Misaligned, crooked, or irregular teeth can easily be corrected with orthodontics, but this can be quite pricey in the US. If you’re looking to cut down your expenses, then a well-experienced orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica, might just be what you need.

The low orthodontist cost in Costa Rica can help you save around 50% of what you will be charged in Western countries.

This post will help you compare braces costs and find the best dental clinics and doctors in San Jose, Costa Rica.

How Do Braces Work?
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The desire for a beautiful, healthy smile motivates about 4 million Americans and Canadians to straighten their teeth with braces. [1]

An Overview of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics deals with the correction of improperly positioned teeth and jaws. An orthodontic problem is also known as a “malocclusion,” meaning “bad bite”.

It includes an overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, gaps between the teeth, misplaced midline, or overcrowding of the teeth.

If you have any of these dental problems, you might want to find a good orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica, to get the treatment at a minimal cost.

Correction of malocclusion of teeth – Before & After

Correction of malocclusion of teeth – Before & After
Did you know? The AAO recommends an orthodontic consultation no later than age seven.

Can Adults Get Orthodontic Treatment in San Jose?

Today, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult. [3]

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age. Hence orthodontic treatments are effective for adults also.

With the advances in orthodontics, the treatment has become more comfortable and less noticeable than ever for all age groups. [4]

Even people over 50 get braces to reap the dual benefits of an improved smile and oral health. [5]

What Is the Cost of Braces in San Jose, Costa Rica?

The cost of orthodontic treatment in San Jose, Costa Rica, is 50% cheaper than in the US and Canada.

The affordable braces in San Jose start at $2,500 for metal brackets and can go up to $5,000 for clear aligners per jaw.

The cost depends on the type of braces you choose, treatment duration, and complexity of the correction.

The same treatment in the US costs about $5,500 to $9,000.

Even though San Jose orthodontic treatments are cost-effective, it does not compromise the quality of your treatment.

It’s because the standard of dental care in Costa Rica is on par with many Western countries. [6]

Cost of Orthodontic Services in San Jose, Costa Rica Vs. US in USD
Treatment San Jose, Costa Rica US
Metal braces $2,500 $5,500
Ceramic braces $2,700 $6,000
Lingual braces/invisible braces $4,000 $9,000
Invisalign (Per jaw) $5,000 $7,000
*Prices are subject to change.
Costa Rica All-inclusive Braces Package includes both the treatment cost and the monthly adjustment charges.

Does Insurance Cover Braces?

Many insurers partially cover orthodontic treatment for children under 18. They provide coverage to them only if braces are deemed to be medically necessary.

For example, if they have jaw misalignment or have difficulty chewing.

However, most plans don’t cover braces or other orthodontics for adults. [7]

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Orthodontic Services in San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose orthodontists use many types of appliances to move your teeth and fix the jaws. Below are a few examples:

Classic braces are stainless steel brackets and wires attached to your teeth with rubber bands.

These are the least expensive and the most noticeable braces. [8]

Standard metal braces in San Jose ranges from $2,500 – $3,000.

Standard Metal Braces

Also called clear braces, these resemble metal braces.

But they are less noticeable as the brackets are clear or tooth-colored.

They are slightly more expensive than metal braces. [9]

You can expect to pay about $2,700 for clear braces in San Jose.

Ceramic Braces

These are also called invisible, inside, internal, and hidden braces.

Lingual braces are fixed to the back side of your teeth, hence harder to see.

Invisible braces in San Jose cost about $4,000.


It is a thin clear aligner that can straighten your teeth without using classic metal braces.

It is made from a plastic blend and fits tightly over teeth.

Dentists in San Jose charge $5,000 for Invisalign per jaw.


You may also want to inquire about affordable porcelain dental veneers in Costa Rica to fix some minor teeth appearance issues.

Best Orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica

Best Orthodontic Clinics San Jose, Costa Rica

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San Jose Costa Rica Orthodontic Treatments – Reviews

Why Choose an Orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica?

If you are in search of the best orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica, here are some of the qualifications you may consider:

  • A renowned orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica, is highly skilled in all kinds of orthodontic treatments and has most likely been educated in the US and Europe. International training teaches dental professionals to speak English fluently and cater to their overseas patients’ specific needs.
  • A trustworthy orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica, is most likely to work in a leading clinic with state-of-the-art facilities, is equipped with advanced technology, and uses material approved by the FDA.

Orthodontic work in San Jose
  • A dedicated dental surgeon in Costa Rica would continue to broaden their knowledge by conducting research and participating in conferences and training, both local and international.
  • A competent orthodontist in San Jose would be a member of Costa Rica’s Board of Dentistry and well-known international organizations, including the ADA .
  • Orthodontist prices in San Jose, Costa Rica, are very affordable despite the impressive credentials of many orthodontists there.

Five Great Reasons to Choose San Jose – Costa Rica for Your Dental Care

1️⃣ Dental treatment in San Jose – Costa Rica, is on par with the US. [10]

2️⃣ San Jose has the highest concentration of dental clinics in Costa Rica.

3️⃣ With reduced travel costs, San Jose is easily accessible from the US (Flying time < 3 hrs from Miami; Cost < $400)

4️⃣ Major dental treatments are highly affordable in San Jose (50-70% savings on dental implantsall on 4)

5️⃣ Leading dental clinics in Costa Rica have state-of-the-art technology and modern equipment that are among the most advanced and sophisticated in the world.

Source: Ticotimes [11]


If you are thinking about how to save money on orthodontic work, you should consider the treatment in San Jose, Costa Rica. The prices are 50% cheaper than in the US.

You will also enjoy your vacation and have more reasons to smile after a reputable orthodontist in San Jose, Costa Rica, takes care of your teeth problems.

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