Considering Turkey dental veneers to transform your smile? Curious about why are veneers cheaper in Turkey? Discover now and save up to 96%!

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Dental Veneers in Turkey

How Much Are Veneers in Turkey?

Turkey offers significant cost savings for veneers as it is up to 96% cheaper than the UK/US.

For instance, a single-tooth porcelain veneer in Turkey can be as affordable as $98/€90.

While the same procedure costs $2,510 in the US and €1,220 in the UK.

Likewise, composite veneers in Turkey are priced at just $110/€100 with savings of ~90% compared to the US/UK.

For a more detailed breakdown of prices, refer to the table below.

Turkey Veneers Cost vs. US
Procedure US Turkey Savings
Porcelain veneer* $2,510 $98 96%
Composite veneer* $1,640 $110 93%
Zirconium veneer* $2,510 $175 93%
E max veneer* $1,750 $195 88%
Laminate veneer* $2,275 $325 85%

*per unit

*Prices are case-dependent
Turkey Veneers Cost vs. UK
Procedure UK Turkey Savings
Porcelain veneer* €1,220 €90 92%
Composite veneer* €580 €100 83%
Zirconium veneer* €1,300 €160 88%
E max veneer* €690 €180 74%
Laminate veneer* €1390 €300 78%

*per unit

*Prices are case-dependent

Note that prices can vary depending on different factors like:

  • Type of veneer used
  • Number of veneers
  • Dentist's experience and reputation
  • Complexity of the case
  • Location of your Turkish dentist
  • Additional procedures (if required)

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Why Are Veneers Cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey has become a top spot for dental tourism, offering high-quality treatments at affordable prices. [1]

Moreover, in Turkey, veneers cost only a quarter of the US or UK cost.

Let’s compare the price with other European countries!

Veneers Cost Turkey vs. Other European Countries

Veneers Cost Turkey vs. Other European Countries

But the question that arises is, why are veneers in Turkey so much more affordable?

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Lower Labor Costs

Turkey generally has lower labor costs than Western Europe and North American countries. [2]

Therefore, this lower cost of labor allows dental clinics in Turkey to provide competitive prices for their services.

This makes Turkey an attractive option with quality dental care at a fraction of the cost.

Reduced Overhead Expenses

Dental clinics in Turkey have lower overhead expenses.

These include lower costs for rent, utilities, and administrative expenses compared to Western countries. [3]

These lower operating costs enable clinics to pass on the savings to their patients.

Competitive Dental Tourism Industry

Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for dental tourism.

The country actively promotes medical and dental tourism, attracting patients from around the world. [4]

To stay competitive, Turkish dental clinics offer attractive prices and pacakges for international patients.

43% of individuals in the UK and US consider improving their smiles with cosmetic dentistry. [5]

After all, a person’s smile is what we notice right after those eyes!

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Government Support

The Turkish government actively supports health tourism in Turkey.

It has adopted policies to simplify and promote healthcare access for international patients in Turkey. [6]

This support can further contribute to cost savings for patients.

Why are veneers cheaper in Turkey

Reasons Why Are Veneers Cheaper in Turkey

Affordable Travel

Turkey provides cost-effective travel opportunities with inexpensive flights. [7]

Affordable flights and travel options to Turkey reduce the overall cost of your dental veneers.

You can save money on travel expenses, making the trip more economical.

No Cost Services

Our provider clinics in Turkey offer a free pick-up and drop facility that saves your transportation costs.

Likewise, a free initial consultation allows you to discuss your dental needs at no charge.

This helps minimize your overall expenses, making your dental veneers more economical.

Favorable Currency Exchange

If your home currency is stronger than the Turkish Lira, it means you can exchange it for a larger amount. [8]

A favorable exchange rate reduces your veneer cost in Turkey with strong currencies.

Therefore, you can get more value for your money when paying for your dental veneers.

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Veneers in Turkey Reviews

Let’s read the reviews that will shed light on the quality and affordability of dental veneers in Turkey.

Veneers in Turkey Before and After

Let’s witness the magic of veneers in Turkey at such affordable prices!

Veneers in Turkey Before and After

Veneers in Turkey Before and After

Veneers in Turkey Before and After

Veneers in Turkey Before and After

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The affordability of veneers in Turkey isn’t by chance; it’s the result of a strategic blend of factors.

If you want a cost-effective smile upgrade, Turkey’s affordable veneers are for you.

Turkey makes your every investment worthwhile with its affordable dental work!


Getting veneers in Turkey is more cost-effective, with savings of up to 95%  compared to the UK and US.

For example, a single porcelain veneer for one tooth in Turkey can cost as low as $98/€90.

While the same procedure can set you back $2,510 in the US or €1,220 in the UK.

Composite veneers in Turkey cost only $110/€100, offering 90% savings compared to the US/UK rates.

Turkey veneers are worth it for you as they offer:

  • Cost savings
  • Quality treatment
  • Post-procedure care
  • Dental tourism experience

Getting veneers in Turkey can save you money, but it's crucial to take into account a few key factors:

  • Your expectations
  • Your oral hygiene
  • Follow-up care strategy

If you've thought through these aspects, then Turkey veneers are worth it for achieving a more affordable smile.

Yes, traveling to Turkey for veneers can be safe if you take the right precautions.

As per reports, most regions of Turkey are considered safe. [9]

Here are some steps to ensure your safety:

Research Clinics: Look for reputable dental clinics with positive reviews and experienced dentists.

Check Accreditation: Ensure the chosen clinic meets international safety standards.

Dentist Credentials: Confirm the qualifications and experience of the dentist who will perform your procedure.

Plan Carefully: Allow time for recovery in your travel schedule and avoid tight itineraries.

Follow Instructions: Adhere to pre and post-procedure guidelines provided by the clinic.

Emergency Contacts: Keep contact information for the clinic and local emergency services accessible.

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