Root canal treatment abroad is a prodigious procedure that saves your infected tooth without having to extract it. That too at just 10% of the cost in your home country!

Check out this post to learn more about RCT abroad and how it can save you a fortune.

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With proper care, most teeth that have had RCT can last a lifetime. [1]

Let’s now look at the cost-benefit analysis of getting root canal treatment abroad.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment Abroad

The root canal treatment cost in western countries ranges from $1,500-$2,500.

If you are a resident of the US and you google, ‘Root canal cost Chicago, US’, the search results will make you sweat!

However, the RCT will cost you around $50-$250 abroad. For instance, root canal treatment in India costs just $60.

On the higher side, the treatment is priced at $250 in Costa Rica. It renders a saving of 85%-95%!

Hence, if you want to ensure that your root canal cost without insurance does not burn a hole in your pocket, it’s wise to go abroad for RCT treatment.

Further, the prices mentioned include the procedure, medicaments, filling material, and surgical costs.

You should also note that the cost of a root canal for front tooth will be lower than for a back tooth.

RCT Cost Abroad (USD)
United States $1,500 Colombia $110
Canada $1,500 Costa Rica $250
Australia $2,500 Thailand $180
New Zealand $2,000 Cambodia $100
United Kingdom $1,600 Vietnam $50
Mexico $150 India $60
*These are the average costs, and prices vary depending on the case’s complexity.

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Why is RCT Cheaper in Dental Tourism Destinations?

If you are wondering why such a huge price disparity exists between RCT costs in western countries and abroad, we have the answer!

Unarguably, abroad locations offer a perfect blend of modest prices and excellent dental care.

For instance, factors that make root canal treatment cheaper abroad are:

  • The cost of living is low, which means budget healthcare.
  • Overheads, including rent, salary, etc., are reasonable.
  • Dentists in many dental tourism destinations don’t have to repay massive student debt, unlike their counterparts in the US. [2]

What is Root Canal Therapy?

RCT is an endodontic treatment of the pulp (the soft tissue, including the nerve inside the root). It is done when the pulp is swollen, infected, or dead.

A root canal involves removing the inflammatory or infected pulp and carefully cleaning, sanitizing, filling, and sealing the inside of the tooth. [3]

Root canal treatment procedure

Root Canal Treatment | An Illustration

Why Get an RCT?

  • Tooth decay starts when food particles and bacteria get stuck on or between your teeth.
  • The decay progresses from the outer layer of your tooth (enamel) towards the inside.
  • Sensitivity and mild pain can be felt when the decay reaches the second layer of the tooth (dentin). A simple filling will take care of your tooth at this time.
  • Once the decay reaches the pulp, the pain can be very severe. If the pulp becomes infected, there may be abscess formation at the root end. Sometimes this appears as a bump on the gums.
  • As the infection crosses into live tissue (pulp), depending upon the damage to the external tooth structure, an extraction or RCT is required.
  • In cases where the dentist thinks the tooth is salvageable and has a good prognosis, an RCT is recommended.

Source: AAE [4]

Who Performs an RCT?

An Endodontist is a root canal specialist and receives extra training after dental school.

Root canal therapy is a routine dental procedure that many general dentists perform.

A general dentist will use their discretion to determine if the complexity of a case requires an endodontist.

Steps Involved in Root Canal Procedure

1. Anesthesia: The first step is administering local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth.

This will make the patient comfortable, and they will not feel any pain or pressure during the procedure.

2. Access Opening: Using an appropriate dental drill, the dentist opens the tooth crown to access the pulp. The affected tissue, including the nerve, is removed, then the canal is cleaned and disinfected.

Root canal infection

RCT Procedure

3. Filling: After the canals are cleaned and dried, they are filled with a special filling called Gutta Percha. This is a biocompatible material. The filling is strong enough to last a lifetime.

4. Restoration: The next step entails filling restorative material on the crown part of the affected tooth.

4. Crown Placement: The final step is to place a dental crown over a root canal-treated tooth.

Source: AAE [5]

Why Is a Crown Placed After an RCT?

Your dentist may place a crown over your tooth for many reasons, including:

👄 To prevent infection
🦷 To strengthen the tooth

👄 For aesthetics
🦷 To minimize sensitivity

Source: Colgate [6]

Destinations for RCT Abroad

  • Mexico is a buzzword for earthly pleasures. Mexico knows how to charm its tourists because of its rich culture, succulent cuisines, sandy beaches, and ancient ruins.
  • Further, the country is a short drive/flight away for the residents of the USA and Canada.

Mexico for Root Canal Treatment

Mexico for Root Canal Treatment
  • Our network clinics are spread across Mexico in cities like Tijuana, Cancun, Los Algodones, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta, Ajijic, and Nuevo Laredo.
  • Our partner clinics are associated with ADA, AAID, and AACD.

If you are interested in dental work in Mexico, visit our blog, "Top 10 Dental Clinics & Dentists in Mexico."

The cost of RCT in Mexico is $150.

  • You get calm and peace in this Buddhist country with your dental procedure.

Thailand for RCT Abroad

Thailand for RCT Abroad
  • With proximity to Australia and New Zealand, thousands of dental patients flock to Thailand annually.
  • Our network of partner clinics is spread across Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Koh Samui.
  • Most of these clinics are JCI certified, and ISO certified.

Wondering about cost savings with dental tourism in Thailand? Visit "Top 10 Dental Clinics and Dentists in Thailand."

Root Canal Treatment in Thailand starts at $180.

  • Costa Rica should be on your list if you come from the US or Canada.
  • This country attracts many dental tourists yearly because of its biodiversity, beaches, and volcanoes.

Costa Rica for RCT Abroad

Costa Rica for RCT Abroad
  • Our spacious partner clinics offer the latest technology, including CAD-CAM, 3D CAT scan, etc.
  • The head clinician is affiliated with the ADA, AAID, and ICOI.

Looking for low-cost dental work in Costa Rica? Check out "Top 10 Dental Clinics and Dentists in Costa Rica."

Our partner clinics in San Jose, Costa Rica, provide RCT, starting at $250.

  • With a diverse climate, Vietnam offers Buddhist pagodas, alluring beaches, steamy jungles, and bustling cities.
  • The flavoursome Vietnamese cuisine guarantees to swoon you.
  • Dentavacation has partner dental clinics in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • These clinics offer state-of-the-art equipment, including X-Smart™ Plus, Belmont Phot-X II Intra_Oral X-Ray, Nomad Pro 2, Picasso Lite Plus, 3D CT Scan Cone Beam X-Ray, etc.

Vietnam for RCT abroad

Vietnam for RCT abroad
  • Further, our partner clinics are associated with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and have ISO certification.

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The cost of RCT in Vietnam starts at $50.

  • This is Colombia for you: exotic carnivals, salt cathedrals, heritage cities, and serene lakes!

Colombia for RCT Abroad

Colombia for RCT Abroad
  • This country is a pet destination for dental tourism due to its proximity to the US.
  • Our partner clinics in Columbia are present in cities like Cartegena, Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, and Medellin.
  • These clinics are associated with ADA, BACD, and AACD

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The cost of RCT in Colombia starts at $110.

  • Home to mesmerizing temples and landscapes, Cambodia indeed is a treasured country for dental tourism.

Cambodia for RCT Abroad

Cambodia for RCT Abroad
  • Every year, patients from the US and Australia visit this country seeking affordable dental treatment.
  • In Cambodia, we work with state of the art dental clinic in Phnom Penh, which has a rating of 4.9/5.

Interested in dental work in Cambodia? Our listing on the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in Cambodia can help!

The cost of RCT in Cambodia is approx $100.

  • The oldest civilization in the world, India never fails to fail the off-shore tourists with its charm.
  • A mosaic of cultural diversity, landscape, cuisines, and heritage with a twist of modernity, India has something for everyone.

India for RCT Abroad

India for RCT Abroad
  • Our network clinics are spread across India in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chandigarh.

If you're seeking quality and affordable dental work in India, check out the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in India for the best treatment.

The starting cost of RCT in India is $60.

5 Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Myth #1: Get an RCT Only if You Are in Pain

Pain is not the only indicator of an infected tooth. Sometimes, the tooth might show other signs, such as discolouration. [7]

An RCT may be required even when there is no pain.

The extent of infection will be evident once the dentist studies your X-rays properly. Sometimes, infection of the pulp occurs due to gum disease too.

Following is the comparison between tooth filling and root canal treatment.

Difference Between Filing & RCT
Comparison Filling RCT
Indication Infection is in enamel or dentine [8] Infection reached the pulp
Cost Inexpensive Expensive
Invasiveness Non-invasive [9] Invasive
Time taken 1 day 1-3 sittings (1 -5 days)

Myth #2: RCT Is a Painful Procedure

In dentistry, pain management is no longer a significant problem. There are numerous methods available to make the patient comfortable and pain-free.

An RCT is usually done under local anesthesia where only the tooth or part of the mouth is numbed.

In highly anxious patients, conscious sedation can be done. Medications are administered to sedate the patient to a state of relaxed consciousness that is free from pain. [10]

The purpose of an RCT is to eliminate disease and pain from a tooth and save it from extraction. Ideally, RCT is done before there is any sign of pain.

Myth #3: Tooth Removal Is a Better Option Than RCT

Sometimes tooth extraction is the only way of restoring good teeth. In such cases, the missing tooth is then replaced with an implant, bridge, or partial denture.

The amount of support, chewing efficiency, and comfort you get with your natural teeth can’t be 100% replicated by any treatment option.

An often asked question is, “What is the difference between Dental Implants and RCT?”

Below is how you choose between extraction, implants and root canal treatment.

Difference Between Extraction, Dental implants & RCT

Comparison Extraction Dental Implants RCT
Indication When a tooth can’t be saved When a tooth can’t be saved & as a replacement after extraction When an infected tooth can be saved.
Cost Inexpensive initially Expensive Expensive
Invasiveness Invasive Invasive Less invasive
Time taken 1 day 3-6 months 1-3 sittings (1 -5 days)
Success Need a replacement Can last over a lifetime [11] Can last a lifetime [12]

Myth #4: RCT Is a Very Long Process

Depending upon the severity of the infection, the time taken for RCT can vary.

Sometimes root canals are done even in a single sitting; in other cases, it may take 2-3 sessions, spanning 3-5 days, to finish the process.

Myth #5: RCT Decreases the Lifespan of the Tooth

On the contrary, an RCT is done to increase the lifespan of the tooth. It is a very successful procedure; proper care can last a lifetime. [13]

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Patient Reviews for RCT Abroad

Let’s now find out what other patients say about getting a root canal treatment abroad.

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Watch this patient talk about getting root canal treatment abroad


When your tooth aches, nothing seems right.

But with root canal treatment abroad, you can get rid of the nagging infection and restore your oral health while saving around 85%-95% in countries like India, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico, Cambodia, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

Not just an affordable dental treatment, but you also get to savor a splendid vacation at these destinations abroad!


Root Canal treatment in the US costs around $1,500. However, you will only pay a fraction of it abroad.

For instance, RCT in Vietnam costs $50 and $250 in Costa Rica on the higher side. This entails a saving of 85%-95% on US costs!

An alternative to the root canal treatment can be tooth filling or extraction, depending on the severity and type of infection you have.

For instance, the filling is done when the infection is in the dentile, whereas the RCT is done when the infection is in the pulp.

Alternatively, extraction is resorted to if the tooth can’t be saved.

The root canal treatment costs around $1,600 in Europe.

In contrast, you can get RCT abroad for just $60-$250, saving around 85%-95%!

In Colombia, root canal treatment is priced at just $110 compared to $1,500-$2,500 in the west.

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