Do you need dental work but don’t want to spend excessive money in the US? This is where dental work in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica, comes to your rescue.

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Playas Del Coco

Choosing Playas Del Coco for your dental services will allow you to get high-quality dental treatment on the level of that in the US.

However, the price you pay for that treatment will be much lower!

Continue reading this article to find out all about the most popular dental procedures, as well as some of the most fun tourist activities in Playa Del Coco.

Why Choose Dental Work in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica?

Dental problems can be excruciating, and treating them can be expensive.

Playas Del Coco has become a popular destination for dental work for a multitude of reasons. Here are just some of them:

Affordable Cost

You can save up to 70% on your dental services without compromising on the quality of the services.

Experienced Dentists

The trained and experienced staff will ensure that your procedure has a high success rate.

Perfect Vacation Spot

Playas Del Coco is becoming one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Costa Rica. [1]

Playas Del Coco allows you to take advantage of lower prices while getting the same quality dental treatment as in the US.

The main reason for this is the lower cost of living in Costa Rica. [2]

This allows our clinic to be equipped with the latest technology while keeping the cost of treatment lower.

Cost of Dental Work in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

The dentist work in Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica costs much lower than in the US. Expect to pay between 50% to 80% less, depending on the treatment.

For example, if we’re looking at the cost of dental implants in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica, a titanium implant costs $5,000 in the US, while the same costs $900 in Playas Del Coco.

A porcelain veneer costs $2,150 in the US and only $550 in Playas Del Coco.

This means that you’re saving between 75%-80% on these procedures. Cosmetic dentistry in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica, can save the most money.

This table shows some of the common procedures and their prices:

Cost Comparison in USD – Playas Del Coco vs. the US
Procedure Playas Del Coco  US Duration
Titanium Implant (including abutment) $900 $5,000 7 days
All-on-4 Dental Implants (per arch) $10,500 $24,000 7 days
All-on-6 Dental Implants (per arch) $12,000 $28,000 7 days
Porcelain Crown $800 $2,000 3-5 days
Porcelain Veneer (per unit) $550 $2,150 7-14 days
Root Canal $325 $1,500 1-2 days
Extraction (surgical) $100 $650 1 day
Regular teeth cleaning $70 $200 1 days
Snap-on Over-Denture(per arch) $3,000 $10,000 7 days
*Prices & treatment duration may vary with the complexity of a case.

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Popular Dental Procedures in Playas Del Coco

When going to Playas Del Coco for dental work, you can get any procedure you can imagine. Here are just some of the most popular procedures offered:

While these are the most popular procedures, our clinic offers every procedure you can ask for, including root canalsdenturesextractions, and more.

Top Clinics in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

When it comes to the top clinics in Playas Del Coco, our main pick would be LS Dental Clinic.

Their team includes periodontists, orthodontists, implantologists, and endodontists.

Best Dentist in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

If you’re curious about the best dentists in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica, our picks would be:

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Dental Tourism in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

Playas del Coco is one of the oldest beach communities in the Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica.

There are many gorgeous sights and fun activities in which you can partake in.

We have selected several popular attractions you wouldn’t want to miss.

Handy Travel Tips

We collected several essential travel tips to keep in mind when traveling to Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica.

  • The currency used in Costa Rica is known as colón.
  • One US dollar equals around 635 colóns. [7]
  • You can also pay with your card at most places.
  • However, most places accept US dollars.

  • The easiest way to reach Playas Del Coco is by flying. It is located just 15 miles from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia.
  • You can use the bus to get there from the airport, or private transportation.
Flights from the US to Liberia
New York (JFK) Liberia (LIR) 5 hr 31 min
Austin, Texas (AUS) Liberia (LIR) 6 hr 18 min
Washington, D.C. (DCA) Liberia (LIR) 6 hr 47 min

  • The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish. [8]
  • However, you can expect most people to speak English as well, including the staff at our dental clinic.

  • You can always get an international phone plan.
  • Some SIM card options include WorldSIM, OneSIM, TravelSIM, and GoSIM. [9]

Travel tips for Playas Del Coco


Travel Tips

Is It Safe To Visit Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica for Dental Care?

There is absolutely no need for concern when it comes to the safety and quality of dental care in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and has some of the best dentists with years of experience.

Our partner dental clinic, LS Dental Clinic follows all safety standards and ensures the complete safety of every patient.

The clinic sterilizes the equipment by manual cleaning of instruments after each use, using ultrasonic cleaning, and using the autoclave.

Playas Del Coco is a safe city to explore. It is not known for crimes against tourists and isn’t threatened by international terrorism or crime against tourists. [10]

Just make sure to practice some general safety precautions, and you should be fine.

Dental Work in Playas Del Coco: Reviews & Testimonials

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Playas Del Coco Reviews


Ultimately, you can’t go wrong by choosing dental work in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.

Whether it is implants or cosmetic dentistry, our dentists are experienced, and our clinic is equipped with the latest technology.

You will get the highest quality treatment for a fraction of the price that you would pay in the US.

Expect to pay between 50%- 80% less! Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the gorgeous sights and fun activities while you’re there.


It depends on the procedure. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Dental implants cost $900 per implant and in the US, the price is $5,000 for the same.
  • Porcelain crowns are $900, and you would pay $2,000 in the US
  • Veneers are $550 per unit, and in the US, the price is $2,150
  • Laser teeth whitening is $420 in Playas Del Coco and $600 in the US.
  • A surgical extraction will cost you $100, and in the US, you would pay $650

As you can see, Dental Work in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica, is much cheaper than in the US.

The price of a porcelain veneer in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica is $550. In the US, you would pay $2,150 for the same.

This allows you to save up to 75% on your dental treatment.

The price of a porcelain crown with abutment is $700 for a posterior crown and $800 for an anterior crown.

In the US you would pay $2,000 for the same.

Yes, our clinic in Playas Del Coco is extremely safe.

It is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art dental technology and has experienced dentists employed. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Some of the technology used in the clinic include the Polus Advanced Whitening machine, Digital Smile Design (DSD), and the intra-oral scanner and design software EXO-CAD.

The price of a titanium implant at our clinic is $900. In the US you would pay $5,000 for the same.

All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants cost $10,500 and $12,000 respectively. The same procedures would cost $24,000 and $28,000 in the US.

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