Getting dental crowns in Colombia is an affordable solution for people wanting to restore their smile! Keep scrolling to understand how to save 64%-90% on dentistry on this south American land.

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Dental Crowns Explained

Why Should I Get Dental Crowns in Colombia?

Colombia is no stranger to the dental tourism world for several good reasons.

In 2019, medical tourism roped in over 615 billion US dollars, boosting Colombia’s economy.

-Statista [1]


American patients can save 50%-60% [2]


Our dentists have 10+ years of experience


Our clinics offer warranties on work

English Speaking

Dentists and clinic staff are bilingual


Colombia is close to the US


The place offers a fantastic vacation

What Is the Cost of Dental Crowns in Colombia?

Porcelain crowns in Colombia cost around $350-$700. In contrast, the same averages at $2,000 in the U.S.

To elaborate further, the cost of zirconia crowns in Colombia is around $550, and the price of ceramic crowns in Colombia is $490.

Also, in the US, these cost an average of $1,500 to $2,000. In general, dental crowns in Colombia are almost 70% cheaper than in the US.

The following table lists the average price of dental crowns in Colombia, the U.S., and Canada in USD.

Cost Comparison of Dental Crowns in the US, Canada, and Colombia
Procedure Colombia US Canada Savings
Porcelain Crown for Implants* $490 $2,000 $1,800 78%
Porcelain E-Max Crown for Implants* $690 $2,000 $1,840 64%
Crown over Zirconium Implant $700 $2,500 $2,000 69%
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown $357 $1,100 $1,020 66%
Full Porcelain Crown $400 $1,800 $1,655 77%
Ceramic Crown $490 $1,500 $1,380 66%
Zirconium Crown $550 $2,000 $1,840 71%
Temporary Acrylic Crown $43 $750 $130 90%
*With Abutment
These prices are estimates. The actual price depends on your choice’s clinic and your teeth’ current state.

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Top Dental Clinics in Colombia for Dental Crowns

Our partner clinics offer Dental Work in Colombia, operating in five major cities of the country namely:

Our partner dental clinics offer affordable tooth crowns in Colombia. Other than the price, factors to be considered are:

🦷 Technology Used

💳 Payment Methods

🧑‍⚕️ Experienced Staff

💬 Languages Spoken

Listed below are some of the best dental clinics for dental crowns in Colombia that you can consider.

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Best Dentists for Dental Crowns in Colombia

Finding the right dentist for your needs ensures you receive proper dental care while visiting Colombia. Hence, thorough research is essential for your safety.

Below is a list of some of Colombia’s most experienced, skillful, and capable dentists who will give you a smile makeover.

What Is a Dental Crown?

With time, your teeth can get damaged. This can happen for a range of reasons. For example, tooth decay or injuries. Your teeth can lose their size or shape.

Dental crowns are tooth caps that cover damaged teeth. [3] These caps are usually made from porcelain, metal, glass, or ceramic. [4]

Crowns are fixed on top of a broken, jagged, or worn-out tooth.

Dental Crown

What Is a Dental Crown?


They help strengthen the tooth and protect it from further damage.

The crown also helps preserve a root canal-treated tooth, complete an implant, or “bridges” the gap created by a missing tooth.


Crowns are a protective cap that cover a tooth. Keeping the area clean is essential for longevity.

~Dr. Erin N Erickson, DDS

Dental Crown Procedure in Colombia

Getting your dental crown fixed is a painless procedure that typically follows this process:

X-Rays and Examination

Your first visit entails evaluating and preparing the tooth.

The dentist will examine the whole dental structure. After this, the doctor shall take an x-ray of the tooth and the underline jaw. [5]

The x-rays will show any decay, infection, and abnormalities.

Panoramic X-ray

Dental X-Ray


A root canal removes the nerve tissue from a tooth.

The dentist might decide to perform a root canal in the following cases:

  • tooth decay
  • risk of infection
  • injury to the tooth’s pulp

You will be given anesthesia before the procedure.

Root Canal

Root Canal

Preparing the Tooth

The top and sides of the tooth that will receive the crown will be filed down.

A filling substance can be utilized to “build up” enough tooth structure.

It is done if too much of your tooth is missing due to damage or decay. [6]

Root Canal

Filling the Tooth

Impression of the Tooth

After the tooth has been reshaped, a paste or putty is used to create a copy (also known as an impression) of the tooth that will receive the crown.

There will also be impressions taken of the teeth above and below the tooth to get the dental crown. [7]


Taking Impression of the Tooth

Temporary Crown

Your dentist will place a temporary crown on your tooth at the end of the first visit. [8]

While this crown is custom-built, it may not be the best fit for your smile, but it is only a temporary solution.

Temporary crown

Temporary Crown

Permanent Crown

The permanent crown is placed on your tooth on the second visit. [9]

The temporary crown is removed first, and the permanent crown’s fit and color are assessed.

If all goes well, the tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic (“numbing” medicine), and the new crown is permanently set in place.



Benefits of a Dental Crown in Colombia

🦷 Smile makeover
✅ Improves chewing
🦷 Replaces missing teeth
✅ Repairs fractured teeth
🦷 Prevents cracks from worsening
✅ Protecting root canal treated teeth

💸 Cost: $43 to $700
💰 Savings: 65% to 90%

Process Duration
3-5 Days


10 Years [10]

Functions of a Dental Crown

A dental crown has many functions. Some of them are listed below:

Dental Crown Functions

Dental Crowns: Functions

Types of Tooth Caps in Colombia

Porcelain Crowns in Colombia

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Mimics mimic the natural appearance of your teeth and are usually reserved for your front teeth. [11]


  • No allergic reactions [12]
  • They are biocompatible [13]


  • Porcelain can be a fragile material [14]
  • Extreme chipping of the crown [15]
  • Not a good option for bad teeth [16]

💰Savings in Colombia: 77%

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns in Colombia

PFM Crowns

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

It provides excellent durability and strength, but the porcelain portion is prone to chipping.


  • Can be matched to the color of the surrounding teeth [17]
  • Extremely durable [18]
  • Further, more affordable than all-ceramic crowns [19]


  • Visible dark line [20]
  • Chipping [21]

💰Savings in Colombia: 66%

Porcelain E-Max Crowns in Colombia


Porcelain E-Max Crowns

Made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic, it is long-lasting and aesthetic.


  • More durable
  • Looks like natural teeth
  • Minimal removal of natural tooth structure

Source: Dental Treatment Guide [22]


  • Limited to back teeth [23]
  • Higher price [24]

💰Savings in Colombia: 64%

Zirconia Crowns in Colombia

Zirconia crowns

Zirconia Crowns

These crowns are strong, have a natural look, and are reasonably priced.


  • Firstly, they are highly biocompatible
  • Longevity over 5 years
  • Made of strong material

Source: Healthline [25]


  • Too tough [26]

💰Savings in Colombia: 71%

Temporary Acrylic Crowns in Colombia

Temporary Crowns

Temporary Crowns

A tooth-shaped cap protects a natural tooth or implant until a permanent crown is cemented. [27]


  • Prevents injury and decay
  • Further, You only have to wear it for a few days

Source: WebMD [28]


  • Not durable [29]

💰Savings in Colombia: 90%

How To Make Your Dental Crown Last Longer?

If you want to make your dental crowns last longer, do take note of the below-stated steps.

How to make crowns last longer?

How To Take Care of Dental Crowns?

Dental Tourism in Colombia

You should note that dental tourism in Colombia is surging steadily due to convenience and affordability.

Further, your everyday needs, including passport/visa requirements, accommodation, and transport, are well covered.

The below section will help you plan your trip to Colombia to get dental crowns.

For dental tourists from the US

  • No entry without a return ticket.
  • Currency restriction on entry and exit is $10,000.
  • Tourist Visa is not required for a stay of 90 days or less.
  • A passport with six months’ validity is highly recommended for traveling to Colombia from the U.S.
  • Travelers from specific countries or visiting certain national parks must be vaccinated against yellow fever.

Source: Travel State Gov [30]


A 6-Month Valid Passport Is Required for American Medical Tourists

For dental tourists from Canada

  • No entry without a return ticket.
  • Proof of purpose of stay is required.
  • Tourist Visa is not required for a stay of 90 days or less.
  • You must hold proof of sufficient funds for the desired stay.
  • You need to confirm with the airline that boarding will be permitted without a visa.
  • A passport with six months’ validity is highly recommended for traveling to Colombia from Canada.

Source: CIBT Visas [31]

Air Route is best suitable for medical tourists from the U.S. or Canada to Colombia.

Please find below the best flights from the U.S. and Canada to the five cities where our dental clinics are located:

Flights from New York City (JFK)
City Duration Stops
Cartagena (CTG) 5 hrs 4 min Non-stop
Bogota (BOG) 5 hrs 41 min Non-stop
Cali (CLO) 6 hrs 5 min Non-stop
Barranquilla (BAQ) 7 hrs 1 stop
Medellin (EOH) 9 hrs 10 min 1 stop
Flights from Toronto (YYZ)
City Duration Stops
Bogota (BOG) 6 hrs 10 min Non-stop
Barranquilla (BAQ) 7 hrs 16 min 1 stop
Cali (CLO) 8 hrs 1 min 1 stop
Cartagena (CTG) 9 hrs 16 min 1 stop
Medellin (EOH) 15 hrs 10 min 2 stops

Currency: The local currency of Colombia is the Colombian Peso.

Snashot of colombia

Snapshot of Colombian Ecosystem

Sim Cards: You should note that local sim cards are easily accessible and affordable. [32]

Transport: The primary mode of transportation within Colombia are widely available taxis.

Further, buses are also a common form of public transportation that cater to transport needs. [33]

Popular Hotels in Colombia

Tourist Attractions in Colombia

Is Colombia Safe To Get Dental Crowns?

Colombia is one of the countries which provide low-cost universal healthcare. [39] In addition, in the last 5 years, off-shore patients have grown by around 22%. [40]

Above all, the dentists are board-certified and have completed their degrees from world-class institutions.

After considering all these factors, we can say that Colombia is safe for dental work.

Further, as long as you keep your wits to yourself and stay away from dangerous places, it is one of the most splendid places in South America.

In other words, take note of the following if you want to stay away from any trouble:

  • Firstly, keep a low profile and don’t flash any costly items
  • Also, don’t travel on rural roads at night
  • Further, keep your important documents safe
  • To add on, use only credible modes of transport
  • Research about the area you are staying in/traveling to

Dental Crowns in Colombia Reviews

The prices are very low, the building is very modern. All the upscale and most modern conveniences are here. The staff is very sympathetic and they will take the very best care of you!

-Suke from USA

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Suke from the USA speaks of her experience of getting dental crowns at Dentica by Cristina Sauze


You can get 65%-90% cost savings on getting dental crowns in Colombia. Also, a fixed smile will just give you that extra confidence boost!

Let’s get your beautiful smile back!

FAQs: Dental Crowns in Colombia

Ceramic crowns in Colombia cost around $490. In the U.S., the average price for this type of dental crown is $1,500.

It means that the cost in Colombia is almost 65%-90% lower.

Meanwhile, you can expect ceramic crowns in Canada to cost an average of $1,380. The price is reduced by about 60% in Colombia.

In Colombia, your dental staff will fabricate and cement your dental crowns typically within 3-5 days.

Also, some clinics offer same-day crowns to suitable candidates.

Dental crowns done in Colombia can last between 5 and 15 years. You should note that the average lifespan of a dental crown is around 10 years.

Further, our dental clinics offer a warranty for the first few years after placement.

Some dental clinics in Colombia will help you with any paperwork needed for your dental insurance claims.

Further, dental insurance covers only dental crowns deemed medically required.

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