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Dental Tourism in Thailand

Dental tourism in Thailand is taking the world by storm as dental care costs spiral high in the West. People are no longer coming to Thailand for just a relaxing holiday; they are also thronging the Southeast Asian country for easy on the pocket dental work.

According to the 2008 Deloitte report Medical Tourism –Consumers in Search of Value by Paul H. Keckley and Howard R. Underwood, medical treatment costs in countries such as Thailand can be as little as 10 percent of the cost of similar procedures in the United States. This goes a long way in explaining why so many people are indulging in something as esoteric as “dental implant vacations in Thailand”!

Why Go for Dental Treatments in Thailand?

  • dental-tourism-in-thailand-samuelOne of the primary reasons is the high quality dental treatments in Thailand.
  • Some of the highly renowned names in the world of dentistry practice in Thailand.
  • Thailand is home to world-renowned, state-of-the-art facilities.
  • These hospitals and clinics make use of cutting edge equipment and technology to carry out some of the most complicated procedures.
  • You can find low cost dental implants in Thailand. The list does not end here. You will find a vast array of affordable treatment options right from full mouth rehabilitation, dental crowns to immediate load implants in Thailand.
  • Language barriers are minimal as most of the doctors speak English.
  • Thailand offers numerous tourist attractions to rest, recuperate, and enjoy a long holiday.
  • Lower barriers to enter Thailand also make it easier for the offshore patients to travel to the country for getting affordable dental work.

Cost of a Dental Holiday in Thailand

  • dental-tourism-in-thailand-statue-at-grand-palace-bangkok-thailandAs mentioned earlier, the cost of dental work in Thailand can be a fraction of the cost of comparable procedures in the developed countries of the world.
  • You can request for free quotes to get a rough idea of how much your dental treatment in Thailand would cost you.
  • Even after you factor in for expenses related to in-country travel and hotels, you will still be paying much less than the cost of the treatment alone in your country.

Sites to See During Your Dental Vacation in Thailand

You can spend your pre-treatment and recuperative days enjoying the cultural, natural, and architectural opulence of the country. Some of the famous sites of Thailand are as follows:

  • The Grand Palace in the Old City in Bangkok is a crowning glory of Thai architecture.
  • The Hua Hin beach is a traditional getaway for the residents of Bangkok and exists just outside the city. The warm sands of the beach make it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.
  • Khao Yin National Park is a part of the Southern Isaan province. This is one of the places in Thailand which take you out of the modern world and place you back into the embrace of nature.
  • The Haeo Suhwat Waterfall is highly recommended for nature lovers.
  • The historic city of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famous for the ruins which are a vestige of what was once a flourishing trading hub of Asia.

Tips for Your Thai Dental Trip

  • If you have any dental anxiety, then inform your dentist before having the treatment carried out.
  • Pickpockets are rife in the big cities of Thailand so be careful.
  • Though the reputable dental clinics in Thailand have English speaking doctors, but not all of the locals speak fluent English so be respectful.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol and becoming intensely intoxicated or you could be taken advantage of.
  • Hide your valuables to prevent yourself becoming a target for muggers.
  • Research your treatment and trip well before going to Thailand.

Dental tourism in Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular option for patients looking for pocket friendly treatments. The beautiful beaches and earthy flea markets add to the lure of Thailand for a medical trip.