Faced with a large dental bill and pain? High-quality dental work in Cancún can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your dental bill. Cancún is one of the most affordable and safe medical tourist destinations. [1] Keep reading to know the cost of high-quality dental services Cancun.

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Dental Work in Cancun, Mexico

Cancún is a “7” shaped barrier island located on the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo.

It is Mexico’s resort city and a favorite destination for those seeking a sun tan. [2]

Cancún is one of the most common tourist destinations among English speakers. [3]

-Pacific Standard

It is also one of the most affordable vacation destinations in the Western Hemisphere. [4]

-Travel US News

Wondering just how much dental care Cancun costs? Find out below!

Cost of Dental Work in Cancun, Mexico: 2024 Price List

The cost of dental work in Cancun, Mexico, ranges from $35 for a simple tooth cleaning to $11,990 for 3 on 6 dental implants.

Depending upon the procedure you need, you can save anywhere between 40-93% of the cost in Cancun compared to the US & Canada!

For example, a single titanium implant in Cancun costs $790 (without abutment) but as much as $3,000 in the US/Canada, thus saving you 73%.

Similarly, a PFM crown in Cancun costs $210 per tooth, but it costs $1,100/$1,020 in the US & Canada, which means 80% cost savings for you.

Likewise, you can save 83% on a porcelain veneer in Cancun, costing $420 per tooth, but $2,500/$2,300 in the US & Canada.

Refer to the table below for a detailed cost comparison.

Cancun Dentist Prices vs. US & Canada Prices
Procedure Cancun US Canada Savings
Cancun Dental Implants Cost
Titanium Implant (without abutment) $790 $3,000 $3,000 73%
Titanium Implant (with abutment & crown) $1,350 $5,000 $4,600 73%
Zirconium Implant (with abutment) $1,760 $6,000 $5,520 70%
Same Day Implant + Crown $1,050 $4,000 $4,000 73%
Mini Dental Implant $450 $1,500 $1,350 70%
Zygoma Implant $2,500 $21,500 $34,000 88%
Bone Graft (per unit) $200 $1,200 $1,100 83%
Sinus Lifting $700 $2,500 $2,300 72%
All-on-X Implants Cost in Cancun
All on 4 Implants (with fixed hybrid bridge per jaw) $7,900 $24,000 $22,000 67%
All on 6 Implants (with fixed hybrid bridge per jaw) $9,900 $28,000 $26,000 64%
All on 8 Implants (with fixed hybrid bridge per jaw) $11,500 $35,000 $32,000 67%
3 on 6 Implants (with zirconia bridge per jaw) $11,990 $22,000 $22,000 45%
Snap-on Dentures Cost in Cancun
Snap-on Denture with 2 Implants (per jaw) $2,500 $15,000 $15,000 83%
Snap-on Denture with 3 Implants (per jaw) $2,850 $20,000 $20,000 85%
Snap-on Denture with 4 Implants (per jaw) $3,800 $25,000 $25,000 84%
Dental Crowns Cost in Cancun
PFM Crown (per tooth) $210 $1,100 $1,020 80%
Full Porcelain Crown (per tooth) $390 $1,800 $1,650 78%
Ceramic Crown (per tooth) $390 $1,500 $1,380 74%
Emax Crown (per tooth) $450 $2,000 $1,840 77%
Zirconium Crown (per tooth) $450 $2,000 $1,840 77%
Metal Crown (per tooth) $120 $900 $900 86%
Gold Crown (per tooth) $600 $2,500 $2,300 76%
Dental Bridges Cost in Cancun
PFM Bridge (3 crowns) $1,600 $3,300 $3,060 51%
Ceramic Bridge (3 crowns) $1,350 $4,500 $4,140 70%
Metal Bridge (3 crowns) $1,600 $2,700 $2,700 40%
Inlay/Onlay Cost in Cancun
Dental Inlay $400 $1,200 $1,200 66%
Dental Onlay $400 $1,200 $1,200 66%
Dental Veneers Cost in Cancun
Composite Resin Veneer (per tooth) $250 $1,500 $1,500 83%
Porcelain Veneer (per tooth) $420 $2,500 $2,300 83%
Zirconium Veneer (per tooth) $450 $2,500 $2,300 82%
Dentures Cost in Cancun
Permanent Full Denture (per arch) $900 $2,000 $1,840 55%
Permanent Partial Denture (per arch) $650 $1,500 $1,380 56%
Flexible Denture (per arch) $490 $1,000 $1,000 51%
Braces Cost in Cancun
Fixed Metal Braces (inclusive of monthly adjustment fees) $1,000 $7,000 $7,000 85%
Fixed Clear Braces (inclusive of monthly adjustment fees) $1,200 $8,500 $8,000 85%
Invisible Orthodontics Cost in Cancun
Lingual / Invisible Orthodontics (inclusive of monthly adjusment fees) $1,500 $13,000 $10,000 88%
Invisalign (per jaw) $2,500 $7,000 $6,400 64%
Teeth Whitening Cost in Cancun
Teeth Whitening $120 $1,000 $1,000 88%
Laser Teeth Whitening $100 $1,500 $1,380 93%
Zoom! Teeth Whitening $250 $1,000 $700 75%
General Dentistry Cost in Cancun
Teeth Cleaning $35 $200 $250 82%
Root Canal Treatment $250 $1,300 $1,150 80%
Composite Filling $60 $250 $230 76%
Tooth Extraction $60 $300 $270 80%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction $190 $650 $500 70%
#Cancun dental prices are case-dependent and subject to change.

Cancun’s dental care is one of the best in the world, [5] with costs about one-third what you would expect to pay in the West.

Thus, Cancun provides a solution for people who cannot afford dental work in their home country.

Save up to 93% on dental work in Cancun!

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Why Choose Dental Work in Cancun, Mexico?

International patients choose dental work in Cancun, Mexico, because Cancun dental prices are 40-93% less expensive than US/Canada costs.

Moreover, Cancun dental tourism allows you to be treated by expert dentists at state-of-the-art clinics using international dental brands.

Check out the top 5 reasons to choose a dental vacation in Cancun, Mexico, below.

1. Cost-benefit Advantage

  • Save about 70–80% on major procedures like dental implants.  (Cost table)
  • Low budget-travel is possible due to Cancún’s low cost of living [6]
  • To & from airport travel cost is included in “Dental work in Cancún” packages
  • Cancún dental prices are also on par with those in other Mexican dental tourism places like Los AlgodonesMexicali, and Cabo

2. High-quality Safe Treatments

  • Treatment by the English-speaking US licensed & American trained dentists
  • International implant brands like Nobel Biocare, Zhermack, Ivoclar, and Dentsply are used
  • The highest level of sterilization and safety regime ensures safe treatments
  • Our partner clinic is 99.9% sanitized with the latest technologies

Check out some of the high-quality procedures offered in Cancun below.

Best Dental Implants in Cancun


Veneers in Cancun, Mexico

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Cancun

Cancun Teeth Whitening

3. Greater Connectivity

  • Greater connectivity due to Cancún’s central location to the US & Canada
  • Easily accessible from major airports in North America
  • An excellent choice for patients requiring multiple visits for treatment
  • The average duration of the flight from various countries to Cancún:

Flight Duration to Cancun Bar Graph

Flight Duration to Cancun

4. First World Conveniences

Tourists can get almost a First World Experience in Cancún [7]

  • A large network of buses and taxis
  • Power outages are rare
  • Internet is fast, stable, and inexpensive
  • Paved roads and crime is generally low

5. Renowned Tourist Destination

Cancún is a name highly recognized among medical tourists. They may not even know the rest of Mexico but know Cancún and what it represents! [8]

Cancun has been built and designed for tourism. You can find a culture of customer service in the city that promotes medical tourism. [9]

It is also rated the #1 vacation destination & #2 beach destination in Mexico by US News & World report. [10]

It is the most awarded Mexican tourist destination in the world because of its: [11]

  • Beautiful scenery framed by white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea
  • Ancestral Mayan culture wealth
  • Great air and ground transportation connectivity
  • Highest level of hotel infrastructure

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Dental Clinic in Cancún

  • Has the clinic been internationally accredited or received awards for dental care?
  • How many years of experience in dental treatments?
  • How many years of experience in treating American dental patients?
  • Are the dentists certified for their treatment specialties?
  • Does the clinic have bilingual dentists or interpreters?
  • Ask to see the credentials of the dentists who attends you (Not memberships but credentials)
  • How many such procedures are performed by the clinic per year?
  • Does the clinic have an in-house dental lab? In-house labs quicken prosthesis turnover.
  • What hygiene/sterilization protocols does the clinic follow?
  • Ask for the verified patient reviews

DentaVacation selects the best dental clinics for your dental work considering all of the above factors.

Top Dental Clinics in Cancun, Mexico

We partner with some of the best dental clinics in Cancun, Mexico. Find out all of their highlights below!

State-of-the-Art Sterilization in CDS

The clinic adopts the highest level of sterilization and safety regime known as the Tier Sterilization Protocol.

These protocols are strictly followed for all non-disposable instruments. The 4 steps involved are:


Tier 1: Cleaning to remove the debris

Instruments scrubbed with spirit swab

Tier 2: Liquid Sterilization for standard disinfection

Immersed in sterilization solution for 45 minutes

Tier 3: Autoclaving with steam autoclave

Instruments treated at 270°F for up to 30 minutes

Tier 4: UltraViolet Chamber to prevent cross-infection

Sterilized dental instruments stored in a UV chamber

Safety Check
The sealed packets are only opened in front of patients before treatment.

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CDS Clinic Video: Specialists
Watch on YouTube: "Canc"
Clinic Video: State-of-the-art

State-of-the-Art Sterilization in Dentaris Clinic

Dentaris is 99.9% sanitized clinic

  • Sanitisation system made with space technology
  • This technology reduces microbial and cross-contamination


Watch on YouTube: “Dentaris Dental Clinic – Accreditation and Ranking”
Dentaris Clinic Video: Accreditation & Ranking

Best Dentist in Cancun, Mexico

Learn all about our expert dentists below, including their specializations, qualifications, & accreditations!

Learn more about the top 10 clinics & dentists in Cancun here.

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Patient Reviews for Dental Care in Cancun

From Cancun cosmetic dentistry reviews to dental clinic Cancun reviews, see our past patients raving about the care they received in Cancun in the videos below!

Watch on YouTube: "Dental Implants at Canc"
Patient Testimonial: Dental Implants in Cancun
Watch on YouTube: "Dental work at Canc"
Patient Testimonial: Dental Crowns in Cancun

Dental Tourism in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the most popular vacation destination in the Caribbean, welcoming over 5 million visitors each year. [12]

There is a lot to see in Cancún, from the miles of sandy white beaches to historical sites, and many more.

Learn more about Cancun dental vacation below!

How to Reach Cancun, Mexico?

Flying is the most convenient and quickest way to reach Cancún. Cancún International Airport (CUN) is the closest airport.

It receives flights from all over the world, including the US and Canada.

✈️ Flying To Cancun

Nonstop flying times from some of the major metropolitan airports to Cancún International Airport (CUN) are listed below:

City Duration
Miami (MIA) 1 hr 45 min
Houston (IAH) 2 hr 15 min
Dallas (DFW) 2 hr 45 min
Chicago (ORD) 3 hr 40 min
New York (JFK) 3 hr 59 min
Toronto (YYZ) 4 hr 10 min
Montreal (YUL) 4 hr 45 min
Calgary (YYC) 5 hr 38 min

🚘 Driving Distance Between Cancún Airport (CUN) and Other Mexican Cities

Place Avg travel time | Distance
Playa del Carmen 43 min | 34 mi
Tulum 1 hr 30 min | 73 mi
Cozumel 2 hr 16 min | 53 mi
Merida 3 hr 18 min | 192 mi
Mexico City 19 hr 3 min | 1008 mi
Guanajuato 24 hr | 1225 mi
Puerto Vallarta 29 hr | 1539 mi
Cabo San Lucas 46 hr | 2141 mi

Cancun Visa Requirements:

  • A valid passport
  • Tourist migration form if visiting for 180 days or less
  • A Mexican visa to stay less than 180 days

Tourist Migration Form:

  • Also known as the Tourist card, Multiple Migratory Form, FMM or Tourist Visa
  • Obtained free of charge from your travel agent, airline, or at point of entry
  • Need to fill out the card and submit it to Immigration upon arrival
  • A portion of the card will be stamped and given to you
  • You must keep this card safe and surrender it when departing Cancún

For more information on entry requirements, visit the U.S. State Department’s website.

Citizens who do not need a Mexican visa:

  • US, Canada, EU countries, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and other countries
  • Any national with a valid US, Canadian, or Schengen visa

More details on Mexican visa requirements can be obtained from the Mexico embassy website.

Moving Around in Cancun

🚌 Bus

  • One of the easy ways to travel around Cancún is by bus
  • The buses run 24/7 throughout the Cancún hotel zone
  • Travelers rely on the R1 and R2 routes. These are the hotel zone routes
  • They charge a flat rate of 12 pesos (roughly 60 cents) per ride [16]
  • For more info on public buses see: Cancún Bus System
  • For travel outside the hotel and city zones see: Mexican Bus

🚗 Car

  • Renting a car is advisable [17]
  • You will have to purchase a Collision Damage Waiver while renting a car [18]
  • You can rent a car at the airport or through car rental agencies
  • This Collision Damage Waiver adds a daily fee to your rental rate
  • Places to visit – Mercado 28, Chichén Itzá, Playa Delfines, Museo Maya, Fifth Avenue, Park Fundadores
  • Find more information on car rental agency, check Renting A Vehicle

🚕 Taxi

  • Taxi cabs are easily available in Cancún
  • Taxis do not have meters, rates are posted in most hotels
  • Always negotiate the price with the driver before entering the cab
  • Sitios or Taxi ranks are the taxis parked outside the hotels. They charge a higher price
  • Cab drivers must display their permits in a visible location. Always crosscheck license plate numbers against permits
  • Uber also operates in Cancún

🚶‍♂️ On Foot

  • It is easy to explore the hotel zone areas by foot
  • Nearly all hotels and residences are walkable distance to a beach [18]
  • Cancún itself is rather spread out, hence it is very easy to walk around from the popular areas of the city.

The country code is 52 and 998 is the area code for Cancún. Mexican toll-free numbers start with 800, followed by 7 digits; Need to add 01 as a long-distance prefix.

Services Number
Emergencies 060 / 066 / 52911
Ambulance services 065
Cancún Hotel Zone Police 01 (998) 885-0569
General hospital 01 (998) 884-2967
Federal Highway Patrol 01 (998) 884-1107
Tourist Police 01 (998) 885-2277
Traffic Police 01 (998) 884-0710
Fire department 01 (998) 884-1202
Domestic/international operator 52020 / 090

Consular Agencies in Cancún, Mexico

Country Address Assistance
US Blvd. Kukulcan Km 13 ZH – Torre La Europea, Despacho 301 – Cancún, Q.R. 77500 – Mexico From Mexico: (+52) (999) 942-5700

From the US: (844) 528-6611

Fax : (+52) (998) 883-1373

Business hours : 08:30 – 13:30 (Mon-Fri)

Canada Centro Empresarial Oficina E7
Boulevard Kukulcan Km 12
Zona Hotelera
77599 Cancún, Quintana Roo
From Mexico:

Tel: (+52) 998 883 3360 / 61
Fax: (+52) 998 883 3232

From Canada:

Tel: 011-52-998-883-3360

Business hours: 09.00 – 13.00, (Mon-Fri)

🗺️ Language

  • Spanish is the official language in Cancún, Mexico.
  • However, English is a common second language. [19]

💸 Currency

  • Mexican Peso (Mex$) is Mexico’s official currency
  • However, US dollars, Canadian dollars, and euros are widely used. [21]

🧳 Best Time to Visit

You can visit Cancún at any time that suits your schedule [20]

  • For great weather – December to April
  • Budget trip – May to October
  • Family trip – April to November
  • For swimming, snorkeling & diving – November to May
  • To see and swim with whale sharks – July & August

📱Useful Free Mobile Apps

  • Ride-sharing app – Uber, Taxi Cancún, Cabify
  • Food delivery app – Uber Eats, Doordash
  • To find cheap places to stay – Airbnb
  • City guide – Cancún-Travel guide, Cancún smart map


  • Cancún, Mexico has a tropical climate
  • The weather is most often sunny & warm (ideal beach vacation weather)
  • The temperature averages 25.5°C (77.9 °F)

🕗 Time Zone

The Cancún (Quintana Roo) time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is GMT- 5.

🏰 Cultural Attractions in Cancun

Chichén Itzá is a large Mayan archaeological site.

It is recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. [13]

You can escape crowds by visiting the site in the early morning. Hire a tour guide to explain the history and significance of the site.

  • Opening hours: 8 am – 5.30 pm daily
  • Time to spend: Half day to full day
  • Distance from Cancún airport: 127 mi (2.5 hr drive)

Chichén Itzá

El Rey is on the southern end of the hotel zone in Cancún. If you are not going on tours to Chichen Itza, you can visit El Rey.

You might want to bring a hat or umbrella as the ruins are mostly in the sun.

  • Opening hours: 8 am – 4.30 pm daily
  • Time to spend: 20 – 30 minutes to walk around
  • Distance from Cancún airport: 9 mi (16 min drive)

El Rey Mayan Ruins

🌴 Nature and Adventure in Cancun

Also, you get the chance to see the baby turtles if you visit between August and October.

  • Opening hours: 24/7
  • Time to spend: Half day to full day
  • Distance from Cancún airport: 21 mi (1.11 hr drive)

Ilsa Mujeres

Cancún is famous worldwide for its amazing white-sand beaches and fascinating turquoise blue sea. [14]

You can find 11 public beaches in the downtown area. Most of them are granted the Blue Flag eco-label which certifies top standards in water quality, and safety. [15]

Drive a speedboat admiring the majesty of the mangroves.

You can snorkel admiring the reefs with colorful fish and other types of marine life.

Incredible jungle tours you can’t miss when visiting Cancún!

Watch on YouTube: "Jungle Tour Cancun"
Video Courtesy: OLRMayorista

🛍️ Shopping in Cancun

La Isla Shopping Village

  • The shopping center is lined with boutique shops, luxury shopping, and waterfront dining.
  • The village houses everything from ice cream parlors and movie theatres to multistorey textile shops.
  • It is located in the hotel zone and easily accessible.

Forum Cancún

  • It is more of an entertainment complex than a shopping mall. Some stores sell a lot of souvenirs, jewelry, and swimwear.
  • It is also home to a range of famous restaurants and bars like the Hard Rock Café, Chilis, and more.

Other Cities For Dental Work in Mexico

Low-cost dental work is also available in Mexican cities like:

Is It Safe to Get Dental Work in Cancun, Mexico?

Despite misinformation regarding dental care in Cancun, Mexico, it is safe to get dental work there if you do thorough research and choose the right clinic.

  • Our partner clinics in Cancun ensure you receive high-quality care by:
  • Working with highly-experienced, well-trained, and accredited dentists
  • Using international dental brands like Nobel Biocare, Zhermack, Ivoclar, and Dentsply
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as CAD/CAM, dental lasers, CBCT, 3D printers, digital smile design softwares, etc.
  • Following the tier sterilization protocol in which all instruments are sterilized using a Autoclave & UltraViolet Chamber

Also find out about Cancun’s safety from a tourist’s point of view below.

Is Cancun Safe for Tourists?

Cancún is one of the first destinations in the Americas to adopt WTTC health & hygiene protocols and receive the Global Safety Stamp. [22]

U.S. State Department Travel Advice for Cancún

Currently, Mexico is given a level-3-alert, cautioning “Reconsider travel” to the country.

However, the Mexican state Quintana Roo, where Cancún resides, is given a Level 2 warning for tourists to “Exercise Increased Caution.” [23]

Travel state tags locations on a scale of Level 1 to Level 4, 1 being the safest and 4 being the one with red flags.

Though there are US government restrictions for travel in several parts of Mexico, Cancún and the entire state of Quintana Roo have no travel restrictions.

Cancún Safety Tips for Smooth Travel

Here are a few things to watch out for in Cancún

  • Carry a copy of your passport and Mexican visa at all times
  • Use toll roads when possible. Avoid driving alone or at night
  • Sign up for the STEP Program to get alerts from the US government
  • Download the free Guest Assist app to get 24-hour assistance
  • Review the Safety and Crime Reports for Mexico
  • Stay aware of your surroundings [24]
Safe Areas Areas to Avoid
Cancún Hotel Zone, Boulevard Kukulcán Downtown Cancún
Cancún Beaches, Isla Mujeres Outskirts of Cancún
Malls around the Zona Hoterea, La Isla shopping village After dark, stay away from Mercado 23 & 28 market areas
*Xel-Ha, Xcaret, Chichen Itza, and Tulum areas are safe for day trips



Dental work in Cancún can fulfill all your dentistry needs, along with exploring Mexico’s resort destination.

Working with dentists from all over the globe, DentaVacation can guide you in finding the best dentist in Cancún.


Yes, the quality of dental care in our Cancún partner clinics is on par with international standards.

  • Our partner clinic dentists are well qualified and internationally trained
  • They use cutting-edge technology and the best materials for dental work
  • The clinic also offers a warranty for dental treatments

While not all parts of Mexico are recommended for tourists, it is safe to visit Cancun for dental work.

Cancun has a safety index of 71, thus allowing you to experience a worry-free dental vacation. [25]

Besides, dental treatments in DentaVacation partner clinics in Cancun are safe because:

  • Our clinics are modern with state-of-the-art hygiene facilities
  • Dentists are highly trained & specialized in their specific areas of expertise
  • Clinic adopts the highest level of sterilization procedures for safety

Yes, dental work is 40-93% cheaper in Cancun than in the US/Canada because of the lower cost of living in Mexico compared to these countries. [26]

Yes. The CDS clinic accepts American dental insurances.

The staff can fill out insurance forms and help you to get reimbursement.

You can contact us to know the details of the insurance cover at the CDS

You can pay through Cash (USD), Checks, bank transfers, or Credit/ debit cards.

Of course, dental work in Cancún is kid-friendly. Every child needs a friendly, gentle, and attentive dentist to undergo dental treatments.

  • Our pediatric dentist has been working on the children of the families in Cancún for generations
  • He addresses every child’s oral care needs in such a way the child happily returns for visits

Yes, our partner clinic dentists are fluent in English.

  • Navident - For accurate implant placement in less time
  • WATERLASE i-Plus Laser - For pain-free treatment and faster healing
  • 3D CT Cone Beam Scanners - Reduces the error in surgical procedures
  • CAD/CAM - Allows you to get crowns in one visit and gives a precise fit
  • Implant surgical guides - Helps to place an implant at the desired angle

These are the main reasons for low-cost dental work in Cancún and Riviera Maya

  • Mexico’s cost of living is 53% cheaper than the US [27]
  • Cancún’s cost of living is 67% cheaper than New York (US) [28]
  • Labor and real estate cost less in Mexico [29]
  • Malpractice insurance in Mexico is also less expensive [30]

You must carry the below documents for a hassle-free dental trip.

  • Passport
  • Tourist card
  • A valid photo ID card
  • Dental insurance policy (If you have)
  • US dollars and/ or debit, credit cards
  • Relevant medical & dental reports, such as MRI/CT scans, X-Ray reports, pathology reports, etc.

All tourists traveling to Cancún must have a valid passport when flying into Mexico.

A passport or passport card is required for travelers driving from the US to Cancún or for those arriving by cruise ship or other watercraft.

Dentists in Cancun charge 40-93% less for various dental procedures than in US or Canada.

For example, all on 4 dental implants in Cancun cost $7,900 with a fixed hybrid bridge per jaw.

However, they cost $24,000 in the US and $22,000 in Canada, thus saving you 67% of the cost.

The cost of a full set of dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, ranges between $7,900 for all on 4 implants per arch and $11,990 for 3 on 6 implants per arch.

This cost includes a fixed hybrid bridge per jaw.

The cost for the same procedures in the US and Canada can go up to $22,000-$35,000.

Renew your smile in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean!

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