Tooth injury and tooth loss happen all the time. Dental implants in Colombia can offer you a permanent tooth loss solution. It is one of the top dental tourism destinations in Latin America for low-cost & high-quality dentistry. [1]

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Located in the north of South America, Colombia is well-known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. [2]

With accredited hospitals & skilled doctors, Colombia is an excellent option for Americans & Canadians seeking quality dental work at an affordable cost. [3]

Colombia is the world’s second-most biodiverse country. It accounts for around 5% of the global medical tourism market. [4]

Why Choose Dental Implants in Colombia, South America?

Best Health Care | Affordable | Convenient


DentaVacation facilitates dental tourism in Colombia with dental clinics in MedellinBogotaCartagena, Barranquilla, and Cali.

Some of the key reasons to opt for dental implants in Colombia include:

Affordable Dental Implants

  • Treatment by highly trained & experienced dentists.
  • Reputed Implant brands like Straumann and Neodent.
  • Treatments with state-of-the-art-facilities at recommended clinics.
  • Dental implants are 70% cheaper than in the US or Canada.

Best Health Care System

  • Colombia has one of the best healthcare in the world. [5]
  • 40% of the best Latin American hospitals are in Colombia. [6]
  • WHO ranks Colombia’s health system higher than the US. [7]
  • This level of quality applies to Colombia’s dental care as well

Convenient Destination

  • Colombia is easily accessible from major cities in the USA.
  • Cost of living is the lowest in South America. [8]
  • Colombia is the 6th friendliest country in the world! [9]
  • Cities like Bogota and Barranquilla can be reached in approx. 3 hours from Miami, Florida and nearly 8 hours from Toronto

Plenty of Tourism Options

  • One of the trending destinations for tourism in 2020. [10]
  • There are 9 World Heritage sites in Colombia. [11]
  • Exciting locations – the Amazon jungle & Caribbean islands.
  • Also, Colombia has the world’s highest number of bird species. [12]

Dental Implant Cost in Different Countries

The graph compares the dental implant price of Colombia with that of the US, Canada, Germany, and the UK.

*Reference: Web data/different native clinics

As seen in the graph, the price of a dental implant in Colombia is a quarter of Germany/UK’s price and almost 1/6th of the price in the US/Canada.

Cost of Dental Implants in Colombia

Dental care in Colombia provides quality work at affordable rates.

A single dental implant procedure (implant, abutment & crown) is between $5,000$8,000 in US/ Canada while it is between $900 – $1,500 in Colombia.

Even, mini implants are as low as $110 in Colombia. Dental work in Colombia is up to 70% cheaper compared to US and Canadian prices.

To know how cheap are the dental implants in Colombia compared to the US & Canada, see the cost table below:

Dental Work Avg. Cost Comparison (USD)
Procedure US Canada Colombia
Titanium Implant $5,000 $4,600 $900
Zirconium Implant $6,000 $5,520 $1,500
Porcelain Crown $1,800 $1,655 $710
Ceramic crown $1,500 $1,380 $650
Mini dental implants $1,500 $1,350 $110
All-on-4 implants $24,000 $22,000 $8,200
All-on-6 implants $28,000 $26,000 $9,700
All-on-8 implants $35,000 $32,000 $11,265
Full Denture (full arch) $2,000 $1,840 $800
Bone graft (full arch) $3,000 $2,700 $1,600
Sinus lifting $2,500 $2,300 $1,830
*Price may change with the complexity of a case.

These prices are highly beneficial for those without dental insurance.

Even for those with insurance, the savings are substantial. Some of the clinics accept dental insurance and can help with insurance paperwork.

Low-cost dental implants are also available in other Colombian cities like BogotaCartagena, and Barranquilla.

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Dental Options to Fix Missing Teeth

Your dentist can review options with you to select the right treatment. For extensive tooth loss, patients consider dentures or implant options.

Below are the top three options used to replace missing teeth:

Option 1: Dentures


A denture is a removable dental appliance to replace missing teeth.

Fact: Around 90% of edentulous people in the US wear dentures. It is predicted that around 15% of the edentulous population has dentures made each year. [13]

Option 2: Dental Bridges

Dental Bridge Procedure

Artificial teeth are fused to a metal frame to bridge the gap between missing teeth.

Fact: More than 15 million Americans undergo crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth every year. [14]

Option 3: Dental Implants

Dental implant structure

Screw-like metal post surgically attached to the jawbone where it acts as a “root” for dentures, partial dentures, or crowns.

Fact: 3 million Americans have implants. More than 500,000 dental implants are placed annually in the U.S. [15]

Your dentist can advise you on a suitable option after considering the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone, as well as your overall health.

Dental implants are a popular replacement option for many Americans because:

✅ They have a long-term success rate of up to 97%

✅ Implants are recognized as the most advanced solution for teeth.

Source: Trend Statistics [16]

Dental Implants vs Alternative Treatments

Compare the options and see why would a patient choose dental implants over other possible treatments.

During 2019-2020, dental implant procedures have increased by 6.3% in the US. It is expected to increase by 23% from 2020 – 2026 [17]

Disadvantages of Tooth-Supported Bridges vs. Implants

  • Involve grinding away adjacent teeth that attach and support the bridge
  • The bone below the bridge may deteriorate over time
  • Generally, bridges fail after 5-10 years because of difficulty in flossing [18]
  • Root surfaces around the bridgework are highly susceptible to decay

Disadvantages of Complete Dentures vs. Implants

  • Not stable or comfortable as dental implants. This can affect speech & eating
  • Don’t look as natural or function like implant-supported crowns
  • Requires regular removal for cleaning which can be time-consuming
  • The bone underneath the full denture may deteriorate over time
  • Survival time: 7-15 years, the replacement costs can be more over the long term [19]

The Snap-on-dentures

  • Also called the Implant-supported dentures or Overdentures
  • These are removable crowns that snap on & off of surgically inserted implants in bone
  • Improve chewing function better than full dentures
  • Implants make the denture stable and help to reduce bone loss
  • Unlike traditional dentures, snap-on dentures do not slide around or become loose

Benefits of Dental Implants

Physical Achievements
Restore your smile
Retain natural shape
Easier eating
No embarrassing slippage
Medical Benefits
Improves the health of gums
Prevents bone loss
Preserve natural tooth tissue
Restore jawbone structure

Dental Implant Options in Colombia

Single-Tooth Implant

A single implant and a crown can replace a single missing tooth.

The structure includes:

  • Post: Replaces tooth root
  • Abutment: Connects post and crown
  • Crown: Replaces visible tooth

Single dental implant

Multiple-Teeth Implant

An Implant-supported restoration can replace multiple missing teeth.

Restoration may be:

  • Crown
  • Implant-bridge
  • Implant-supported partial denture

Dental bridge

Full Arch Jaw Implants

A full mouth restoration can fix all missing teeth on a jaw.

The technique used can be:

  • All-on-4 implant system
  • All-on-6 implant system
  • All-on-8 implant system

All on 6 dental implants

⭐ Full Mouth Rehabilitation / Restoration Techniques

Depending on your jawbone health and specific needs, your Implantologist may suggest any one of the below techniques for full mouth reconstruction

  • All-on-4 Implants
    This technique provides a whole new set of teeth using 4 implants per arch. It is designed to accommodate a full arch of 12-14 prosthetic teeth.
  • All-on-6/8 Implants
    In this procedure, 6 or 8 implants are inserted into the jawbone for full-arch restoration.

Dental Implant Procedure in Colombia

Before starting the procedure, your dentist will perform a full mouth clinical and radiographic examination.

They will check your gums, teeth (treat any existing tooth decay), and jawbone density.

If your jawbone density is low, some additional procedures like bone graft and sinus lift will be performed.

After rebuilding the bone, the dental implant procedure will be carried out.

The dental implant procedure has 3 parts:

  • Implant placement
  • Healing period
  • Crown/ Denture placement

Depending on your jawbone health and dentist’s choice, you can have 2 possibilities.

Types of Implants | Bone Involved

Type Eligibility Placement Area
Endosteal Need healthy jawbone Into the jawbone
Subperiosteal Do need a healthy jawbone Top of the jawbone
Zygomatic Do need a healthy jawbone In the cheekbone

Types of Implants | Material Used

Features Titanium Zirconium
Esthetics Greyish color Natural tooth color
Design Two-piece implant Mostly single piece(20)
Surgical approach 1 or more surgeries 1 surgery
Endurance Strong and fracture resistance Prone to microfractures(20)
Allergies Chances of metal allergy(21) Hypoallergeni(21)

Source: Symbiosis [20] , Nobel Biocare [21]

Best Clinic for Dental Implants in Colombia

DentaVacation works with well-established dental clinics in Colombia.

Our partner clinics provide a comprehensive range of dental services, from restorative crown and bridgework to affordable dental implants.

Best Dentist in Colombia, South America

The dentists working with DentaVacation are certified and highly qualified. Get to know our partner dentists below.

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At the best clinics, the quality of dental implants in Colombia is excellent and affordable. DentaVacation can help you find a reliable facility in the destination of your choice.


Many cities in Colombia offer cheap and high-quality dental treatment.

Some hot-spots for dental implants in Colombia are Cartagena, Medellin, Barranquilla, Bogota, and Cali.

On average, the cost of a dental implant alone begins at

  • $643 in Barranquilla
  • $700 in Bogota
  • $795 in Cartagena, Cali & Medellin
  • South America’s cost of living is low especially in the Northwestern areas that include Colombia [22]
  • Colombia’s cost of living is cheaper than 92% of countries in the World [23]

This means very low overhead costs, which results in up to 70% cheap dental care compared to the U.S. for the same quality

Dental implant by itself is a safe procedure with a success rate of up to 97%. [24]

  • The dentists in Colombia are trained according to the US standards
  • The clinics in Colombia use the latest technologies & advanced equipment
  • High-quality, international brands are used for dental implants
  • The clinics adopt the international standard of sterilization procedures for safe dental treatment

The Colombian dentists prefer international implant brands for uniformity and reliability. These include Straumann, BioHorizon, Neodent, and Cortex.

Yes. The dental clinics in Colombia accept payments in US dollars.

The payment alternatives are Colombian Pesos, account transfers, and credit or debit cards.

Yes, some of the clinics accept dental insurance and can assist you with the paperwork as well. You can get all the required documents from the clinic or contact us.

Yes, all our dentists can speak English fluently. The language barrier can sometimes make interactions difficult.

Hence, we ensure that we include only those doctors in our team who can understand and speak good English.

The following hotels are recommended by Colombia clinics for international patients.

City Dental clinic Hotel
Medellin Oralimagen Hotel Porton De San JoaquinHotel Dorado 70Hotel LyonHotel Plaza 70Hotel Le Manoir Egina, Hotel Girasol 70Hotel Merlot 70
Cartagena Centro de Implantes de la Costa Intercontinental Hotel
Bogota Dentica B3 HotelHotel Jazz apartmentsCity FlatsConfort in 80
Barranquilla Carlos Acevedo Odontología Sonesta hotelGHL
Cali Estetica Dental Avanzada The MarriottFour PointsIntercontinental, and Hotel Hampton.

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