Dental work abroad? Yes, you read that right! It’s a great option if the cost of dental work is too high in the US, UK, or Australia. Continue reading for more details.

Dental tourism has become a popular way for millions of people to combine dental treatment with a holiday.

Best of all, you’ll save huge amounts of money on all types of dental services especially higher-cost treatments such as dental implants, crowns, and even veneers.

Read this article to find out what to consider while choosing dental work abroad.

Popular Dental Tourism Destinations

Your next dental vacation spot

Should I Travel Abroad for Dental Work?

The primary reasons to travel abroad for dental work are high treatment costs and lack of insurance coverage in the US,UK, or Australia.

You can save up to 70 – 80% at a dentist overseas.

But keep in mind, that higher amounts of savings are only possible on extensive restorative and cosmetic dental work.

Along with savings, it is crucial to consider two other factors: additional costs and safety.

Therefore, while planning a dental tourism trip, thorough research is essential.

As a dental tourist, your additional costs may include air travel cost, travel & stay in the city, and cost of time away from work & home.

As a dental patient, things to consider are the experience of the dentists, the reputation of the clinic, safety protocols followed, and the quality of materials used.

When planning a dental trip abroad, keep the following factors in mind:

Factors Home Abroad
Cost savings on dental work
Online consultations
Easy access to dentists 🤔
No waiting for appointments 🤔 🤔
Experienced & certified dentists
Standard equipment & materials
Standard sterilization protocols
Travel & stay cost
Cost of time away from work & home
In-person follow-ups
✓ Applicable ✗ Not Applicable 🤔 Depends

Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Thailand, the Philippines, Hungary, Colombia, Turkey, and Poland are the most popular destinations for dental tourists.

They offer affordable and quality care to patients.

Also, because recovery time—even for complex dental procedures—is relatively short, patients can spend the remaining time enjoying a vacation.

Why Is Dental Work Cheap Abroad?

You may be wondering why dental work is so cheap abroad.

Low salaries, low student debts, low cost of living, and lower real estate prices are some reasons.

However, it is important to realize that cheap does not mean low quality.

On the contrary, reputable dental clinics in these countries use globally renowned brands and maintain the highest safety standards.

They meet and often exceed international standards.

Below are a few detailed reasons for low-cost dental work abroad:

Even though, cost of equipment and technology in some of the countries like Thailand could be higher than many western countries due to higher taxes on imported goods; The cost of building a dental office is generally lower due to cheap labor costs. [1]

The low cost of living in other countries leads to lower treatment costs.

For instance, people traveling to Mexico from the US save about 70-85% on dental treatment. [2]

Due to the low cost of living, minimum wages, even for skilled workers, are significantly less than in the US. [3]

As a result, they don’t charge as much for the same procedures.

Dentists in the US spend more than 5,000 – 20,000 USD annually on malpractice insurance.

Meanwhile, a dentist in Thailand spends less than 1,000 USD per year. [4]

In countries like Mexico, the government subsidizes dentists’ education. So, dentists do not graduate with huge debts.

Additionally, many public dental schools offer free dental education when students pass a highly competitive university entrance exam in Thailand. [5]

What Is the Quality of Dental Care Overseas?

Dental tourism is an excellent prospect for those who lack insurance or whose insurance does not cover a certain procedure.

With that said, not all dental clinics deliver quality care. Therefore, you must exercise caution when selecting a clinic.

Many dental clinics overseas are recognized by national associations. This indicates high standards of dental care and patient safety.

Additionally, it is vital to choose a dentist who has received formal education to obtain a dental degree.

Look for one with international training and a good amount of experience for added safety.

Dental Associations Abroad

What Are the Best Countries for Cheap and Quality Dental Care?

Some of the best countries for cheap and quality dental care are Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, India, Thailand, and Croatia.

The lower cost of living in these countries enables them to provide cost-effective dental work without compromising on quality.

Below is some detailed information on these countries and many others to help you decide on your dental tourism destination.

Mexico is a people’s favorite country for dental work. It is an attractive destination for Americans due to its proximity to the US.

Mexican cities like Tijuana, Juarez, Cancun, Merida, Los Cabos, and Los Algodones offer affordable, high-quality care.

Indeed, Los Algodones has earned the title of “dental capital of the world.

Dental work in Mexico costs about one-third of what you'd pay in the US.

For more information, refer to our blog on the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in Mexico.

Watch on YouTube: "Dental Work in Mexico: Glowing Review From a US Ex Dental Professional"
Dental Work in Mexico Review

Pros & Cons of Dental Work in Mexico

Pros Cons
Affordable dental treatments. The crime rate in Mexico is the highest in the world.
Dentists in Mexico practice as a group, enabling all specialists to work under one dental practice. Continuous learning courses are not mandatory. Hence, some may fail to keep up with the latest advances.
Cultural diversity, along with a view of pristine Caribbean beaches, attracts tourists. Language can serve as a barrier as Spanish is the most spoken language.
You can obtain prices via virtual consultation. Few dentists may perform procedures without adequate training.

Costa Rica is blooming as a dental tourism destination for Americans and Canadians.

Many quality-conscious dentists in Costa Rica are members of the American Dental Association, assuring a high standard of care.

Quality dental treatment combined with a visit to the country’s wildlife reserves and beaches makes for a perfect dental vacation.

Dental work in Costa Rica can save you up to 70% compared to US costs.

To find out more, visit our blog post on the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in Costa Rica

Watch on YouTube: "Happy Patient with new Dental Crown - Costa Rica l Denta Vacation"
Dental Work in Costa Rica: Patient Testimonial

Pros & Cons of Dental Work in Costa Rica


  • Affordable costs for otherwise expensive dental procedures.
  • Quality of care is comparable to the US.
  • Healthcare providers are proficient in English.
  • Relatively short waiting time.
  • Short travel time of less than 3 hours from the East coast states like Florida, US.


  • The legal system isn’t the same as the US.
  • Lack of liability in case of a mishap.
  • Most locals do not speak in English.

Turkey is growing as a popular place for dental tourists from the UK and other European countries.

People can save 70-85% with dental tourism in Turkey. It is because of favorable exchange rates (as 1-pound equals 12 Turkish lire).

In addition to this, tourists from European countries such as Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the UK can enter Turkey without a visa. [6]

It further strengthens tourism within the country.

Several Turkish cities, such as Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir, are also famous tourist attractions.

Explore more about Turkish dental work in our blog on the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in Turkey.

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Dental Work in Turkey: Patient Testimonial

Pros & Cons of Dental Work in Turkey


  • Most dental clinics are certified by national organizations.
  • Dentists are highly skilled and trained.
  • Great prices for dental services.
  • Low travel expenses from European cities.
  • A prime destination for historical and natural heritage sites.


  • English is not the most spoken language.
  • A few hospitals are not good at maintaining the documents of dental tourists.
  • Female tourists must be aware of how to dress appropriately.

India serves as a hub for many international dental clinics.

Tourists from the US, UK, and other European countries travel here for dental treatment.

The cost of dental work in India is 60-70% less than in the US, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Visit our blog on top 10 dental clinics and dentists in India to discover the exact costs of dental work in various Indian cities.

Watch on YouTube: "Patient Testimonial "
Dental Work in India: Patient Testimonial
Pros & Cons of Dental Work in India
Pros Cons
High standards of treatment at a low cost. Lack of consistent and uniform standards of dental work.
No waiting time due to a large number of private clinics. Lack of government investment in healthcare infrastructure.
State of the art technology in dental clinics. Lack of legal recourse.
It has various heritage sites that boost tourism. Lack of uniform pricing in different clinics.
Easy to communicate as the dental staff speaks fluent English. Huge variation in the cost of hotels depending on the city.

Dental care is the third most utilized service in Thailand by foreign patients.

Indeed, dental treatment accounts for 11% of Thailand’s medical tourism market.

The cost of dental tourism in Thailand is 60% less than in the US and Australia.

Access to highly skilled dentists at an affordable price will attract you to dental tourism in Thailand.

Explore our blog "Top 10 Dental Clinics & Dentists in Thailand" for insights into the country's top dental destinations.

Watch on YouTube: "Patient Review Dental Work in Bangkok Thailand"
Dental Work in Thailand: Patient Testimonial

Pros & Cons of Dental Work in Thailand


  • Access to experienced dentists at an affordable cost.
  • State-of-the-art technology in dental clinics.
  • High-quality treatments are performed at a faster pace.
  • English is a commonly spoken language by healthcare providers.
  • Good travel connectivity with other countries.
  • Exotic tourist attractions.
  • Great tasting food and cuisine.
  • No clothing restrictions for women and generally very safe for tourists.


  • Cultural and language disparity can lead to miscommunication with locals.

Vietnam is a top destination for dental tourists seeking quality care and affordable treatment packages.

When you choose our dental clinic in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can expect:

  • Personalized treatments meeting Vietnam's Ministry of Health standards.
  • Luxurious, comfortable, and cozy environments for a pleasant treatment experience.

Dental treatment in Vietnam costs about 70% less than in the US and Australia.

It's not only cost-effective but also a safe tourist destination.

Thus, the country can get you exceptional treatment and an unforgettable vacation.

For more details, check our blog on the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in Vietnam.

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How Much to Save With Dental Tourism in Vietnam?

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Vietnam

Pros Cons
Most Vietnamese dental facilities meet international standards, ensuring satisfactory outcomes. Clinic standards may vary, requiring thorough research to find a reliable one
Modern dental clinics in cities like Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh boast advanced technology and skilled professionals. Communication challenges may arise if dental professionals are not fluent in English.

Dental tourism in Croatia not only promises a radiant smile but also provides a delightful European vacation with an impressive 70% savings.

The country's medical professionals are renowned for delivering dental services that meet Western standards.

Split, Trogir, Zagreb, Zadar, and Dubrovnik stand out as top dental destinations in Croatia, offering quality treatment.

For details on dental procedures in Croatian cities, check our blog post "Top 10 Dental Clinics and Dentists in Croatia.

Watch on YouTube: "Dental Tourism in Croatia: Unlock a New Smile "
Leading Implantologist in Trogir, Talks About Dental Work in Croatia

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Croatia


  • Croatian clinics adhere to international standards, emphasizing patient safety.
  • They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities.
  • Implants come with a warranty ranging from 10 years to a lifetime.
  • Dentists are highly qualified, experienced, and accredited.
  • The country is a safe destination for tourists with a low crime rate.


  • Varying infection control and sterilization standards demand careful evaluation of hygiene practices.
  • Challenges in accessing follow-up care; may require additional travel and coordination.

Dental work in Puerto Rico offers affordable treatment within the US territory, providing US-quality care at just 1/3 of the price.

Adhering to American Dental Association (ADA) standards ensures dental care in Puerto Rico meets the highest US quality standards.

With significant savings, seamless travel, US-accredited dentists, and a tropical setting, Puerto Rico is a favoured dental destination for Americans.

To discover more, explore our blog post about the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in San Juan.

Watch on YouTube: "8 Reasons to Choose Puerto Rico for Dental Work"
Why Choose Puerto Rico for Dental Work?

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Puerto Rico


  • Experienced US-trained and certified dentists
  • US standards clinics, with the latest equipment and technology
  • Convenient travel with no passport or visa requirements.


  • Inconsistency in pricing across various clinics.

Colombia excels in affordable universal healthcare, with a notable 22% growth in offshore patients in the past 5 years.

Our partner dentists here are board-certified with degrees from prestigious institutions.

Americans can save over 70% on dental work in Colombia.

Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota, Barranquilla, and Cali are the top dental tourism destinations in the country.

Curious for more? Dive into our list of the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in Colombia!

Watch on YouTube: "Benefits of Dental Work in Colombia: Get More Than a Beautiful Smile"
Benefits of Dental Work in Colombia

Pros and Cons of Dental Tourism in Colombia


  • Modern dental clinics with experienced dentists serving international patients
  • Minimal wait time due to numerous private clinics
  • Safety is ensured for dental work as the Ministry of Health and Social Protection oversees the entire healthcare system
  • Excellent travel connectivity with other countries.


  • Language barrier may exist as Spanish is predominantly spoken
  •  Varied cultural norms in dental care can impact the overall patient experience and expectations
  • Certain dental procedures may lack the same warranty as local procedures.

Romania is emerging as a hub for dental tourism in Europe, drawing 10-15% of foreign tourists to its dental practices.

Dental procedures in Romania are 80% more affordable than in the UK and US.

Key dental destinations include Bucharest, Constanta, Timisoara, and Cluj-Napoca.

Renowned for its scenic mountains, hiking trails, and captivating castles, Romania offers plenty to explore between dental appointments.

For additional details on costs and treatments, check out our blog, "Top 10 Dental Clinics and Dentists in Romania.”

Watch on YouTube: "Top Dental Brands in Romania: The Trusted Choices"
Top Brands Used For Dental Work in Romania

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Romania


  • Romanian dental clinics use advanced technology, top implant brands, and skilled dentists for high-quality treatments
  • The country is easily accessible with direct flights from most cities in Europe and the UK
  • A beautiful destination to explore, with stunning scenic beauty and world heritage sites.


  • Dental care standards can vary, and not all clinics adhere to the same quality and safety standards
  • Infection control protocols in some dental clinics may not align with international norms.

Brazil hosts 15% of the world's dentists, ranking as the third-largest global dental market.

Dental work in Brazil is up to 75% cheaper than in the US and Canada.

Beyond treatment, dental tourism in Brazil offers tropical beaches, waterfalls, and the Amazon rainforest for an unforgettable dental vacation.

Discover the top dental destinations in the country in our blog, "Top 10 Dental Clinics and Dentists in Brazil."

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Brazil


  • Lower treatment costs
  • Modern dental facilities adhering to stringent safety standards
  • Dentists with 20+ years of experience
  • Exotic tourist destination
  • 8 – 10 hour flight from North America and Europe


  • Clinic standards can differ, requiring in-depth research for a reliable choice.
  • Managing post-operative care can be challenging, especially if returning home soon after the procedure.

The Philippines is one of the popular destinations for affordable dental work abroad.

Known as the "Pearl of the Orient Seas" for its islands and beaches, it ensures quality dental care.
Philippines dentists follow US education standards. They are overseen by PDA and the PRC

Rest assured about the quality of dental work in the Philippines.

Explore further by referring to our list of the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in the Philippines.

Manila, Philippines

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Philippines


  • 80% lower treatment costs compared to Australia & US
  • All Philippines dental clinics and hospitals are supervised by the Department of Health for safe and quality services
  • Clinics use globally renowned dental materials and equipment sourced from Germany and the USA
  • Conveniently located for Australians and New Zealanders, with 8-11 hour direct flights.


  • Varying clinic standards may impact service quality
  • Thorough research is essential to choose the best dentist, as some may perform procedures beyond their qualifications.
  • Language differences could pose a barrier if the dental team lacks proficiency in English.

With incredible art, a lively culture, and stunning beaches, dental tourism in Indonesia provides a blend of vacation and dental solutions.

Dental work in Indonesia is 60 to 70% less expensive than in Australia and the US.

Bali and Jakarta stand out as the top dental tourism destinations in the country.

Check out our list of the top dental clinics and dentists in the Indonesia to find the top provider in the country.

Pura Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Indonesia


  • Clinics have experienced staff and utilize the latest equipment and technology
  • Dentists are nationally accredited and members of the Indonesian Dental Association
  • Dentists are fluent in English, and the clinic provides translation services for your convenience.


  • Lack of uniform pricing among different clinics
  • Thorough research is necessary to find clinics offering transparent and clear upfront cost information.

Bulgaria is a popular destination for affordable dental tourism in Europe.

The country's healthcare system is among the best in Eastern Europe.

Dental work in Bulgaria costs three times less than in the UK, and top dental destinations include Sofia and Varna.

For more insights on dentistry here, explore our listing blog, "Top 10 Dental Clinics and Dentists in Bulgaria."

Watch on YouTube: "DentaVacation Partner- Bulgaria Dent "
Dental Work in Bulgaria

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Bulgaria


  • Dental clinic with ISO certification
  • Dentists are highly qualified and internationally accredited
  • Strict adherence to rigorous sterilization standards
  • Feasible for budget travel due to the country's low cost of living


  • The availability and quality of dental care may vary based on the location and the specific clinic.

Cambodia is renowned for having the largest number of religious monuments globally.

The country's ancient temples, royal palaces, and beautiful beaches are major attractions.

Opting for dental work in Cambodia allows you to combine these tourist wonders with cost-effective treatments, about 80% less than in the US and Canada.

Explore our blog, "Top Dental Clinics and Dentists in Cambodia," for valuable insights on the cost-effective services.

Watch on YouTube: "Dentures for Edentulism at Pagna "
Dental Work in Cambodia: Patient Testimonial

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in Cambodia


  • Modern and well-equipped dental facility
  • Utilizes renowned brands and high-quality materials in dentistry
  • Cost-effective food and accommodation due to Cambodia's low cost of living
  • Offers an exciting array of historical attractions, numerous restaurants, and vibrant nightspots


  • Pricing disparities exist among different clinics
  • Language and cultural differences may result in miscommunication with locals.

The UAE has it all – sun, sea, and entertainment.

Dubai is a top destination for dental tourism with modern infrastructure and excellent medical facilities.

However, if your goal is to cut treatment costs and enjoy a vacation,  dental tourism in Dubai might not be as budget-friendly as Mexico, Turkey, or Thailand.

Despite this, with more financial flexibility and Dubai on your bucket list, you can still consider it.

Explore our list of the top 10 dental clinics and dentists in UAE to find the best provider in the country.

Watch on YouTube: "Aman Reviews his Dental Journey in Dubai"
Dental Work in Dubai: Patient Testimonial

Pros and Cons of Dental Work in UAE


  • Luxurious treatment with world-class facilities
  • Clinics are equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide the finest treatments
  • Personalised care from experienced and internationally certified dentists.


  • Higher treatment costs compared to other popular dental tourism destinations
  • The high cost of living in Dubai can affect accommodation and other travel expenses.

If you’re traveling abroad for dental work, you’ll probably want to stay close to your home country.

Check out this list of popular dental tourism destinations according to regional proximity.

Popular Dental Tourism Destinations Source Country
MéxicoCosta Rica, Colombia US and Canada
Vietnam, PolandThailand, India, Malaysia Australia, Europe, US, New Zealand, UK, Netherlands, Denmark,  Canada
HungaryCroatia, Portugal UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, and the US
Turkey, Bulgaria UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, US, Netherlands, and Ireland

What Is the Cost of Dental Work Abroad?

The cost of dental work abroad offers savings of 70 – 80% compared to the US, UK, or Australia.

All on 4 dental implants (per arch), for example, are priced at $9,000 – $10,000 in Mexico and $12,000 – $13,000 in Thailand.

They can be as low as $4,000 to $5,000 in India and Turkey.

The brands used are similar to the western countries. However, some cheaper brands are also available.

The lesser expensive dental implants are not necessarily inferior in quality, but they may be just newer to the market.

Refer to the cost comparison table below for the prices of the most popular dental procedures:

Average Price of Dental Work Abroad (in USD)
Country All on 4 (per arch) Dental Implant Zirconia Crown
Mexico $9,000 – $10,000 $800 – $900 $450 – $550
Thailand $12,000 – $13,000 $800 – $900 $500 – $600
Costa Rica $9,000 – $10,700 $750 – $850 $400 – $500
Turkey $4,000 – $5,000 $680 – $780 $260 – $360
India $4,500 – $5,500 $400 – $500 $180 – $250
US $24,000 – $32,000 $5,000 – $6,000 $2,000 – $3,000
Australia $29,500 – $ 35,000 $5,500 – $6,500 $2,200 – $3,200
Canada $22,000 – $32,000 $4,600 – $5,600 $2,000 – $3,000
*Prices are case-dependent. Request a quote for the latest prices and deals.

On average, a single dental implant price can range from $400 to $1,200 abroad, as opposed to $4,000 to $6,000 in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Save 70 - 80% on dental work abroad!

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How To Find a Reputable Dentist Abroad?

If you are looking for a dentist who offers quality dental treatment at an affordable price, below are some of the tips to get you started:

Work with a Reputed Dental Tourism Company

Contact a reputed dental tourism company for a better experience. Below are some of the advantages of working with a reputed organization:

  • They maintain a repository of the best dental clinics in the selected location.
  • Treatments are customized for each patient.
  • They assist with customized travel packages, saving time and effort.
  • Connection with reliable partners lowers the risk of getting duped.
  • They have a local network on the ground, who ensure your needs are met and manage any unforeseen problems that may arise.
  • They are flexible when plans require change or modification.

Working with a dental tourism company, therefore, saves you money while making your trip a safe & hassle-free experience.

Decide on a Location

Decide on a location for dental treatment abroad. Prioritize if you are looking only for dental work or you’d like to combine it with a vacation.

Choosing a location near home saves on travel time and cost.

But for the adventurous, traveling to an exotic location could be an exciting and unique experience.

Shortlist Dental Clinics

Once you decide your destination, the next step is choosing the right dental clinic. Here are some things to consider while making your selection: [7]

  • Pay attention to the qualifications of the dentist.
  • Verify the dentists and dental clinic registration
  • Look for the experience and specialization of the dentist.
  • Check if dental clinics are certified by national and international bodies.
  • Look for patients’ testimonials on the clinics’ websites to understand levels of satisfaction and quality of care.
  • Take feedback from patients who underwent similar treatment at the clinic.

Obtain Virtual Consultation

Once you decide on a dental tourism company, let them know your needs. Obtain a virtual consultation with the in-house dentist in the country of choice.

Discuss your needs and share the relevant X-rays and reports of the previous check-ups.

During the consultation, you can discuss the following details:

  • Preferred language of communication
  • Experience of the dentist
  • Sterilization & Safety protocols followed
  • Quality of materials to be used
  • Number of days required for the procedure
  • Success and failure rate
  • Risks of developing post-treatment complications
  • Retreatment options (only if needed)
  • Treatment guarantees
  • Methods of payment
  • Sharing of treatment records before and after the procedure

Make a Final Decision

After gathering all the relevant information, analyze the details. Assess what works best for you, make an informed decision, and choose a dentist abroad.

Stay Near the Clinic

It is recommended patients book a hotel near the clinic.

This is one of the reasons working with an agency is essential: they can recommend nearby hotels for the convenience of visiting the dental clinic, especially when undergoing complex dental treatments such as full mouth reconstruction or an All On 4.

Often, when patients book a hotel on their own, they do not consider the travel time and traffic required to travel to each clinic.

This is another great reason to work with a knowledgeable and experienced dental agency that is familiar with different hotels near the clinic.

How To Find A Dentist Abroad? | Dental Work Abroad

How To Find A Dentist Abroad?

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dental Tourism?

Like anything else, dental tourism has its pros and cons.

While considering a trip abroad, it is crucial that you understand the good aspects as well as the bad.

Pros and Cons of Dental Tourism
Pros Cons
Incredible savings due to affordable dental work. All follow-ups must be done remotely.
No long waiting periods for dental procedures. Some may experience post-op complications.
Ability to book procedures online. Research is required as not all clinics offer quality care
Boosts the local economy. Language can serve as a barrier.
Access to reputable doctors and the latest technology. Lack of knowledge of the city for first-time travelers.

Source: IOSR-JDMS, [8] NCBI [9]

Nonetheless, with proper research, and working with a reputable agency, the pros outweigh the cons of dental tourism, making it a feasible option.

Dental Tourism All-Inclusive Packages

We are associated with several clinics worldwide that offer dental treatment packages along with additional facilities.

With these packages, even after accounting for air travel, stay, local transportation, and food expenses, dental tourists can avail of 50-70% savings.

These offers vary by clinic. Check out some of the discounts provided and their inclusions below:

Current Specials

  • Free consultation and check-ups.
  • Free panoramic X-Rays and temporary crowns.
  • Lab warranty on crowns, bridges, and veneers for 3-5 years in case of a manufacturing defect.
  • Warranty on implants, inlays, dentures, and composite fillings.
  • Cost-effective veneers (for instance, 20 porcelain veneers for $8,000 or 16 for $7,200).
  • Provision for free replacement of a new dental implant if the implant fails during the surgical healing stage.
  • Special discounts on procedures such as teeth whitening, crowns, and bridges.

Package Facilities

  • Pick and drop facility from the airport.
  • Discounts on accommodation in recommended hotels.
  • Dedicated parking facility.
  • Pick and drop facility from hotel to clinic.
  • In-house labs to reduce the treatment time.
  • Assistance with completing insurance papers.
  • Multilingual staff.
  • Multiple payment options.

Additional Facilities at Dentavacation Clinics

Additional Facilities at Dentavacation Clinics

*All the services, packages, & warranties vary with the procedure, location, and clinic selected.

Discover more about all-inclusive dental packages in different countries below:

Dental Tourism Packages 2024

Talk to our case managers to learn about the latest deals, terms & conditions on warranties provided at your favored destination.

Don't have dental insurance? We got your back!

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Red Flags When Choosing a Foreign Dental Clinic

Choosing the right dental clinic abroad requires in-depth research. During which you may come across red flags.

Here is what you should watch out for:

While searching online, verify the authenticity of dental tourism agencies.

Check for the credentials of your shortlisted dental clinics and dentists.

Many buy fake reviews to look real. Carefully assess patients’ reviews to determine if they are real or fake.

Try to contact these patients personally and ask about their experiences.

Dental tourism companies may try to entice you with heavy discounts to get you in the door.

For example, they might assure you of cheap flights, cheap dental procedures, and attractive exchange rates.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

A reputable clinic will provide you with a tentative treatment plan with precise pricing.

If a dentist or clinic seems reluctant to do so, they may not be trustworthy.

Clinics following sterilization protocols of international standards give assurance of quality care.

Enquire about them over a virtual consultation. Proceed further only if you are satisfied with what you’re told.

Advanced dental technology provides a faster, less painful, and more comfortable experience.

The use of old technology indicates a lack of funding, resources, and ultimately a lower standard of care.

It’s better to know about the state-of-the-art technology in dental clinics before deciding further.

Look for dentists who are willing to provide treatment plans as per your requirements.

Sometimes, dentists may add additional procedures for extra bucks.

Your dental records contain information about past diagnoses, treatment plans, and procedures.

If the dentist abroad doesn’t ask for these records they are missing out on important information relevant to previous treatments.

Follow-up visits are an essential component of successful treatment.

Check with your dentist if they have provisions for follow-ups for overseas patients.

What Are the Effective Measures To Take After Treatment?

For a dental treatment to be successful, patient cooperation is a must. Below are some of the measures that you can adopt post-dental work: [10]

Carefully follow the post-operative instructions. Ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene by regular brushing and flossing.
Surgical procedures may require ample time to heal. Follow up with the dentist before leaving for your home country.
Post treatment complications | Dental work abroad
Post Treatment Complications

After Care & Follow-up

Before initiating any treatment abroad, ask if you can get follow-up care in your home country.

Some treatments, especially dental implants, require regular maintenance with your local dentist.

There are over 200 different implant systems.

To avoid any confusion, ask your dentist abroad to provide you with a record of the dental implant used.

The record contains information such as the name of the implant, the serial number as well as the specific size and dimension.

You can also request that your overseas dentist use dental implant brands that are available in your home country.

What To do if You Face Problems with Your Treatment?

Even though most patients have successful treatments when visiting a dentist abroad, a few can face problems as well.

Dentistry is not an exact science, and no matter in which country the treatment is performed, a certain number of dental procedures can fail.

If you are still within the country

  • Contact your dental tourism agent and inform them of the problem
  • Visit the dentist and tell them of the problem you are facing

If you have already returned to the US, UK, or Australia

  • Contact your dental tourism agent and inform them of the problem
  • Contact the clinic, explain the situation and see if they have a local dentist, they can refer you to for an evaluation.
  • Consider returning to the clinic.

How To Pay for Your Dental Vacation?

You can pay for your dental vacation abroad through cash, credit/debit card, cheque, PayPal, or bank transfer.

You can also finance your dental trip through various dental loan options.

However, note that payment policies vary with each clinic. Remember to check with your dentist regarding your chosen payment option.

Read more about the payment options below with which you can save plenty on out-of-pocket expenses.

Dental Insurance

Traditional travel insurance policies do not cover the expenses incurred for a dental vacation.

However, given the booming medical tourism market, insurance companies have developed products that cover: [11]

  • Cost of additional treatment in case of complications.
  • Cost of treatment if you are dissatisfied with post-treatment abroad.
  • Follow-up fees of local dentists for continuity of care.

Personal Loan

You can opt for a personal loan [12] if you need to pay for your treatment up front. Personal loans are cheaper than credit cards and have fixed interest rates.

They are easy to apply for, and repayment depends on your interest rate and loan terms.

Mentioned below are some of the companies that provide loans customized to your needs:

Country Loan Companies
USA eFinancing
Canada MediCard
Australia Total Life Credit

If you require assistance with financing options, talk to our case managers.

Is It Safe To Get Dental Work Done Outside the US?

It is safe to get dental work done outside the US if you do thorough research and choose a state-of-the-art clinic with experienced & qualified dentists.

Here are some things to consider before you choose a destination for your dental vacation: [13]

✓ Run extensive research on the shortlisted clinics.

✓ Go through the patients’ testimonials.

✓ Check past patients’ recommendations.

✓ Speak to shortlisted dentists.

✓ Enquire about the quality of materials.

✓ Verify the credentials and experience of the dentists.

✓ Check the sterilization protocols in use.

✓ Discuss the estimated number of days required

✓  Finalize once you feel confident!

✓ If possible, plan a few days for unplanned sittings.

✓ Check if you need any vaccinations before travel.

✓ Check the travel advisories proposed by your country.

Moreover, dental tourism is a booming industry in the US.

You would be surprised to know that this industry is expected to generate more than $52 billion by 2023.

Due to the increasing healthcare cost, Americans are looking for cheaper alternatives.

Americans spent around $2.6 billion on medical and dental tourism. US Bureau of Economic Analysis [14]

Here are some of the benefits that you can experience:

  • Affordable procedures such as dental implants, veneers, and root canals.
  • No waiting lists for appointments.
  • All types of dental treatments are available.
  • High quality of work with personalized care.

Watch these testimonials of dental tourists below to see for yourself!

Is It Safe To Get Dental Work Done Outside Australia?

It is safe to get dental work done outside Australia if you research well and shortlist clinics that use high-quality dental materials and work with experienced dentists.

Here is a checklist that you can run through in order to make an informed decision:

✓ Contact a credible dental tourism agency.

✓ Check for the qualifications of dentists.

✓ Speak to shortlisted dentists.

✓ Enquire about the quality of materials.

✓ Find out if dental clinics are certified by national authorities.

✓ Enquire about the infection control protocols.

✓ Discuss the estimated number of days required.

✓ Check if any vaccinations are required.

✓ If possible, plan a few days for unplanned sittings.

✓ Go through the travel advisories proposed by your country.

With the rise in dental costs, Australians looking for dental work abroad for savings can:

  • Save 70-80% on dental treatments in Thailand and India
  • Enjoy minimal waiting time, easy access to dentists, and the latest technology
  • End their dental trip with a mini vacation

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the dental tourists below recount their experiences!

Watch on YouTube: "Australian Patient Review"
Australian Patient Testimonial


Dental tourism allows you to access affordable, high-quality dental care while traveling to exotic destinations.

However, you must be mindful of possible risks while deciding on dental work abroad and it is always best to work with a reputable agency experienced in the destination you are considering.

Get the best deals for your chosen destination. We ensure you get a quality and safe dental experience.


Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Hungary, Cambodia, Colombia, Turkey, India, and Poland are the most popular destinations for dental work.

The best option for you depends on regional proximity, cost savings, and travel preferences.

People can save 40% to 80% on dental treatments abroad.

For instance, Americans save 45%-65% in Costa Rica and 40%-65% in Mexico on dental procedures.

Meanwhile, people from the UK save 70% – 85% on dental treatments in Turkey.

The benefits are most substantial when you undergo extensive dental work such as dental implants, veneers, multiple root canals, and cosmetic dental procedures.

Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, India, Colombia, Cambodia, and Turkey are the cheapest destinations for dental tourism.

About 25% of dental tourists worldwide visit Mexico. [15]

You should also factor in the cost of air travel, accommodation, and travel preferences.

Despite these additional expenses, dental tourists still save a lot of money.

A success rate of over 95% makes dental implant procedures a safe and popular choice among people looking for dental work abroad.

A dental implant procedure done under aseptic conditions by a skilled, experienced dentist is your best bet.

Pay only one third of US prices!

Travel abroad!