Are you uninsured and neglecting your dental health because treatments are too expensive in the UK? Then you should look into dental tourism in Albania.

You can get high-quality treatments here for 40 – 80% less than in your home country!

Keep reading to get your teeth fixed in Albania while enjoying a nice vacation.

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Top Dental Clinic in Albania

Albania is a popular destination for cheap dental work. [1] Here is why you should consider dental tourism in Albania.

Why Choose Dental Work in Albania?

High-Quality Treatment

  • The quality of dental treatments in Albania is comparable to the US.
  • Our clinic has an in-house lab that uses world-renowned materials and state-of-the-art technologies.

Affordable Prices

  • With the low cost of dental tourism in Albania, you can save up to 40 – 80% on all your procedures.
  • Our partner clinic even offers guarantees on their work.

Experienced Dentists

  • The dentists are highly qualified with 5-15 years of experience.
  • They’re graduated from prestigious schools and updated with the latest advancements.

A Relaxing Vacation

  • Albania is a great place for a relaxing vacation.
  • Along with dental work in Albania, you can enjoy the country’s natural beauties & fine cuisine.

Cost of Dental Work in Albania

With the low cost of dental work in Albania, due to the country’s lower cost of living, [2] you can save 40 – 80% on all your treatments.

You can get a single titanium implant (including abutment & PFM crown) here for €800-1300, while you have to pay €3,500 in the UK for the same procedure.

A simple extraction in Albania costs €53 while it starts at €180 in the UK. See the price differences below.

Dental Work Cost Comparison – Albania vs. UK vs. USA
Treatment Albania UK USA
Titanium Implants (with crown) $850/€750 €3,500 $5,000
All-on-4 Implants (per arch)  $5,550/€4,900 €14,300 $24,000
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns $180/€160 €890 $1,200
Zirconium Crowns $320/€285 €1,340 $2,000
E-Max Veneers (per unit) $400/€350 €1,150 $2,500
All-Ceramic Bridge (3 crowns) $850/€750 €2,200 $5,000
Permanent Dentures (per arch) $630/€560 €3,100 $8,000
Laser Teeth Whitening $230/€200 €1,800 $1,500
Regular Teeth Cleaning $60/€53 €110 $250
Root Canal (anterior) $60/€53 €270 $900
Composite Filling $60/€53 €180 $200
Extraction $60/€53 €180 $200
Wisdom Tooth Extraction $400/€350 €530 $600
Implant brands: Straumann, Hiossen
The prices vary with each patient and the materials used.

Save up to 80% on your dental treatment

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Popular Dental Procedures in Albania

Here are the most popular dental treatments in Albania you can get.

Dental Implants

Dental implants in Albania are a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. [3] They consist of a post, an abutment, and a crown or bridge.

Single dental implant in Albania

Cost: €800-1300 for a single titanium implant with abutment & crown.

Dental Crowns

Porcelain or zirconium dental crowns in Albania help cover decayed teeth & prevent further damage. They can also restore the shape & color of the teeth. [4]

Dental Crown in Albania

Cost: €250 for a porcelain crown and €285 for a zirconium crown.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges in Albania are composed of a false tooth supported on either side by crowns. They can replace one or more missing teeth. [5]

Dental Bridge in Albania

Cost: €800 for all-ceramic bridges with three crowns.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers in Albania are thin shells that are fit to the tooth’s front surface. They improve the appearance of chipped & stained teeth. [6]

Dental veneers in Albania

Cost: €200 for composite veneers (per unit).


Dentures in Albania are removable prosthetics for missing teeth. Full dentures restore all missing teeth. Partial dentures restore a few. [7]

Dentures in Albania

Cost: €560 for permanent dentures (per arch).

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Albania can lighten the color of your teeth. [8] It is performed by bleaching & using methods like laser teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening in Albania

Cost: €200 for laser teeth whitening and €150 for laser cleaning.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment in Albania involves removing the infected pulp to protect the tooth from damage. [9]

Root canal treatment in Albania

Cost: €70 for root canal treatment of a pre-molar tooth.


Composite resin, porcelain, or silver amalgam fillings in Albania can fix most cavities caused by decay. [10]

Teeth Filling in Albania

Cost: €53 for composite filling, €70 for replacing amalgam fillings.


Composite bondings in Albania are used for filling a damaged tooth. Fillings focus more on functionality, while bondings focus on aesthetics. [11]

Dental bonding

Cost: €53 for composite bonding


Extractions in Albania are done for excessive decay, infection, or crowding. [12] They can be simple or surgical based on the tooth’s condition.

Tooth extraction in Albania

Cost: €53 for simple extractions.


Braces in Albania are appliances that straighten crooked and misaligned teeth while correcting the bite. [13]

Braces in Albania

Cost: €2,500 for fixed clear braces.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning in Albania involves removing plaque & tartar from teeth to prevent cavities & gum disease. [14]

Teeth cleaning

Cost: €53 for regular teeth cleaning.

Best Dental Clinics in Albania

Best Dentists in Albania

You can find the best dentists in Albania at Daku Dental.

They have Albania’s top specialists and provide comprehensive treatments in all fields of dentistry.

Let’s meet some of their dentists.

Above all, the dental staff in Albania speak fluent English and Italian. Their friendly manners and comprehensive care will make you feel right at home.

Talk to our dentists if you have any concerns

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Dental Tourism in Albania: Reviews

Removable Complete Denture – Before & After

Removable Complete Denture – Before & After

Dental Crowns and Bridge – Before and After

Dental Crowns and Bridge – Before and After

Dental Crowns and Bridge – Before and After

A Guide to Dental Tourism in Albania

Albania is a small Mediterranean country with lots of natural and cultural attractions. Its colorful capital, Tirana, is a mystery for tourists to uncover.

So while you’re exploring dental tourism in Albania, make sure to enjoy the historical sites along with cheap shopping and delicious food.

5 Shopping Centers in Albania to Check Out

No trip is complete without shopping!

Here is a list of Tirana’s best shopping centers with everything you might need.

  1. Toptani Shopping Center
  2. Tirana Ring Center
  3. Citypark Shopping Mall
  4. Qendra Tregtare Univers
  5. Metropol Center

Toptani Shopping Center

Toptani Shopping Center

Best Albanian Souvenirs to Buy

When visiting Tirana’s shopping centers, make sure to buy souvenirs you can remember your trip by.

Here are Albania’s unique souvenirs you can choose from:

  • Albanian Coffee
  • Bunker-shaped ashtrays
  • Çifteli (traditional Albanian musical instrument)
  • Qilim (handmade carpet)
  • Skënderbeu Cognac and Raki (Albanian alcoholic beverages)

Albanian Souvenirs

Albanian Souvenirs

Must-try Dishes in Albania

Baklava - Albanian food


Tres leches cake - Albanian food

Tres leches cake

Top Places to Visit in Tirana, Albania

How Can I Reach Albania?

You can reach Albania via the Tirana International Airport (TIA). There are no direct flights from the US, but the UK offers direct flights to Albania.

Check out the flight details below.

Albania flight route

Flight Route – Direct flights from the UK, Greece to Tirana (TIA)

How to Get Around in Albania?

Travel Tips for Dental Tourism in Albania

US and UK citizens don’t need a visa to enter Albania. They can stay for up to 90 days without a visa. [17]

The best time for dental travel to Albania is April-June and September-October.

Albania has the best weather during these months, making it ideal for cycling, sightseeing, and watersports. [18]

The official language here is Albanian, although the dentists and staff speak fluent English.

The official currency here is the Albanian Lek. You can check out the latest exchange rates from Xe Currency Converter.

You’ll need an Albanian SIM card for easy access to the internet.

You can purchase one at the airport or the official stores across the country.

There are different plans available from €0.8 – 4.5 offered by these operators:

  • ALB Telecom
  • Vodafone Albania
  • One Telecommunications

Our partner clinic offers a free stay at Hotel Daku.

Hotel Address Phone Number
Hotel Daku Autostrada Tirane Durres, km 10, near Citypark, 1031 Yrshek, Albania +355 69 403 3680

Things to Know Before You Travel to Albania

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Is It Safe to Visit Albania for Dental Care?

Albania is among the safest places to visit in Europe for dental care. Public safety is generally good, and locals are very friendly. [19]

Crimes against tourists are rare, but pickpocketing does happen. So use common sense and be aware of your personal belongings.

But for safe dental tourism in Albania, you need to look beyond just the country’s safety.

You should look closely at the clinics and find somewhere that:

  • Works with qualified dentists
  • Follows strict sterilization protocols
  • Uses the best materials
  • Has good reviews & best prices


So no more ignoring your teeth! With dental tourism in Albania, you can get all the high-quality treatments you need at an affordable price.

And DentaVacation is here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch with us today for a better smile.


A single implant in Albania costs €800 – €1300 compared to the UK’s €3,500.

All-on-4 implants here cost €5,000, while they start at €14,300 in the UK.

The cheaper cost of dental implants in Albania is due to the lower cost of living and lets you save 40 – 80%.

Composite veneers in Albania cost €200 per tooth, while they’re €360 – 1800 in the UK.

The average cost of E-max veneers in Albania is €350, while the same quality veneers cost €1,150 in the UK.

You can save up to 80% by getting your veneers in Albania at these prices.

Albania has some of the best dentists across Europe. These highly qualified specialists are graduated from top dental schools.

Their years of experience, professionalism, and continuous training are what make them so exceptional.

You can find the top dental professionals in every field of dentistry in Albania.

The quality of dentistry in Albania is as good as in the US and UK, with significantly lower prices.

Clinics have in-house labs and advanced dental technologies.

Their experienced dentists have special training and are highly qualified.

They only use the best products certified for the European Union market.

Explore the tourist mecca with beautiful beaches

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