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Dental Tourism In Philippines

Many people look forward to getting Dental Work in the Philippines primarily because of affordability and quality of treatment.

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Dental work can be one of those things on your health calendar that have to be both affordable yet of perfect quality. We know that the Philippines is not the first name to strike your mind when you think of the same. But you can be assured that many people have picked the Philippines as a dental destination before you are doing so.

Cost of Dental Care in the Philippines

Every dental treatment that digs a deep hole in your pocket in your home country comes at a much better price when taken up overseas in nations known for dental tourism.

Top Dental Clinics

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Sacred Heart Dental Clinic, Caloocan

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People visit the Philippines for a whole range of dental treatments like implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, etc.

ProcedurePhilippinesU.S.A/ CanadaAustralia
Implant of a Single Tooth$1000-2000$4,000$2,100-7,000
All-on-4 Implants$8,000$24,000$13,650-25,000
Crown (PFM)$150-450$1,500$990-1,350
Laser Teeth Whitening$200-500$900$570
Porcelain Veneer$260-550$2,000$700
Acrylic Denture$130-380$1,800$1,350-2,000

*Prices are subject to change

All these when taken up in first world nations, cost very high and the money that you save by opting to get these done in the Philippines can be pumped into your travel expenses. Even if you factor in all the ancillary costs involved, you still save money.

Why Philippines for Dental Work?

There are many reasons why people prefer the Philippines as a destination for dental treatments. The key ones are:


The cost of dental treatments like molds, anaesthesia, X-ray, etc. in the Philippines is comparatively low, especially for the patients that come from nations like the US, Australia, and even New Zealand [1]Dental World Manila
Dental Tourism
“Instead of paying thousands of dollars…teeth whitening in the Philippines is more affordable by up to 75%…”
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. The Philippines thus offers a great place for having their dental vacations, especially for those people who do not have dental insurance.


This is another significant factor for people from Australia and New Zealand, as it is pretty close to them geographically. If you pick a direct flight from either of these destinations to the Philippines, it will not take you longer than 4-9 hours at a stretch depending on your city of departure[2]Google Flights
Brisbane to Manila
“Round Trip… passenger…Economy…”
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. Also, the citizens of Australia and New Zealand, who have a passport validity of 6 months, are allowed to stay in the country for 30 days or even longer if needed.

World-Class Materials

Another vital reason is that only world-class materials and equipment are used in the country in dental clinics. In many cases, these are imported from countries like Germany, USA, etc[3]Tooth & Go Dental Clinic
Dental Tourism in Manila is the Best
“Dental materials and equipment used in dental clinics in the Philippines…Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Camlog are used”
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Top of the line dental clinics are highly strict about their hygiene and other kinds of sterilization procedures. They have special staff that can speak in English to cater to the needs of foreign patients. The dental specialists are highly skilled and have a remarkable experience, as they handle a huge number of cases in a day.


There is no dearth of options for accommodation and there are many options that you can decide from as per your budgetary constraints. There is a complete range of hotels in Manila that will offer decent stay and do not dig a deep hole in your pockets. If you book a complete dental vacation package then the clinics also guide you with best lodgings along with the necessary transportation options.

Dental Training and Accreditation in the Philippines

Many dentists in the country get their degrees and training from the European nations or the US and then return to their home country. Even the ones that opt for the same in the Philippines itself, enjoy an advantage as the education is based on the US system.
Dentists are required to undergo a preparatory training of 2 years before they opt for a full-fledged dentistry program of 4 years.
The ones who want to pursue their studies further and want to specialize in a particular field, often also spend an additional two years.

All the doctors who seek to carry out their professional practice in the country have to register themselves with PDA or the Philippine Dental Association and should carry a professional license that has been issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
All the dental clinics and hospitals come under the supervision of the Department of Health.

Standard of Dental Care in the Philippines

Being a known place for dental tourism, dental clinics in Philli go completely out of their way to accommodate patients and offer them a smooth experience.

So, the standards of care often exceed the ones people get in their home countries. This may range from top-class equipment to completely free of cost hotel pickups to the places of their appointments.
All these things are taken care of as the businesses thrive on word-of-mouth marketing.

When in the Philippines, we do advise that you should choose your clinic after a lot of research and with care as many in the market do not maintain standards and offer substandard facilities.

Dental Tourism in the Philippines

There are more than 7600 islands in the Philippines. Here are some places that offer good options for sight-seeing alongside top-grade dental clinics in Manila.

National Museum Complex:

The Philippines is endowed with a rich heritage. The museum presents a sight you will not want to miss if you have an interest in history. The museum complex includes the National Art Gallery, Planetarium, and also Museum of the Filipino People. The government has kept no entry fee.

Rizal Park:

One of the largest and well-known places in Manila. It is kept in high regard, being the place where the national hero, Jose Rizal was executed. Spread across 140 acres, the park houses beautiful ornamental gardens, statues of historical figures, a lagoon in the middle with musical fountains, and also an Orchidarium.

Fort Santiago:

The fort was completed in 1593 and is placed in the ancient city of Intramuros. There are many structures in the fort that include Rizal shrine. It has witnessed history from the Spanish conquest to World War II.

Partner Dental Clinics in the Philippines

The Philippines offers world-class dental treatment, provided you make the right searches and can get to the right clinics. Here are some of our partner dental clinics that offer a host of services.

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic:

Sacred Heart Dental Clinic- Dental Works in Phillipines

It is one of the known dental clinics in Manila and is a preferred choice for tourists looking towards dental tourism. The clinic provides a wide range of dental treatments. The doctors are trained as per the western standards and have different specializations. The clinic lays special emphasis on hygiene and infection control measures.

Winning Smiles Dental Clinic:

Winning Smile Dental Clinic- Dental Works in Philippines

The clinic has a line of highly specialized and trained dentists to address a variety of dental needs. Our experts have mostly graduated from the premier institutions of the country. The clinics offer many treatments like implants, veneers, dental porcelain, bleaching, dentures, root canals, etc.

What to Look For before Booking your Dental Vacation

There are some important considerations that you should take up before you plan your next dental vacation to the Philippines. You should only pick your dental clinic wisely and have a clear idea about the dental procedure and the related costs.
Before you pin down to a clinic, you should ensure certain things:

  • Specialization of the doctors along with their experience.
  • Check testimonials and reviews especially from ex-pat websites.
  • Quality of materials used for the treatment.
  • Accreditation of the clinic
  • Is there any marked procedure, in case of any complications?
  • The kind of aftercare they offer.
  • You should confirm if insurance is also a part of the package.
  • If you book an entire package, you should confirm the inclusions as in many cases airport transfers, accommodation, etc. are included.

Philippines Travel Info and tips

Philippines is regarded as a perfect travel destination to address various dental needs.

  • The capital city Manila, not only has many beautiful sites, but also some of the best dental clinics in the country.
  • The official languages are Filipino and English, so language does not become a barrier if you are travelling from the first world nations.
  • There is no visa requirement if you are travelling for 21 days or less. However, everyone who enters the country should have a passport validity of 6 months, which should include the intended period of stay.
  • There are no special vaccinations needed except for the people who travel from places where yellow fever is spread.
  • The international calling code for the Philippines is (+63).

Filipino Cuisine

The Philippines has a rich and colorful history and is famous for a unique kind of cuisine. Filipinos love seafood, tropical food and have some of the most creative cooks in the world. Here are some of the most popular foods that will keep your taste-buds sorted.


A highly popular dish that is enjoyed in every household. The cooking style comes from Mexico. Filipinos loved the new way to preserve meat in vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt, and other tropical spices.


Another favorite dish for every party. The whole pig is roasted over the coal until the skin becomes golden-brown and crispy, served with liver sauce.


Pampanga, also called the culinary capital of the Philippines, Sisig is a sizzling delicacy made from pork and is said to go very well with a cold beer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Philippines safe for tourists?

It is generally safe to travel to the Philippines. Although, various nations have issued travel advisories to avoid certain areas like the Sulu Archipelago, city of Marawi in Mindanao, etc, our partner clinics don’t are away from all the chaos. You will find a safe and healthy environment for your vacation.

What is the weather in the Philippines?

The country experiences typically warm tropical weather around the year and has two prominent seasons. The best time to travel is from January to June as the monsoons often set in July and continue till December.

What are the best things to do in the Philippines?

The most popular activities that can be taken up in the Philippines are scuba diving, island-hopping, hiking, surfing, etc.

A little prudence and care about details can help you bag a great dental holiday in the Philippines.

Feel free to contact us to know more about dental works in Phillipines, contact us now.

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