Fed up with dentures? Bid farewell to those missing teeth! Discover budget-friendly dental implants in Izmir, Turkey, and slash expenses by a whopping 80%!

Read this ultimate guide to escape from sky-high implant prices in your home country.

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Losing teeth is a serious concern affecting aesthetics and social relations.

Luckily dental implants are a perfect solution for all the woes caused by missing teeth. [1]

However, accessing dental care in the UK is challenging. Further, many find it a costly affair too. [2]

Moreover, NHS coverage of implants is confined to congenital conditions, trauma, or tumor. [3]

Under these circumstances, Turkey dental implants are a one-stop solution. The standout feature is, they keep your wallet happy!

Besides, a dental tour in Izmir, Turkey offers a multitude of benefits beyond affordable costs.

Scroll down to know them.

Why Choose Izmir, Turkey, for Dental Implants?

Here are the benefits of choosing Izmir, Turkey, for dental implants:

  • Less waiting times | Treatment at your convenience.
  • Affordable costs | Save up to 80% on treatment costs.
  • ISO-certified clinics | Adheres to international safety standards.
  • Board-certified dentists | Highly qualified and experienced dentists.


Izmir, Turkey for Dental Implants

Izmir, Turkey: Top Destination for Dental Implants
  • Popular implant brands | Life-time guarantee on implants.
  • Top-notch dental care | Clinics rely on cutting-edge technology for optimal results.
  • Hassle-free communication | The clinics have English-speaking staff and language translators.
  • Refreshing vacation | Revitalizing dental tour in the pleasant seaside city.

Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey Cost

Dental implants in Izmir, Turkey, prices are far lower than that in the UK and the US.

You can make significant cost savings of around 80% here in Izmir, Turkey.

The average cost of dental implants in Izmir, Turkey, ranges from €300 to €790. The prices vary with the implant brand.

For example, a single Implura titanium implant in Izmir, Turkey, costs you €300.

Conversely, the cost of a single Nobel Biocare implant is €790.

If you consider all-on-4 dental implants, you will be charged only €3,300 in Izmir, Turkey.

However, you will have to pay an amount of €15,000 for the same in the UK.

Check out the table below for savings you can make in Izmir, Turkey.

Dental Implant Prices in Izmir vs. UK & US
Procedure UK US Izmir Savings
All on 4* €15,000 €22,500 €3,300 ~80%
All on 6* €16,800 €26,200 €4,700 ~80%
All on 8* €18,700 €32,700 €6,300 ~75%
Titanium implant** €3,100 €4,700 €300 ~90%
Bone graft^ €2,400 €660 €150 ~85%
Sinus lift €2,000 €2,000 €180 ~90%
*including fixed hybrid acrylic bridge per jaw, ** including abutment, ^ per unit
Izmir Implant Brands
#Prices are case-dependent

Not only that our partner clinics offer affordable prices, but there are jaw-dropping deals too!

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Wondering how to pay at our partner clinics? We have you covered!

Payment Methods

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/ debit cards
  • Cash (USD, GBP, EUR & 2% discount on cash payments)

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Selecting the best clinic and dentist is a stressful task. Worry not!

We have picked some of the top private dental clinics in Izmir, Turkey.

Scroll down and get a glimpse.

Top Clinics for Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Now, look at the top dentists working at these dental clinics.

Best Dentists for Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Now, read what our happy patients have to say about their dental implants in Izmir, Turkey.

Clinic Reviews

Look at the amazing before and after pictures of having dental implants in Izmir, Turkey.

They serve as an undeniable proof of the dentists expertise!

Before & After Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Before & After Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Before & After Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Before & After Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

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All About Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent solution for single and multiple-tooth loss.

They are screw-like devices that can support artificial teeth.

Your dentist will surgically place them into the jaw.

They effectively restore the lost quality of life caused by missing teeth. [4]

Dental Implant As Natural Tooth Root

Dental Implant in Izmir, Turkey

Parts of a Dental Implant

A dental implant has three parts:

It is the screw-like part that is fixed inside the jawbone and replaces the missing tooth root.

It is a connector that holds the artificial teeth on the implant.

It lies in the soft tissue area between the jaw bone and mouth.

They can be either crowns or full-arch prostheses that look and function more like natural teeth.

Source: Royal Society of Chemistry [5]

Dental Implant Structure

Structure of Dental Implant in Izmir, Turkey

Now, look at the amazing benefits of dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Dental implants offer plenty of benefits:

  • Realistic look: Appear and feel more like natural teeth.
  • Durable: Permanent solution and can last for a lifetime.
  • Restores chewing: Improves bite force and restores your chewing ability.
  • Improves speech: Fill the gaps between teeth and impart clarity to speech.
  • Prevent jawbone loss: Preserve the jawbone and avoid the sunken appearance of jaws.
  • Preserves adjacent teeth: Behave like natural tooth roots and prevent the adjacent teeth from drifting into the lost teeth gaps.

In brief, dental implants improve the quality of your life and give you a confident smile to build relationships.

Source: Healthline [6]

Now, check if you can get dental implants in Turkey!

Eligible Candidate for Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Dental implants are a way to go if you have lost single or many teeth from a jaw.

However, you are an eligible candidate only if you are not:

  • Prone to parafunctional habits like teeth clenching.
  • Suffering from behavioural, neurogenic, or psychiatric disorders.
  • Undergoing irradiation or chemotherapy treatments of the neck and head.
  • Suffering from diabetes, osteoporosis, AIDS, bone or soft tissue infection.

Good Candidate for Dental Implants

Eligibility for Dental Implants

Source: NCBI [7]

The number, and type of dental implants that you require depends on your jaw bone.

Dentists at our partner clinics will help you choose the implants that suit you the best.

Scroll and check out the implants that Izmir, Turkey, offers you.

Types of Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey

Our partner clinics in Izmir, Turkey, offer you the following types of dental implants:

Titanium implants in Izmir, Turkey are made of titanium which is a bioinert material.

It rarely causes allergic reactions in surrounding tissues. [8]

They are renowned for their durability and long-lasting nature. [9]

Note that titanium is a paramagnetic material.

So, a titanium implant will not pose any problems for an MRI scan. [10]

Titanium Implant

Titanium Implant

All on 4 dental implants in Izmir, Turkey involve placement of four implants into the jaw for supporting a full arch prosthesis.

Among the four dental implants, two are positioned vertically

And the other two are angled at 45°.

Angulation allows the placement of longer implants

This further improves their stability and anchorage within the jawbone. [11]

All on 4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 Dental Implants

All on 6 dental implants in Izmir, Turkey involve fixation of 6 implants into a jaw to support a full arch prosthesis.

The extra implants provide support.

Thereby, they contribute to successful treatment outcomes.

The advantage is that even if one implant fails, the rest can balance the prosthesis. [12]

All on 6 Dental Implants

All-on-6 Dental Implants

All on 8 dental implants in Izmir, Turkey are chosen if you have lost many teeth from a jaw. 

The dentist will fix eight implants in a jaw to support a full arch prosthesis

The advantage of having extra implants is that they provide stability

Furthermore, if one implant fails, the rest can support the prosthesis. Thus avoiding failure.

All on 8 Dental Implants

All-on-8 Dental Implants

Wondering how a screw-like device can ever support the prosthesis? Scroll further to find an answer!

Osseointegration: The key to implant success!

When an implant is fixed, it gradually fuses with the jaw bone through a process called osseointegration.

This allows dental implants to behave like natural tooth roots.

It is the main principal reason behind the success of dental implants. [13]

Now, look at the time taken for dental implants in Izmir, Turkey.

How Long Does It Take for Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey?

Getting dental implants in Izmir, Turkey, may take a minimum of 3-6 months.

In some cases, it may take even longer.

You will have to make at least two visits to the dental clinic.

Here is the overview of the process:

  • Visit-1: 4 days
  • Gap: 3-6 months
  • Visit-2: 7 days.

Note that you may need an extra visit for a bone graft or a sinus lift.

Now, look at the detailed step-wise dental implant procedure.

Dental Implant Procedure in Izmir, Turkey

The dental implant procedure is performed in the following steps:

Your dentist will ask about your medical and dental history.

They will evaluate your oral health by performing X-rays and blood tests.

Further, they will discuss the treatment plan and answer any questions you may have.

The requirement of pre-surgery procedures depends on your initial evaluation.

Some patients do not have enough jaw bone to support the upcoming implant.

The dentist will suggest a sinus lift or bone graft in such cases.

Adding bone material to the existing jawbone will make the jawbone ready to support the implant.

However, you will have to wait for the jawbone to heal before proceeding to the implant surgery.

The surgery will be performed under anesthesia.

Your dentist will surgically fix the implants into your jawbone and place the temporary teeth.

It is important to note that the implant will fuse with the jawbone in around 3-6 months. [14]

Abutment fixation is a minor outpatient procedure. It will be done under local anesthesia.

The dentist will ensure the implant has completely fused with the jaw bone.

They will reopen your gums to screw an abutment on the implant.

The site will then heal for 1-2 weeks.

Here comes the final step of fixing artificial teeth.

Usually, the dentist will fix a single crown on an implant to replace a single missing tooth.

However, when you lose many teeth from a jaw, the dentist will fix a full arch prosthesis on 4/6 or 8 implants.

Dental Consultation

Initial Consultation

Dental Implant Surgery

Implant Surgery

Fixing Artificial Teeth

Prosthesis Placement

Source: Colgate [15]

Are you worried about the pain and recovery after implant surgery? Worry not.

We have you covered. Scroll down to learn about dental implant recovery.

How Is Recovery After Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey?

You will experience soreness and pain around the implant site after surgery.

To help this, you will be prescribed analgesics. Gradually the pain will subside.

You can expect to recover within 4 days after your dental implant surgery.

By then, you should be able to comfortably open your mouth, speak, and resume normal eating habits.

Source: NCBI [16]

What Not To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery?

You must not hesitate to see your dentist if:

  • Your implant has slightly moved.
  • You are experiencing persistent pain at the implant site.
  • The soreness and bruises have not subsided even after a week.

Source: Medical News Today [17]

Following proper aftercare will ensure the longevity of your implants.

Neglecting this can lead to peri-implant issues like inflammation and biofilm buildup causing implant failure. [18]

Check out the aftercare measures to protect your dental implants.

Dental Implants: Aftercare

Below are some aftercare tips:

  • Never miss your dental check-ups.
  • Maintain oral hygiene by brushing your teeth and cleaning the implant area like natural teeth.
  • If you are a smoker, it is highly advisable to quit smoking. Smoking can negatively impact the healing process and increase the risk of complications.

Dental Check-Up

Dental Check-Up


Brushing Teeth

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Source: Medical News Today [19]

Safeguard your implants against dislodging by avoiding hard foods.

Simultaneously, nourish your body with the right nutrition to promote efficient healing.

Below is the list of foods to eat and those to avoid for a smoother recovery:

Fuel your recovery with

  • Plenty of water
  • Less spicy soft foods
  • Milkshakes, yogurts, potatoes, soft fruits, and puddings
  • Foods with optimal temperature and not too hot or cold foods

Steer clear of

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Sticky foods like chewing gums
  • Sugary, acidic foods like soft drinks, tomatoes, and citrus fruits
  • Crunchy foods like chips, cookies, crackers, seeds, and hard nuts

Remember that drinking milkshakes or smoothies with a straw can loosen the blood clots. This will delay your healing.

Hence, use a spoon or drink directly from an open cup.

Source: Hoissen Implants [20]

Are you worried about the safety of dental implants in Izmir, Turkey?

At Dentavacation, we address all your concerns by offering complete coverage.

Scroll further and check out if Izmir dental implants are safe!

Is It Safe To Have Dental Implants in Izmir, Turkey?

The answer is a straight YES!

Dental implants in Izmir, Turkey, are a safe treatment option.

The location also ensures overall safety.

The success of dental treatment relies on the clinic’s safety standards and the dentist’s expertise.

And our partner clinics in Izmir, Turkey, are ISO-certified.

  • They adhere to the utmost safety standards and follow effective sterilization techniques.
  • By doing so, they provide a sterile and hygienic environment.
  • In addition, the dentists and auxiliary staff use disposable gloves, masks, and safety glasses to minimize the risks of cross-infection.
  • Further, the clinics employ highly qualified and board-certified dentists.
  • They utilize advanced technology like 3D imaging, CBCT, and panoramic X-rays.
  • This will help to know the right position and angle of implants.
  • Further, they use popular implant brands like Nobel Biocare, Osstem, Straumann, and Implura.

Izmir, Turkey, is a safe travel destination. [21]

Every year nearly 1,00,000 international patients travel for dental treatments in Turkey. [22]

Furthermore, Izmir stands forefront of attracting foreign patients for dental treatments.

Additionally, Izmir has a safety index of 73, assuring its visitors a secure environment. [23]

Dental Tourism in Izmir, Turkey

Turkey offers a rich cultural heritage and historical legacy for its visitors.

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Dental Tourism in the “Land of Two Continents”

To enter Turkey, you require a valid passport with blank page for entry and exit stamps.

  • Remember that UK citizens need a passport valid for at least 150 days from the arrival date. [24]
  • Conversely, US citizens need a passport valid for at least 6 months from the entry date. [25]

Besides, the visa requirements also vary with the nationality of the foreign patient.

  • UK citizens are only required to obtain a visa for stays exceeding 90 days. [26]
  • However, a visa is mandatorily required for US citizens regardless of the duration of their stay. [27]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye has got your back with a super convenient option!

You can just hop online and get an e-visa. [28]

All that you will need are the appropriate travel documents with your travel dates for this. [29]

Getting dental work in Turkey is a one-stop solution for high-quality dental care and stunning travel opportunities.

Before setting out for your travel, check out the ways to get here!

Reaching Izmir, Turkey

Flights and ferries are the preferred modes to reach Izmir, Turkey.

Many popular airlines provide direct flight connectivity from the UK to Izmir.

You can book your tickets to Adnan Mendres Airport (IATA: ADB/ ICAO: LTBG) in Izmir.

City ( IATA/ ICAO) To Izmir
London (LHR/ EGLL) 3 hr 45 min
Birmingham (BHX/ EGBB) 3 hr 55 min
Glasgow (GLA/ EGPF) 4 hr 30 min
Stuttgart (STR/ EDDS) 2 hr 50 min
Copenhagen (CPH/ EKCH) 3 hr 30 min

If you are flying from the US, you can book your tickets for one-stop flights.

Alternatively, you can fly to Istanbul and reach Izmir from there.

The clinics are around 13 miles away from the Adnan Mendres airport.

You can avail the clinic's free airport shuttle to reach here.

Izmir is a vibrant coastal city situated on the Aegean coast.

You can take advantage of the paid ferryboats and international cruises to reach here from the coastal European cities.

Seaside enthusiasts will discover a coastal allure.

The ferry boats connect Bostanlı İskele, Karşıaya İskele, Bayraklı İskele, Alsancak İskele, Pasaport İskele, Konak İskele, and Üçkuyular İskele.

However, ferries operate at fixed timings.

Izmir, Turkey Cruise

International Cruise

Izmir, Turkey: Beyond the Dental Chair!

You will experience the rich cultural heritage with a lovely coastline climate in Izmir, Turkey.

Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey

Ephesus in Izmir, Turkey

Turkey offers you a splendid experience with its archeological rich minarets and domes.

Take a moment to savor the Turkish coffee essence while you stroll through the local shopping areas.

Delight your taste buds with authentic Turkish cuisine in local restaurants.

Indulge in Izmir’s historical ambiance and discover the timeless grace they hold!

Local Restaurants in Izmir

Turkish Cuisine at Local Restaurants

Street Shopping in Izmir

Explore Street Shopping


Experience the ideal solution for replacing your dentures with dental implants in Izmir, Turkey.

Immerse yourself in Turkey’s splendid offerings and adorn the archeological richness.

Enjoy a refreshing smilecation while getting treated at the best clinics and save 80% on treatment.

Get pearly whites that’ll make hearts steal! Call us now and let us assist you through your smile makeover journey.


Dental implants in Izmir, Turkey costs start from €300. They vary with the type and implant brand.

For instance, a single Nobel Biocare titanium implant costs you €790.

However, the charges for all-on dental implants in Izmir, Turkey are different.

If you consider, an all-on-4 implant system in Izmir, Turkey it will cost you €3,300 per jaw.

Whereas, all-on-6 implants with a fixed full-arch bridge will cost you €4,700 per jaw.

In contrast, you will have to pay higher for all-on-8 implants. It will cost you €6,300 in Izmir, Turkey.

Dental implants in Izmir, Turkey are far cheaper than in the UK and US.

The main reasons contributing to low implant prices in Izmir are:

  • Turkey's low currency exchange rate [30]
  • Low rent and business costs in Turkey [31]
  • Low living costs in Turkey compared to the UK and US [32] [33]

Yes! Getting dental implants in Izmir, Turkey is a blend of benefits.

In Izmir, Turkey, you will receive treatment from qualified dentists who practice at ISO-certified clinics.

Besides, they utilize cutting-edge technology like CBCT, dental lasers, and panoramic X-rays.

In addition, you will get popular implant brands with 80% savings here in Izmir, Turkey.

Moreover, our partner clinics follow international safety standards and effective sterilization techniques.

This ensures you are in a safe environment with the least risks of cross-contamination.

Captivate the world with a new smile!

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