Show off those dazzling pearly whites with a Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey! All while pocketing savings of up to 93%

This article is your ticket to a budget-friendly smile if the hefty price tag holds you back. Continue reading.

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Renowned Orthodontist Talks About Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey

A perfect smile plays a crucial part in modern beauty standards. Disproportional teeth can harm the beauty of your smile.

This is where the Hollywood smile or cosmetic dental work comes into play. It enhances your dental appearance gifting a perfect look! [1]

Turkey attracts 1.2 million medical travelers in a year. Many are for dental work! [2]

Curious to know the reason for such a high influx?

A straightforward answer is exceptional results at affordable prices.

Simply scroll down to witness the remarkable transformations firsthand and see for yourself!

Istanbul Hollywood Smile Turkey Before and After

Below are the patient pictures who received Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey.

Smile transformation with Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Before & After Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Smile transformation with Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Before & After Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Smile transformation with Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Before & After Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Smile transformation with Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Before & After Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Worried that these transformations might break the bank? Don’t be.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey cost much less than in your home country.

Keep scrolling down to explore the detailed cost breakdown.

Hollywood Smile Istanbul Price

Istanbul dental work costs won’t burden your finances.

The cost of Hollywood Smile in Istanbul Turkey vary with the procedure you choose.

For instance, dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey, will save 93% on treatment.

This is because Istanbul dental implant costs around €200, much less than €3,100 in the UK.

Similarly, you can enjoy up to 89% savings on Istanbul dental crowns.

On the other hand, Istanbul dental veneers price starts at €160, saving you 86% compared to UK prices.

We detailed the prices and considerable savings you can make in Istanbul. Check them out for a better understanding.

Hollywood Smile Istanbul Price vs. UK
Treatment UK Istanbul Savings
Dental implants^ €3,100 €200 93%
Porcelain crown* €1,150 €130 88%
PFM crown* €800 €100 88%
Emax crown* €1,400 €220 84%
Zirconia crown* €1,400 €150 89%
Porcelain veneer* €1,220 €160 86%
Zirconia veneer* €1,300 €180 86%
Emax veneer* €800 €230 71%
Emax laminate veneer* €900 €250 72%
Composite resin veneer* €320 €110 65%
Gingivectomy** €95 €40 58%
Teeth whitening (In-office) €650 €130 80%
Invisalign (per jaw) €5,115 €1,970 62%
^With abutment, *Per unit,** Per tooth
#Prices may vary depending on the case.

Get celebrity level confidence while saving big!

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Note that you can pay for your Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey, using any of the following methods:

  • Bank transfers
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Cash (USD, CAD, Euros, Turkish lira)

Typically, dental treatment prices depend on the

  • Dental work
  • City and clinic you opt for
  • Proficiency and experience of dentist

In Istanbul, Turkey, the clinics are top-notch, and you get treated by the best dentists.

Despite all these, the prices are considerably low. This is mainly due to Turkey’s:

  • Low currency exchange rate [3]
  • Low cost of living when compared to the UK [4]

Testimonials are crucial when you’re picking a dentist or dental clinic.

Take a peek at what some patients say about Istanbul Hollywood Smile.

Istanbul Hollywood Smile Turkey Reviews

Here are a few heartfelt patient testimonials.

Watch the videos below to gain a better understanding.

Watch on YouTube: "Cosmetic Dental Work in Istanbul Review"
US Patient Reviews Her Teeth Makeover in Istanbul, Turkey
Watch on YouTube: "Dental Work in Istanbul"
Tommy From UK Talks About His New Smile in Istanbul, Turkey

Still uncertain about opting for Hollywood Smile Turkey Istanbul?

We’ve got all the benefits of this choice. Just scroll down and dive into the details!

Why Choose Hollywood Smile in Istanbul?

Here are the top reasons that make Istanbul, Turkey, an ideal pick for a Hollywood smile:

Massive savings

Quality treatment

  • Our partner clinics have been successfully dealing with international patients.
  • Further, they are equipped with cutting-edge technology. In addition, they use top-quality dental materials that add glass-like texture for artificial teeth.

Top dentists

  • You get treated by qualified and experienced dentists in a comfortable, stress-free environment.
  • Many of them are members of prestigious organizations like ITI and TDB .

Istanbul Turkey: Why is it An Ultimate Choice for Hollywood Smile

Istanbul Turkey: An Ultimate Choice for Hollywood Smile

Easier communication

  • The staff and dentists at our partner clinics can speak fluent English.
  • So you don’t have to worry about communication during your dental work.

Convenient location

  • Istanbul is one of the major cities in Turkey. It has comfortable travel options from many European cities.
  • In addition, our partner clinics offer airport transport services. So, reaching here won’t be a hassle.

Relaxing holiday

  • Istanbul, Turkey, is a treasure trove of culture and history, making it a famous tourist spot.
  • A dental trip to Istanbul, Turkey, will be a refreshing break in your busy life.

Smile confidently like never before!

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Now, let’s learn the specifics of Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey.

Everything About Istanbul Hollywood Smile

These days, it’s not just about oral health. Dental aesthetics are stealing the spotlight!

Chips, breaks, and stains on teeth can all detract the beauty of your smile.

Moreover, wider gaps (diastema) can hinder the appearance of front teeth. [5]

Overall, these conditions affect your smile.

Further, a smile impacts your facial beauty, social relations, and mental well-being. [6]

Istanbul Hollywood Smile for a Picture Perfect Look

Istanbul Hollywood Smile for a Picture Perfect Look

Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey, offers collective treatment to answer smile troubles. [7]

It includes various dental treatments that vary with individual needs.

Wondering who needs a Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey? Keep reading.

Candidates for Istanbul Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey, can be a help if you hide your smile for teeth problems like: [8]

  • Wide spacing
  • Stains and discoloration
  • Prominent gums
  • Small chips or cracks

Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey: What It Includes?

Typically, Cosmetic dental work or Hollywood smile treatment aims at improving teeth [9]

  • Color
  • Alignment
  • Shape
  • Position

The best Hollywood smile in Istanbul includes the following dental treatments:

Crowns are the caps or covers placed on existing damaged teeth or implants.

Dental crowns in Istanbul, Turkey, are different types based on the kind of material.

They can be porcelain, zirconia, PFM, or Emax crowns.

Your dentist will

  • Prepare your tooth by trimming it
  • Collect impressions and send them for crown fabrication
  • Fix the prepared crown using dental cement or adhesive
Source: Health Direct [10]

Dental Crown on an implant and damaged tooth 

Dental Crown on an Implant and Damaged Tooth

These are thin, tooth-colored shells that can cover the appearance of front teeth.

You can get porcelain, zirconia, Emax, and composite resin veneers in Istanbul, Turkey.

The veneer procedure comes in two ways:

  • Porcelain or zirconia veneers are custom-made in the lab. They are affixed on the tooth after it is slightly trimmed and etched.
  • In contrast, the dentist will apply resin directly on teeth for composite resin veneers.
Source: Medical News Today [11] Healthline [12]

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Teeth whitening lightens the existing shade of your teeth color. [13]

Your dentist will apply the whitening agent on your teeth by protecting your gums with a rubber dam.

They will then focus laser light on the whitening agent to speed up the whitening process.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Dental implants are screw-like medical devices that are surgically fixed into the jaw.

Your dentist will fix the artificial tooth over implants.

Implants typically replace missing tooth roots. Apart from aesthetics, these fixed teeth can improve speech and chewing ability. [14]

Dental implants Replace tooth roots

Dental Implants Replace Tooth Roots

Gum contouring is also called gingival sculpting or gingivoplasty.

Your dentist will resculpt your gum line by removing excess gum tissue. [15]

They will use a scalpel or soft tissue laser for this.



Orthodontics corrects improperly positioned gapped, crooked, or misaligned teeth. [16]

Invisalign is a clear aligner or covering that fits your teeth tightly.

They apply pressure on your teeth to shift them into the right place. [17]


Invisalign Clear Aligners

Uncertain about which procedure suits you the best?

Your dentist will help you in selecting the right one for you. This is based on your oral condition.

Listen to one of the top dentists in Istanbul talking about crowns and veneers.

Watch on YouTube: “What”
Istanbul’s Experienced Dentist Compares Dental Crowns and Veneers

Scroll further down to know the time taken to get a Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey?

The time taken to get a Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey, varies with the procedure.

We tabulated the time taken for each procedure below for an easier understanding.

Treatment Visits Time taken
Dental implants 2 Visit 1- 4 days

Visit 2- 8 days

Dental crowns 2 3-7 days
Dental veneers 2 2-7 days
Teeth whitening 1 1 day
Gum contouring 1 1 day
Invisalign Case-dependent Case-dependent
#Exact treatment duration may vary.

Worried that getting a Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey, might be painful?

The following section will help you.

Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey: Does It Cause Pain?

Thanks to cutting-edge technology! Achieving a picture-perfect smile is now more convenient than ever.

The level of discomfort you might experience varies depending on the treatment.

For example, teeth whitening is a simple and painless procedure.

Conversely, getting implants or gum contouring can cause pain and discomfort.

For this, you will receive local anesthesia during treatment. Also, you can use painkillers for recovery. [18] [19]

In contrast, getting veneers and crowns involves minimal pain.

They will also be done under local anesthesia. [20] [21]

On the other hand, pain caused by aligners is temporary and manageable. [22]

Remember that any dental treatment can pose some minor complications.

Risks Associated With Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey

Here are the potential complications that may arise with Hollywood Smile:

  • Swelling, bruises, infection [23]
  • Implant site bleeding and dislodging
  • Cracks, chips, and falling off of veneers and crowns [24]

Note that following the instructions provided by your dentist will reduce the risk of complications.

Now, let’s learn about caring for your Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey: Aftercare

Key to dental treatment longevity: Strict adherence to aftercare instructions!

Here are a few points you need to know to protect your picture-perfect smile.

The next question would be, how long would this flawless smile last? We’ve got you covered.

Note that the lifespan of Istanbul Hollywood smile varies with your procedure.

Here, we provide the life span for each dental procedure.

  • Dental veneers: 5-10 years [30]
  • Dental crowns: 10-15 years [31]
  • Gum contouring: Life-time [32]
  • Dental implants: 10-20 years [33]
  • Teeth whitening: upto 3 years [34]
  • Invisalign: Life-time [35]

Worried if choosing Istanbul Hollywood Smile is safe? Worry not. We’ve got you covered.

Is It Safe To Get a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey?

Istanbul Hollywood smile is safe when you are treated by a skilled dentist.

Dentists at our Istanbul partner clinics are highly qualified.

They are members of ITI and TDA with a successful track record of over 28 years.

In addition, our partner clinics have fully equipped in-house dental labs. Technicians here are well-experienced to craft customized prosthetics.

They use top-quality German-imported dental materials.

Additionally, you get prosthetics from top brands like Straumann, Osstem, and Invoclar Vivodent.

Some of the clinics are ISO-certified. This means they adhere to safety standards, keeping patient safety as a top priority.

Alongside the treatment, they offer post-procedural support. This is to ensure safety and efficacy after treatment.

Skeptical about choosing the right provider?

At Dentavacation, we help you at every step for a beautiful smile!

Read further to understand the basics of choosing the right clinic.

How To Choose a Clinic for a Hollywood Smile?

All you need to do is research well to choose the right provider for your dental work.

Remember that you check the following:

  • Clinic accreditations
  • People reviews and ratings for the clinic and dentists
  • Doctor qualifications, experience, and memberships
  • Safety and sterilization methods adopted at the clinic

At DV, we facilitate a smoother experience by doing the preliminary work for you.

We associate with clinics only after thorough verification.

Curious to know about the top clinics for your Hollywood smile in Istanbul?

Top Hollywood Smile Clinic Istanbul

Here are the top clinics for Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey:

Many ask us about Hollywood Smile Turkey packages in Istanbul.

At DV, we provide comprehensive information to make your dental experience smoother.

Some of our partner clinics offer all-inclusive prices for Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey.

The cost ranges between €3,000 to €9,000 and includes implants and crowns.

Further, you can expect the following amenities at this price.

  • Aftercare
  • Followups
  • Private transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Dinner (2 persons)
  • First consultation (online)
  • Dental guards and dentures (if needed)

Curious about the dentists who craft your flawless smile in Istanbul, Turkey?

Look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Best Doctors for Getting Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey

Concerned that dental work in Istanbul, Turkey, might be stressful? Don’t be.

Watch the video below. See how dentists at our Istanbul partner clinics ensure a comfortable experience.

Watch on YouTube: “The Most Unique Dental Clinic in Istanbul”
Unique Dental Treatment for Stress-Free Experience

Dental work in Turkey, offers a unique opportunity for relaxation.

Continue reading to learn everything you need for a successful dental trip.

Dental Tourism in Istanbul, Turkey

To get acquainted with the specific details, let’s begin with the necessary documentation.

Visa & Passport

The visa and passport requirements for entering Turkey differ with nationality.

Note that Americans mandatorily need a visa and passport to enter Turkey. [36]

Ensure that your passport holds 6 month- validity from your arrival. [37]

In addition, it should have blank pages for stamping.

The good news is that you can apply for an e-visa prior to arrival.

Citizens of the UK do not need a visa to enter Turkey for short-term visits of up to 90 days. [38]

If you plan to stay longer, you will need a longer-stay visa or residence permit.

About your passport, make sure that it

  • Is valid for 150 days from your arrival date
  • Has a blank page for entry and exit stamps

Now, let’s learn about reaching Turkey with ease.

How To Reach?

Istanbul is one of the largest city in Turkey.

It is a commercial and cultural center and a popular tourist destination.

Istanbul has connectivity with many major cities around the globe.

It is reachable by flight, on road, train or ferry as well.

Many choose flights for ease, comfort, and less travel time.

Istanbul, Turkey Is a Commercial Hotspot

Istanbul, Turkey Is a Commercial Hotspot

You may fly to Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) or Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW).

Here are the details of flying time from some famous cities across the world.

Flying Duration to Istanbul
City (IATA code) Flying Time (Istanbul airport)
London (LGW) 4 hr (IST)
Paris (ORY) 3hr 30 min (SAW)
Berlin (BER) 2 hr 50 min (SAW)
Washington (IAD) 14hr 25 min (IST) (One-stop)
New York (JFK) 9 hr 55 min (One-stop)

Reaching our partner clinics from the airport would be a breeze.

You need not worry about getting local transport. Avail free airport pick up for your ease and comfort.

And here comes the exciting part!

A dental tour can never be boring in Istanbul. This old city carries centuries-old histories of great empires.

Experience Turkey's Vibrance of Culture

Turkey’s Vibrance of Culture

You can weave wonderful memories with your family here.

Turkish Tourist Places and Local Food

Here are a few tourist places to visit in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey

Hagia Sophia

Bosphorous Strait

Bosphorous Strait

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace

Trying local food offers an opportunity to understand the local culture and lifestyle.

Here are some of the must-try scrumptious Turkish delicacies.



Donner kebab

Donner Kebab




A Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey, isn’t just about boosting your self-confidence.

It’s an opportunity to experience top-notch dental care with the finest materials. All in a serene and comfortable setting.

The best part? You can get it at a fraction of the price you’d pay back home.

So, why wait?

Pack your bags and secure your tickets! Get ready for an unforgettable dental trip in this centuries-old city.


The cost of Hollywood Smile in Istanbul Turkey, depends on the procedure you opt for.

For instance, a single unit of veneers in Istanbul can cost you between €110 to €250.

Conversely, getting Istanbul’s in-office teeth whitening can cost you €130.

On average, Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, Turkey, can save you up to 93% on costs compared to the UK price.

Choosing a Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey, is a good idea as it offers numerous benefits.

Cost savings stand on top when it comes to advantages. Getting the best Hollywood smile in Istanbul, Turkey, can save you up to 93%.

You get treated by the English-speaking- top dentists at the best clinics in Istanbul.

Besides, you will get the top quality German imported dental materials here.

Additionally, there are other amenities too. The free airport pickups and post-procedural support fall on this list.

Istanbul awaits. Are you ready?

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