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Welcome to DentaVacation! We are an online repository of renowned dental clinics and hospitals around the world. These carefully-screened clinics are popular with both domestic clients and dental tourists from various parts of the globe.

We at DentaVacation believe in making quality dental care affordable and accessible to people who cannot pay for it in their home country.

Ours is an online platform which lists all the prime clinics in the leading dental tourism destinations, such as Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, and India.


About Dentavacation


DentaVacation is a unit of a US-based Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC). MTC is a world leader in the field of medical tourism, and has assisted thousands in getting quality and low-cost medical care.

It has 12+ years of successful track record in helping medical and dental tourists achieve their health goals and providing them with an avenue for cheap dental and medical procedures.

Medical Tourism Corporation is ranked the highest A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The company founders had a vision of harnessing the power of the Internet to come up with the foremost online dental listing directory that gives potential dental travelers exclusive access to accredited and renowned dental clinics and dentists.


We aim to provide excellent customer service and establish long term trust with dental clients. Our primary focus is on helping our website users find the right dental care at the right clinic in the right destination at the right price.

Hence, we serve as a medium to provide in-depth, authentic information regarding clinics and hospitals to those seeking cheap dental work abroad.

Mission Statement

To be the number 1 online dental listing site and clinic directory for every person considering dental tourism, and provide them with an unmatched experience.

Our Team

We have a multi-faceted, international dental marketing team which makes sure you have an end-to-end seamless experience.

Further, we have partnered with world-renowned dentists who are committed to excellence. Check out their credentials below:

Our Expert Dental Reviewers

Dental tourists worldwide turn to DentaVacation for safe and quality dental work. We endeavor to educate our readers with accurate and practical information on dental treatments. In this regard, our team of certified dental professionals delivers fact-checked content after a rigorous writing and reviewing process.

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