Dental work in Bulgaria offers an affordable solution to improve your smile. It is possible to meet your dental needs at 70% of the UK cost. 

With us, you can save yourself from extravagant debts. Scroll down to learn everything about dental services in Bulgaria!

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Bulgaria is known for its unique combination of seaside, mountains, and mineral springs.

Most importantly, the country has 10 UNESCO world heritage sites. [1]

It is officially called the Republic of Bulgaria and is part of South-Eastern Europe.

Bulgaria ranks second out of 33 European countries in the quality of health services. [2]

The country is famous for its mass rose oil production. The southern Balkan Valley in Bulgaria is also called the “Valley of Rose. [3]

Why Choose Bulgaria for Dental Work?

Why Choose Bulgaria for Dental Work?

Why Choose Bulgaria for Dental Work?

💰 Affordable Services

According to US News in 2019, among 80 countries, Bulgaria held 35th rank in terms of quality of life.

Also, it scored 61.8% in terms of affordability. [4]

🦷 High Dentist to Patient Ratio

Due to the availability of many dentists in the region, [5] cutting-edge competition is always there.

As a result, it compels dentists to provide high-quality services but at reasonable rates.

👨‍⚕️️ Experienced Work Force

Our partner dentists in Bulgaria hold an experience of 10+ years in the industry.

Moreover, they have successfully treated many international patients all over the globe.

🦺 Bulgaria is Safe

According to the UK Government Digital Service, [6] Bulgaria is safe for tourists.

Although petty crimes like pick-pocketing are common, violent crime is rare.

In addition, Bulgaria ranks 28th amongst 163 respectful countries as per the data from Global Peace Index 2020. [7]

Cost of Dental Work in Bulgaria

The prices in the UK are three times more than the cost of dental work in Bulgaria. For instance, dental implant prices in Bulgaria are as low as $855.

On the other hand, the same procedure may cost you around $3,000 and $1,500 in the US and UK respectively.

Additionally, the cost of a root canal treatment in the UK is $1040 and in the US is $2000 whereas it costs merely $200 in Bulgaria.

Similarly, a simple teeth whitening procedure that costs $620 in the UK will cost you only $290 in Bulgaria.

Also, dentures in Bulgaria might cost you nearly $490. If you still think “how much is the cost of dental work in Bulgaria?”, this table shows it in detail:

Cost of Dental Work in Bulgaria (USD) vs. UK, US, Poland
USA UK Poland Bulgaria
$24,000 $20,500 $5,200 $3,870
Dental Implants
$3,000 $1,500 $1,100 $855
Dental Crown
$1,500 $1,300 $780 $620
Complete Dentures
$3,000 $2,700 $720 $490
$1,300 $1,000 $650 $560
Root Canal
$2,000 $1,040 $245 $200
Bone Graft
$1,200 $750 $540 $340
Teeth Whitening
$1,000 $620 $370 $290
*Prices are subject to change.

Patients in the UK, [8] Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand struggle to get affordable dental care in their countries.

But, with Bulgarian dental work, you will surely save a lot of money. Besides, you get to enjoy the Bulgarian culture at a small cost.

Low-cost dental work is also available in European countries such as HungaryRomania, and Croatia.

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Partner Dental Clinics in Bulgaria

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Dental Tourism in Bulgaria

There is no doubt that Bulgaria is a country of diverse landscapes. Because it provides sea, mountain, cultural, spa, and urban tourism. [9]

A dental holiday in Bulgaria can get your teeth treated while enjoying the enthralling tourist spots here.

It has all the reasons to be a four-season touristic destination.

Tourist Attractions

Bulgaria is admired for its beaches which make up around a third of Bulgaria’s coast.

For example, Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, and Sozopol.

Useful Information to Reach Bulgaria

The Balkan nation has five international airports. Sofia International Airport (IATA: SOF) is the biggest and busiest airport [11] in Bulgaria.

Equally important, it is just 6.2 miles from the center of the capital city, Sofia.

City Duration No. of stops
London, UK (LHR) 3 hrs 10 mins Non-stop
Manchester, UK (MAN) 5 hrs 50 mins 1 stop
Edinburgh, UK (EDI) 3 hrs 35 mins Non-stop
Dublin, Ireland (DUB) 4 hrs 50 mins 1 stop
New York (JFK) 11 hrs 25 mins 1 stop

It is also the only destination for most international airlines in Bulgaria.

Moreover, the airport is connected to the city via the Sofia Metro.

Flight Map to Sophia, Bulgaria

Flight Map to Sophia International Airport, Bulgaria

Tourists Who Require Visa: Bulgaria applies the Schengen visa policy to foreigners entering the country.

Therefore, if one needs a visa to enter the Schengen area, they will need it to enter Bulgaria as well.

Tourists Who do not Need Visa:

All European Union and European Economic Area citizens do not require a visa to visit Bulgaria.

Similarly, citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are exempted from visas.

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Common Bulgarian Phrases

English Bulgarian
Hi! Sdrawei!
Good morning! Dobro utro!
Welcome! (greet) Dobre doshal!
How are you? Kak si?
Goodbye! Chao

The following video will help you understand some common phrases in Bulgarian:

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Foreign Embassies in Bulgaria

Country Location Contact
US 16, Kozyak street,1407 Sofia, Bulgaria
(+359) (2) 937 5100
UK 9 Moskovska Street, Sofia, Bulgaria
(+359) (2) 933 9222
Poland Han Krum 46, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
(+359) (2) 90 23 400

Source: Embassy pages [12]

Reviews: Dental Work in Bulgaria


Now that you are aware of all the perks of getting dental work in Bulgaria, you can get a dream smile anytime.

All you can do is request a FREE quote and get the custom price for the treatment you need.

Without any further ado, contact DentaVacation for further clarity on dental tourism.

FAQs: Dental Work in Bulgaria

Yes, dentistry is relatively cheaper in Bulgaria than in the UK or any other European country.

The reasons are the low living and education cost.

UK tuition fee is £9,250 per year while it starts from £6,860 per year in Bulgaria.

Additionally, the Bulgarian prices for rent, groceries, and restaurants are competitive. [13]

The rates of tooth extractions in Bulgaria are genuine. So, knocking out a tooth isn’t an expensive treatment.

For more details, you can check the table below

Treatment Price in Pound
Simple extraction £46
Surgical extraction £68
Simple wisdom tooth extraction £190
Wisdom tooth extraction (fully impacted) £228

Getting dental implants in Bulgaria saves you from paying through the nose.

To illustrate the price details and the time required for getting dental implants, a table is created as follows:

Implants Cost Duration
Titanium Implant £456 1-5 days
Mini Dental Implant £456 1-5 days
All-on-4 Dental Implants* £2,432 5 days
All-on-6 Dental Implants* £3,420 5 days
All-on-8 Dental Implants* £4,332 5 days
*including fixed hybrid acrylic bridge per jaw
Brands used: Osstem, Hiossen, Ankylos Dentsply, Straumann, Nobel Biocare

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