Is dental work in Turkey cheap? Yes! You can save up to 90% on UK & US quality dental care. Dive in to discover why dentistry in Turkey is affordable & the quality of care you can experience.

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Watch Why the Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey Is So Affordable

Why Is It So Cheap To Get Your Teeth Done in Turkey?

“Is it cheaper to get dental work done in Turkey?” is a popular question asked by both Britishers and Americans alike.

Along with this, they wonder if the quality is equal to the UK and US standards. The answer to both is YES!

Dental work in Turkey cost is notably affordable due to several key factors:

Lower Operational Costs

Turkish dental clinics benefit from lower operational expenses compared to those in Western countries like the UK and US, allowing them to offer treatments at more competitive prices. [1]

Dental offices in Turkey benefit from decreased expenses in rent, utilities, and administrative costs.

Lower Cost of Living

Is dental work in Turkey cheap? Well, the lower cost of living in Turkey translates to reduced labor costs for dental professionals, contributing to overall affordability for patients. [2]

The wages and incomes of dentists in Turkey are notably lower than those in Western countries.

This results in lower labor costs for dentistry clinics, allowing them to offer dental treatments at more affordable rates.

Favorable Currency Exchange Rates

International patients benefit from favorable currency exchange rates, further amplifying cost savings on dental treatments.

The favorable exchange rate for foreign patients in Turkey presents a significant advantage. [3]

Visitors from countries with stronger currencies leverage this favorable exchange rate to access top-quality dental care at a fraction of the cost they would incur at home.

Government Incentives

The Turkish government actively promotes medical tourism, offering incentives to attract international patients and support the growth of the healthcare sector. [4]


The rise of dental tourism in Turkey has intensified competition among dental centers.

To attract patients from abroad, clinics now offer competitive prices along with exceptional services, creating a win-win situation for international visitors seeking quality dental care. [5]

Low Laboratory Costs

Dental labs in Turkey offer more affordable teeth implants Turkey price and other procedures compared to countries like the UK and the US. [6]

These labs play a crucial role in crafting tooth prosthetics & appliances, contributing significantly to the affordability of dental treatments.

Combined, these factors make dental work in Turkey an attractive & cost-effective option for those seeking quality care without the hefty price tag.

Is It Worth Going to Turkey for Teeth?

You’re probably wondering- “Is Turkey a good place for dental work? What about all the news surrounding bad dental treatment in Turkey?

Well, let’s see how our partner clinics in Turkey can reassure you.


Cost-effective Solutions

Experience unparalleled affordability with teeth implants Turkey price significantly lower than those in the UK and US.

Unlock remarkable savings up to 90% without compromising on quality with all inclusive dental packages in Turkey today!

Cutting-edge Technology

Immerse yourself in the world of innovation as Turkish dental clinics boast state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities like:

  • CT Scan,
  • CEREC,
  • CAD-CAM,
  • Digital implant рlаnnіng ѕоftwаrе,
  • 3D intraoral scanning,
  • Milling machine & soft tissue laser

Benefit from the latest advancements in dental technology for superior treatment outcomes.

Certified Dentists

Trust your dental care to the best dentist in Turkey Istanbul, renowned for their expertise, experience, and accreditation.

Rest assured, you’re in capable hands with practitioners dedicated to excellence and with 10+ years of experience.

Satisfied Patients

Listen to satisfied patients through glowing dental work in Turkey reviews.

Discover firsthand accounts of exceptional care, highlighting the professionalism, skill, and affordability of treatment.

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Patient Review: Dental Veneers in Turkey

Safety Assured

Your well-being is paramount in Turkish dental clinics, with rigorous sterilization protocols in place to safeguard against infections.

With a 3-tier sterilization process, autoclaves used for instrument cleaning, and employing high heat, ultrasonic devices, and disinfectant solutions, infection transmission is prevented effectively.

Feel confident in the stringent safety measures implemented for your peace of mind.

Dental Getaway

Combining your dental treatment with a trip to Turkey allows you to enjoy a memorable vacation while taking care of your dental health!

Explore the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities of Turkey before or after your dental appointment.

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The question “Is Dental Work in Turkey Cheap?” is met with a resounding affirmation.

Turkey not only offers remarkable cost savings compared to the UK and US.

But also provides top-quality dental care, advanced technology, experienced dentists, stringent safety measures, and the added bonus of exploring a beautiful destination.

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