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Cost of Teeth Implants in Seoul – Korea

Do you want to get your missing teeth replaced but are terrified by the mere thought of the cost of the dental treatment? Not anymore! If you know the right place to go to, low-cost dental implant treatment is very much a reality. The cost of teeth implants in Seoul, Korea is only a fraction of the cost of like-procedures in nations such as the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

buddhas-birthday-celebration-in-seolThough dental implants offer an effective solution to missing teeth, their extortionate costs, especially in the West, are a huge deterrent for dental patients. While many people choose to live with their dental problems, others do not mind traveling to distant lands to find affordable solution for their missing teeth.

Dental tourism in South Korea has been propelled by the spurt in the number of state-of-the-art dental clinics that offer easy on the pocket treatments.

Medical  and Dental Tourism in Korea

Medical tourism in Korea is still in its nascent stage. As per a report titled Korea Reaps Surplus in Medical Tourism by Kim Tong-hyung published on the Medical Korea website on April 7, 2011, Korea earned a $2.2 million surplus in the medical tourism industry.

As Korea has been recognized as one of the global stalwarts in terms of medical technology used and the quality of care provided, medical tourism, including dental tourism, in Korea is bound to experience an increasing trend. As per another article titled Korea Becoming a Hub for Medical Tourism by Tony Michell, Managing Director of Korea Associates Business Consultancy, published in the Korea Times on October 26, 2011, the Korean government has set a goal of receiving one million medical tourists by 2020.

Tooth Implant Cost in Korea

  • The cost of teeth implants in Korea is quite lower than what one will have to pay for the implants in the US, Canada, or the UK.
  • Dental implants cost in Korea is roughly 30% of the costs in the United States and 60% of the prices in Japan.
  • Also, the hallmark of the medical tourism industry of Korea is the low cost diagnostic and testing services.
  • Getting dental implants and crowns in Korea will still cost much lower even after factoring in travel and hotel expenses.
  • Though one has the option of getting low cost dental implants in Mexico or Costa Rica, if you are from Australia you can substantially cut down your travel time and cost by going on a dental trip to Korea instead.


Why Get Teeth Implants in Korea?

Besides the low cost of teeth implants in Seoul Korea, here are some of the other upsides to choosing to get treated there –

  • In Korea, patients get highly comprehensive care for all their medical needs.
  • The renowned dental clinics use cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology to provide world-class dental care ranging from low cost smile makeovers, crowns and bridges to porcelain teeth implants in Korea.
  • By conducting an extensive research, you can find highly skilled implants dentists in Korea.
  • Language could be a barrier in Korea. However, many an implants dentist in Korea have been trained abroad and can speak English.
  • There are nine medical facilities in Seoul accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • Besides getting affordable dental treatment, one has the chance to recuperate in luxury resorts and explore some of the scenic landscapes of the country.

The affordable cost of teeth implants in Seoul, Korea is a breather for people who cannot afford the exorbitantly priced prosthetics in their home countries. South Korea’s reputable dental facilities dispense quality services and engage the services of qualified and skilled dentists.


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