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Orthodontist in Tijuana, Mexico

Braces in Tijuana - Mexico Tijuana is one of the premier destinations for dental tourism in Mexico and there are many superb clinics here that offer foreign patients massive savings on dental care that is on par with that in the United States and Canada.

Looking for a good orthodontist in Tijuana, Mexico can be tough, because there are so many options and you just wouldn’t know who to go to.

Orthodontics and other dental work are extremely expensive in most parts of North America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 21% of American kids aged 2-17 went without a dental visit in 2010.

This is largely due to lack of dental insurance and skyrocketing dental care and orthodontics costs in the US, costs that can be avoided by getting crooked teeth treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.


Cost in orthodontic treatments varies from case to case but most people end up saving up to 70% on dental work in Mexico.

Advantages of Going to Tijuana

Braces in Tijuana - MexicoAside from the very affordable cost of braces for teeth in Mexico, there are a number of reasons to cross the border for dental care. And whether you’re planning on traveling to Mexico for teeth implants or braces or a simple whitening, one thing is for sure: Tijuana is an excellent option.

  • Because of Tijuana’s proximity to the U.S. – it is right across the border from San Diego, California – it is very easy to get there. And revisits do not mean too much expense.
  • Many dentists and orthodontists here have international certifications for the specialty work they do.
  • Many of our network dental physicians speak excellent English. So don’t worry, nothing will get lost in translation.
  • And you may be surprised by the standards observed by dental clinics in Tijuana. Many of them boast the same cutting edge technologies that you can find in clinics in the US or Canada.
  • Also, you will not have to suffer the extremely long wait times unlike in other places. They know that there are time constraints when you come to get braces in Mexico, and that you need to get in, out, and on your way, so they strive to get you into the dentist’s chair as quickly as possible.

Other Affordable Dentistry Services in Tijuana

Tijuana is not only one of the best places to get cheap orthodontics for adults in Mexico. Other popular services that dental tourists ask for include:

  • Dental Implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Fixed dentures
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Crown lengthening

At DentaVacation, we can not only help you find the right orthodontist, we can also assist you in finding cheap airfare, booking hotels, and planning other things on your itinerary to keep you occupied and entertained outside the clinic.

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