Prioritizing dental care is essential for your general health. But high costs in some countries make it almost impossible.

With dental work in Bangkok, you can regain your beautiful smile and oral health at an affordable cost.

Apart from money saving, you will have the opportunity to indulge in Bangkok’s beauty because you deserve a relaxing vacation.

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Why Choose Dental Work in Bangkok?

Thailand or commonly known as the “Land of Smiles,” [1] is not only an exotic destination but also has a well-established dental industry.

Foreign tourists visit lively Bangkok to experience a new culture and get cheaper dental care.

The following advantages adorn dental tourism in Bangkok:

Affordable Dental Work

Compared to western countries, dentistry in Bangkok is up to 65% cheaper.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The clinic has a worship area, free private parking, a post-treatment relaxation room, a cafeteria, and much more.

Certified Dentists

Our partner dentists aim to help you improve your smile and dental health with care and empathy. They have experience of 5+ years.

Advanced Technology

The clinic is equipped with technology like 3D CAD/CAM, Panoramic X-Ray, Nobel Biocare system, etc.

Vacation in Bangkok

It’s a perfect getaway for a couple of days, and you have to just relax while exploring the Thai capital.

Why Choose Dental Work in Bangkok?

Reasons to Choose Bangkok for Dental Work


Bangkok Dentist Prices

The cost of dental work in Bangkok is over 65% less expensive than the same procedures in the west.

For instance, dental implants price in Bangkok is $757 and over $4,000 in the US, and around $5,500 in Australia.

Another good comparison is the teeth whitening price in Bangkok is $45 per tooth, while in Australia, it’s around $300.

Take a look at the following table to compare the prices:

Cost of Dental Work in Bangkok
Treatment Bangkok US Australia
Dental Implant $757 $4,000 $5,500
All-On-4 Implants $7,622 $24,000 $30,000
All-On-6 Implants $9,146 $28,000 $34,000
Tooth Crown $275 $1,500 $2,000
Root Canal Treatment $424 $2,000 $2,500
Full Denture (per jaw) $610 $1,500 $2,000
Laser Teeth Whitening $227 $900 $1,000
Regular Teeth Whitening $45 $200 $300
Tooth-Colored Filling $25 $300 $400


Prices can vary for each case.

This table shows that dental works in Bangkok are more affordable than in North America and Australia.

Now let’s have a look at the profiles of some of the best dentists in Bangkok.

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Best Dentists in Bangkok

Bangkok dentists are highly trained and speak English fluently. They deliver excellent dental treatment results to local and international patients.

We will introduce you to some of the best dentists in Bangkok who work in our recommended clinics.

Bangkok Dental Clinic

Dental clinics in Bangkok have JCI accreditation, ensuring the highest dental services standards.

Bangkok clinics strive to help you improve your smile while maintaining your dental care in a safe, friendly environment.

Here are the advantages of Bangkok dental clinics:

  • Internationally-trained dentists
  • High-quality, comprehensive dental care and services
  • Professional medical team
  • Affordable dental treatment in Bangkok
  • Modernly equipped clinics

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Dental Procedures in Bangkok

Dental Veneers in Bangkok

  • It is a restorative procedure for anterior teeth.
  • It is usually chosen for high aesthetic outcomes.
  • Porcelain veneers show excellent aesthetic results and predictable longevity.

Dental Veneers in Bangkok

  • Composite veneers are considered a good conservative option but have less durability.

Source– NCBI [2]

Dental Crowns in Bangkok

  • crown is a “cap” similar to the shape of your tooth that is placed over a tooth.
  • It restores a tooth’s shape, size, and strength.
  • Improves tooth appearance.
  • Also, used to cover a dental implant.

Dental Crowns in Bangkok

Source– WebMD [3]

Dental Implants in Bangkok

  • An implant replaces tooth roots with metal posts.
  • It involves replacing a damaged or missing tooth with an artificial tooth.
  • Dental implant surgery is an alternative to dentures or bridgework.

Dental Implants in Bangkok

Source– Mayo Clinic [4]

Teeth Whitening in Bangkok

  • Teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure.
  • It involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter.
  • However, teeth whitening doesn’t work on false teeth.

Teeth Whitening in Bangkok

Source– NHS [5]

Apart from these popular procedures, our clinics offer many other procedures like root canal treatment and dentures.

But is Bangkok safe for your dental needs? Let’s more about it.

Is Dental Work Safe in Bangkok?

Crime rates in Bangkok are lower than that in many U.S. cities. [6] This makes it a favorable destination for dental work as well.

Furthermore, our partner clinics are accredited by:

  • Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • The International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • ISO certification.
The clinics follow international standards of sterilization, which are checked by a 3M Attest Biological Monitoring System. After sterilization, the instruments are vacuum-packed and stored in a U.V. chamber.

Why choose Dentavacation for Dental Vacation in Bangkok?

Dentavacation is an online repository of world-class dental clinics.

As a US-based Medical Tourism Corporation unit, it has been successfully aiding patients to achieve their health goals for over 14+ years.

Dentavacation screens and partners with only the best dental clinics and highly qualified dentists. It ensures patients have access to affordable treatment.

However, we suggest that you make your trip to Bangkok more than just getting your teeth fixed.

In the next section, we have curated a small travel guide for you.

Dental Tourism in Bangkok

Bangkok has been a popular tourist destination for many years. The city’s rich history and vibrant culture differ from others in Southeast Asia.

Want to expand your dental trip to explore the city? Then keep reading.

Things to Do in Bangkok

Glorious temples that present Thai culture, authentic Thai food, friendly people, and urban nightlife are Bangkok’s symbols.

There are many sights to explore, but we recommend the following:

  • You’ll land at Bangkok International Airport- BKK, Suvarnabhumi.
  • Good modes of transport to get around Bangkok are BTS-sky train, MRT-Metro, taxi, and tuk-tuks.
  • Weather: It is hot and humid most of the year. Light and quick-dry clothing are advisable.
  • Bargaining: Bangkok is cheap; you can still bargain in the local markets.

In Bangkok, the official language is Thai. [9] Some common phrases are:

  • Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka.
  • Yes – Chai (khrup/ka)
  • No – Mai (khrup/ka)
  • Maybe – Aaj ja (khrup/ka)
  • Thank you – khop khun (khrup/ka)
  • Sorry/excuse me – Khor thoad khrup/ka

The best dishes in Bangkok you don’t want to miss are:

  • Guay Teow (Noodle Soup)
  • Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)
  • Tom Kha Gai (Chicken in Coconut Soup)
  • Som Tam (Spicy Green Papaya Salad)
  • Pad Thai (Thai Style Fried Noodles)
  • Khao Pad (Fried Rice)

Khao Pad

Khao Pad

Som Tam

Som Tam

Pad Thai

Pad Thai

We advise you to look for eateries where the locals eat. The food will be tastier and have authentic flavors.

Bangkok is a safe city for tourists. However, here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Scams: Beware of people saying tourist spots are closed for a few hours and offering to take you to special shops. They can con you with fake wares.
  • Beware of gem shops. Most of them are fake unless you are adept at differentiating the real ones.
  • Take all taxi rides by the meter and not flat rates.

Dental Work in Bangkok Reviews

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Patient Review Dental Work in Bangkok, Thailand


Enjoy a leisure holiday by choosing Dental work in Bangkok and improve your smile at up to three times lower prices than in your country.

Stay anxiety-free, knowing that an experienced dentist in Bangkok will care for your dental needs.

Contact our friendly DentaVacation team to book your dental trip to Bangkok today!

FAQ’s on Dental Work in Bangkok

Getting new teeth in Bangkok will cost you over 60% less than in America or Australia. Have a look at the table given below for a better idea:

Treatment Cost
Dental Implant $757
Dental Crown $275
Composite Veneer $137
All-on-4 Implants $7,625

Yes, dental care in Thailand is cheaper, up to about 60%-70% compared to western countries.

Although dental prices are lower in Thailand, you will get quality dental treatment performed by certified dentists.

Moreover, you will have the charming experience of eastern culture and nice people in Bangkok.

A root canal in Bangkok costs around $200 per tooth. Making root canal treatment over 50%-60% cheaper in Bangkok than in North America.

Check the following table for more information on prices:

Treatment Cost
Front Tooth (per tooth) $138
Premolar Tooth (per tooth) $183
Molar Tooth (per tooth) $275

Another important factor to consider is the duration of a root canal treatment stay.

Depending on the case, you would have to stay between 2-10 days in Bangkok.

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