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About Denta Vacation

Hub of prestigious, credible and finest dental clinics and hospitals.


DentaVacation is a sister brand to Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC), a U.S. based firm to aid patients seeking affordable and quality treatment without being confined to their native country. Medical Tourism Corporation has 12+ years of intercontinental experience at serving consumers by attending to their primary cause of concerns such as financial, ethical and post treatment assistance. Furthermore, the company has excellent track record at rendering facilities such as patient safety and travel ease.

Birth of DentaVacation

Presently, technical advances take place every now and then in the field of dentistry. It affects both, patients’ and doctors’, psychology towards carrying out dental procedures. For this reason, a lot of were left perplexed. They had their own individual concerns relating to dental procedures and their expenses. Some common issues that came on surface were outdated technology, overpriced procedures and being misinformed about state of their condition. Thereupon, came the idea to invent an online directory that solely focuses on addressing to the needs of consumers.

At DentaVacation, we only cater first class dental hospitals and clinics. These hand-picked clinics are assessed through tremendous background research as well as studying patients feedback. We attend patients (inclusive of patients abroad) by publishing the most honest and unquestionable content pertaining to dental practice carried out by all the listed institutions. Our team of professionals communicate directly with doctors to put before updated information. Additionally, we make sure each patient is able to correspond his/her concerns.


Our intent is to foster great customer service and establishing long term trust with dental clients. We primarily focus on associating the right medical care to patient. Hence, we serve as a medium to provide an in-depth authentic information regarding clinics and hospitals to patients seeking dental care across the globe. Our team constitutes of medical experts who invest a lot of time on research and laying out groundwork for clients to find the elite dental healthcare providers.

Mission Statement

To improve dentalcare experience for patients seeking quality and affordable treatments transnationally. DentaVacation aims to become top source book for every human that requires dentalcare.

How It Works

  • First off, patient needs to find a clinic as per his/her requirements and concerns. Since, DentaVacation gives a complete account of dental procedures carried out, equipment and technology used, prices and previous patient reviews, it enables dental patients to study all the vital data in one place. We make sure customers have access to list of all the procedures carried out along with estimated duration it can take. Further, we encase high quality pictures of all dental listings on our website. Non-medical amenities are also specified to make sure that patients can avail best dental care possible.
  • Second step is to let patient communicate his/her interest in getting dental care from that clinic. From the clinic’s page, they need to either click ‘Book an Appointment’ or ‘Contact Clinic’ button in order to enter basic contact information such as name, contact number, email address, etc. By contacting clinic, they can address their problem to the clinic. Also, patients can book an appointment directly with the clinic.
  • Lastly, a follow-up email will confirm date of appointment and procedure.

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Fantastic! I saved a lot of money by coming here! Prices back home are four times more than what they are here. They pick you up at the airport and show you to your hotel. They take you back to the airport when your work is completed. That’s a huge benefit for people that are seeking dental work in Mexico.

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