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Dental Implants vs Dental Bridges

Dental implants are fast becoming the most preferred method of replacing missing teeth, and are simultaneously crushing out the other available treatment options for the same. With the rising popularity of dental implants, the shortcomings of other treatments are becoming more apparent.
Of course, dental implants are more costly as compared to other tooth replacement options, but given the comfort and confidence they provide to the patient, the costs seem justified. Anyway with the advent of Dental tourism, situations have got better and a patient nowadays could opt to travel to get teeth implants in Mexico, India or Thailand without much of apprehensions. The cost of the treatment in these nations is much lesser and quality of the services is world class.

Missing teeth are also widely replaced by dental bridges, which are fixed on the remaining teeth in the mouth.

Dental bridge: a long porcelain unit, which is fixed on to atleast two natural teeth, to replace the missing teeth.

However, dental implants are quickly taking over from dental bridges as the more popular option for replacing natural teeth.

When comparing the two, the following points are taken into consideration:


Implants, being more sturdy than dental bridges, provide greater convenience and comfort for the patient. Also, they are known to have a greater life than the bridges, which usually last only 10-15 years.

Also, the life of a bridge depends upon the health of remaining teeth in the mouth, as it is fixed over them. However, an implant is an independent unit, and can easily stay even after natural teeth are lost.

Resorption of jaw bone

The integrity of the jaw bone depends on the teeth. As long as healthy teeth are present in your mouth, the height of the jaw bone is maintained. Once you start losing teeth the jaw bone begins to shrink, bringing significant changes to the facial profile.

Since an implant acts like the root of a natural tooth, it helps preserve the bone.

Maintaining other oral structures

An implant is placed inside the jaw bone to act as an independent tooth, unlike dental bridges which are fixed on teeth adjacent to the edentulous region. To make place for the bridge, atleast two teeth have to be reduced.

On the other hand, an implant provides a more conservative option as it is directly drilled into the bone without requiring any compromise on other teeth.



Since an implant is placed inside the jaw bone, the crown placed over it can easily be made to form a neat relation with the gum line. Implants are more esthetic as they provide a very natural look to the artificial teeth.

Oral hygiene maintenance

Implants allow for flossing as there is better access between teeth, and homecare is facilitated by flossing between teeth. Dental bridges are usually harder to keep clean, and food lodgment is a common problem with them.


The initial cost of implants is higher and many patients may opt for the cheaper bridges. But in the long run, the benefits of implants in maintaining oral health easily outweigh its one-time high price. Affordable dental treatments abroad have also served patients with a reason to not delay the procedure because of the high costs attached to it.


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