Dental implants in Cabo San Lucas can be a safe and cheap option to replace your missing teeth.

Los Cabos or Cabo is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. This Mexican city is popular for low-cost and high-quality dentistry.

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Cabo is home to award-winning restaurants and world-renowned chefs. [1] It is emerging as one of the world’s new luxury travel destinations. [2]

Cabo is a great option for North Americans seeking dental care abroad since the flights are frequent and relatively short.

95% of people worldwide believe that their smile is a vital social asset. Nearly 84% feel increased pressure to perfect their smile. [3]

Cost of Dental Implants in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cost savings is the most important reason for seeking dental care in Cabo.

To illustrate how affordable dental implants are in Cabo San Lucas compared to the US & Canada, see the cost table below.

Dental Implant Avg. Cost Comparison (USD)
Type of Implant USA Canada Cabo
Titanium Implant $5,000 $4,600 $900
Zirconium Implant $6,000 $5,520 $1,800
Crown $1,800 $1,655 $ 450
Mini dental implants $1,500 $1,350 $450
All-on-4 $24,000 $22,000 $9,180
All-on-6 $28,000 $26,000 $10,980
All-on-8 $35,000 $32,000 $12,780
Bone graft(full arch) $3,000 $2,700 $1,500
Sinus Lifting $2,500 $2,300 $1,500
Brands – Straumann, Nobel Biocare
*Price may change with the complexity of the case.

A single implant with a crown ranges from $7,000 – $8,500 in the US or Canada. But in Cabo, it is very reasonable and inexpensive; ranges from $900 – $2,000.

Similarly, a porcelain crown costs more than $1,600 in the West while it is only $450 in Cabo.

Also, you can see in the above table, that one gets savings of 60% to 70% by opting for dental implants in Cabo, Mexico.

People visit Cabo for a whole range of dental treatments like implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, etc.

Thus, Cabo offers a great place for dental vacations, especially for those who do not have dental insurance.


“Dental implants are worth the investment of time and money because they provide the most natural look and feel of any tooth replacement option.”

~Dr. Erin N Erickson, DDS

Low-cost dental implants are also available in Mexican cities like Mexico CityNuevo LaredoCiudad JuarezNogalesMeridaMonterreyCancunLos AlgodonesPuerto Vallarta, and Tijuana

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Why Choose Dental Implants in Cabo San Lucas?

Mexico is one of the top 5 dental tourism destinations in Latin America. [4]
  • Affordable Dental Implants | Save up to 70%
  • High Standards of Dental Care | Success rate at our clinics – 97%
  • Modern Dentistry | State-of-the-art clinic
  • Convenient location & Connectivity | US West coast, 1 – 6 hrs to US
  • Ranked as the Best Tourist Destination | Mexico’s leading destination 2019 [5]

Read more about the benefits of choosing to get dental care in Cabo.

Treatment Options for Missing Teeth

1. Bridges – Anchored to adjacent teeth. They can be removable or fixed

2. Dentures – A removable option if you have lost all or most of your teeth

3. Dental Implants – Serve as tooth root and is closest to a natural tooth

Today, a dental implant is the best tooth replacement option because it: [6]

  • Looks and feels most like your natural teeth but doesn’t decay
  • Offers a long-lasting solution
  • Has a very high success rate of 98%
  • Improve chewing capacity

Guide to Dental Implants

Dental implant process

Dental Implant Process

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are substitutes for missing teeth. When teeth are extracted due to decay or infection, dental implants are placed in the jaw.

These implants function as that of the original extracted tooth.

The whole dental implant structure is composed of 3 main parts:


Titanium screw





Implant Post

  • Screw-like material drilled into the jaw bone
  • Behaves as an original tooth root


  • It’s a connector on top of the implant
  • Bridges the implant & the restoration

Dental Restoration

  • Can be a crown, bridge, or denture
  • Shaped and tinted like a real tooth

Dental Implant Solutions in Cabo

In modern dentistry, the dental implant has a lot of uses. Implants can fix various tooth replacement issues as shown in the table:

Dental Problem Traditional Solution Implant Solutions
A single missing tooth Crown Single implant
Multiple missing teeth Partial dentures Implant-supported dentures or a fixed bridge
A full arch of teeth missing Dentures All-on-3/4/5/6/8 implants
Bone loss Removable dentures Bone graft, sinus lift procedures before implant

Criteria for Dental Implants

The ideal candidate must have

  • Single or multiple missing teeth
  • Fully developed jawbone
  • Adequate jawbone to secure implants or eligible for a bone graft
  • Healthy gums
  • Commitment to oral health post-implant

Who may not Qualify for Dental Implants?

  • Young people with the jawbone in the development stage
  • Inadequate jawbone & not eligible for a bone graft
  • Teeth clenching or bruxism
  • Heavy smokers
  • Received neck or head high-dose radiation treatment
  • Chronic disease or systemic problem
  • Conditions that affect the immune system or reduce the body’s healing ability

Note – Even if you have some of the conditions above, you may still qualify for dental implants. The dentist will decide on a solution for you since it greatly depends on the recency and severity of the condition.

Additional Procedures

Bone loss occurs when you don’t replace your missing teeth for a long time.

So, when you need dental implants, some additional procedures may be required to rebuild the bone. The procedures include:

  • This procedure can increase the bone depth, height & width
  • The gum is lifted to expose the bone where the graft is needed
  • A bone or bone-like material is used to build the jawbone
Sinus lift
Sinus lift

Sinus Lift or Sinus Grafting

The sinus floor moves downward when the missing teeth at the back of the upper jaw are not replaced for a long time.

So, when you need implants in this area,

  • The sinus floor membrane is lifted to its original position
  • Then, a bone is inserted underneath your sinus to support implants

Dental Implant Techniques in Cabo

Based on your jawbone health and specific needs, your implantologist may suggest different implant techniques.

All-on-4 in Cabo

It is also called full-arch fixed implant bridges. With this procedure, you can get a whole set of teeth using 4 implants per arch.

The technique is mainly developed to [7]

  • Maximize the use of available jawbone
  • Allow for immediate function
All on 4 Dental Implants
All on 4 Dental Implants

Benefits of All-on-4

The benefits of all on four technique are [8]

  • Easier to clean, immediate function and aesthetics
  • Relatively easy surgical & prosthetic procedure
  • Cost-effective since few numbers of implants
  • Decreased treatment times
  • Minimally invasive
  • Graft less procedure

The success and survival rates of All-on-four in upper [9] and lower jaws [10]
are shown below

Jaw Success rate Survival rate
Upper 93.9% 94.7%
Lower 91.7% 93 %

All on 6/8 in Cabo

It is a full-mouth reconstruction procedure.

This type involves placing 6 or 8 implants in the jawbone for full-arch restoration.

It is done when a significant number of teeth are missing in either jaw.

Replacing each tooth with a single implant for the entire jaw would be a complex procedure with significant cost.

It will definitely cost more. Eight implants, when placed using an all-on-implant system should be sufficient to restore the full function of the teeth.

All on 6 dental implants
All on 6 dental implants

Same day implants

In this procedure, the implants, as well as the restoration, are placed in a single visit.

Same-day implants are otherwise called immediate load implants, or teeth in a day.

Same Day Implants

Same day implant

Benefits of  Same-day Implants

  • Short treatment time
  • Requires only a single surgical procedure
  • Avoid discomforts of temporary dentures during the healing period
  • Better aesthetic results since gum tissues match the crown better

Mini Dental Implants

The implants that are half of the size of standard implants are called mini dental implants.

They are also known as small or narrow diameter implants.

Mini Dental Implants vs Traditional Dental Implants
Feature Mini Dental Implants Traditional Dental Implants
Size < 3 mm in diameter 4 – 5 mm in diameter
Components One-piece titanium screw Implant & abutment
Procedure Less invasive More invasive
No of surgeries Single surgery One or two surgeries
Bone graft Not required Required sometimes
Purpose To secure lower jaw dentures in areas with less bone To secure a bridge of teeth
Molar replacement Not possible Possible
Affordability Cost-effective Less cost-effective
Longevity Limited evidence; survival rate of 92% [11] Proven success rate of 98% [12]

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are meant for patients who have severe bone loss in the upper jaw.

These implants are only used in the upper arch and are placed in the zygomatic bone (cheekbone).

Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants

Indications for zygomatic implant insertion include [13]

  • Alternative for sinus augmentation
  • Failed sinus augmentation
  • Failure of conventional implants
  • Failure of previous bone grafts

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

The benefits of zygomatic implants are [14]

  • An effective option for those who cannot have traditional implants
  • Immediate function with same-day teeth
  • Immediate improvement in appearance, comfort, and function
  • Less invasive than bone grafting
  • Graftless solution
  • Easy implant procedure
  • Short treatment time
  • Improved speech
  • Success rate of 88.1% [15]

Dental Implant Material

The materials used for dental implants are titanium and zirconia.

These are the two materials of choice for the abutment part of the implant.

They are bio-inert and not rejected by the body.

Titanium Dental Implant

Titanium is the gold standard material used in dental implants for more than 30 years. It has shown high success rates. [16]

Benefits of Titanium Implants

  • Proven longevity
  • Strong and resist fractures
  • Easy customization and alteration with the 2-piece implant system [17]
  • Low implant failure rate compared to zirconia [18]

Zirconia/ Ceramic Dental Implant

Ceramic tooth implants are one of the newer forms of dental implants. They are made of the hardest material next to diamonds.

Benefits Zirconia Implants

  • Attractive esthetics as metal-free
  • Natural tooth color
  • Biocompatible
  • The first option in patients with titanium allergy [19]

Titanium implant

Zirconium implant

Top Dental Clinic in Cabo, Mexico

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Dental Tourism in Cabo

Forbes: Los Cabos is one of the top leisure destinations in 2020 [20]

Cabo is a seaside tourism mecca. [21] Surrounded by the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, the city offers unique opportunities to enjoy your vacation.

  • Cabo can be easily reached from anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and abroad
  • The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is located 8 miles from San Jose del Cabo and 23 miles from Cabo San Lucas
  • Visa requirements – A valid passport, tourist card, and visa (for some countries)
  • You can move around the city on foot or by shuttles, taxis, buses
  • The Mexican Peso is the official currency but you can also use USD
  • Spanish is the main language spoken in Cabo but many people speak English as well
  • Cabo has 2 main seasons – winter & summer. The climate is very dry without humidity. Best time to visit – May & June
  • It is a sun-drenched destination, so stay hydrated. Drink only bottled or purified water
  • Many beaches in Cabo have strong waves & undertow. Follow the beach warning flags and practice caution in the water
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas
The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

There are exciting activities as well as numerous restaurants and shops to enjoy for visitors of all ages.

Some of the most popular activities in Cabo are:

  • Boat trip to El Arco
  • Whale watching tours
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Relaxing at pristine beaches
  • Fine dining

Explore more options for Dental Tourism in Cabo.


Dental Implants in Cabo can satisfy all your tooth replacement needs and provide you an opportunity to explore Mexico’s premier destination.

Dental work in Cabo is high on quality and low on cost.

Dental Implants in Cabo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the Cabo clinic uses top brands like Straumann and Nobel Biocare for dental implants.

Compared to the US or Canada, your savings can be almost

  • 80% for the titanium implant
  • 75% for Porcelain crown
  • 70% for Zirconium implant
  • 90% for Zygomatic implant

Yes, you will have to pay a fee of 60 USD if you undergo a dental evaluation only.

However, if any dental work is performed then the evaluation fee is exempted.

Our partner clinic offers a 10-year warranty on dental implants in Cabo.

Yes. The clinic offers a single trip ( immediate-load implants) for qualifying patients.

The clinic is situated across from the beach in San José del Cabo at a walking distance from many hotels in the region.

Yes, the Cabo clinic dentists and staff can speak English and Spanish fluently.

The benefits of dental implants include

  • Looks and functions like a natural tooth
  • Stand-alone solution. And don’t disturb adjacent teeth
  • Permanent tooth replacement and durable
  • Improve your appearance and confidence
  • Improve your ability to eat favorite foods
  • Comfortable & no slippage
  • Preserve the jawbone
  • Less maintenance
  • The long-term success rate of 98% [22]

You can’t remove dental implants from your mouth.

Dentists fix the implants directly into bone, replacing your teeth in a way that is closest to your natural teeth.

The dental implant timeline in Cabo is 1 to two weeks for each visit. Find detailed info in the table below

Procedure Trip 1 Trip 2
Single dental implant 5 – 7 days 5 – 7 days
All-on-4/6/8 5 – 7 days 5 – 7 days
Zygomatic implants 10 – 14 days 10 days
Same-day implant 7 – 14 days 7 – 14 days
Crowns 5 – 7 days N/A
Bone graft 5 – 7 days 5 – 7 days

However, the total duration of the implant treatment depends on

  • Your medical and dental history
  • The health of the supporting jawbone
  • The implant technique
  • Implant materials

Yes, all-on-4 is a safe and effective technique. [23]

  • Less chance of infection and discomfort since fewer implants are placed
  • The implants are placed in such a way that it firmly supports the prosthetic teeth.
  • The local anesthesia and sedation techniques used during the procedure reduce discomfort
  • Many patients report that they feel better than anticipated
  • Often, patients get back to their daily activities the next day
  • There may be some discomfort and bruising but it lasts only a short time [24]

You need to consider the following factors while choosing an implantologist in Cabo:

  • Education and Training
  • Experience and reputation
  • Treatment duration
  • Equipment supplies available in the clinic
  • Hidden treatment costs
  • Management of complications / Follow-up care
  • Dental implants must be placed carefully to minimize complications or implant failure.
  • For the best results, it is important to choose a dental implant expert.
  • He/she must have the proper education, training, and competence in implant dentistry. [25]
  • You need both a passport and a tourist card to enter Mexico.
  • Some foreign travelers are visa-exempt.
  • However, they need a tourist card. Moreover, for Americans, a passport or passport card is mandatory for re-entry into the US.
  • Cabo is pretty safe compared to other cities in Mexico.
  • There are no US government travel restrictions to Cabo and the entire state of Baja California Sur. [26]
  • However, tourists must follow basic safety precautions to stay safe.

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