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Dental Makeover Costa Rica

It’s no surprise that increasing numbers of people are opting for a dental vacation. And quite a few of them are making a beeline for low cost dental makeover in Costa Rica. Dental makeovers in the United States can be highly cost prohibitive. And in Costa Rica, dental treatments cost much lower than in the US.

dental-makeover-in-costa-rica-beckyCosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica satisfies the ever increasing demand for high quality dental work at highly affordable prices. Popularity of Costa Rica as a medical tourism destination can be gauged from the report “Medical tourism up in Costa Rica; Expomed set for this weekend” published in Tico Times on September 27, 2011, as per which medical tourists brought in a revenue of $295 million to the country in 2010.

Common Dental Makeover Procedures

Some of the popular smile makeover procedures are –

  • Dental Veneers for masking broken, discolored teeth and gaps
  • Dental Implants for replacing missing teeth
  • Composite materials for filling up carious teeth
  • Bonding for refurbishing your teeth by removing cracks

Advantages of Dental Makeover in Costa Rica

  • Depending upon the procedure, dental services in Costa Rica represent a 50% to 75% savings when compared to prices for the same procedures in the United States and the cost of dental implants in Costa Rica falls well within this range!
  • Of course, the most precise fees for your cosmetic dentist in Costa Rica for teeth makeovers can best be attained via a quote for services specific to your needs and desires.
  • While a bargain is always enticing, when it comes to something as important as your smile and your well-being, quality is paramount! The dentists in Costa Rica and the facilities and hospitals in which they work are considered world class, and even the most expensive private services in this country come at significant savings when compared to prices in the United States!
  • Dental anxiety, a most unfortunate consequence of painful experiences for many people, is addressed at satisfactory levels in Costa Rica’s clinics. Low cost smile makeovers in Costa Rica are thus worry free!
  • Of course, it never hurts to review videos for more firsthand information from dental professionals to allay any lurking concerns!
  • Language need not be considered a barrier when you’re in dental clinics in Costa Rica as both English and Spanish are frequently spoken.
  • You will find affordable dining and lodging in Costa Rica.
  • Though you have the option of undergoing cheap cosmetic dentistry in Bangkok or New Delhi, opting for Costa Rica will help you save on travel time and airfare (if you happen to be from the United States or Canada).
  •  You can double up a dental trip to Costa Rica as a relaxing vacation. Costa Rica’s rain forests, enchanting beaches, volcanoes, and age old culture can be a vacation dream come true!

Tips for Those Considering Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica

  • dental-makeover-in-costa-rica-becky-costa-ricaFollow up is integral to pleasing results with dental work in Costa Rica, and of course this is true everywhere else in the world! After getting dental implants in Costa Rica, for example, it’s always best to have professional care in place should you have any concerns at a later time. Thus, carefully plan for this necessity for when you return home.
  • Booming dental tourism in Costa Rica has led to sprouting up of facilities – both good as well as dubious – all over the country. Reviewing blogs and forums can help you gather information as you consider your options on availing dental services in Costa Rica.
  • Familiarize yourself with the steps or processes typically used by dental professionals to give you the smile you want.
  • Knowing what occurs when receiving dental implants and other forms of cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica, and having answers for any questions you may have about these procedures, can decrease anxiety.
  • Because Costa Rica is an extremely beautiful country on the face of planet, include vacation expenses in your budget so you can experience this incredible country!

Affordable dental treatments abroad have literally added a fantastic dimension to the whole idea of traveling! Dental makeover in Costa Rica offers uncompromising quality at prices that are but a fraction of those in “First World” countries! With exquisite dining options, lodging that is physically and economically comfortable, and the unparalleled beauty of her terrain, Costa Rica does indeed support the old saying…Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too! You’ll also be able to smile quite fetchingly about your smile makeover in Costa Rica later!

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