Do you want to get your missing teeth replaced but are terrified by the cost of the dental work? No worries! The cost of dental implants in Seoul, Korea, is a fraction of the cost of the same procedure in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

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Though implants offer an effective solution to missing teeth, their high costs, especially in the West, are a huge burden for patients.

While many choose to live with their dental problems, others do not mind traveling to other countries to find affordable solutions for their missing teeth.

If you find the right place, low-cost dental implant treatment can be a reality.

Dental tourism in South Korea has been propelled by the surge in the number of state-of-the-art clinics that offer affordable treatments.

Why Get Teeth Implants in Korea?

Besides the low cost of dental implants in Seoul, Korea, here are some of the other advantages to choosing treatment in Seoul:

High Quality

Patients get highly comprehensive care for all their medical and dental needs.

Clinics use the best Korean dental implants from reputable brands like: Straumann, Osstem, Megagen

State-of-the-art Technology

Our clinics in Korea use cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology to provide dental care ranging from low-cost smile makeovers, crowns, bridges, and dental implants.

Multilingual Dentists

Language could be a barrier in Korea. . However, most implant dentists we recommend have been trained abroad and speak fluent English.

Always do research to find a skilled dentist to fit your needs.

An Incredible Vacation

Besides getting affordable dental treatments, you have the chance to relax in luxury resorts and explore some of the scenic landscapes of the country.

Nami island

Nami island

Darling Heritage

Darling Heritage

The affordable cost of dental implants in Seoul, Korea, is a breath of fresh air for people who cannot afford the highly-priced prosthetics in their home countries.

South Korea’s reputable dental facilities offer quality services and work with qualified and skilled dentists.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in South Korea?

The cost of dental implants in Seoul, Korea is relatively less than in the US, Canada, or the UK.

For instance, the cost of all on 4 dental implants in South Korea is $12,500. Whereas in the US, they cost $24,000.

A single implant with abutment costs $1,160 – $1,960 in South Korea, while more than $5,000 in other countries.

Dental implant cost in Korea is roughly 30% of the cost in the United States, and 60% of the prices in Japan.

Below you can compare South Korea dental costs with other countries.

Dental Implants Cost Comparison – South Korea vs. USA vs. Australia
Procedure South Korea USA Australia
Titanium Implant* $1,160 $5,000 $5,500
Mini Dental Implant* $1,160 $1,500 $1,500
Same-Day Implants $1,960 $3,500 $4,000
Bone graft^ $780 $1,500 $2,200
Sinus Lifting $700 $6,000 $4,500
All-on-4/6/8 Implants** $12,500 – $20,000 $24,000 – $35,000 $27,000 – $37,000
*Includes abutment; **Includes fixed hybrid acrylic bridge/jaw; ^Per quadrant
*Prices may change based on your unique dental condition

Low-cost diagnostic tests and imaging help fuel dental tourism in Korea.

Getting implants and crowns in Korea will still cost much lesser than your home country, even after factoring in travel and hotel expenses.

Though one has the option of getting low-cost implants in Mexico or Costa Rica, if you are from Australia, you can substantially cut down your travel time and costs by going on a trip to Korea instead.

Save upto 70% on quality implants in Seoul!

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Medical and Dental Tourism in Korea

Since Korea has been recognized as one of the global powerhouses in terms of medical technology and quality of care, medical and dental tourism has grown substantially.

Buddha temple, Korea

Buddha temple, Korea

By 2016, the total revenue of medical tourism in Korea grew to over 860 bn USD. [1]

According to Allied Market Research’s projection of a $143.8 bn global revenue for medical tourism by 2022, this number is expected to increase. [2]

According to an article titled “Korea Becoming a Hub for Medical Tourism” by Tony Michell, Managing Director of Korea Associates Business Consultancy, published in the Korea Times on October 26, 2011, the Korean government had set a goal of receiving one million medical tourists by 2020.

This goal was met by 2018, with more than two million patients traveling to Korea for its high-quality medical and dental care. [3]

So, where to get your dental implants in Korea? If you want the best results, proper research must be done.

Worry not, as we have done all the work for you and found you an inexpensive dental implant clinic in South Korea that offers high-quality services.

The Best Dental Clinic in Seoul

The Best Dentists in Seoul

Good Life Dental Hospital also has some of the best dentists. Let’s meet them.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a perfect restorative option for people with missing teeth.

They’re made of a titanium or zirconia post, an abutment, and a prosthetic tooth (crown).

They owe their popularity to due their strength, longevity, and natural look. [4]

Dental implant structure

Dental Implant Structure

Who Is a Good Candidate to Get Dental Implants in Korea?

Good candidates to receive dental implants in Seoul are non-smokers who have:

  • Healthy gums and teeth
  • Good bone density
  • Good oral hygiene & health

Smokers or people with these conditions may not be good candidates for teeth implants:

  • Untreated gum disease
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Low bone density

For people with low bone density, bone grafting helps to build bone.


Diagnostic exams, imaging and tests are critical for optimal treatment planning and clinical results but can sometimes be cost prohibitive.

~Dr. Erin N Erickson, DDS

Types of Dental Implants in South Korea

One-piece Implants: The abutment and the implant are fused as a single unit.

Two-piece Implants: The abutment and the implant are separate.

All on 4/6/8 implants: 4, 6, or 8 implants restore a full-arch.

Mini Implants: Smaller implants for where standard ones cannot be placed.

Same-Day Implants: The implant, abutment, & crown are placed in one visit.

All on 4 Dental Implants


Mini dental implant

The Process of Getting Teeth Implants in Seoul

Contact DentaVacation to discuss your specific needs.

Share the current X-rays and CT scans of your teeth for a detailed estimate.

Plan your trip with assistance from our experts.

Travel to Seoul for your implants procedure which includes:

  • Removing the damaged tooth
  • Bone grafting if necessary
  • Inserting the implants
  • Placing temporary crowns
  • Osseointegration, which is when the implant fuses to the bone. [5]
  • Placing the abutment
  • Placing the prosthetic tooth

How Long Is the Treatment and Recovery Time for Korean Dental Implants?

Generally, most patients can expect a total of 2-4 appointments over two trips with a 3-6 month gap for healing.

Each step of getting dental implants in Seoul is performed in a separate appointment.

Note: The treatment & healing time depend on the patient’s oral conditions.

Advantages of Korean Dental Implants Over Alternative Teeth Replacement Options

Dentures & fixed bridges are alternative ways you can replace your missing teeth.

Conventional Dentures


Traditional Bridge

Dental bridge

Implants have the advantages over bridges of being more stable, functional, comfortable, and long-lasting. Also, adjacent teeth are not affected. [6]

Dental Tourism in Seoul, Korea

How to Reach Seoul?

You can reach Seoul via one of its international airports:

  • Incheon International Airport (IATA: ICN)
  • Gimpo International Airport (IATA: GMP)

These airports are 20-45 minutes away from downtown Seoul.

You can see the non-stop flight duration from different countries to Seoul International airport (ICN) below.

From Duration
Sydney, Australia (SYD) 10h 30m
Vancouver, Canada (YVR) 11h 25m
San Francisco, US (SFO) 13h

Do I Need a Visa to Visit South Korea?

  • US & Australian citizens can stay 90 days in South Korea without a visa.
  • Citizens of Canada can stay up to 180 days without a visa.

Source: ETA – Korea [7]

How to Get Around in Seoul?

The Seoul subway with nine lines is an efficient way to explore the city.

It even has English signs to guide foreign travelers.

Korean train

Korean train

Fees start at $1.20 for the first 10 kilometers. By using T-money cards, the cost lowers to $1.12.

Buses don’t have English directions like the subway, but they’re color-coded to make navigation easier.

Each color covers a specific area of the town, and fares start at 90 cents a ride.

Korean bus

Korean bus

Getting a taxi in Seoul is pretty easy. Regular taxis charge about $2.50 for the first two kilometers, and deluxe taxis charge $3.

You can even reserve international taxis with English-speaking drivers.

Korean taxi

Korean taxi

Recommended Hotels

For an enjoyable stay and easy access to Good Life Dental Hospital, we recommend the following hotels:

Things to Do in Seoul

Top 4 Tourist Attractions

The Seoul Tower

Standing at 500 meters above Mount Namsan is the Seoul Tower.

You can see the whole city from one of its four observation decks.

The themed LED lighting on the tower’s exterior offers a unique cultural experience.

Seoul Tower

Seoul tower

Lotte World

With a large indoor theme park, Lotte World is a must-see for families with kids. Here you can find the SkyDeck, the world’s highest glass floor observation deck. [8]

Lotte World Tower, Seoul

Lotte World Tower, Seoul

Bukhansan National Park

Located in northern Seoul is the mountainous Bukhansan National Park.

With miles of hiking trails and hundreds of ancient Buddhist temples, this park promises you a fun day.

Bukhansan mountains, Seoul

Bukhansan mountains, Seoul


This unique shopping hub is excellent for buying cultural souvenirs and traditional Korean crafts.

Antique shops and art galleries will keep you occupied for most of the day.

After that, you can enjoy delicious street food while watching live cultural performances.

Hahoe Mask Insa Dong, Seoul

Hahoe Mask Insa Dong, Seoul

Must-try Korean Dishes



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When Is the Best Time to Visit Seoul?

The best time to travel to South Korea and get your teeth implants in Seoul is March-May and September-November.

These months have temperate weather and low travel expenses due to the lack of tourists.

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What Is the Language of South Korea?

The official language is Korean. But the dentists speak fluent English and communicate easily with their international patients.

What Is the Currency of South Korea?

The currency here is South Korean Won. You can get the latest exchange rates from Xe Currency Converter.

Korean SIM Cards for Tourists

We recommend you buy a SIM card for easy access to the internet.

You can pre-order or purchase from the airport or major convenience stores.

The KT Olleh SIM card by Klook offers unlimited data for 30 days for only $5.

Other network providers you can choose from include: Trazy & EG


DentaVacation helps you find affordable destinations for high-quality dental treatments.

You can contact us now to learn more about the cost of dental implants in Seoul, Korea, and restore your smile.

FAQs About Teeth Implants in Seoul

Dental implants costs in Korea are reasonable considering their high quality.

A tooth implant in Seoul, Korea, with the abutment costs $1,160$1,960.

The same implant costs $5,000 in the US and $5,500 in Australia.

That means you can save more than 70% on the treatment!

Qualified dentists in Seoul follow standard safety and sterilization protocols.

So getting dental implants in Seoul, Korea, is entirely safe if you spend enough time researching to find the best clinics.

Most implant procedures are successful, with a success rate of over 95%. [9]

However, some patients have a slight risk of implant failure and other complications.

  • Choose softer foods
  • Don’t bite on hard items
  • Avoid hot liquids and spicy food
  • Practice good oral hygiene

Buddhism + cheap dental work = serenity!

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