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Dental Work in Istanbul

Dental Work in Istanbul is a popular choice among many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. The dental clinics here specialize in quality treatment at cheaper prices. Besides, you get to holiday in the only city in the world that sits across two continents.

Blue mosque, Istanbul

You can reach Istanbul is just few hours from major cities of the world:

City Flight Duration (Hours) City Flight Duration (Hours)
Dubai 04:40 Paris 03:25
Moscow 03:10 Tehran 02:50
London 03:50 New York 09:40
Berlin 02:55 Germany ADD INFO

Top Dental Clinics in Istanbul

Barbaros Mah. Halk Cad. No: 63/1-2 Istanbul, Turkey

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How Much Does Dental Work in Istanbul Cost?

Dental work in Istanbul doesn’t burn your pockets as receiving treatment back home does. The costs here are significantly low, and that is the primary reason why Americans prefer receiving dental work here.


Dental Work USA Canada Istanbul
Single Tooth Titanium Implant $6000 $5500 $1500
All-on-4 Implants $17,000 $15,500 $5150
All-on-6 Implants $21,000 $18,500 $6580
Metal fused to Porcelain Crowns $1250 $1150 $160
Zirconium Crowns $2,000 $1650 $220
Complete Dentures (acrylic/ porcelain)* $2000 $1650 $580
Tooth Extraction (Simple) $125 $150 $40
Tooth Extraction (Surgical) $650 $550 $100
Laser Teeth Whitening $850 $650 $250
Root Canal Treatment $950 $1150 $125
Composite Filling $250 $225 $70
Invisalign clear aligners $5,500 $4750 $2700
Porcelain Veneers^ $1750 $2150 $355
*Per Jaw

^Per tooth

Costs in USA and Canada are taken from different online sources

*Prices may vary with the complexity of the case.

You can see that the cost comparison table indicates a saving of 50 percent to 70 percent, if you get dental work done in Istanbul.  So you either save or utilize this saving for a holiday with your friends or family.

Why Get Dental Work in Istanbul?

There are many good reasons why you should consider Istanbul for dental work:

Prices of Dental Work are Really Affordable

Dental work cost in the US is so high that it is beyond many people’s budgets; but here, you can afford it. Expect to save approximately half of what you would spend at your dentist back home.  Thus, Istanbul has a favorable price benefit.

Skilled Dentists

Dentists here have more experience in treating patients as compared to dentists back home. This is because the city receives thousands of dental patients from Europe, Arab countries, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.

Accredited Health Institutions/ Quality Care and Service

Turkey has over 46 Joint Commissions International (JCI) -accredited health institutions, of which over 29 are in Istanbul. JCI accreditation means the health institution is a global leader in quality of care and patient safety.[1] Invest in Istanbul
JCI Accredited Health Care Organizations
“…of JCI Accredited Health Care Organizations World- 1,041; Turkey- 46; Istanbul- 29”
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The Ministry of Tourism of Turkey finds Turkey to have a pool of qualified healthcare experts as well as excellent medical technology.[2] Ministry of Health Turkey
Health Tourism in Turkey
“Due to high level of qualified human resources, especially in medical staff…Turkey is the first place in the top thermal resources concerning rapidly growing elderly population as well as youth population of the world.”
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Known for Tourism

Istanbul is known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and splendid structures. According to MasterCard’s annual Global Destination Cities Index, Istanbul has been the 9th most visited destination in the world in 2017, with 10.7 million visitors.[3] Mental Floss
The World’s 10 Most-Visited Cities
“…Istanbul: 10.7 million visitors a year ($108 per day)”
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On Istanbul, Napoleon Bonaparte had once said, “If the world were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” So popular is Istanbul!

The Istanbul Biennial is a big event that attracts over 500,000 visitors from all over the world.

Ideal Geographic Location

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is easily approachable from Europe, the Middle East, as well as Africa and sits on both the Asian and European continents.

It has visa-free entry from 78 countries, including European countries, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Iran, Argentina, and several others. Just not by air, it can be reached by train as well from several European cities.[4] Republic of Turkey
Visa Information For Foreigners
“…Singapore & Japan: Ordinary and official passport holders are exempt from visa for their travels up to 90 days.”
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English-speaking People

Turkish is the official language. However, since it is the most visited city, English is widely spoken by the dental staff at the clinics as well as people from the tourism industry. So language should never be a problem for you.

All such reasons make Istanbul the ideal destination to receive the dental work you need.

More about Istanbul

  • Istanbul is located in the Marmara region. Tourists say it is the world’s most gorgeous and mysterious city.
  • Owing to its size and central location between Europe and Asia, it extends into both the continents. It is the only city in the whole world to be on more than one continent.
  • Istanbul’s geographical significance lies in its long history that spans the rise and fall of the world’s most famous empires.
  • The city is also among the world’s most congested cities. Though both the Metro and the Tram systems are efficient as well as cheaper, you need to be careful while getting in because locals try to board before passengers have alighted.
  • You will find most of the tourist attractions in the old city district of Sultanahmet:

Aya Sofya

  • Istanbul’s most cherished landmark

Topkapi Palace

  • Fifteenth-century structure
  • Has a stunning display of Islamic art with luxurious courtyards lined with complex hand-painted tile work

Blue Mosque

  • Seventeenth-century structure
  • You can wander in the gardens sandwiched between the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofya, especially in the evenings, when call to prayer echoes out from the Blue Mosque’s minaret

Basilica Cistern

  • Sixth-century structure
  • Istanbul’s most surprising tourist attractions
  • Once known for storing the imperial water supply for the Byzantine rulers


  • Ancient structure completed by Constantine the Great in AD 330

Grand Bazaar

  • Massive covered market
  • World’s first shopping mall taking up a quarter of the city

Spice Bazaar

  • Visiting Spice Bazaar is the most popular thing among tourists

Why Dental Work is Istanbul is Cheaper?

There are several reasons why getting Dental Work in Istanbul should prove to be much cheaper to you:

Running Costs of Dental Clinics are Low

The dentist fees and the laboratory costs are not as exorbitant as in the USA, Canada, or the UK. This is the primary reason for low prices of treatment.

No Inflated Third Party Fees

The diagnostic tests do not cost much. Further, some clinics also have their own dental laboratory. Since they do not need to outsource the laboratory work, there is a significant saving to them that is then transferred to the patient.

Low Cost of Education

Turkey offers good quality, but inexpensive education. Students get scholarships that cover not only the tuition fees, but also offer a monthly allowance, accommodation and travel cost, and health insurance. When dentists do not spend much on education like in the US, their services are cheaper.

Advantage of Currency Exchange

The value of the Turkish lira is less as compared to the Sterling pound, the Euro, or the USD. This means patients from countries with high-value currency, such as the USA, Canada, UK, or Europe save on the treatment in Istanbul because of currency exchange.

Cheap Travel to Turkey

Istanbul is the most popular tourist destination. Therefore, most airlines offer prices at discounted rates to travel to Turkey. The hotels, too compete to offer the best prices to international guests.

Free Services

As seen in the table above, the cost of any type of dental work is low in Istanbul. In addition to that, to bring the costs further down, some dental clinics in Istanbul also offer a free pick-up and drop from the airport to the hotel and from the clinic to the hotel. So you need not spend on commuting.

Further, there is no initial consultation charge to be paid to the dentist.  Some clinics can also book a hotel for you in central locations at exclusive prices. So you get a lot of freebies over and above the cheaper treatment.

Are the Dentists for Dental Work in Istanbul Well-Qualified?

Absolutely! Dentists here are trained for five full years to earn a bachelors’ dental degree (DDS). At present, there are 15 dental schools in Turkey. After the DDS degree, the dentist completes his Master’s Program in Orthodontics or Prosthodontics.

In the World Education Ranking, the DDS degree in Turkey is among the top hundred in the world. The most recent edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings rates Turkey’s higher education system at forty-third in the world.[5] Quacquarelli Symonds
QS Higher Education System Rankings
“Rank 43: Turkey”
View in Article

The Ministry of Health, Turkey, regulates the dental education and legislation in the country. Before they start practicing, dentists need to register with the Turkish Dental Association (TDA) who continues to monitor their clinical practice.

Recommended Dental Clinic

Our recommendation for the best dental clinic is the “Dent Group in Istanbul”.

Our recommendation is based on factors such as the clinic’s credentials, cheaper prices of treatment, experience in treating international patients, and English-speaking dentists at the clinic.

Dent Group, Istanbul

The Dental Clinic, established in 2006, was founded with the mission of “New Generation Dentistry”.

Highlights of the Clinic:

  • Careful personalized assessment of dental health and preparation of treatment plan
  • Five-year warranty certificate for dental work done in Dent Group clinics in Istanbul
  • Dentists specialized in offering Implants, Braces, Veneers, Dentures, and Root Canal Treatments
  • The clinic has its own digital dental laboratory
  • All Dental restorations are designed in 3-D software
  • Restorations are fabricated using the highest quality devices from fully organic and bio-compatible materials
  • Value-added service: Exclusive rate of hotel accommodation for its international patients

Travel Tips for Istanbul

General Tips

  • It is always a good idea to travel to Istanbul with a valid travel insurance policy.
  • If you have to enter the Turkish people’s house or a mosque in Istanbul, you have to remove your shoes outside the door. Maintain silence while inside a mosque.
  • Your body should be appropriately covered. If found wearing revealing clothes, you may not be allowed to enter many places of interest.
  • You may want to keep motion sickness pills with you for windy roads, hectic traffic, ferries, and hot air balloon rides, etc., if you take.
  • Though English is not a problem, it is better to have Google translate on your mobile.
  • You may find alcohol prices to be shockingly high because the government has put a heavy tax on alcohol.
  • You cannot smoke inside restaurants and bars, but there are designated outdoor smoking areas.
  • Turkish coffee and Turkish wine is something you must try, while in Istanbul.

Journey Tips

  • Istanbul airport is about 50km from the city center. It will take nearly an hour to reach by car. When using a taxi, ensure that the meter is turned on.
  • A hostel bed should not cost you more than five to twelve USD/ night; mid-range hotels around 40 to 80 USD/ night and luxury hotel around 100 USD/ night.
  • You can take a ferry across the Bosphorus that cuts the city into two continents for just three lira (85 US cents) a ride.
  • You can buy pre-paid tourist SIM cards in Istanbul. The main service providers are the Turkcell and Vodafone.

Stay Safe Tips

  • Tap water may not be safe to drink, but is safe enough to brush your teeth.
  • You can contact on 0 850 288 38 38, which is the International Patient Support Unit (UHDB) Translation and Call Center. It is available 24/7 in German, Arabic, English, Russian, Persian, and French languages. This should facilitate easy access to health services for health tourism and the health of tourists.
  • As with any high-traffic tourist places, tourist scams happen. You must pay more attention to your surroundings when you are at any tourist site.
  • In case of emergency, keep these numbers handy:

Ambulance: 112

Police: 155

Fire: 110

Tourism Police: (0212) 5274503

  • If you are an American citizen and concerned about the possibility of terrorism or political unrest while you are in Turkey, you can enrol in the State Department’s STEP Program. By doing this, you are letting the US government know about your travel plans. You may receive an email from the Department to make you aware, if things are not right on the ground. If you are a Canadian, you too have a similar program.


Which is the Best Time to Visit Istanbul?

May and June is the Spring season, which is neither too hot nor too cold. This may be a good time to visit. If you want to avoid crowds, then winter is the best. It is never too cold, however.

Is Istanbul Good for Nightlife?

Pretty much! The city has the best nightlife with plenty of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Is it Safe to Have Street Food in Istanbul?

May be Yes! Even the smaller food stalls on the streets generally practice a good standard of hygiene. Not many tourists report problems related to unsafe food in the city. However, you need to practice common sense in that eat at an establishment, only if it looks clean and busy.

Do I Need to be Vaccinated Before a Trip to Istanbul?

No. Vaccination is not required for a trip to Turkey; however, if your stay is going to be longer, then the typhoid vaccine is recommended.

Do You Recommend Travel Insurance Before Visiting Istanbul?

Yes. You need to make sure you have relevant travel insurance for you and whoever travels with you.

Are There Enough ATM’s in Istanbul?

Yes, there are plenty of ATM machines all over Istanbul. If you have a credit or debit card, you will not have much problems accessing money.

Is it Required to Tip in Istanbul?

Yes. Around 10% tip is expected at the restaurants. However, if the bill reads ‘servis dahil’, it means that the service charge is already added to the bill.

Hammam (Turkish bath) attendants may expect a little higher – up to 25%, but tipping taxi drivers or barmen is not typical here.

Can the Dentist Complete All the Dental Work I Need in the Time Limit I Have?

Yes. When we plan your itinerary, we will take into account the time you will stay in Istanbul. Appointments will be blocked for you during that time so that all your dental work is completed on time.

I am a Bit Anxious About Having Dental Pain in a Foreign Land. Will I Feel Pain?

No! The dentist will use an effective local anesthetic. You will not have any discomfort. If you undergo tooth extraction or dental implant treatment, then you will be provided with analgesics.

What Will Happen if Things Go Wrong, Once I am Back Home?

Once back home, we would want that you keep in touch with us and let us know about your concern. We will assess the situation and deal with it appropriately.

How is the Process for Dental Implants for International Patients?

Dental implants will be placed in one session. Even if additional procedures, such as bone grafting or sinus lift are performed, it will be done on the same day. Temporary teeth will be placed on the implants.

It takes three to six months for implant wounds to heal. Once healed, the patient needs to visit Istanbul for the second time. Artificial teeth will be then fixed over.

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