Dental bills should not be costing a fortune. Why should you carry the pain of dental and financial problems? That’s why we offer affordable yet high-quality dental work in New Delhi.

As a result, you get the best treatments that don’t leave a dent in your pockets. Read ahead for more details.

New Delhi is the largest city, [1] and the capital of India. Dental tourism accounts for 10% of the booming medical tourism in the country. [2]

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Dental Work in Delhi, India

In most western countries, dental treatment costs amount to 5% of total health expenses and 20% of out-of-pocket health expenses. [3]

Cost of Dental Work in Delhi

The cost of dental work in Delhi can help you save more than 90% of the cost in Australia and the US.

The cost of dental implants in New Delhi is 5,005 AUD.

The same treatment costs an enormous 25,000 AUD and 23,500 USD in Australia and the US.

Full dentures in New Delhi cost 215 AUD, compared to 4,000 AUD in Australia and 4,000 USD in the US.

You can compare the costs listed below and see how much you’re going to save!

Dental Work in New Delhi Cost Comparison
Dental Procedure New Delhi (AUD/USD) Australia (AUD) USA (USD)
All on 4 Dental Implants $5,005/$3,550 $25,000 $23,500
Same-Day Implant with Crown $445/$315 $6,500 $5,000
PFM Crown (with abutment) $170/$120 $1,760 $1,500
Porcelain Veneer* $170/$120 $2,035 $2,500
High Quality Full Dentures $305/$215 $4,000 $4,000
Laser Teeth Whitening $25/$20 $300 $1,000
Root Canal (anterior) $65/$45 $990 $900
Composite Filling $85/$60 $275 $300
Simple Extraction $40/$30 $200 $300
Fixed Clear Braces $2,000/$1,420 $8,500 $8,000
*per unit/per arch/per jaw
**Prices are case dependent and subject to change

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Why Choose Dental Work in New Delhi?

Did you know? Delhi ranks 11th in the world’s top 100 destinations for 2019. [4] Many such reasons make the city an ideal dental destination.

Quality Dental Care

Clinics with trained dental experts, the latest dental technology, and world-class facilities are available within New Delhi and the neighboring cities. [5]

Flexible Appointment With Less Waiting Time

International patients get 100% flexible appointments. So, you just need to share your travel plans well in advance.

Easy Communication

Indian doctors and paramedics have international exposure.

Therefore, they speak and understand English, which makes communication very easy.

India has the second-highest number of English speakers in the world. [6]

Multiple Payment Options

Dental clinics in Delhi accept cash, VISA, Master Card, Amex, and international cards. We also accept foreign currency.

Free Airport Pick-Up

You will be picked up from the airport and dropped off at your respective hotels.

Our clinics require your flight confirmation and hotel details in advance to avail this service.

Food and Accommodation

The clinic offers special rates for bed and breakfast in Prakash Kutir, which the Ministry of Tourism approves.

We can also help in finding other staying options by recommending some hotels.

Economically good quality luxury hotels & service apartments and Airbnbs are abundant in Delhi NCR.

Many international food chains and brands are also available, like McDonald’s, Dominos, Subway, Wendy’s, Starbucks, TacoBell, and KFC.

The accommodation cost is relatively lesser in Delhi NCR than in other metros of the country. [7]

Gateway To Travel Destinations

Delhi city is suitable for tourists, irrespective of age and interests.

It is the home to three World Heritage Sites and is just 180 km away from the World Wonder- Taj Mahal.

A major advantage of New Delhi as a destination is its easy accessibility and connectivity to important locations across North India. [8]

Delhi acts as an entry point to visit numerous travel destinations in India. The city accounts for 45% of international tourist traffic. [9]

Well-Connected Transport

Delhi Metro is the most economical metro system in the country, with cloverleaf flyovers and the world’s largest public transport network operating on CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fuel. [10]

Indian Hospitality

India’s hospitality motto is a Sanskrit saying ‘Atithi Devo Bhava,’ which means “Guests are equivalent to God.”

Also, the country offers international standard hospitality and patient care. [11]

As per the Indian Tourism Statistics of 2019, 640,000 people visited India for medical purposes in 2018. [12]

Popular Dental Services in Delhi

You can get top-quality dental services in New Delhi at affordable prices. Isn’t that a deal worth grabbing?

Let’s have a look at the array of services available here.

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Dental Bleaching
  • Root Canal
  • Extractions and Fillings
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Full Mouth Restoration
  • Orthodontic Treatments

Best Dental Clinic in New Delhi

Isn’t finding a trustworthy dental clinic hectic? We made it our task to find the best dental clinic in New Delhi for you.

Dent Ally is a multispecialty dental clinic located in New Delhi. The clinic offers a personalized and holistic dental experience to its patients.

You get treatment by a skilled team of 13 dentists who use world-class dental equipment and technology.

Best Dentist in New Delhi

You can find certified and experienced dentists in New Delhi.

They use the latest technology to put together comprehensive treatment plans for you.

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Dental Work in New Delhi: Reviews and Testimonials

Dental Crowns in New Delhi: Before and After

Dental Crowns in New Delhi: Before and After

Dental Veneers in New Delhi: Before and After

Dental Veneers in New Delhi: Before and After

What Are the Things To Consider When Choosing Dental Work in New Delhi?

Dental Experience

Get to know your dentist’s qualifications and experience before undergoing a dental procedure. You can do it by online research or word of mouth.

Facilities and Clinical Equipment

Take a closer look at their installations and equipment. Check whether the clinic has an in-house dental lab.

In-house labs fasten the prosthesis turnover and maintain higher quality standards.

Sterilization Technique

Ensure your procedure is done in a sterile environment. Try calling the dental clinic or check out their website.


Language should not be a problem in understanding your treatment.

Choose a dental clinic where you should be well informed about the procedure, and the surgeon should be able to answer all your queries.

Discuss Procedures and Options

Discuss all procedures and the total cost of treatment at different stages.

You should note the details about the process and the materials used (e.g., model type, model size, brand) as a precautionary measure.

Postoperative Care

Postoperative care is of major significance in dental tourism. Check for your duration of stay, number of postoperative follow-ups, etc.

Understand precautions to follow and anticipated complications after returning to the home country.

Testimonials or Reviews

Always trust word of mouth. Check with people who have already tried dentistry abroad.

Look for patient testimonials and reviews, patient stories, or videos on the clinic website.

Dental Training in India

Governing Bodies

The Dental Council of India is constituted under the Dentists Act, 1948.

It regulates Dental Education and the profession of dentistry throughout India. [13]

Dental Council of India


Dental education in India is through a 5-year BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) course. It includes four years of study and one year of internship.


Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) is a 3-year course specializing in one or more of the following specialties – Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative and Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Oral medicine and Radiology, Community Dentistry.

Short or long postgraduate courses in Dental Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry are also available.

Two-year certificate courses are offered in Dental Mechanics and Dental Hygiene.

Certifications of Dental Clinic in New Delhi

  • The clinic received “The Best Dental Clinic in Delhi” award at India’s Most Trusted Healthcare Awards, 2018.
  • It is the only dental clinic in the National capital practicing Holistic Dentistry and SMART Certified IOAMT Dentist.

Certified Dental Clinic

  • Awarded the Sterilization Monitoring Certificate by the University of Louisville.

State-of-the-Art Facility

  • The clinic uses the most modern dental equipment like CAD (computer-aided design), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), and OPG (Orthopantomogram).
  • The clinic also has a state-of-the-art sterilization facility.
  • It also houses a dental laboratory.



Safety in New Delhi

Even though Delhi doesn’t fare well in safety index ranks, we can assure you that your safety is of utmost importance to us.

Also, our partner clinic is located in a premium and safe location. You’d be glad to know that CCTV cameras have been installed for safety in the area. [14]

Apart from that, there are specific safety pointers you need to follow.

Avoid Going Out Alone at Night

It is always better to take someone with you when you go out. Females should avoid isolated places and roam out alone late at night.

Carry a Power Bank

Make sure your phone does not run out of battery. It is an important part of staying safe.

Keep Emergency Phone Numbers Handy

Always keep the contact details of local police, helplines for women, medical emergencies, and the numbers of public transport helplines.

Air Pollution in New Delhi

Delhi has a hazardous level of pollution. You can get real-time air quality information from the World Air Quality Index team. [15]


  • Protect yourself from the harmful air by wearing masks, preferably N95 / N99 air masks.
  • While touring, wash your face, mouth, and nasal tract every three hours.
  • Carry Glucon D and ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) to avoid unwanted lethargy and headaches.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of fluids.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

  • Use only bottled drinking water.
  • Don’t eat raw meat or any kind of raw food.
  • Avoid uncooked cheese or unpasteurized dairy products.
  • Pasteurized milk from brands like Amul or Nestle is safe. If you buy raw milk, ensure it boils for 30 minutes at 63°C (145 °F).

What Are the Few Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers in Delhi?

Do Not Venture out Alone on the Roads

Get to know the city’s structure using a map. Avoid walking around in lonely, deserted places, even during daylight hours.

Note Down Emergency Phone Numbers

Keep the local police telephone number handy. Also have the numbers of women helplines, medical emergencies, and public transport helplines.

Travel and Transportation Safety

Take vehicles arranged through your hotel rather than hailing them on the street to get around the city. The Metro is the safest and most reliable public transport to use. [16]

But avoid the metro post 9 pm. In addition to that, women can also hire taxi services with female drivers. [17]

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Female travelers can reduce some of the unwanted attention by dressing conservatively.

Areas in the North, East or West, and the old part of the city are the more conservative parts of Delhi.

Petty Theft and Scams

Keep your valuables nearby in busy places. Beware of touts, fake tourist offices, and pickpockets.

However, being the capital city, the roads and most public places have CCTV cameras. [18]

Do Not Trust Strangers

Many people use juveniles to commit crimes as they look less threatening. [19] Therefore, it is advised not to trust strangers, whether old or young.

Be Confident, Not Polite!

Don’t bother with politeness. It is highly advised that you ignore beggars and the overly-intrusive people.

Trust your instincts. Walk away if you feel that someone is a potential threat.

As social shaming plays a big role in Indian society, call out for help when in trouble.

Tourism in New Delhi

Delhi is a seamless blend of modern and ancient times. The city has a thriving culture and offers you a variety of experiences when it comes to tourism.

Dental Work in New Delhi

New Delhi, India

How To Reach New Delhi, India?

Many major cities all over the world connect to Delhi via flights. Indira Gandhi International Airport (IATA: DEL) is the International airport in New Delhi, India.

Terminal 3 operates all International flights. The bottom floor is dedicated to arrivals and the top floor for departures.

Flight Details To New Delhi
City Duration Distance No. of Stops
London (YXU) 8 hrs 35 mins 11760 Km Non stop
Melbourne (MEL) 12 hrs 40 min 10200 Km Non stop
Toronto (YYZ) 14 hrs 11640 Km Non stop
New York (JFK) 14 hrs 11760 Km Non stop
Auckland (AKL) 17 hrs 20 min 12500 Km 1 (via Sydney)

Best Time To Visit for Dental Work in New Delhi

The best time to visit Delhi is between October and March due to the cool weather. [20] But, avoid a few weeks in late November to January due to heavy smog cover.

February and March have great weather and relatively clean air to roam around.

Delhi has an extreme climate – hot summer (April – July) and cold winter (December – January).

  • Summer – 25°C to 45°C
  • Monsoon – 30°C to 35°C
  • Winter – 05°C to 25°C

Visa Requirements for India

Tourist Visa

  • Your passport should be valid for 180 days or 6 months, and make sure there are at least two blank pages in the passport book.
  • E-tourist visa can be applied for online and is issued within a few days.
  • The period of stay for each visit is up to 90 days from the entry date. However, the duration may vary for some nationals.

Source: Indian Visa Online [21]

Validity of tourist Visa commences from the date of visa issuance and not from the date of entry into India.

Foreigner Registration in Delhi

The Foreigner’s Registration Office Delhi is located at East Block —VIII, Level -2 Sector -1, RK Puram New Delhi-110066

List of Foreign Embassies in New Delhi

Foreign Embassies in New Delhi
Country Address Email ID Phone
USA American Embassy, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021 (011)-24198000
Canada 7/8 Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021 (011)- 51782000
Britain Shantipath, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021 India (011)-24192100, (011)-26872161
Australia 1/50 G, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021 (011)- 41399900 / 011- 41494490
New Zealand Sri Edmund Hillary Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021 (011)-26883170 / (011)-26876260

Source: Delhi Tourism [22]

Emergency Numbers

You’re advised to save the numbers listed below in case of an emergency.

Helpline Numbers
Emergency Contact
Emergency helpline for immediate assistance 112 (Includes police, fire fighters, ambulance services)
24 Hour ambulance in Delhi NCR 102
For Traffic Related Emergency 1095 or 011-25844444
Women & Child Helpline No. 1091 or 1098

Useful Phone Apps in Delhi, NCR

You can download the apps listed below on your phone as per your needs.

Ride Sharing: Uber, Ola

Washing & Dry-Cleaning: Uclean, Pick My Laundry

Food Delivery, Restaurant & Bar Listings: Zomato, Swiggy

Booking Hotels & Flights: MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip

Tickets for Movies, Plays & Sports Events: Book My Show

Common Hindi Words

You can learn the following basic phrases in Hindi that may come in handy.

Common Hindi Phrases in English
English Hindi English Hindi
Hello Namaste Thank You Shukriya
Goodbye Alvida Good Acha
Yes Haan What’s This? Ye Kya Hai?
No Nahi How Much? Kitna?
Okay Theek Hai Food Khana
Sorry Maaf Kijiye Water Pani

Places To See in and Near Delhi

You can visit several historical monuments, try local cuisines and shop at the colorful bazaars in Delhi. Listed below are some exciting places to visit in and near the city.

Travel Tips

  • Even though Delhi does not have an ideal safety index ranking, you must visit the city with an open mind. We recommend you follow the guidelines stated above for a safe trip.
  • You can buy a local SIM card at the airport itself. Airtel is the largest network provider and works well in major parts of the country. [25]
  • It is advisable to tour Old Delhi with a guide. However, you may explore Central and South Delhi on your own. [26]
  • Don’t miss out on the local places like Khan MarketHauz Khas, and Lodhi Garden. Tourist places are great, but these local sites have their own charm.


New Delhi comes to your rescue if you need affordable dental work abroad.

Also, you can explore the diverse culture of India and feast on some flavorsome cuisines.

We are here to help you. For more information on dental tourism in New Delhi, contact us!


The cost of a composite tooth filling in Delhi is 85 AUD per tooth. The same costs an enormous 400 AUD in Australia.

Also, replacement of Amalgam filling in Delhi costs 120 AUD. The actual cost of treatment may vary from case to case.

The cost of root canal treatment in Delhi ranges from 65 AUD to 90 AUD; compared to Australia, it can vary between 2,000 AUD and 3,400 AUD.

A re-root canal retreatment in New Delhi will cost you 170 AUD.

Thus, you save more than 90% of the costs!

The actual price may vary depending on the severity of the problem.

No. However, the clinic can help you fill out the required paperwork to get reimbursement from your insurance company.

Qutub Minar, Delhi Haat, Red Fort, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, and Akshardham Temple are a few famous places to visit near Delhi airport.

Delhi has the best markets in India, selling a huge collection of items, including handicrafts from all over the country.

These best street shopping places in Delhi help you get what you are looking for, from apparel and accessories to paintings and spices.

Yes, you need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and a few other diseases to travel to India.

According to the CDC, travelers must get routine vaccines for chickenpoxDiphtheria-Tetanus-PertussisfluMMRpolio, and shingles. [29]

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