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Ultimate #1 Guide to Dental Work in Nogales, Mexico (2021)

Are you searching for dental work right across the Arizona-Mexico border? Getting Dental Work in Nogales, Mexico, is an excellent choice in that case!
The border town gives you a great bargain on all dental treatments, even for a costly procedure such as dental implants. Moreover, if you are pressed for time and want to save up on flight tickets, it is the ideal destination!

Unlike in its twin city Nogales, USA, a dentist in Nogales, Mexico, can save 60-70% on dental work. Apart from this, it is a convenient border location famous for its cheap and colorful Mexican handicrafts.

In short, a dental trip to Nogales makes you cross the border with heavy bags and a great smile!

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What Is the Cost of Dental Work in Nogales, Mexico?

There is a global talk about affordable and high-quality dental care in Mexico. For instance, the price of a dental implant (with abutment) in Nogales, Mexico, is $1,000. The same in the US would cost you $5,000, almost five times the price in Nogales. In the cost comparison table, you can find out how much is it to get your teeth done in Nogales, Mexico?

Cost of Dental Work in Nogales, Mexico (USD)

Titanium implant (with abutment)$5,000$1,000
All-on-4 Implants**$24,000$7,000
All-on-6 Implants**$28,000$9,000
Same-day implants$5,000$1,500
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (PFM)$1,100$500
Porcelain Crown$2,000$600
Zirconia Crown$2,000$700
Ceramic Crown$1,500$600
Veneer (Composite)*$1,500$400
Laser Teeth Whitening$1,500$125
RCT (Molar tooth)$1,500$300
Fixed clear braces$6,000$2,000
Filling (Composite)*$250$40
*Per Tooth **Per Jaw Hiossen Implant logo

The all-on-four implant procedure in Nogales would cost you $7,000. In contrast to paying $24,000 in the USA for the same. Cosmetic procedures, such as veneers, cost $400 in Nogales. The same in the USA would cost $1,500.

Naturally, you must be wondering if you can get high-quality work while saving 60-70%? The short answer is yes! Savings on your dental tourism trip are due to cheaper salaries of the dentist[1]Salary Expert Average Salary: Mexican Dentist “The average dentist gross salary in Mexico is $681,207 or an equivalent hourly rate of $328.” View in Article, cheap cost of living[2]Cost of Living Cost of Living in Nogales, Mexico “The total cost of living is around $336 in Nogales. The average rent in Nogales for a one-bedroom apartment is approximately $114 per month, and utilities cost around $53 a month.” View in Article, and a bargain on currency exchange.[3]Xe Currency Converter Currency Exchange “1.00 US Dollar = 19.823078 Mexican Pesos Last updated May 25, 2021, 06:38 UTC” View in Article

Popular Dental Work in Nogales Sonora, Mexico

With the ease of cross-border travel, getting dental treatment in Nogales is a feasible option. Procedures such as braces or aligners that require multiple visits are also in demand due to the nearby location. Listed below are a few sought-after treatments to pick at a Nogales dental clinic.

Dental Implants in Nogales, Mexico

Dental implants are a fixed replacement for your missing teeth. The screw replaces the root, and the cap replaces the crown. You can get a single implant, multiple implants with a bridge, an all-on-4, or full mouth rehabilitation. With advancing technology, you can get same-day dental implants as well. Dental implants in Nogales, Mexico, come at an affordable price. At 30% of the prices in the states, you get premium work.

In the U.S., the prevalence of dental implants is expected to increase to 23% by 2026.[4]PubMed Trends in Dental Implant Use “Dental implant prevalence projected to 2026 ranged from 5.7% to 23% in the least.” View in Article

Moreover, there is always an ongoing debate about All-on-four Tucson, AZ vs. All-on-four Nogales, MX.

The cost of all on 4 dental implants in Nogales, Mexico is $7,000. In contrast, you would have to pay $24,000 for all-on-four in Tucson, AZ. This price difference only arises due to the inexpensive cost of living. The quality of brands used is similar to that back home.

Dental Implants in Nogales, Mexico
Titanium and Zirconium Implants

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Nogales, Mexico

Dental crowns are often placed after a root canal treatment, over an implant, or for a tooth that requires extensive restoration. They are made up of different materials such as all-metal, Zirconia, PFM, Ceramic, and porcelain. While choosing a crown, aesthetics, durability, strength, and cost are essential to consider. For multiple missing teeth, dental bridges are placed.

In Nogales, Mexico, a zirconia crown would cost $700, 30% lesser than the U.S. A ceramic crown would cost $1,500 in the U.S., whereas in Nogales, MX, the same costs $600. A crown in Mexico can save 60-70% on what it would cost you back home!

Dental Crowns in Nogales, Mexico
Types of Dental Crowns

Braces in Nogales, Mexico

When irregularly placed teeth are to be aligned, braces come to the rescue. Conventionally brackets and wires were used to bring the teeth in place. Recently, clear aligners have made the procedure cosmetically appealing.

This treatment requires multiple visits to the clinic, so opting for braces in a foreign country seems like a dream. Nonetheless, Nogales, Sonora, comes to your rescue. The location of the border town makes it a convenient journey for multiple visits.

But the question is: How much are braces in Nogales?

In Nogales, braces can cost up to $2,000. The same in the U.S. would cost you a whopping $6,000. Even an expensive treatment such as Invisalign costs $4,000 in Nogales. The same in the U.S. costs $7,000.
Clear Aligners in Nogales, Sonora

Clear Aligners

6 reasons to choose Dental Work in Nogales, Mexico

Located on the US-Mexico border, Heroica Nogales is preferred by many for their dental treatment. Here are the top 6 reasons you should choose dental work in Nogales, Mexico:

Low-Cost dental work

Dental work in Nogales is about one-third of the price you pay in the states. Due to the lesser cost of living and currency exchange value, dental treatment is a great bargain.

High-Quality Dental Care

Dental care is carried out using globally trusted brands. Treatments performed on patients are in a strictly sterilized environment.

Experienced Dentists

Nogales dentists have over 10 years of experience under their belts. Moreover, they are certified and internationally trained.
Our recommended clinics use up-to-date technology. Above all, the swift techniques ensure prompt delivery of services.

Border Location

Nogales Sonora actively promotes dental tourism. The easily accessible location, along with cheap shopping destinations, add a feather to the cap!

Excellent Travel Connectivity

The city is a stone’s throw away from the state of Arizona. Tucson, Sierra Vista, Miracle Valley, and Arivaca in Arizona are some nearby cities. You can drive down, park your car at Nogales, Arizona, and walk across the border.

Distance to Nogales Mexico

Distance from Major U.S. cities to Nogales, Mexico

Why Choose a Nogales Dentist?

Americans come to Nogales for various dental treatments. Ranging from dental veneers to braces and even implants, a dentist in Nogales Sonora, Mexico furnishes you with multiple treatment options.

With the proper guidance and thorough research, you can find the best dentist for your dental work in Nogales, Mexico.

Recommended Clinic: Desert Dental, Nogales Sonora

Located approximately 1 mile from the US-Mexico border, Desert Dental delivers world-class dental treatment.
The clinic has the latest diagnostic equipment and experienced dental staff to cater to your dental needs. They use Hiossen by Osseum implants, a world-renowned brand.

Desert Dental Clinic- Nogales

From the border to the clinic, it’s just 5 minutes. Great Doctor. Nice office. Great service.

Implant placement at Desert Dental in Nogales, Sonora

The clinic follows steam and chemical sterilization techniques, as the patient’s safety is their topmost priority. Each floor has a sterilization station. Furthermore, they assist you with the necessary paperwork to obtain reimbursement from the insurance company.

Best Dentist in Nogales, Mexico

Dr. Hiram Ignacio Vazquez has over 11 years of experience. He is a celebrated member of the International Congress of Implantologists. He is the chief dentist at Desert Dental, Nogales.


  • DDS, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, MX 2009
  • Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery VAEMEX MX, 2014


  • ADM – Mexican Dental Association (Mexico)
  • CMCOM – Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial (Mexico)
Dr. Hiram: Desert Dental Nogales, Sonora
Dr. Hiram Ignacio Vazquez

For those who require assistance for a pick-up drop service from the border to the clinic, Desert Dental comes to their rescue. Just inform them one day before your appointment, and they ensure a safe service.

The pick-and-Drop facility at the border.

Nogales v/s Los Algodones? Discover the Best Destination for You.

Both Nogales and Los Algodones are border towns. Moreover, they are at par with each other in terms of quality and cost. If the distance is not an issue, Los Algodones can be the ideal destination for a tourism trip. Here is a comparison table for you to pick the destination best suited to you!

FeaturesNogalesLos Algodones
LocationArizona-Mexico border townArizona-Mexico border town near California
DistanceNogales, AZ to Nogales, MX:  3.2 miles
Tucson, AZ to Nogales, MX: 68 miles
Yuma, AZ to Los Algodones, MX: 11 miles
Pheonix, AZ to Los Algodones, MX: 193 miles
TravelDrive from Nogales, AZ: 12 mins
Drive from Tucson, AZ: 1 hr 15 mins
By road from Yuma, AZ: 20 minutes
Flight from Pheonix, AZ: 1 hr 20 mins
DentistryCertified clinics in Nogales ensure high-quality treatment.Los Algodones is known as the Molar City due to a large number of dentists catering to overseas tourists.
Treatment costNogales, Mexico dentist prices save 60-70% on your dental work.You can expect 60-70% savings on your dental work.
TourismA colorful town with vibrant Mexican handicraft stores.The booming tourism gives way to a great trip. You can visit parks, cultural sites and shop to your heart’s content.
SafetyDespite the safety concerns, our recommended clinic is located in a secure area.Tourism makes a huge chunk of the economic revenue; hence safety is the top-most priority at our recommended clinics.

Dental Tourism in Nogales, Mexico

Heroica Nogales, Mexico, shares a boundary and a rich history with its twin Nogales, Arizona. Dental tourism in Nogales, Mexico, is booming due to a mix of medicine and art. Dentists, pharmacies, Mexican artisans, and handicraft shops are responsible for the wholesome trip to Nogales.

Both the twins get their names from the black “Nogal” trees that stood tall in the mountain pass between the cities. In Spanish, walnuts mean “Nogales,” hence the origin of the name.

A road in Nogales, Mexico

How To Reach?

By Road

City of OriginDistance to Nogales, MXTime Taken
Nogales, AZ3.2 miles15 minutes
Tucson, AZ68.3 miles1 hour 15 minutes
Sierra Vista, AZ66 miles1 hour 26 minutes
Arivaca, AZ56.2 miles1 hour 10 minutes
Miracle Valley, AZ81.9 miles1 hour 44 minutes
  • You can drive down, rent a car, or avail of a bus/shuttle service. You can park your vehicle in any parking lot in Nogales, AZ, and walk across the border via the turnstiles.[5]Planet Nogales The Nogales border is still open for Americans. “There are two options for crossing the border from Nogales, Arizona to Nogales, Sonora – in a vehicle, or crossing through one of the pedestrian entry gates.” View in Article
  • The parking fee would be $3-$5 for a 12-hour duration, and they ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Listed below is a list of trusted parking lots at the Arizona-Mexico Border

Parking LotDurationPhone Number
Ed’s Border Lot ParkingShort/Long/Overnight(520) 287-2025
American Valet (Nogales Lot)Short/Long/Overnight(520) 604-6935
UETA Border ParkingShort/Long Term(520) 287-2741

Desert Dental, Nogales Sonora, recommends UETA Border Parking. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the border. They also have a pay-per-hour system in place.

Nogales Parking Lot

Border Parking Lots in Nogales, AZ

Touristy Things To-Do in Nogales, Mexico

After you finish your dental work in Nogales, Mexico, you can explore the beautiful city and the rich heritage.

Shop till you drop
Walk down Campillo street and Obergon street to empty your pockets and fill your bags up with hand-crafted Mexican products.

Mexican Handicraft Bags
Mexican Handicraft Bags
Mexican Pottery
Mexican Pottery

Discover the Taste of Mexico
You can indulge in authentic Mexican cuisines from numerous restaurants that will leave you licking your fingers.

Nachos with Dips
Mexican Nachos
Mexican Wraps
Mexican Wraps

Take a heritage trip
Visit the museums, art galleries, and old monuments to take a trip down the historical lane and witness the city’s rich heritage.

Travel Tips

SIM Card

You can use your U.S. sim card in Nogales, Mexico, till a certain point when you cross the border. Nonetheless, if your provider works within North America, you may not even require a Mexico sim card.


Before planning your trip, you can ask your provider for the following details:

  • Will there be additional charges when in Mexico? If yes, what would be the rates?
  • Would you have to get your sim activated for an international trip, or is it automatically activated?


In case your provider does not offer the desired features, you can get a Mexican sim card. But before that:

  • Make sure that your phone is unlocked for an international number.
  • Choose your plan and provider according to the duration of your trip.

Where to get your sim?

You can purchase one from the nearest Oxxo or 7-11 store in Mexico.

There are a few companies to choose from:

1. Telcel 2. AT&T 3. Movista

Dentistry, Tourism & Safety in Nogales Sonora, Mexico

While selecting an international clinic, it is natural to feel apprehensive—both as a tourist and a patient. A most widely asked question by tourists is: Is Nogales safe?

As a Dental Tourist

Most areas in Nogales are considered unsafe. Certain areas such as the area between El Periferico highway and Avenida Obregon is a safe zone.[6]Overseas Security Advisory Council Mexico 2019 Crime & Safety Report: Nogales “However, the area between El Periferico highway and Avenida Obregon is safer than the outlying suburban areas of the city.” View in Article Especially when compared to the suburban areas on the outside.
Dental clinics serving international patients have their safety as a top-most priority. Hence, their location is near the border, close to the safe zones.

As a Dental Patient

When it comes to the safety of dental work in Nogales, Mexico, it is crucial to ask all the right questions, such as:

  • Are the brands used of high-quality?
  • What are the sterilization procedures followed at the dental office?
  • Does the clinic have international accreditations?
  • Does the clinic have a registration with the national association?
  • What are the qualifications and experience of the dentist?

While selecting a clinic, it is imperative to do your homework well beforehand. The clinics associated with DentaVacation check all the boxes for the safety of their patients.


You need a valid passport to enter Nogales, Mexico. You need to obtain a travel permit from the customs and immigration checkpoint while entering Mexico through Nogales. A valid driving license is a must to get the permit, along with a passport or birth certificate.

Tucson, AZ, is about 60 miles away from Nogales, the Mexico Border. It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to drive to Nogales from Tucson.

Due to its proximity to Arizona, walking across the border is a popular way to cross the border. Driving down from Tucson, AZ, on Interstate-19, it takes 60 miles to reach Nogales, AZ. You can park your vehicle on the border for a minimal fee of $3-$5. Post that, you can walk into the twin city of Nogales, Mexico.

When planning an overnight trip, Nogales has several great stay options to choose from. Our partner clinic recommends Hotel Fray Marcos for a comfortable and safe trip.
Phone Number: +52 631 312 1651

The price of dental implants including abutment in Nogales, Mexico, is $1,000. The average cost of all on 4 and all on 6 implants is $7,000 and $9,000. The Same-day implant procedure is priced at $1,500. Dental implants in Nogales, MX are available at 30% of the prices in the USA.

When looking for dental treatment right across the border, undoubtedly, Nogales, Mexico, comes to your rescue. Not only do you end up saving 60-70% on dental work, but also you receive high-quality work. After that, you can always spend the saved money on some souvenirs to take back home. Rest assured, your dental trip to Nogales will give you a great smile and hefty bags.
DentaVacation provides you hand-picked clinics for dental work in Nogales, Mexico. Contact us and get a FREE quote.

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