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Partial Plate in Thailand

Partial PlatesMissing teeth can interfere with one’s quality of life, besides adversely affecting the aesthetics of one’s smile.

If you still have some teeth left in your jaw, then you might consider getting a partial denture, alternatively known as a partial plate.

And if you are looking to have your missing teeth replaced for a price that won’t pinch your pocket, consider traveling to Thailand for getting partial plates.

What are Partial Dental Plates?

  • These are custom-made replacements of missing teeth, suitable for those who have some teeth remaining in the jaw.
  • These are either made of a plastic base or metal.
  • Clasps are used to hold partial dental plates in place.
  • Metal framework partial dentures provide a more definitive restorative solution than plastic partial dentures.
  • Dentures made from Valplast offer both durability and flexibility.

How Thailand Scores Over Australia?

  • Cost difference – 
Average Price of Partial Dentures in Australia Our Bangkok Prices (in Aus. $) Your Savings
$900-$1,300 $150-267 Almost 80%
  • No wait times –

Your treatment gets scheduled quickly without any waiting periods involved, unlike in Australia.

  • Quality care for only a fraction of Australian prices –

The clinic we work with receives a sizable number of dental tourists from Australia and New Zealand. The clinic strives to provide quality care rivaling the Australian standards for just a fraction of the prices.

  • An exotic getaway –

Having your dental work done in your hometown might not necessarily give you a reason to holiday! However, if you travel to Bangkok, Thailand, for treatment, you get a chance to devour the art, architecture and pulsating nightlife of this travel paradise.

Why Thailand for Partial Dentures?

Your partial dental plate treatment will be done in one of Bangkok’s prime dental clinics. By choosing to have your dental work in Thailand, you can look forward to the following:

  • Massive Savings

You pay only a small percentage of what you would have to otherwise pay in your home country.

  • Smile Guarantee
    • Our network clinic offers a 3-year guarantee on its partial dentures.  (The warranty does not cover dropping the denture accidently.)
    • Your responsibility lies in keeping up with your recall-appointments regularly either at the Thai clinic or your local dental office.
  • English-speaking dental professionals

Despite your being in a foreign land, you won’t face any language barriers as the dental doctors we work with are English-speaking.

  • Highly competent dental professionals

We work with a highly competent and well-experienced team of Thai dentists. Their credentials include training from prestigious institutes such as the University of North Carolina, University College London, and the World Federation for Laser Dentistry (WFLD).

Top Thai Dental Clinic at Your Service

A Buddhist temple in Bangkok - ThailandTo make sure you get the best of dental care while you are in Thailand for your partial plate treatment, we have collaborated with one of the leading dental clinics in the capital city of Bangkok. A brief overview of the clinic is as follows:

  • Well equipped in-house dental lab which cuts down treatment time.
  • The clinic even sources its dental restorations to clinics in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.
  • The latest equipment for treatment.
  • Fully sterilized facility following international sterilization standards and using CE certified sterilization units.
  • The only clinic in Bangkok to have received an ISO 9001:2008 certification for both its dental facility and laboratory.
  • It also holds the European Society of Esthetic Dentistry (ESED) membership.
  • The clinic also features the following:
    • Six dental rooms
    • A dental unit equipped with an intra-oral camera and LCD monitor
    • A massage therapy unit

Holiday in Bangkok during Your Dental Trip

Bangkok is a traveler’s paradise. What you save on your dental work can very well be spent on enjoying a well-deserved vacation. Some of the must-dos of the Thai capital are:

  • The Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
  • The Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew
  • The weekend Chatuchak market for some cool bargains
  • Zip through the streets of Bangkok in a tuk-tuk (a three-wheeled motorized taxi)
  • Sip a nice cocktail at one of the several pulsating rooftop bars of the city
  • Enjoy a nice Thai massage for just a few dollars

Getting partial dentures in Thailand gives you a unique combination of quality and affordability, and also a great chance to replenish your energies by enjoying its touristic offerings. 

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