John, a resident of New York City, talks why one should come to Cancun for a dental trip. Testimonials of several satisfied patients like John prove beyond doubt that traveling to Mexico for dental implants or for any other dental work is a sensible, safe choice.

Watch on YouTube: “Cancun for Dental Care – Patient Testimonial”

Following is the video narration:
“It’s really a sad myth in the United States that is exacerbated by the media we have, where they distort, exaggerate a lot of things, you know.

Honestly, in some specific places in Mexico there have been some severe problems, but that’s eight hundred miles from here, six hundred, I mean I feel safer … , probably in places I have ever been.

“What … , there is literally no crime, at all. Cancun is very peaceful place. You don’t sure, there are certain areas of the city you don’t you don’t walk around at twelve at night or one in the morning.

But that’s true of any place in the world, you know. As a general place, it is extremely safe. I feel very comfortable negotiating the city, it’s very easy, people friendly, weather is beautiful.

It’s got, you know, lot of young, up-and-coming professionals who live here and have a peaceful life, and you know, it’s great place, great place. We’re happy, we’re very happy.

“My wife and I been studying Spanish. We don’t speak it very well but it helps us to communicate.

Most Mexicans speak some English; some Mexicans speak fantastic English, much better than American speak Spanish.

So, it’s that easy, it’s not difficult to negotiate the language barrier. It’s not a problem.

” I would say don’t believe what you are hearing, and you really can’t find a more peaceful, tranquil place than Cancun … .It’s a great place for vacations. It’s reasonable, beautiful weather, very nice. And it’s … too.”

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