Want to fix your smile without burning a hole in your pocket? You can get dental work in Bursa, Turkey, at prices 60-80% lower than in the UK.

Moreover, you get to add a delightful vacation to sweeten the deal!

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Why Choose Bursa For Your Dental Work

Cost-effective Prices

The cost of dental work in Bursa is 60-80% cheaper than in the UK.

However, don’t let this alarm you about the quality of the treatment.

The following factors explain the real reason behind these affordable prices:

  • The Turkish government has incentivized dental tourism. [1]
  • The cost of living in Bursa is 81% lower than in the UK, which reduces the cost of setting up a dental practice here. [2]
  • The Euro to Lira exchange rate makes dental services in Bursa more affordable for foreigners.

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No Compromises with Quality

Despite being pocket-friendly, the dental care you get in Bursa is also high quality.

  • Our recommended clinic in Bursa uses top brands such as Straumann and Medentica.
  • They also employ the latest dental technology, such as digital intraoral scanners and panoramic X-rays.

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Well-Accredited Dentists

Our partner clinic in Bursa has highly qualified dentists who:

  • Have 10+ years of experience.
  • Are members of national as well as international boards of dentistry.

Click here to check out the credentials of Bursa’s top dentists.

Language No Bar

  • Most dentists in Bursa can speak English fluently.
  • Our partner clinic also has translators on board.

Two in One: Dental Care & Vacation

  • Explore its culture through historical monuments and a market for Turkish souvenirs.
  • Enjoy its scenic vistas through a lake and a ski resort that looks like a winter wonderland!

Safety No Concern

Our partner clinic prioritizes patient safety.

  • They use autoclave sterilization for all dental equipment and UV light sterilization for all treatment rooms.
  • The clinic is also located in a safe neighborhood.

Ottoman, Bursa


Oylat Thermal Spring in Bursa


Irgandi bridge in Bursa

Irgandi bridge

How Much Does Dental Work Cost in Bursa?

The cost of dental work in Bursa leads to savings of 60-80% of the UK cost.

For instance, all-on-4 dental implants in Bursa cost €4,000 but around €14,500 in the UK. This means 72% savings.

Similarly, the cost of all-on-6 dental implants in Bursa is €5,400 but about €18,500 in the UK, leading to 70% savings.

Here is a table that compares the prices of dental procedures in Bursa, Turkey, to those in the UK.

Dental Work Cost Comparison (EUR)
Procedure Bursa UK Savings
Titanium Implant* €1,000 €3,000 66%
Dental Crowns** €222 €800 72%
All-on-4 Implants^ €4,000 €14,500 72%
All-on-6 Implants^ €5,400 €18,500 70%
All-on-8 Implants^ €4,000 €13,000 69%
Veneers** €100 €850 88%
Root Canal Treatment €75 €600 87%
Tooth Extraction €40 €250 84%
Composite Filling €40 €120 66%
*Without abutment, **Per unit, ^Includes fixed bridge per jaw.

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Top Dental Clinics in Bursa, Turkey

Here ends your search if you are looking for the best dental clinics in Bursa.

We have handpicked a clinic that will meet all your requirements.

Our partner clinic offers the following:

Free consultation

✅ Prioritization of patient safety

✅ Airport pick-ups and drop-offs

Board-certified, English-speaking dentists trained in treating overseas patients

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Best Dentists In Bursa, Turkey

Klinik Bursa employs some of Turkey’s leading dentists.

These dentists have 10+ years of experience and are nationally and internationally accredited.

Top Dental Procedures in Bursa, Turkey

Here are the most popular dental procedures in Bursa, Turkey.

A Perfect Dental Vacation in Bursa, Turkey

You don’t have to go just in and out of Bursa while getting dental work in Turkey. You can also make a vacation out of it!

Before your dental trip to Bursa, Turkey, you should know the following things.

How to Reach Bursa

To reach Bursa,  take a flight from the UK to Bursa-Yenişehir airport (YEI).

From there, you can use our partner clinic’s airport pick-up and drop-off services.

Flights from the UK to Bursa (YEI)
Origin Duration Stops
London (STN) 14 hr 15 min 2
Manchester (MAN) 20 hr 2
Birmingham (BHX) 25 hr 15 min 2

You can also take a 4 hr flight from the UK to Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW), which is around 120 km from Bursa.

Flights from the UK to Istanbul (SAW)
Origin Duration Stops
London (STN) 3 hr 40 min Direct
Manchester (MAN) 4 hr Direct
Birmingham (BHX) 7hr 20 min One-stop

From Istanbul, you can take any of the following to reach Bursa:

Transportation Duration Cost
Ferry (IDO or BUDO) 3 hr ₺20-₺40 (€1-€2)
Bus 3-4 hr ₺40-₺60 (€2-€3)
Taxi 2.5-3 hr ₺600 (€30)

If you are a passport holder of any European Union country, you can enjoy a visa-free stay in Turkey for up to 90 days.

The same is valid for British citizens as well.

However, post 90 days, you will have to apply for a visa to stay in Turkey.

You can easily apply for the Turkish e-visa online.

Source: Republic of Turkiya, [10] Gov.UK [11]

Visa processing

Inter-City Transportation in Bursa

To travel anywhere in Bursa, you can take a taxi, Bursa’s city bus or minibus, or the metro called Bursaray. [12]

You can get a smart card called the BursaKart (BuKart) made for the bus and metro. [13] It costs ₺3.50 (€0.18).

One-way fare will cost around ₺2-3 (€0.10-€0.15) so get it charged with credit accordingly.

Taxi fare for small distances starts at ₺20-₺30 (€1-€1.55).

Bursa bus

Bursa Bus

Bursaray metro

Bursaray metro

Where to Stay in Bursa

We recommend the following hotels for a comfortable stay in Bursa, Turkey.

Places to See in Bursa

Bursa is a historical city full of important mosques, tombs, and other monuments. [14]

It is also an excellent destination for a winter holiday.

Explore the following tourist attractions in Bursa during your dental trip:

What to Eat in Bursa

Bursa is known for its rich cuisine. Be sure to try the following dishes:

Experience Thermal Tourism in Bursa

Bursa is famous for its hot springs and thermal spas.

These Turkish baths feature huge domes and marble fountains, remnants of the Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

Their waters, which are rich in magnesium, are supposed to have healing qualities.

There would be no better or unique way to relax after your dental treatment in Bursa than visiting one of these Turkish baths! [17]

Thermal Tourism in Bursa, Turkey
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Best Time to Visit Bursa

If you want a skiing trip in Uludağ, you should visit between November & March when the temperatures are between 8-10°C (46-50°F). [18]

For more pleasant Mediterranean weather, you should visit between May & September when the temperatures are between 18-26°C (65-80°F). [19]

Languages Spoken in Bursa

Turkey’s official language is Turkish. [20]

The dentists at our partner clinic are also fluent in English.

Currency Used in Bursa

Turkey’s currency is Lira. [21]

Make sure to exchange your cash, as it is best to carry local currency with you on an overseas trip.

Is Bursa Safe for Dental Work?

Yes, Bursa is safe for dental work. Let the facts tell you the truth:

  • Turkey ensures rigorous moderation of its health tourism services. All healthcare providers must have proper licenses to enter Turkey’s health tourism market. [22]
  • Bursa is also completely safe to travel to as it is around 1,000 km away from the southeast regions of Turkey that share a border with Syria. Moreover, it has a safety index of 66/100. [23]
  • Dental care in Bursa meets international standards as our partner clinic employs nationally accredited dentists.
  • It also uses top dental brands and the latest technology for digital dentistry, x-rays, and endodontic instruments. Latest technology for sterilization is also used.

Patient Reviews for Dental Work in Bursa, Turkey

Don’t just take our word for it!

Listen to the success stories of patients who got dental work in Bursa, Turkey.


Dental work in Bursa, Turkey, is an easy and affordable way to fix your dental troubles.

Dental work is 60-80% cheaper in Bursa than in the UK.

The city has dental clinics offering high-quality dental treatments by board-certified, well-experienced dentists.

Come to Bursa for your dental work now and take away with you a better smile and lifelong memories!


You can pay in cash in either USD, Euro, or Turkish Lira.

Depending on your procedure, you can save 60-80% compared to UK prices.

For instance, all-on-6 dental implants cost around €5,400 in Bursa

. Whereas in the UK, the cost will be upwards of €18,500.

This means roughly 70% savings.

All-on-8 dental implants cost €13,000 in the UK but only €4,000 in Bursa. This implies 69% savings.

All-on-4 Dental Implants in Bursa start at €4,000, whereas in the UK, they can cost upwards of €14,500.

This means you will save 72% of the cost if you get them in Bursa.

Bursa has excellent dental clinics offering top dental treatments that are high quality but affordable.

Our partner clinic uses

  • Top dental brands such as Straumann and Medentica.
  • Autoclave and UV light sterilization.
  • Latest dental technology such as 3Shape Intraoral scanners, panoramic X-rays, rotary instruments, and apex locators.
  • It also has dentists who are board certified, highly experienced, can speak English, and prioritize patient safety above all else.

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