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Find Your Perfect Smile With Dental Work in Hungary

Hungary, the World Capital of Dentistry is the 2nd most preferred dental destination in the world. [1]Presswire
“Looking at numbers worldwide, Hungary is the 2nd most preferred dental destination as 16% of patients fly to Budapest.”
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Dental work in Hungary has an excellent reputation in the world for high-quality care at a low cost. For this reason, it is also considered the number one destination for dental tourists in Europe as well.

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Hungary accounts for 40% of the continent’s share of the global dental tourism.[2] sochealth.co.uk
The Best Countries in the EU for Dental Tourism
“This beautiful …tourism industry.”
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It is one of the world’s top 30 destinations.[3]Govisity.com
30 Most Visited Countries in the World and their most visited places
“The following countries…15.3 million visitors”
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Dental Treatments in Hungary

Prices for everyday dental work are competitive in developed countries. However, people are unable to afford the expenditure associated with extensive and expensive dental works[4]Area-Info.net
Global Dental Tourism Market Size, Share, Status, Trends, Analysis 2025
“people are unable to afford the expenditure associated with extensive and expensive dental works.”
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.The most sought-after dental treatments in Hungary are:

  • Restorative treatments
  • Bridges and crowns
  • Dentures and dental implants
  • Fillings composed of silver, gold or composite resins
  • Prosthodontic treatments had the highest share in the market in 2017
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeries
  • Complete smile makeover

Europe dental tourism market is estimated to reach 1.8 billion by 2025 led by Hungary.

Dental Treatment Cost in Hungary

Prices of dental work in Hungary are 40-70% less than in the UK, Ireland and other Western European countries or even the US or Canada. [5] Presswire
“Dental treatment prices…even US or Canada.”
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Dental Works Cost Comparison (USD)
Single tooth Implant (including abutment)
All on 4
All on 6
Bone Grafting
Root Canal

Low-cost dental work is also available in European countries like Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia.

Why Dental Tourism is Preferred in Hungary?

Dental tourism is the most preferred medical tourism in Hungary due to the following reasons:

  • Dental treatment is a low-risk procedure
  • It does not require a long recovery period
  • In many countries, insurance companies cover some of the dental procedures.

61.4 million tourists visited Hungary in 2019 ^. Also, Medical and wellness tourists accounted for 2.7 million*

^*Hungarian Central Statistical Office[6]Hungarian Central Statistical Office
The number of inbound trips to Hungary and the related expenditures
“61.4 million tourists visited Hungary in 2019”
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Why is Hungary the Best Destination for Dental Work?

Hungary is the European “mecca” for dental treatments due to below reasons:

  • Savings

The outstanding cost-benefit ratio is one of the major reasons for getting dental treatment in Hungary. The savings is 70 % lower than in the USA[7]Live and invest overseas news
The World’s 8 Best Countries For Dental Tourism
“Hungary boasts more dentists …to prices in the U.S.”
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. Hence dental work in Hungary will be the best option for those without insurance or lack finances to pay out-of-pocket for dental care.

  • Budget-friendly destination

The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Hungarian forint has decreased in recent years. So, it has become more affordable for USA citizens to travel to Hungary. Hungary is within the top 10 destinations where the value of a dollar has increased the most, making more affordable travel expenses[8]CN Traveler.com
10 Places Where the U.S Dollar is Really Strong Right Now
” Hungary is within… has increased the most”
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  • High standards of care

  • Investment from the Hungarian government and the European Union has improved the standard of dentistry in the country.
  • With international training and experience, the Hungarian dentists offer high-quality dental care which is on par with the rest of Europe.
  • Quality of materials used in dental practices is high due to strict European standards[9]WhaTech-Medical health & Life Science Research News
    Dental Crown and Bridges Market report edited by leading research firm
    “The quality of materials…stricter European standards.”
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  • The reputation of Hungarian dentists

  • Hungarian dentists are world-wide known for their superior level of education, precision, and high standards.
  • The quality and training of Hungarian dentists is same with standards of Britain, Europe and the United States[10]Budapest.com
    Dental Clinics
    “Hungary is one …far lower cost.”
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  • Hungary has the largest ratio of dentists per patient than any other country in the world.
  • The dental care professionals possess good foreign-language skills[11]Budapest.com
    Dental Treatments
    “Hungarian dental…language skills”
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  • Dentist’s experience in treating international patients

  • Hungary has been a leader in the dental tourism industry for the past 2 decades, treating a large volume of foreign patients. [12]Int J Health Policy Manag
    International patients on operation vacation: medical refuge and health system crisis
    “Hungary has a long…and India”
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  • The Hungarian dental clinics were the first in Europe to inspire foreigners to visit them for treatment, which contributed to the creation of a positive image of a dental tourism destination[13]Economic Research Journal
    Medical tourism services and and Germans
    “Hungarian…ourism destination.”
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  • Modern dentistry

  • Treatments are performed using cutting-edge technology, adhering to the strictest European standards.
  • The dental lab of our partner clinic has the latest and state-of-the-art technology
  • Shorter or no waiting time

Appointments are easily available and flexible in our partner clinic. Most times you will be able to get an appointment with the dentists as soon as it is convenient for you.

  • Low infection and complication rates

Hungary has one of the lowest rates of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in Europe[14]Symbeo Health
“Also, when it comes to cleanliness, Hungary has one of the lowest rates of MRSA in Europe.”
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. The complication rate in dental care in Hungary is 5%, which is similar to other European countries. [15]WhaTech-Medical health & Life Science Research News
Dental Crown and Bridges Market report edited by leading research firm
“The rate of…European countries.”
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  • Excellent guarantee terms

The Hungary government obliges local clinics to give a 2-year guarantee for dental services. We provide10 years warranty for dental implants.

  • Patient-focused treatment

Positive treatment experiences and a high level of patient satisfaction lead to an increase in the number of dental tourists to Hungary[16]ECAB
Hungarian case study on dental care and patient flow
“Positive treatment…to Hungary.”
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According to a survey by Firstmed services^, the dental tourists in Hungary save more than 7,200 Euro on average. Higher savings increases the demand for complex treatments

^*As per information on Dental Tribune[17]Dental Tribune
Cost-savings for dental tourists in Hungary are increasing
” According to a survey…cost-saving per patient.”
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  • Two-in-one package
  • As a member of the European Union, travel to and from Hungary is easy for European citizens.
  • Hungary has a developed infrastructure, low-cost airlines, and ease in the rules and regulations for medical / tourist visa.
  • Hungary provides a fabulous experience for dental care and for leisure time before, during and after treatment.
  • You can enjoy vacation time recovering from dental treatment and return home after a relaxing break.

Why is dental work cheap in Hungary?

Hungarian clinics offer significantly lower prices than elsewhere in Europe due to below reasons

  • Hungary has the highest level of VAT in Europe at 27%,[18]EU Business
    Hungary hikes VAT to highest EU rate at 27%
    “Hungary… European Union, in a government move to fill budget holes.”View in Article

but dental procedures are excluded[19]LawyersHungary.com
VAT in Hungary
“Hungary has the highest level…procedures are excluded”
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  • Cost of living is low, so rents, business rates and labor costs are low
  • The savings is huge in extensive dental treatments.[20]Irish Examiner.com
    Air smiles: Is economy-class dental tourism worth the risk?
    “It’s unlikely that most of us …deciding factor.”
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  • Lower education fees although education is on par with international standards
  • Rising technology standards at low expenses

Dentistry in Hungary

  • Dental branch of the MOK (Magyar Orvosi Kamara, or Chamber of Hungarian Dentists) is the governing body of dentists in Hungary.
  • As a Member of the EU, dental care in Hungary adheres to EU regulations

Dental Tourism in Hungary

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is the most popular destination for dental care. The quality and affordability of Budapest’s dental clinics have made the Hungarian capital into one of Europe’s top dental tourism destinations.

How to Reach Hungary?

Hungary has 6 International airports. More than 90% of passenger travel to Budapest airport.

Flights to Hungary

CityDurationDistanceNo. of Stops
Vancouver, Canada (YVR)13 hrs 40mins5382 miles1 Stop
Dublin,Ireland (DUB)3 hrs1193 milesNon stop
London, UK (LGW)2 hrs 35 mins928 milesNon stop
Manchester, UK (MAN)5 hrs 35 mins1030 miles1 Stop
Paris, France (ORY)2 hrs786 milesNon stop
Edinburgh, UK (GLA)1165 miles3 hrsNon stop

Visa Requirements

  • The procedures to obtain a Hungarian visa vary for different countries.
  • Nationals of third countries must possess a visa when crossing the external borders.
  • Citizens of the European Union do not require an entry visa for a stay in Hungary of up to 90 days, as long as the passport is valid for 6 months beyond the date of entry.

Tourist Schengen Visa

  • It allows third-country nationals to enter into the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days within a 6-month period, for tourism purposes only.
  • Non-European citizens need to apply for a short-term Schengen visa under “tourist” specification.
  • Schengen visa info website provides information about schengen tourist visa[21]Schengen visa info.com
    Tourist Schengen Visa – Traveling to Europe for Tourism
    “Website provides information about Schengen tourist visa”
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Best Time to Visit Hungary

The best time to travel to Hungary is during summer, especially in the months of May to September.

WinterNovember to February-9 to 8 o C
SpringMarch to May4 to 22 o C
SummerJune to August14 to 27 o C
AutumnSeptember to November6 to 24 o C

Things to do in Hungary

According to the Hungarian Tourism Agency, Budapest, Hévíz, and Hajdúszoboszló were the top three accommodation sites of 2018. [22]Article Source
“According to the… Hajdúszoboszló.”
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UNESCO World Heritage List: Hungary has 7 Cultural and 1 Natural property^

Properties inscribed on the World Heritage List
” Hungary has 7 Cultural and 1 Natural properties”
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Most of Hungary’s cultural identity is tied to Budapest. There are more than 1,000 natural springs in the country with 118 in Budapest alone. Hungary has more medical spas than anywhere in Europe[24]International Medical Travel Journal
” Hungary has more medical…health benefits.”
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Lake Balaton:

It is a regionally important freshwater lake and the largest in Central Europe.


It is a natural cave system to have a cave bath. Plenty of spa treatments are also available.

Eger Castle:

It is a historical sight, also known as a spa town. The pillars have wonderful architectural designs

Travel Advice for Dental Vacation in Hungary

  • Be cautious of the touts.
  • Do not exhibit valuables or cash in the public places.
  • Always carry at least one identity proof
  • Make sure to carry your passport safely all-round the trip.
  • Always book pre-paid taxis or make sure to negotiate the fare before booking the vehicle.
  • Follow the dress code while visiting religious places.
  • Do not photograph in the area where it is restricted.
  • While driving, make sure to adhere to the requisite traffic rules.
  • For those on prescription medications, carry enough of medicines as some of them may not be legal or available in Hungary.
  • Hungary is located in the Central European Time zone which means –1 hour compared to Greenwich Time. Ensure to reset your watch accordingly.
  • Visit travel.state.gov for more information on Hungary travel.[25] Travel.state.gov
    Hungary International Travel Info
    “Information on Hungary travel.”
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Does the dental clinic in Hungary accept dental insurance?

Yes, the clinic can assist with the necessary paperwork to get reimbursement for dental bills from the insurance company.

Which languages does the staff in Hungary dental clinic speak?

The staff speaks English, Hungarian and Parsi

What is the currency of Hungary ?

The currency of Hungary is Hungarian Forint.

What are the top 5 useful apps for tourists traveling to Hungary?

BKK FUTÁR – A free app that provides real-time information on the vehicles’ locations.
Pocket Guide – A location-based audio guide that you can download and use offline.
MOL Bubi – It is a public bike-sharing service app with a total of 2,071 bikes at 156 locations all around Budapest
Budapest Design Map – It provides information about 150 Budapest design hotspots, including maps and directions, photos, and descriptions.
GoodGuy Taxi and Uber – A digital tool that helps you to plan your ride, along with monitoring your route and extra charges, and get an approximate fare calculation for the journey

How is the nightlife in Hungary?

Hungary is known for its incredible nightlife with plenty of bars and clubs, dance halls, and discos. Many stay open until late at night with a high level of safety and security measures. Even the thermal baths host stunning parties with great music, laser effects, and light show. 5th, 6th and 7th districts are the best nightlife spots in Budapest.

How safe is Hungary?

Hungary is safe for travellers. According to The Global Peace Index 2019, out of 163 countries, Hungary ranked 20th with a peace index of 1.54 [26]World Population Review
Safest Countries In The World 2020
“According to The Global Peace Index…index of 1.54”
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. Also, out of 129 countries, Hungary ranks 89 in safety index[27]Numbeo
Crime Index by Country 2020
” source reference line/para “
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Although violent crime is low in Hungary, there are some common tourist traps and petty crime like pickpocketing and thefts from rental vehicles.

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