Seeking affordable dental options due to high prices in your home country? Quality dental work in Romania offers 85% savings! Interested? Read on.

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Affordable Dental Work in Romania: Patient Testimonial
Did you know? Romania is becoming a hotspot for dental tourism in Europe. [1]

The country offers affordable quality service from well-trained dental specialists. [2]

About 10-15% of the patients in Romanian dental practices are foreign tourists. [3]

But that’s not all! Romania is famous for its beautiful mountains, hiking trails, and enchanting castles.

So, you’ve got plenty to do between your dental appointments.

If the tales of Transylvania fascinate you, get ready to explore Romania!

Dental Tourism in Romania: Reviews

Dental Work in Romania: Before & After

Full mouth rehabiltation in Romania - Before & After

Full Mouth Restoration in Romania - Before & After

Dental veneers in Romania - Before & After

Dental Veneers in Romania - Before & After

Now that you’ve gained insight into the exceptional care in Romania through patient reviews, let’s explore Romanian dentist prices.

Cost of Dental Work in Romania

The prices for dental treatments in Romania are 75- 85% lower than in the US & UK.

For instance, the cost of dental implants in Romania starts at just $730/€770 for a single tooth.

That’s roughly 80% less than in the US/UK, where it can be $5,000/€3,130.

Dental crowns in Romania are also cost-effective, ranging from $165/€175 to $220/€230.

In the US & UK, they can be as high as $2000/€1,400.

Notably, Romania dental veneers are a fraction of the cost in the US/UK.

Let’s now compare prices for popular dental services in Romania to those in the US and UK.

Cost of Dental Work in Romania vs. US vs UK
Procedure US(USD) UK (Euro) Romania (USD/Euro)
Titanium implant* $5,000 €3,130 $730/€770
All-on-4 implants** $24,000 €15,000 $4,000/€4,420
All-on-6 implants ** $28,000 €17,100 $5,300/€5,600
All-on-8 implants** $35,000 €18,970 $5,900/€6.220
Porcelain crown^ $1,800 €1,150 $165/€175
Zirconium crown $2,000 €1,400 $220/€230
Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown $1,100 €800 $180/€190
Porcelain veneer^ $2,500 €1,220 $400/€420
Root canal (front tooth) $1,100 €665 $80/€85
Full denture** $2,000 €1,200 $500/€530
Extraction (simple) $300 €265 $55/€60
Teeth whitening (in office) $1,000 €850 $150/€160
Composite filling $250 €180 $55/€60
Clear braces*** $6,000 €3,980 $2,200/€2,320
*with abutment & crown, **per jaw, ^per unit, ***inclusive of monthly adjustment fees
*Romanian dentist prices may vary with the complexity of a case.

As seen in the table, Americans can enjoy substantial savings of about 75-85% by choosing dental tourism in Romania

Opting for all on 4 Implants alone help you save up to 70% over the cost in the UK!

It’s worth noting that low-cost dental work is also available in European countries like:

No more breaking the bank for dental work!

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Why Get Dental Work in Romania

Affordability | High-quality | Flexible Appointments | Tourism

Not only dental work costs, but everything from accommodation and transportation to food is affordable in Romania.

It is often listed when talking about the cheapest countries in eastern Europe. [4]

Romania is known for rich cultural heritage, history, arts & scenic beauty. [5]

Since treatments and procedures sometimes take several days, you could take a short break and enjoy a vacation in Romania.

However, most clinics are also open on weekends by appointment.

So, you could fly over for a long weekend without disturbing your regular schedule.

Moreover, our Romanian dental clinics use advanced technology, top implant brands, and skilled dentists for top-quality treatments.

Watch the videos below to see their state-of-the-art facilities, technology, and implant brands.

So, in Romanian dental tourism, you get both quality and affordability that often surpass your home country.

Now, let’s delve into the top dental clinics in Romania that offer these advantages.

Top Dental Clinics in Romania

If you’re in search of high-quality dentistry in Romania, we recommend the following clinics.

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Dental Technology in Romania

Best Dentists in Romania

You’re in excellent care here!

Our Romanian dentists treat thousands of patients annually.

Check out their profiles to get to know them better.

Consult certified dentists at the best Romanian clinics

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Popular Dental Treatments in Romania

Dental clinics in Romania provide a wide range of treatments for all ages.

The following procedures are popular.

Dental Tourism In Romania

Dental tourism to Romania allows you to explore and enjoy many fun activities, from mountain treks and seaside trips to visiting historical sites.

Here are some interesting must-see tourist places in Romania:

How to Reach Romania

The best way to reach the country is by flight.

Romania has seven airports that are well-connected by low-cost airlines like Wizz Air, Ryanair, and Blue Air.
They offer flights to over 100 European destinations, including major capitals. [18]

Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport [OTA] is the main airport.

Located in the North of Bucharest, it receives flights from various international locations:


Flights to Bucharest International Airport [OTP]

The table below shows flight details of some major locations to Bucharest Airport (OTP), Romania.

City Duration No. of stops
London, UK (LHR) 3 hrs 00 mins Non-stop
Birmingham, UK (BHX) 3 hrs 20 mins Non-stop
Edinburgh, UK (EDI) 6 hrs 35 mins Non-stop
Paris, France (BVA) 2 hrs 50 mins Non-stop
Rome, Italy (FCO) 4 hrs 50 mins Non-stop
New York (JFK) 11 hrs 30 mins 1 stop


Most of our partner clinics provide complimentary airport pick-up services.

Now, let’s take a look at some essential information on reaching Romania.

Dental Work in Romania - Travel Requirements

Visa & Passport

  • US and UK nationals can visit Romania visa-free for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.
  • The passport should have a minimum of 3 months of validity.
  • UK citizens' passports must have a 'date of issue' that falls within the last 10 years before their arrival date.
  • They must also have a return ticket and provide proof of sufficient funds.

Vaccination Requirements

At least 8 weeks before your dental trip to Romania, review the required vaccinations and certificates.

The information is available in TravelHealthPro's Romania guide.

Foreign Embassies in Romania

Country Address Contact Number & website
United States 4-6 Liviu Librescu Blvd. District 1, Bucharest, Romania Telephone: (+40) 21 200-3300, (+40) 21 270-6000
Fax: (+40) 21 200-3578
United Kingdom Str. Jules Michelet 24, Sector 1, 010463 Bucharest, Romania Telephone: (+40) 21 201 72 00
Fax: (+40) 21 201 72 99
France 13-15 rue Biserica Amzei  Sector 1 010392 Bucuresti, Romania Telephone: (+40) 21 303 10 00,  (+40) 21 303 10 90
Fax: (+40) 21 303 10 90
Italy Strada Henri Coanda, 9
Sector 1, 010667 Bucuresti, Romania
Telephone: (+40) 21 305 21 00
Fax: (+40) 21 310 30 50

Source: Gov.UK, [19] Traval.State.Gov [20]

Travel Tips for Romanian Dental Tourism

To make your dental trip in Romania enjoyable and hassle-free, consider the following tips:

Romanian is the native language.

However, English, Italian, French, and German are widely spoken almost everywhere in Romania. [21]

Romanian Language Phrases

English Romanian
Hello “Salut.” (sah-LOOT), Bună
How are you? “Ce mai faci?” (chey my FAHTCH)
Thank you “Mulţumesc” (mool-tzoo-MESK). “Merci” can also be used instead.
Nice to meet you “Încântat” (oohn-koohn-taht) or “Îmi pare bine” (OOHM pah-reh BEE-neh)
Please Vă rog” (vuh ROHG)
Ticket “Bilet” (Be let)

Romania has the most French learners in a non-french-speaking country. [22]

Even though Romania is part of the EU, the currency is the Romanian leu (the currency code for Lei is RON).

While some prices in Romania may be displayed in Euros, cash payments in Euros are not accepted.

Card payments are widely accepted and safe in Romanian shops, restaurants, hotels, and major tourist attractions.

However, cash is necessary for taxis, farmers' markets, and artisan fairs.

Source: Romanian Friend [23]

Is Romania Cheap to Visit?

Yes, prices in Romania are typically lower than in Western Europe.

For example, with 1 Euro, you can purchase:

  • 2 x 0.5-liter bottles of water
  • A two-way bus/tram ride in most cities
  • 1-2 snacks from a street pastry shop.

Overall, a holiday (accommodation, meals) in Romania is:

  • 30-40% cheaper than Western Europe (e.g., Spain, Italy, France)
  • 15-30% cheaper than Southeastern Europe (e.g., Croatia, Greece)

Source: Romanian Friend [24]

Romania's transportation infrastructure is underdeveloped, with limited highways and congested single-lane roads.

While there are many train stations, the aging tracks result in slower train speeds, averaging 80 km/h.

However, the fares are cost-effective.

  • For short distances (<200 km), consider car, train, or bus
  • For medium or long distances (300+ km), consider breaking your journey or taking an internal flight.

Source: Romanian Friend [25]

Best Time to Visit Romania

The country has a temperate continental climate.

So, it’s good to travel to Romania around the year.

However, specific recommendations include:

  • Sightseeing: April to October offers fair weather and longer daylight hours.
  • Food and wine tourism: Best enjoyed from July to October.
  • Peak tourist season: From July 15 to September 15, so it's advisable to book in advance if traveling during this period.

Source: Romanian Friend [26]

Popular Romanian Food

Romanian cuisine offers a diverse range of delicious dishes.

Some top Romanian foods to try include:

1. Mămăligă: A traditional polenta dish often served as a side with various stews or as a base for other dishes.
2. Sarmale: Cabbage rolls stuffed with a mixture of ground pork and beef, rice, and spices, typically served with sour cream.
3. Mici (Mici or Mititei): Grilled skinless sausages made from a mixture of ground meat (usually beef, pork, and lamb) and spices.
4. Ciorbă: A sour soup with various ingredients, such as borscht (fermented wheat bran or beetroot juice), and can include vegetables, meat, or fish.
5. Mămăligă cu brânză și smântână: Polenta topped with cheese and sour cream, a comforting and hearty dish.

Emergency Contacts in Romania

Service Number
Ambulance 961
Urgent care hospital 962
Police 955
Fire Department 981
Telephone directory assistance 931
Tourist Information 951
Emergency 112
Emergency SMS 113

Things to Know Before You Go to Romania

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Where Can I Stay During My Dental Tourism in Romania?

Our partner dental clinics recommend the following hotels for your all-inclusive dental vacation in Romania.


Say goodbye to expensive dental bills for your oral concerns.

Dental work in Romania can get you healthy teeth and a relaxing vacation.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote or if you have any other questions!


You can get your teeth done in Romania in just one-fourth of the prices in the US/UK.

A single dental implant is only $730/€770 here, compared to $5,000 in the US and €3,130 in the UK.

Getting dental veneers in Romania costs $400/€420, while porcelain crowns can be as low as $165/€175.

Thus, you can save up to 85% on implants, 90% on crowns, and 86% on veneers.

Check out the Romania dentist pricelist 2023 to know how much to save with each procedure.

On average, dental packages in Romania are 75 to 85% cheaper than those in the US/UK.

Below, you can find the percentage of cost savings for various procedures.

  • Dental implants – 85%
  • All on 4 – 83%
  • All on 6/8 – 80%
  • Dental crowns – 90%
  • Dental veneers – 84%
  • Dentures – 75%
  • Root canal – 87%
  • Extraction – 82%
  • Teeth whitening – 85%

The average cost of dental implants in Romania ranges from $730/€770 to $5,900/€6,220.

A single titanium implant with abutment and crown costs $730/€770.

Full mouth restoration procedures, such as all on 4 implants in Romania, are priced at $4,000/€4,420 per jaw.

All on 6/8 procedures can cost up to $5,900/€6,220.

Compared to the US/UK, dental implant prices in Romania are 67% to 85% cheaper.

Romanian dental clinics accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers

They can also help you with all the necessary paperwork for dental insurance.

Yes, dentistry in Romania is not only affordable but also of high quality.

As a member of the European Union, the country adheres to EU regulations for dental care.

Furthermore, the UK's long waiting lists, dentist shortages, and high dental costs have prompted many Britons to seek professional dental care in Romania.

Source: AP Multimedia News Room [27]

Yes, Romania has several competent dentists, and their services are recognized internationally. [28]

They dedicate six years to dental school to earn a DDS degree.

Their university diplomas are in line with European regulations for medical universities. [29]

They are also recognized by the GDC in the UK, USA, the European Union, and around the world.

Moreover, our Romanian dentists are highly skilled professionals who work with top-notch materials.

Here's why you can trust our dentists in Romania:

  • They've graduated from reputable dental schools.
  • They have between 7 and 25 years of experience.
  • They utilize cutting-edge dental technology.

Yes, our partner dentists in Romania are fluent in English and have significant experience in providing dental care to international patients.

When it comes to the safety and quality of dental services in Romania, you can rest assured.

  • Our dental clinics in Romania meet international standards and adhere to European medical safety protocols.
  • They also utilize the latest technology, including Dental CT, Bite-wing dental X-ray, Endodontic microscope, and CEREC CAD/CAM for crowns.
  • Our team comprises highly skilled and qualified dentists.

Furthermore, you can enjoy your visit to Romania without worries.

The country is known for its safety and ranks among the least-threatened countries on the planet. [30]

However, as with any tourist spot, it's wise to stay vigilant and watch your belongings.

Get a healthy, happy & wallet-friendly smile!

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