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Algodones Dental Prices

Cost of Dental Work in AlgodonesHave you been ignoring your dental issues in order to evade pricey medical bills back in your city clinics? It’s time you know that inexpensive dental treatment options are not far from you. Algodones dental prices are several times cheaper than those in the US or Canada.

The increase in number of qualified professionals and the affordability of dental services has caused the dental tourism industry in this town to steadily grow.

According to studies conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, in the year 2007, Americans made about 500 million dental visits, spending approximately $98.6 billion on dental treatments.

A dental treatment in Algodones could be profitable in many ways, some of which are:

  • There’s an abundance of pharmaceutical stores, dental specialists and dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico.
  • You’d also find a various dental procedures including dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges, dental restorations, teeth whitening and scaling at prices that are surprisingly low.
  • It’s hard to find a place with such a huge number of choices!
  • You can reach this northernmost Mexican town by traveling just 7 miles south of Yuma, Arizona. 

Cost of Dental Work in Algodones, Mexico

If you precisely ask, “how much for dental implants in Los Algodones” you can easily get confused with an overflow of plausible choices.

Algodones is known for having a dental office and a pharmaceutical store in every few blocks. Call it a “border medical land” or a dental paradise, the town draws thousands of dental tourists from its neighboring countries every month. Dental treatment prices in Los Algodones, Mexico are almost 70-75 percent less than what they generally charge you back in the US or Canada.

However that doesn’t bring down the quality of dental services by any means and the growing numbers of dental tourists here are a testament to the quality of services and patient satisfaction.

Hygiene and Safety in Algodones Dental Centers

Los Algodones BC - MexicoYou can expect neat dental facilities in Algodones. Being close to the border, these clinics frequently get American and Canadian patients and are well aware of the safety concerns they may have.  Some of our clients have said they were surprised to see the clinic so clean.

In terms of security, Algodones rarely needs to send out any cautionary advises to dental tourists. Hundreds of patients travel across the border every month so you need not worry much.

Why Choose Algodones?

  • This town offers a great deal of options when it comes to dental treatments. Like many patients you can also undergo more than one treatment in a single visit.
  • With so many dental clinics in a small area you can compare the services and charges before choosing one.
  • Whether you are opting for crowns, bridges, root canal treatment or teeth implants in Los Algodones, you can expect to enjoy the luxury of being the dentist’s priority. The waiting lists here are almost negligible and consequently, the treatment is much quicker.
  • Low dentistry costs in Algodones, Baja California do not mean you have to compromise on the standard of services. We work only with highly-educated, well–experienced dentists.
  • Los Algodones is very close to Arizona and California. Needless to say, you are spared an exorbitant airfare. You can easily park your car in the massive parking lot of the international border and get a cab from the other side.

A number of factors contribute to the low Algodones dental prices. If compared to the US, dental offices and waiting lounges in Los Algodones are not just smaller in size but also less elaborate in terms of décor. Insurance malpractices are generally absent among the dentists. Besides, dental assistance and other related office help are also less expensive as the overall cost of living in Mexico is much less.