ComparisonDental ImplantsRCT
  • When a tooth can’t be saved
  • As a replacement after extraction
When an infected tooth can be saved.
InvasivenessInvasiveNon invasive.
Time taken3-6 months1-3 sittings (1 -5 days)
SuccessCan last a lifetime!Can last a lifetime!

Myth 4: RCT is a very long process.

Depending upon the severity of the infection, the time taken for RCT can vary. Sometimes root canals are done even in a single sitting, and in other cases, it may take 2-3 sessions, spanning 3-5 days, to finish the process.

Myth 5: RCT decreases the lifespan of the tooth.

On the contrary, an RCT is done to increase the lifespan of the tooth. It is a very successful procedure, and with proper care can last a lifetime.[1]American Academy of Endodontists
What is a Root Canal?
“With proper care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a lifetime…”
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