Are high dental costs keeping you from oral care? Get affordable dental work in Portugal & save up to 80% on US/UK costs! Sounds intriguing? Let's dive in for more details!

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Nestled on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest nations. [1]

Often referred to as ‘the California of Europe,’ [2] it boasts ancient castles, gorgeous beaches, and lively cities, each with its own vibe. [3]

When it comes to Portuguese dentistry, it is known for its high standards and the latest tech in treatments. [4]

This article will cover all you need to know about dental care in this sunny European country. [5]

First, let’s explore what patients have to say about getting dental treatment in Portugal.

Dental Work in Portugal Reviews

Dentistry in Portugal – Before & After

Dental crowns in Portugal - Before & After

Dental Crowns in Portugal

Full Mouth Restoration in Portugal | Before & After

Full Mouth Restoration in Portugal

Ready for that winning smile like the patients above?

Now, let’s ensure the treatment won’t break the bank.

Take a peek at the dental costs in Portugal in the next section.

Cost of Dental Tourism in Portugal

The cost of dental work in Portugal is up to 80% cheaper than in the US/Canada/UK.

For instance, you can get a titanium dental implant in Portugal for just $850/€800.

The same will cost you $3,300/€3,100$4,500/ €4,700 in the US/Canada/UK.

Thinking about a full set? Opt for all on 4 dental implants in Portugal!

It is priced at $6,420/€6,000, a remarkable 60-70% less than in the US, UK, or Canada!

You can revamp your smile with veneers in Portugal for $610/€570, compared to $2,500 in the US & €1,200 in the UK.

Even the cost of dental crowns in Portugal is three times less than in the West!

Check the Portugal dentistry price list 2024 below to discover the costs of other procedures.

Cost of Dental Work in Portugal vs. US/Canada Vs. UK (USD)
Procedure US/Canada UK Portugal
Titanium dental implant* $4,500 $3,300 $850
Mini dental implant* $1,500 $1,700 $375
Zirconium implant* $6,000 $4,400 $1,000
All-on-4 implants** $24,000 $16,000 $6,420
All-on-6 implants** $28,000 $18,000 $10,000
Porcelain crown $1,800 $1,250 $590
Zirconia crown $2,000 $1,500 $590
Porcelain veneer^ $2,500 $1,300 $610
Zirconium veneer^ $2,000 $1,300 $640
Snap-on denture (2 implants)** $6,000 $5,000 $2,800
Implant-supported bridge (3-unit bridge) $7,000 $4,750 $2,030
Root canal treatment (Anterior) $1,100 $700 $215
Extractions $300 $280 $80
Teeth whitening (in office) $1,000 $620 $320
Composite filling $250 $190 $65
Fixed clear braces# $6,000 $4,200 $3,475
*with abutment **per jaw ^per unit #Includes monthly adjustment fees
Dental implant brands in Portugal
*Portugal dentist prices may vary with the complexity of a case.

Cost of Dental Work in Portugal vs. US/Canada Vs. UK (Euro)
Procedure US/Canada UK Portugal
Titanium dental implant* €4,700 €3,100 €800
Mini dental implant* €1,375 €1,560 €350
Zirconium implant* €5,500 €4,030 €935
All-on-4 implants** €22,500 €15,000 €6,000
All-on-6 implants** €26,200 €16,800 €9,400
Porcelain crown €1,650 €1,145 €550
Zirconia crown €1,870 €1,400 €550
Porcelain veneer^ €2,300 €1,200 €570
Zirconium veneer^ €1,835 €1,190 €600
Snap-on denture (2 implants)** €5,600 €4,670 €2,600
Implant-supported bridge (3-unit bridge) €6,420 €4,360 €1,900
Root canal treatment (Anterior) €1,010 €645 €200
Extractions €275 €255 €75
Teeth whitening (in office) €920 €570 €300
Composite filling €230 €175 €60
Fixed clear braces# €5,500 €3,850 €3,250
*With abutment **per jaw ^per unit #Includes monthly adjustment fees
Dental implant brands in Portugal
*Portugal dentist prices may vary with the complexity of a case

Also, explore affordable dental work in European countries such as:

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Best Dental Clinics in Portugal

Wondering where to get your teeth done in Portugal? We’ve selected the top dental clinics for you.

These clinics not only offer affordable dental services in Portugal but also provide top-notch services.

Read more about them below!

Best Dentists in Portugal

For the best dental care in Portugal, it is essential to ensure that your dentists have the necessary qualifications and experience.

Prioritizing your well-being and successful results, we recommend the following dentists.

Does Portugal Have Good Dentists?

Yes, Portugal has a reputation for having skilled and well-trained dentists.

The country has 11,640 licensed dentists, more than double the WHO ‘s recommended number.

With 87.5 dentists per capita, it holds one of the highest dentist-to-population ratios in Europe.

In addition, several studies indicate that dental care in Portugal ranks among the best globally.

Overall, Portugal is a destination where you can find good dental practitioners.

Source: Expatica [6]

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Why Choose Dental Work in Portugal?

Portugal’s healthcare is top-notch, ranked twelfth globally by the WHO .

Doctors here are never rushed; they always take the time to treat each patient thoroughly! [7]

So, what sets Portugal apart regarding quality dental tourism in Europe? Let’s explore.

Cost-effective Dentistry

  • Dental services in Portugal cost 75 to 80% less than in the US, UK, and Canada.
  • The country's affordable living expenses make it a budget-friendly destination for dental tourists. [8]

High-quality, Stress-free Treatment

  • The country has a well-established healthcare system with high-standard dental care. [9]
  • Our Portuguese dentists are highly skilled, with some having international training.
  • Our dental treatment clinics in Portugal are equipped with modern facilities and the latest technology.
  • They offer customized treatments for stress-free dental care.
  • Healthcare professionals here commonly speak English, having pursued education in the UK and other European countries. [10]

Top Tourist Destination

Portugal offers numerous opportunities for recovery and recreation.

The country clinched the prestigious title of 'Best Tourism Destination in Europe' at the 2022 World Travel Awards. [11]

Moreover, at the 30th World Travel Awards ceremony, it claimed 17 European awards, including: [12]

  • Porto: Europe's Leading City Break Destination
  • The Algarve: Europe's Leading Beach Destination
  • Lisbon: Europe's Leading City Destination
  • Madeira: Europe's Leading Island Destination
  • The Passadiços do Paiva, in Arouca: Europe's Leading Adventure Tourist Attraction 2023.

Praca do Comercio in Lisbon

Praca do Comercio in Lisbon

The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve, Portugal

Popular Dental Treatments in Portugal

A dental trip to Portugal can answer all your oral concerns.

Here are some of the most sought-after dental procedures.

Best Destinations for Dental Tourism in Portugal

Choosing dental work in Portugal not only saves you money but also offers a vacation infused with a different culture.

We’ve selected some top dental destinations in Portugal, each providing affordable and quality services.

You can choose the best suits you depending on your preferences, budget, and dental needs.

Source: Immigrant Invest [13]

Now you know the best cities for dental work in Portugal, let’s explore the country’s top tourist attractions.

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Travel Guide for Dental Work in Portugal

Ready to discover Portugal’s beautiful landscapes, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine?

Use this travel guide to plan your trip and make the most of your time in this beautiful and often underrated European gem!

How to Get to Portugal?

For dental work in Portugal, flying is the fastest way to get there.

Direct flights to Lisbon, Faro, and Porto are available from Europe and some US cities.

TAP AIR Portugal, Portugal’s main airline, has direct flights from London, New York, and other UK cities.

British Airways, easyJet, and Ryanair are also options from the UK.

Just be aware that prices can spike in July and August. [14]

TAP AIR Portugal

TAP AIR Portugal

Let’s check the flight durations from the UK, US, and Canada to Portugal’s largest airport in Lisbon.

Flights from the US, Canada, and UK to Lisbon 'Humberto Delgado' Airport (LIS)
City Travel Time Number of Stops
New York (JFK) 6 hr 45 min Nonstop
Washington (IAD) 7 hr 5 min Nonstop
San Francisco (SFO) 10 hr 55 min Nonstop
Montreal (YUL) 6 hr 50 min Nonstop
Toronto (YYZ) 6 hr 55 min Nonstop
London (LHR) 2 hr 40 min Nonstop
Spain (BCN) 2 hr Nonstop
France (CDG) 2 hr 35 min Nonstop
England (NCL) 5 hr 30 min 1 stop; Layover- London
Switzerland (ZRH) 2 hr 50 min Nonstop

Entry Requirements for Dental Work in Portugal

Portugal is an EU member and a part of the Schengen area.

If you're from an EU country, you only need a valid passport or ID card to enter Portugal.

You must register with the Portuguese authorities for stays longer than 90 days.

Non-EU citizens, like those from the USA, UK, and Canada, can visit visa-free for up to 90 days.

They will need a passport valid for three months beyond their stay, adequate funds, and a return ticket.

Source:, [15], [16] Schengenvisa info [17]

Foreign Embassies in Portugal

Country Address Contact Details
USA Avenida das Forças Armadas, 1600-081 Lisboa, OR, Apartado 43033, 1601-301 Lisboa Ph: 351-21-727-3300,351-21-094-2000
UK Rua de Sao Bernardo 33, Lisboa 1249 - 082, Portugal Ph: +351 21 392 40 00
Canada Avenida da Liberdade,, Nr. 196-200, 3rd Floor ,, 1269-121 Lisbon, Portugal Ph: (011 351) 21 316 46 00
France Rua Santos-o-velho 5, 1249-079 Lisbon Ph: [351] (21) 393 91 00
Spain Rua do Saltpeter, 1, Lisbon Ph: +351-21-3472381,3472383,3478621

Getting Around Portugal

The best way to get around in Portugal depends on your travel agenda.

Opt for trains in major cities, use the Vamus Algarve bus network for beach destinations, and consider a car for remote parks and nature reserves. [18]

Check below for the best transportation options in Portugal.

Train travel in Portugal is affordable, comfortable, and convenient.

It also offers scenic routes, connecting tourist hotspots like Lisbon, Faro, Lagos, Porto, and Coimbra.

The country’s rail network runs four main types of long-distance services: [19]

  • Regional (R): Stops at almost every station, slower service.
  • Interregional (IR): Faster trains, skip smaller stations.
  • Intercidade (IC): Express trains stop mainly in big cities.

Portugal Train | Getting Around Portugal

Portugal Train

  • Alfa Pendular Deluxe: Slightly faster than express trains, higher cost.

Consider buying the Tourist Travelcard for 1, 2, or 3 days when visiting Lisbon, Porto, or Faro. [20]

It offers unlimited discounted travel on commuter trains in these cities.

You can buy tourist cards at local tourist offices.

Buses are slower and often cheaper than trains.

They are ideal for reaching smaller inland towns and villages not covered by the rail network.

There are three categories of bus services in Portugal: [21]

  • Carreiras (CR): Slow services, stopping at every crossroads.
  • Expressos and Rápidas: Comfortable, fast buses. Expressos run between major cities. Rápidas operates within specific regions and is popular with tourists.

Portugal Bus | Getting Around Portugal

Portugal Bus

  • Alta Qualidade: Fast, deluxe category offered by some companies.

For accurate timetable and fare details, visit the bus station ticket desk, which you’ll find in bigger towns.

  • Taxis in Portugal are convenient for quick transportation and operate on a meter, starting at €3.50.
  • Look for beige, green, or black taxis with an official sign on the roof and the driver's ID displayed.

  • Tipping is common, with passengers often rounding up the fare.
  • Taxis can only carry 4 passengers; for larger groups, consider Uber.

Taxi | Getting Around Portugal


Uber vs. Taxi:

  • Uber is slightly cheaper than taxis for short trips.
  • For longer journeys, Uber is about half the price of a taxi.

Source: Alongatravel [22]

Bring your license, car paperwork, and ID for driving in Portugal.

No International Driver's Permit is required if your license is from the UK, USA, or Canada. [23]

Even if you prefer a rental car, ride-sharing, or taxi over public transport, don't miss the enjoyable ride on trams 28 and 25.

They're famous for a reason!

Experience the fun for the cost of a regular public transportation ticket!

  • Use the Viva Viagem card for the best price!
  • It's a reusable card for 50 cents at any metro ticket machine.
  • You can top it off with cash or a card.

Portugal Tram


Source: Alongatravel, [24] [25]

The card allows unlimited journeys on Carris and Metro networks within 60 minutes of the first validation.

However, it cannot be used for consecutive metro trips. [26]

Ridesharing apps are gaining popularity in Portugal, especially with tourists.

They offer an affordable and convenient alternative to taxis or buses

Check out some of the top ridesharing apps below. [27]

App Payment method Minimum fare/person
Cabify credit card or cash €5
BlaBlaCar PayPal or credit card €3
Bolt PayPal or credit card €2.50
Free Now PayPal or credit card €3

Dental Vacation in Portugal: Handy Travel Tips Just for You!

To ensure you get the most out of your trip, here are a few travel tips for Portugal to remember before you arrive.

Tips for Exploring Sights

Local Events:

  • Explore local food or saint-related festivals in every town and city, especially during summer.
  • You can find details of major events, including music festivals, sports championships, and film festivals, on the Visit Portugal website.

Museums and Monuments:

  • Some offer free Sunday morning admission or discounts with a local tourist card.
  • If you're 65 or older, most museums offer a 50% discount.
  • Note that most are closed on Mondays, so plan accordingly for specific sights.

Major destinations in Portugal now impose a tourist tax of €1-2 per person per night.

You'll pay this fee at your accommodation, so plan your budget accordingly.

Source: Julie Dawn Fox Portugal [28]

Buddha Eden | Dental Tourism in Portugal

Buddha Eden, Portugal

Foods to Eat in Portugal

Did you know Portugal has the highest seafood consumption per capita in Europe?

Portuguese cuisine relies heavily on fish and seafood.

The seafood in this country is delicious, so make sure to try the local specialty in each place you visit.

  • Try the prego (beef sandwich) or bifana (pork sandwich) at local cafes for 5 EUR.
  • Bakery snacks are 2 EUR or less, while light meals, sandwiches, and fast food typically cost around 8-10 EUR.
  • Expect to pay around 10 EUR for a casual restaurant meal, and bottled water is less than 1 EUR.

Source: Nomadic Matt [29]

Portugal National Dish

Portugal National Dish

Money Saving Tips for Dental Trip to Portugal

Portugal is more affordable than many Western countries. If a basket of goods and services costs $1 in the U.S., it's only 57 cents in Portugal! [30]

Here are a few more ways to save money in Portugal:

Skip taxis: Use metro or bus systems to save on transportation costs.

Decline bread: When dining out, bread and olives may be brought to your table, but they're not free. If you're on a budget, politely decline.

Get a tourist card: In cities like Porto and Lisbon, get a tourist card for unlimited public transportation and museum discounts.

ATMs: Use ATMs with Multibanco signs for cash withdrawals; avoid Euronet machines due to high charges.

Cash Preferred: While credit cards are widely accepted, some smaller outlets, including certain restaurants, may only get cash.

Currency Exchange: Avoid large bills (over 50 euros) if exchanging money before arriving. If given large bills, exchange them at a local bank for smaller denominations.

Source: Nomadic Matt, [31] Julie Dawn Fox Portugal [32]

The Euro | Currency in Portugal

Euros | Currency in Portugal

Shopping in Portugal

When traveling, a visit to any destination is incomplete without shopping, especially in Portugal.

It is often regarded as one of Europe's most budget-friendly shopping places. [33]

Here's a list of shopping destinations in Portugal: [34] [35]

Products Area
Designer clothes Lisbon and Porto's malls and shopping districts.
Traditional ceramics Caldas da Rainha in Estremadura.
Hand-stitched Arraiolos carpets Arraiolos in Alentejo
Lifestyle accessories Flea markets in Lisbon
Protegees handicraft products Sunday markets in Portugal
Fabric shopping Galaria Tereza Seabra
Books and magazines Under the Cover, Lisbon

Keep in mind that if you’re a non-EU resident, there's a possibility of reclaiming the taxes you spend while shopping!

Just ask for the tax-free regime at stores and sort everything out at the airport on departure day. [36]

Street market at Lisbon, Portugal

Street Market at Lisbon, Portugal

Best Time to Visit for Dental Work in Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal is in spring (March-May) when the country blossoms.

Also, consider fall (September-October) for warm weather, sunshine, and fewer crowds. [37]

Now that you’ve got all the travel info let’s find the best accommodation for a comfortable stay.

Hotels to Stay in When Visiting Dentist in Portugal

Are you ready for all-inclusive dental work in Portugal but worried about safety?

Fret not; the next section has your concerns covered.

Is Dental Tourism in Portugal Safe?

As a dental patient, choosing Portugal is a no-brainer!

Dentists are highly qualified and licensed under the OMD (accredited by the Ordem dos Médicos Dentistas – Portugal).

Our partner clinics ensure successful and safe treatments with the latest technology and international disinfection protocols.

Moreover, the country is a safe destination for dental work abroad.

Portugal ranks as the fourth-most-peaceful nation in the world on the Global Peace Index. [38]

As a tourist, always keep an eye on your surroundings and belongings.

Learning some popular Portuguese words and phrases to navigate the city is also a cool idea.

Here are translations for some basic Portuguese words:

  • Hello – Olá
  • How are you? – Como está?
  • Nice to meet you – Prazer
  • Goodbye – Adeus
  • Excuse me – Com licença
  • Please – Por favor
  • Thank you – Obrigada (female)
  • Thank you – Obrigado (male)

Do you still have queries about dental tourism in Portugal?

Check out our FAQs section for answers.


Don’t let fear or high prices deter you from prioritizing your dental health.

With lower costs and advanced technology, dental work in Portugal emerges as a safe and viable option.

So, why hold back?

Start your journey to a brighter, healthier smile today.

Check out the perks of our all-inclusive dental work packages; we’re here to help you at every step.

FAQs About Dental Work in Portugal

Yes, you can get quality dental work in Portugal.

With the highest number of dentists in Europe, the country provides world-class dental care. [39]

Our partner clinics, equipped with cutting-edge technology, deliver outstanding results.

The dentists are also highly skilled, with over 20 years of experience.

A dental check-up in Portugal can cost as low as $65/€60, whereas in the US, it ranges from $100 to $175, and in the UK, it's over €85.

The cost of dental implants in Portugal ranges from $850 – $1,000.

It is $850 for a zirconium implant with an abutment and $1,000 for a titanium implant with an abutment.

In the UK, the cost exceeds $3,300, while in the US/Canada, it's $4,500.

Hence, you can save ~80% on dental implants in Portugal.

The average cost of dental veneers in Portugal is 70% less than in the US and UK.

The price starts at $610/ €570 (per unit) for porcelain veneer.

The same veneer would cost around $2,500 in the US; in the UK, it's approximately €1,200.

Yes, Portugal dental tourism packages are 70 to 80% more affordable than those in the US/UK.

The lower cost doesn't mean lower quality.

It's because Portugal's living costs, like rents, dentist salaries, and materials, are lower. [40]

So, in the end, you get a bill that won't break the bank!

Generally, medical professionals in Portugal are fluent in English, as many have pursued their education in the UK and other European countries. [41]

Our partner dentists speak Portuguese, English, and French fluently.

They have extensive experience in treating dental tourists, making them proficient in English.

Portuguese dentists accept the following payment methods:

Portugal waits for you to smile in confidence!

Plan your travel