The cheapest dental implants in Europe will save you 60 to 90% on costs! Why let over-inflated medical prices in the UK empty your bank? 

Read on to learn all about affordable implants in Europe without sacrificing quality care.

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Cost of Dental Implants in Europe

The cheapest dental implants in Europe start at €290 and are available in countries like Turkey & Croatia.

In contrast to the UK, where the cost starts at €3,100, opting for these countries can save you up to 90%.

What’s more?

The cost of dental implants in such countries includes perks like a free consultation with airport pick up & drop off!

Check out this comprehensive table with the costs of different implants all over Europe!

Prices in Various European Countries
Procedure UK Turkey Croatia Hungary Romania Albania Greece
Titanium Implant €3,100 €290 €510 €680 €500 €530 €1,210
Zirconium Implant €4,100 €1,070 €890 €1,580
All on 4 Implants (per arch) €15,000 €3,120 €4,400 €4,820 €3,710 €5,140 €5,560
All on 6 Implants (per arch) €16,800 €3,850 €6,260 €5,560 €4,910 €6,720 €8,340
All on 8 Implants (per arch) €18,700 €3,340 €8,620 €8,340 €5,470 €8,340 €11,120
Zygoma Implant €35,550 €2,500 €4,820 €1,250
*All prices are case-dependent.

Save ~90% on implants!

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Cheapest Dental Implants in Europe – Reviews

Before & After Image When Getting Implants in Europe

Before & After Image When Getting Implants in Europe

Before & After Image When Getting Implants in Europe

Before & After Image When Getting Implants in Europe

Before & After Getting Implants in Europe
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R.Martin & His Fantastic Time in Turkey

What Factors Affect Dental Implant Costs?

Your oral health & the dentist’s fee affects the cost of every dental treatment plan.

But there are three more significant factors when it comes to implant procedures.

Brands & Materials

Parts of a Dental Implant

Parts of Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root. [1]

It consists of a screw, abutment, and crown made of different materials.

For instance, you could have a titanium screw with a gold crown.

The choice of materials depends on your preferences and the advice of implant specialists.

As the materials differ, the dental implant costs will also vary accordingly.

Moreover, there are several implant brands.

Premium ones like Straumann are pricy, while those relatively new in the market cost less.

Number of Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Are you missing all your teeth? Or only a few?

If you are missing all your teeth, you may need 4 or 6 implants to replace an entire arch.

But say you have 8 teeth missing at different positions.

In that case, you have options like using:

  • 8 single dental implants or
  • Combination of single implants & bridges

Bone Grafts & Sinus Lifts

Sinus Lift Procedure

Sinus Lift

Bone grafts treat bone loss by increasing the amount of bone in your jaw. [2]

If the bone loss is in the upper jaw, a sinus lift helps to do the same. [3]

These procedures are necessary because you can't get implants with insufficient bone. [4]

That's because the implant must fuse properly with the surrounding bone. [5]

Additional procedures like these add to the overall cost.

All these factors add up to the costs back home as well as the country you plan to visit.

But the dental tourism destination you choose still ends up saving you 60-90% while delivering the same quality of care.

This is primarily due to their low cost of living.

For e.g., living in Turkey costs 59% less than in the UK & 62% less than in the US. [6] [7]

Since property prices & wages are much lower there, dentists don’t have high expenses.

Lower costs for dentists mean they can offer their services at a lower price.

Cheapest Place for Dental Implants in Europe

Turkey is the cheapest country for dental implants in Europe (as mentioned in the table above)!

Apart from Turkey, you can get affordable yet high-quality dental implants in:

Best Dental Clinics in Europe

Here’s a list of the top dental clinics in Europe we suggest!

These are some of the best places for dental implants in Europe!

All these clinics gladly welcome both cash & card (debit/credit) payments.

Some even accept cash in US dollars if you don’t have the local currency.

Also, if you need help with insurance reimbursement paperwork, they’ll be happy to assist.

Join us on a tour of two of our top clinics!

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Bucharest British Dental Place in Romania

How To Choose the Right Clinic for Implants?

The first step is to ensure you get the cheapest dental implants in Europe!

Once the cost is out of the way, it’s time to consider these 3 factors.

How To Choose the Right Clinic for Cheapest Dental Implants in Europe

Remember These When Choosing A Clinic

Package Inclusions

You must pick a clinic that makes your trip comfortable.

Fortunately for you, the clinics we suggest do just that!

They offer free transportation between the airport, hotel, and clinic.

Additionally, they provide a free first visit and may offer free tests like CT scans.

Some clinics even have in-house labs to get necessary tests done then and there!


Choosing the cheapest teeth implants in Europe doesn’t mean compromising quality.

That’s why it’s crucial to select a clinic that:

  • Strictly adheres to sterilisation protocols.
  • Uses top implant brands.
  • Employs dentists with extensive expertise in the field.

Our recommended clinics prioritize all three things.

They focus on hygiene. They have dentists educated in the best universities in the country. And they use premium brands.


You can’t get the best dental implants in Europe without the best dentists in Europe!

After all, implant procedures are not as simple as fillings.

They require expertise, precision & great experience to ensure successful outcomes.

Thankfully, the clinics we suggest have dentists with experience ranging from 4 to 20 years!

Best Implant Dentists in Europe

Here are some of our highly-educated European dentists, boasting over 15 years of experience!

Choose from the best implant dentists!

Book visit!

Is Getting Dental Implants in Europe Safe?

When it comes to dental tourism in Europe, your safety depends on a few key factors:

Is Getting Dental Implants in Europe Safe? Consider 3 Factors!

Don’t Worry! Europe is Safe.

Clear Communication

You must understand your dentist and their team properly to get safe and top-notch treatment.

Good news!

The recommended clinics have multilingual dentists who can speak English!

Reputable Dentists

There’s no safety if the dentist treating you isn’t trained well!

Rest assured! Our clinics have experienced dentists with 4 to 20 years of expertise.

Proper Sterilisation

The best dental clinics in Europe cannot be on top if they don’t focus on hygiene!

That’s why our clinics follow all state guidelines despite offering one of the cheapest dental treatments in Europe!

They ensure thorough sterilisation & infection control protocols are always strictly followed.

Did you know? Hungary & Croatia are among the world’s top 15 most peaceful countries. [13]


Now you know where to find the cheapest dental implants in Europe & how much they cost!

It’s time you start planning for your dental trip!

Take our advice on choosing the right implant clinics & the best dentist in Europe.

Don’t worry! Our case managers are always there to help!

Want to smile confidently?

Yes, please!


Countries like Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Albania & Greece have some of the best dentists in Europe.

They are affordable and have 4 to 20 years of experience.

Some of the dentists here also offer lifetime guarantees on their work.

Turkey, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Albania & Greece are some of the best countries for dental work in Europe.

You can save 60 to 90% on treatment costs. That, too, with an exhilarating holiday in their beautiful cities!

Hungary has emerged as the dental capital of Europe. [14]

And why not? You save ~80% on dental implant prices there.

Plus, you get to explore its beautiful national parks, historical buildings, and fascinating culture!