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4.9 (15 Reviews)
Mon - Sun 10 AM to 9 PM
Tsereteli Ave117a 0119 Tbilisi, Georgia

Flag of Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

Covid-19 Safe
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Dr. David Shanidze
4.9 (15 Reviews)

21+ Years


Agmashenebeli University of Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia


Implants, All on 4/6/8, Crowns & Bridges, Dentures


English, Russian

Patient Reviews

Want to know what patients feel after dental care in Tbilisi? Read these reviews to know what you can expect at the top dental clinics in Georgia.

Cost of Dental Work in Georgia

Have you ever been to Georgia for dental work? Affordable dental prices in the country bail you from exorbitant expenses.

You will likely save up to 90% of the US cost here.

So, why not plan a fun-filled holiday to Georgia & fix the flaws in your teeth?

Cost of Dental Treatment in Georgia Vs the US
Procedure Georgia US Canada
All on 4 Implants* $2,000 $24,000 $22,000
All on 6 Implants* $5,000 $28,000 $26,000
PFM crowns $55 $1,100 $1,020
Zirconia Crowns $135 $2,000 $1,840
Root Canal Treatment $25 $1,100 $1,300
Surgical Tooth Extraction $30 $650 $550
*including fixed acrylic bridge per arch, #per unit
*Prices are subject to change with case requirements.

Payment Methods in Georgia


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Clinic Logistics

You are just a few steps away from reaching one of the most sought dental destinations.

Here’s how to book an appointment for Georgia clinics:

  • Bookmark a reputed dental clinic with the help of DentaVacation.
  • Enquire about a free price quote or arrange a call with our respective case manager.
  • He/she will guide you through the entire process of planning a dental tour to Georgia.

Also, keep a note of clinic timings before traveling overseas to Georgia.

Our partner, Dentus clinic, opens throughout the week from Monday to Sunday, 10 AM to 9 PM.


The dental clinic in Tbilisi is popular among local & international patients.

They are associated with:

  • Georgian Dental Association

Brands, Technology & Equipments Used

The clinics in Georgia are well-equipped with basic dental systems such as:

The dental practice in Georgia encompasses a full range of high-quality materials:

  • Crowns & bridges used:
    • Noritake, Vitta
  • Implant brands used:
    • SGS, Megagen

Top Clinic Locations

We have our dental providers in Tbilisi, the capital of the Georgian Kingdom. The clinic lies within a beautiful valley setting.

Suburbs Locations

Take a look at some of the suburb locations in Georgia with well-settled communities & useful amenities:

Recommended Hotels

What’s best than finding a comfy stay near the clinic? You can choose from these hotel recommendations below:

Before & After: Dental Work in Georgia

Before & After: Dental Crowns in Georgia

Before & After: Dental Crowns in Georgia

Before & After: Smile Makeover in Georgia

Before & After: Smile Makeover in Georgia


Tourists traveling from European countries to Georgia are required to have the following documents: [1]

  • Valid passport (for at least three months beyond the exit date)
  • Return plane ticket
  • Sufficient proof of funds

Yes, you need a valid passport to enter Georgia.

The other important thing to know is that US citizens can visit the place without a visa for ~ 365 days. [2]

The dental staff in Tbilisi speaks English and Russian. However, fluency may vary for each individual.

So you don't face challenges while talking to your dentist.

Georgia does not consider travel insurance a mandatory entry condition for tourists.

But we recommend that you purchase health insurance for traveling abroad.

It protects you in an emergency and inpatient medical or dental check-ups.

Live music, events & fests are here!

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