A dental holiday in Mexico is what you need if treatments in the US are too expensive and you lack dental insurance. Would you like to spend 40-80% less on high-quality dentistry while enjoying an unforgettable vacation?

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Intrigued? Keep reading to learn how all-inclusive dental packages in Mexico can restore your smile.

Mexico Dental Tourism Packages

Our dental clinics in Mexico offer affordable dental tourism packages for cost-effective dental care coupled with a pleasant holiday.

These packages allow dental tourists to benefit from world-class treatments in the hands of highly qualified dentists, state-of-the-art technology, and exclusive perks & amenities.

Discover more about them below.


Our special facilities for foreign patients guarantee a hassle-free and enjoyable dental holiday in Mexico. Some of these facilities include:

🚗 Free pick up & drop
🪑 Comfortable waiting areas
💱 Multiple payment options
🅿 Free parking space
👨‍🦽 Wheelchair access
✅ Flexible appointments

🏢 Nearby hotels
🍱 Exceptional restaurants
📋 Paperwork assistance
🆓 Free consultation
🔬 Free diagnostics
👩‍⚕️ English speaking staff

*Note that we do not offer all these facilities at every clinic. You can contact us to know which ones are offered at your chosen clinic or get help choosing the right clinic for your needs.

State-of-the-art Technology

Most of our partner clinics in Mexico have in-house labs.

They are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies like CT-Scan Machines, Intraoral Digital X-Rays,  Sirona CEREC CAD-CAM, and 3D CT Cone Beam Imaging.

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State-of-the-art-equipment: Dental Microscope for Root Canal Treatment

Mexican clinics follow strict sterilization and infection control protocols that include:

  • Cleaning
  • Autoclaving
  • UV Chamber
  • Liquid Sterilization

CT Scan Machine | Technology in Mexico

CT Scan Machine

Digital X-Ray Machine | Technology in Mexico

Digital X-Ray Machine

Best Dentists

The Mexican dentists are highly-educated professionals with 10+ years of experience.

Some of them are graduates of world-famous schools like the Harvard Medical School.

Also, they constantly attend courses to stay up to date with the latest advances in dentistry.

They have affiliations with international institutions like the:

  • American Dental Association
  • Mexican Dental Association
  • American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)
  • International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS)

World-Class Treatment

A dental vacation in Mexico allows you to receive world-class treatments from renowned clinics.

These clinics have been serving local and international patients for years and provide comprehensive care in areas like:

  • Root Canals
  • Periodontics
  • Laser Dentistry
  • General Dentistry
  • Oral and Maxillofacial
  • Orthodontics
  • Full Mouth Restoration
  • Dental Crown & Bridges
  • Veneers & Smile Design
  • Dentures & Dental Implants

Some clinics even offer single-trip implants depending on the dental conditions of their patients.

They also provide 2-5 year warranties on the treatments, with some terms and conditions applied.

Keep reading to explore the all-inclusive packages offered in different Mexican cities!

All-inclusive Dental Packages in Mexico

With our all-inclusive dental packages in Mexico, you can enjoy special discounts that help you save extra on your dental trip.

These packages offer perks such as free consultation, free transportation & stay, free Wi-Fi & phone calls, and discounts on select dental procedures.

Check them out below for more details.

Also, go through some promotional offers available in Los Algodones below.

Promotional Offers in Los Algodones Clinic
Offer Condition
1 Night Free Stay at Hotel Hacienda
  • Dental work costing more than $1,000
3 Night Free Stay at Hotel Hacienda
  • Dental work costing more than $2,000
Free Therapeutic Laser Procedure with Implant Treatment
  • Subject to doctor’s recommendation
  • No outstanding payments
Free Night Guard with Dental Crown Treatment
  • A minimum of 6 crowns in a single visit to be eligible
  • Applicable on implant crowns
  • No outstanding payments

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Top 7 Cities for the Best Dental Holiday in Mexico

The best cities in Mexico for dental work include Los Algodones, Tijuana, Nogales, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, San Jose del Cabo, and Mexico City.

Learn more about each of these cities below before choosing one for dental tourism in Mexico.

Church Los Algodones

Church Los Algodones

Colors of Los Algodones

Colors of Los Algodones

A good spot for a Mexican dental vacation is Los Algodones, best known as Molar City. [1]

This small cross-border town is a short drive away from Yuma, Arizona, and you can get around with your car or a taxi.

In Los Algodones, you can:

🏥 Clinics
Receive high-quality treatments from clinics like Sani Dental Group and Dental Solutions

🏨 Hotel
Spend the night at discounted prices at one of our dental resort Mexico: Hotel Cielito Lindo or Hacienda Hotel

🍣 Restaurant
Enjoy authentic tacos at the vegetarian-friendly Los Molcas restaurant

🏖️ Tourism
Visit the Museum of History in Granite and buy handcrafted gifts from the souvenir shops

Read more about dental work in Los Algodones.

BCN Tijuana

BCN Tijuana

Beach View Tijuana

Beach View Tijuana

Enjoy an unforgettable dental vacation in Mexico with Tijuana’s dental tourism. This vibrant metropolitan city is 17 miles from San Diego, CA.

You can enter it through the border crossing at San Ysidro and get around the city using your car or public transportation.

In Tijuana, you can:

🏥 Clinics
Get cost-effective treatments at Smile Builders and Dental Brush

🏨 Hotel
Stay at great hotels like the Quartz Hotel and Hotel Lucerna

🍣 Restaurant
Enjoy brunch and mimosas at the Condimento Restaurant

🏖️ Tourism
Visit the Cultural Center and buy pottery from Plaza Santa Cecilia

Find out more about dental work in Tijuana.

Playa De Nogales

Playa De Nogales

Nogales Street View

Nogales Street View

Nogales is another border town near Arizona and an exciting spot for a dental holiday in Mexico.

You can reach it with a 3-hour drive from Yuma and get around the city with your car or local transportation services.

In Nogales, you can:

🏥 Clinics
Fix your teeth at established clinics like the Desert Dental

🏨 Hotel
Relax at cozy hotels like Hotel Fray Marcos

🍣 Restaurant
Try fantastic Guacamole at La Roca Restaurant

🏖️ Tourism
Visit the Hilltop Art Gallery and Purchase interesting Mexican crafts

Know more about Dental work in Nogales.

Beaches Cancun

Beaches Cancun


Forum Cancun

You can choose Cancun’s dental tourism for the ultimate dental vacation in Mexico.

This dental resort destination in Mexico is famous for its breathtaking beaches and turquoise seas. [2]

In Cancun, you can:

🏥 Clinics
Restore your smile at clinics like Dentaris, Sani dental and Cancun Dental Specialists

🏨 Hotel
Enjoy a dental vacation in Cancun beautiful resorts like the Real Inn and Sotavento Hotel

🍣 Restaurant
Try traditional Tamales at Loncheria El Pocito

🏖️ Tourism
Visit the Mayan Ruins and buy souvenirs at the old Ki-Huic Market

Let’s find out the details of dental work in Cancun.

You can fly to Cancun or take a boat and get around the city using the affordable bus network.

Mermaid Statue

Mermaid Statue

City Landscape

City Landscape

The beach city of Puerto Vallarta, engulfed by the Sierra Madre mountains, [3] is a perfect destination for a dental holiday in Mexico.

You can reach this Mexican town via planes or cruise ships.

There are many affordable transportation options inside the city, including buses and taxis.

🏥 Clinics
Enjoy dental tourism at clinics like UNIDENT and Dental Solutions PV

🏨 Hotel
Relax at hotels with special offers like Comfort Inn

🍣 Restaurant
Have a delicious serving of Chilaquiles at La Palapa

🏖️ Tourism
Visit the Malecon Boardwalk and buy hand-blown glass at Tile World

Read about dental work in Puerto Vallarta.

Harbor San Jose

Harbor San Jose

Cabo City’s Architecture

City’s Architecture

If you are looking for a luxury Mexican dental vacation, San Jose del Cabo is your answer. This gorgeous resort city has friendly locals and rich history.

You can fly here directly or drive for about 20 hours from San Diego. Once inside the city, you can get around by renting a car or taking a cab.

In San Jose del Cabo, you can:

🏥 Clinics
Receive premium dental services from clinics like the Advanced Cabo Dentistry

🏨 Hotel
Stay at popular hotels like the Hyatt Place Los Cabos and Estancia Real Los Cabos

🍣 Restaurant
Grab a mouthwatering plate of Tobatat at Vela

🏖️ Tourism
Visit Plaza Mijares and buy Tamarindo candies from market

Know more about the cost of dental work in San Jose Del Cabo.

CDMX Mexico City

CDMX Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico City

Our last destination for a great dental holiday in Mexico is the largest city in the country, Mexico City. [4]

The lively capital of Mexico is easily accessible via plane, bus, or train.

You can use the metro or request an Uber to get around the city.

🏥 Clinics
Take advantage of low-cost, quality dentistry at clinics like the Ideal Dental Center

🏨 Hotel
Enjoy your Mexico City dental tourism at comfortable hotels like the Congreso MX hotel

🍣 Restaurant
Try the best and mouth-watering multicourse tasting menu of Taco Omakase at Pujol

🏖️ Tourism
Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and Templo Mayor Buy Mexican chocolate at Dulcería de Celaya

If you want to know how much a 7-day dental trip to any of the above cities would cost for 2 people, click here.

How Much Can I Save on My Treatments With a Dental Holiday in Mexico?

A Mexican dental vacation allows you to save 40-80%, even with the travel expenses.

The reason is purely due to Mexico’s lower cost of living and doesn’t affect the quality. [5]

The quality of dental procedures at our partner clinics in Mexico matches those of the US and Canada.

To get an idea of the price difference, see the table below.

Cost Comparision – Mexico VS. US and Canada (in USD)
Procedure/Destination Mexico USA Canada
Titanium Implants $750-$1,800 $5,000 $4,600
All on 4 Implants (per arch) $5,850-$12,500 $24,000 $22,000
Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns (each crown) $180-$570 $1,500 $1,400
Zirconium Crowns (with abutment) $420-$700 $2,000 $1,000
Porcelain Veneers (per unit) $350-$595 $1,500 $925
Full Dentures (per arch) $250-$965 $5,000 $3,700
Laser Teeth Whitening $100-$350 $1,500 $800
Root Canal (anterior) $185-$350 $900 $500
Regular Teeth Cleaning $30-$60 $250 $80
Composite Filling $40-$100 $600 $500
Extraction (simple) $50-$140 $400 $300
*The prices are case-dependent.

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Is a Dental Vacation in Mexico Safe?

A Mexican dental vacation is perfectly safe if you visit highly-qualified clinics in the country’s safest cities.

All our partner clinics are located in safe areas throughout Mexico and follow global health and hygiene standards.

That is why the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has granted Mexico its “Safe Travels” seal. [6]

So do your research well before making any plans, and keep the safety tips below in mind when you are in Mexico.

Safety Tips for Dental Travel to Mexico

  • Do not stay out past dark
  • Visit touristy bars instead of local ones
  • Avoid political activities and large public gatherings
  • Keep your valuables at the hotel and lock your door
  • Practice common sense and avoid dangerous areas

Travel Tips for Dental Tourism in Mexico

Your dental trip to Mexico will be sorted with these travel tips.

Here you can find a synopsis of travel options to plan your dental holiday in Mexico:

  • There are direct flights from the US to Mexico.
  • The average flight duration from the US to Mexico is 2 hours.

Below you can see some of the flight durations from the different US to Mexico cities.

Flying Time From US to Mexico
From To Flight Duration Stops
Phoenix (PHX) Puerto Vallarta (PVR) 2hr 30min No Stops
Las Vegas (LAS) Mexico City (MEX) 3hr 50min No Stops
San Diego (SAN) Cancun (CUN) 6hr 30min 1 Stop
Chicago (ORD) San Jose del Cabo (SJD) 4hr 40min No Stops

The table below shows drive durations from the different US to Mexico cities.

Driving Time From US to Mexico
From To Drive Duration
San Diego Tijuana 28 min
Phoenix Nogales 3hr
Las Vegas Los Algodones 5hr
*Note that these estimations can differ based on the city you travel to and from.

If you are from the US or Canada, you can travel to Mexico for dental work without a visa and stay up to 180 days.

You need to have the following documents to enter the country:

  • A valid passport.
  • A completed tourist card, also known as a Multiple Migratory Form (FMM).
  • If you plan to cross the border with your car, you also need a temporary vehicle import permit.
  • You can get this from the official permit-issuing agency, Banjercito.

Source – Relaciones Exteriores [13] [14] [15]


  • The Mexican Peso is the official currency of the country. [7]
  • While most of our partner clinics accept USD.
  • Carry traveler’s checks with you and know the latest exchange rates.

US Dollars to Mexican Pesos | Canadian Dollars to Mexican Pesos


  • In Mexico, the official language is Spanish. [8]
  • There are English-speaking staff and dentists in the clinics.

But you should learn basic words and phrases to get around easier.


Mexico has one of the world’s most unique cultures that have roots in:

  • Aztec civilizations (The last of great Mesoamerican cultures).
  • Maya civilizations (Mesoamerican civilization developed by Maya people). [9]

So embrace their culture to make the most of your dental trip to Mexico.

Time Zone

The official time zone for most of Mexico is Central Standard Time (CST). [10]

You don’t have to suffer from jetlag because the time difference between most areas of the US and Canada is not that much.


The best time to travel to Mexico for your dental holiday is during the dry season.

  • From December to April, there is no rain in this season.
  • May to October is the rainy season.
  • From June to November, there is a chance of hurricanes.

Source: Audley Travel [11]


Buy a travel sim card online or at the airport to make your dental holiday in Mexico easier.

  • Telcel is a great provider with good coverage.
  • You can get 4 GBs of data for $15.
  • Other companies you can buy from include AT&T and Movistar.

Source: Travel Mexico Solo [12]


Are you ready to restore your teeth and enjoy a spectacular dental holiday in Mexico?

Then contact DentaVacation today to take advantage of our all-inclusive Mexican dental packages.

Our experts will help you plan every step of the way and choose the best package for your needs.

Visiting the dentist has never been so fun and affordable!

FAQs Dental Holiday in Mexico

You can fly to Mexico for dental work, holding a passport and a tourist card.

You can also drive through the US-Mexico borders with a passport, a passport card, or a SENTRI Card. [16]

The authorities may not let you in if you don’t have identification.

You also need to get a permit for your car if you want to drive 20 kilometers into Mexico. [17]

Mexico’s dental treatments are more affordable than the same-quality treatments in the US and Canada.

That is why many people visit Mexico for their dental work.

They can save 40%-80%, stay at cheap resorts and enjoy a relaxing vacation in a fascinating country.

Getting dental work done in Mexico is safe if you research well about the clinics.

Visit one with experienced dentists, high-quality services, and excellent reviews.

Some parts of Mexico are not safe for tourists, [18] so choose clinics in safe areas to have a great dental holiday in Mexico.

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