Dental Tourism in Colombia helps you get a picture-perfect smile at just 30% of the US cost. Sounds fascinating? Read on to learn how!

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Why Do People Go to Colombia To Get Their Teeth Done?

Let’s say that you are tense about going to Colombia for dental work.

In that case, you should note that this place has seen a great thrust in the dental tourism industry.

In other words, Colombia has seen a boom in the dental tourism landscape.

It is because of many reasons:

  • Firstly, the country is working on building its security system. [1]
  • Secondly, you also get a chance to savor a lush vacation in Colombia.
  • Dentists in Colombia use world-class manufacturers and materials.
  • Moreover, it is a pet destination for dental tourism due to its proximity to the US.
  • In fact, most dentists have studied at International universities or have international exposure.
  • Above all, off-shore patients from North America and Canada can save nearly 50%-60% on dental costs. [2]

Dental Tourism in Colombia

Dental Tourism in Colombia

How Much Does It Cost To Get New Teeth Done in Colombia?

The cost of dental work in Colombia is 70%-95% less than in the US.

You should note that the cost of all-on-4 implants begins at just $5,500. In contrast, the price in the US is $25,000.

Similarly, you can see a huge price difference for dentures, crowns, fillings, veneers, and other dental work in the table below.

Cost of Dental Work | Colombia vs. US
Procedure USA Colombia Savings
All on 4 dental implants $25,000 $5,500 78%
All on 6 dental implants $29,500 $8,800 70%
All on 8 dental implants $35,000 $10,000 70%
Single implant $4,000 $700 83%
Prosthetic Dentistry
Snap-on denture $12,300 $2,100 83%
Full denture $2,000 $350 83%
Restorative Dentistry
Root canal treatment $1,000- $2,000 $110 93%
Veneers (per unit) $900- $2,500 $400 76%
Porcelain crown (with abutment) $1,900 $400 79%
Tooth-colored filling $250 $40 84%
General Dentistry
Deep cleaning $975 $140 86%
Laser whitening $950 $100 89%
Scaling $140- $300 $45 80%
In Colombia, dentist prices may vary with the complexity of the case.

Americans are saving upto 90%! Where are you?

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Why is Dental Treatment Cheaper in Colombia than the USA or Canada?

If you are still thinking about how the cost of dental care in Colombia compares with the United States, the answer is– affordable!

In other words, unarguably, this place offers a blend of modest prices and prime dental care.

For instance, factors that make dental work in Colombia cheaper are:

Cost of Living

Cost of living is low, which means budget healthcare [3]


Overheads including rent, salary, [4] etc. are cheap

No debt

Colombian dentists don’t pass out from colleges with student debts

Best Cities in Colombia for Dental Work

Our partner clinics are providing Colombia teeth surgery in five locations:


The capital city of the country is away from the coastlines. It is located at a high altitude. Therefore, the weather here is a bit cooler. [5]


It is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. [6]

Above all, the white-sand beaches and the blue waters make it the most stunning hot spot for tourists coming to Colombia.

Colombia map

Colombian Map


Also known as the “City of Eternal Spring,” Colombia’s second-largest city.

In addition, over here, you will enjoy the flower festival. This specific event is celebrated with great pomp-and-show. [7]


Known for its clubs and salsa dancing, Cali is one of the hottest tourist spots in the country. [8]


This busy seaport is known for its world-famous carnival. Further, it sees flocks of tourists every year. [9]

Best Dental Clinics in Colombia

Look no further for experts in dental procedures. Our partner clinics house some of the best dentists in Colombia.

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Best Dentists in Colombia

Does Colombia Have Good Dentistry?

If you are still scratching your head about how to find good dentists in Colombia, we are here to help you!

Accordingly, we suggest you should do thorough research about the clinic and the treating dentist in Colombia, South America:

  • Find out the credentials of the seemingly famous dentist in Colombia that you are thinking of opting for. For instance, the dentist must have completed DDS, a graduate course of 5 years. [10]
  • Secondly, dentistry in Colombia also requires the dentist to complete 1 year of binding service with the government. [11]
  • Besides, a long experience of dealing with foreign patients and dental work is advised.
  • Sterilization is of extreme importance. Hence, the dental clinic must meet the set international standards.
  • Check if the clinic has an in-house dental lab because it allows your dentist to have better control of treatment from start to end. Further, it also ensures faster turnarounds.

Colombia Dental Tourism Welcomes You!

Snashot of colombia

Snapshot of the Colombian Ecosystem

Colombia is a hub for dental tourism, as well as it offers a grand bonus vacation. In general, the place offers vibrant landscapes and culturally rich heritage.

Further, the country comes decked with a perfect blend of theater, art, and music.

However exciting, planning a trip to this off-shore land can be a huge task. For this reason, the below points will help you plan your itinerary for Colombia.

Entry, Exit, And Visa Requirements

  • Firstly, the currency limit for entry and exit is $10,000.
  • US citizens must have a valid passport upon entry & exit from the country.
  • Further, you may be denied entry to Colombia if you don’t have a return ticket.
  • Travelers from the US are advised to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. [12]
  • The visa need is not applicable for a tourist or business stay of 90 days or less than a cumulative stay of 180 days in a calendar year (Jan to Dec).

Source: Travel.State.Gov

If you are traveling from the USA or Canada, the air route would be the best option for you.

To explain, here is a list of flights from New York City and Toronto to the five above-stated cities in Colombia.

Flights from New York City (JFK)
City Duration Distance Stops
Cartagena (CTG) 5 hrs 4 min 2,091 mi Non-stop
Barranquilla (BAQ) 7 hrs 2,047 mi 1 stop
Cali (CLO) 6 hrs 5 min 2,574 mi Non-stop
Medellin (EOH) 9 hrs 10 min 2,377 mi 1 stop
Bogota (BOG) 5 hrs 41 min 2,481 mi Non-stop
Flights from Toronto (YYZ)
City Duration Distance Stops
Cartagena (CTG) 9 hrs 16 min 3,720 mi 1 stop
Barranquilla (BAQ) 7 hrs 16 min 3,660 mi 1 stop
Cali (CLO) 8 hrs 1 min 4,480 mi 1 stop
Medellin (EOH) 15 hrs 10 min 4,178 mi 2 stops
Bogota (BOG) 6 hrs 10 min 4,364 mi Non-stop

  • More than 99% of people speak Spanish. [13]
  • Also, the official currency of the country is the Colombian Peso (COP). [14]
  • Further, the country of Colombia has a first-class network of buses (BRT). [15]
  • In fact, you will find that many cities, including Bogota, are vegan-friendly. [16]
  • Besides, the most common foods used in Colombian cuisine are rice, maize, greens & a range of meats.

The best time to visit Colombia is from December to March. It is because these are the months that receive the lowest rainfall. [17]

Due to its location on the Equator, the season remains the same. So, it's a year-round location for a dental tour.

🏜️ Dry season (from Dec to Jan, Jul to Aug)

🌧️ Rainy season (from Apr to May, Oct to Nov)

However, the thermal floors may vary. Medellin (known for Festival of the Flowers) and Cali have temperate climates with 17 °C and 24 °C.

On the contrary, it is colder in Bogota at 12 °C and 17 °C.

Spanish is the language spoken in Colombia. However, the Spanish here in Colombia is a little distinct.

Knowing some Colombian slang is better, so you are not stuck due to a language barrier.
Some common words & phrases used in the country are:

  • How are you?– “Qué más?”
  • Pardon- “Cómo?”
  • Later or “in a little bit”– “Ahora”
  • Mate or Pal– “Parce”
  • Really good or Cool– “Muy Bueno”
  • Beer- “Polas”
  • Colombian Pesos- “Lucas”
  • Police- “Los Tombos”
  • Tired- “Mamada”
  • Do me a favour-“Hágame un catorce”

Tourist Attractions

Is Dental Work In Colombia Safe?

Colombia is one of the countries which provide low-cost universal healthcare. [18]  In addition, in the last 5 years, off-shore patients have grown by around 22%. [19]

Above all, the dentists are board-certified and have completed their degrees from world-class institutions.

Safety in Colombia

Is Colombia Safe?

Moreover, in Colombia, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection oversees the entire healthcare system. [20]

After considering all these factors, we can say that Colombia is safe for dental work.

Further, as long as you keep your wits to yourself and stay away from dangerous places, it is one of the most splendid places in South America.

In other words, take note of the following if you want to stay away from any trouble:

  • Keep a low profile and don’t flash any costly items
  • Don’t travel on rural roads at night
  • Keep your important documents safe
  • Use only credible modes of transport
  • Research about the area you are staying in/traveling to

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Final Verdict on Dental Tourism in Colombia

Opting to go for dental work in Colombia is a wise decision. Firstly, It lets you save around 70%-95% on cost without compromising the quality of dental care.

Further, it also allows you to enjoy a lush vacation amidst beaches, majestic churches, and places of historical value.

So, don’t be shy! Let the world see your smile.


Most of the dentists here are bilingual and speak English.

Besides, the hospital staff can speak/understand basic English words.

Most patients self-pay for dental work in Colombia.

Further, most clinics accept cash (local currency and USD) and credit cards/debit cards.

Also, some clinics let you pay via bank transfers and checks.

Dental Veneers cost around $400-$500 in Colombia compared to an average price of $1700 in the USA.

Consequently, you can save around 74% by getting Veneers in Colombia.

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