Immediate load implants in Thailand will save you a fortune and a lot of time! Plus, it will help you regain your confidence instantly.

Read on to find out how traveling to this Buddhist country will fix your teeth while saving 60% on Australian cost!

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Immediate load implants can be placed in a day!

Now we have one concern. Is it just an exaggeration when Thai implant dentists say that ‘teeth in a day’ is possible with this new implant technique?

It is indeed true in some cases.

Within 48 hours following implant implantation, a restoration is placed in a procedure called immediate loading. [1]

Let’s now understand what makes Thailand an ideal destination for getting immediate load dental implants.

Why Choose Thailand for Same Day Implants?

There are many reasons which make Thailand lucrative for getting immediate load implants. Some of them have been listed below:

💰 Affordability

Low-cost treatment

The fees charged by dentists in Bangkok, Phuket, and other dental tourism hubs here is very less.

In contrast, the amount charged by their counterparts in the world’s western countries is sky-rocketing!

This renders Thailand implants extremely affordable and a viable option for Aussies and Kiwis.

Another factor responsible for affordability is the low cost of living in Thailand. [2]

🇦🇺 No More Dental Dilemmas

Coverage without insurance

Interestingly, only 56% of Aussies have dental insurance. [3]

This implies around 44% are still uninsured.

Out of this uninsured population, a majority chunk is not getting the required dental treatment owing to the huge cost.

However, this problem can be easily catered to by traveling to Thailand. In this country, immediate load implants are priced at just AUD 3,200.

Thailand for Immediate Load Implants

Thailand for Immediate Load Implants

🦷 No Cutting Corners

Prime dental care

Thai dental clinics are well equipped and engage some of the most experienced dentists who have also practiced abroad.

You should note that Thai clinics follow strict hygiene standards and international sterilization protocols.

🏖️ Lofty Leisures

Enjoy a bonus vacation

Soothing massages, temples, ancient ruins, lush palaces, tropical beaches, and what not! Thailand offers a varied potpourri of experiences to tourists.

In short, we assure that you can enjoy a bonus sojourn after getting dental work in Thailand.

Still not convinced that Thailand is value for money? Don’t worry. Let’s jump to the cost section.

Cost of Immediate Load Implants in Thailand

The cost of an immediate load implant in Thailand is AUD 3,200. In contrast, the same procedure costs a whopping AUD 8,000 in Australia.

This entails a savings of 60%. 

The Thai cost includes 1 implant fixture, 1 implant abutment, and 1 implant crown.

You should note that Thai dental clinics use world-class brands like Nobel Biocare and dental techniques by Maloclinic.  

Whether you plan to get dental implants in BangkokPhuket, or Pattaya, the cost of dental implants in Thailand will continue to surprise you with its modesty!

Price of Immediate Load Implants | Australia vs. Thailand
Country Cost of Immediate Load Implant
Thailand AUD 3,200
Australia AUD 8,000
Savings 60%
Prices are case-dependent.

Hurry up! Save ~60% on same-day implants!

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Best Dental Clinic for Immediate Load Implants in Thailand

Just knowing the cost is not enough. You need in-depth information on the facility where your dental treatment shall take place.

Dentavacation has partnered with state-of-the-art clinics in Thailand. Check out their profiles below:

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Best Dentists for Immediate Load Implants in Thailand

Now, let’s get more insight into same-day implants in Thailand.

Same Day Dental Implants in Thailand: What’s Special?

In simple words, the easiest way to get a perfect smile is same-day dental implants.

Rather than making multiple trips to your dentist’s office, this procedure can be completed within a single trip.

One or more dental implants are placed as part of the immediate load implants system.

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With ‘teeth in a day’, you can have a stunning, complete smile in only one visit as opposed to traditional dental implants, which often require a waiting time before a crown can be placed.

The Procedure of Immediate Load Implants in Thailand

It’s very vital to understand the procedure that immediate load implants entail.


Step 1: Dental Consultation

Step 1: Dental Consultation


Your dentist will check your jaw bone condition, the sinuses’ location, and each implant’s placement.

Based on your diagnosis, you will be recommended same-day dental implants.

Step 2: Surgery

Step 2: Surgery


Next, you will be sedated, and any tooth extraction will be performed. The dentist will drill holes in the bone to insert the dental implant.

The incised areas will be sewn up once your mouth has been cleansed.

Step 3: Dental Fittings

Step 3: Dental Fittings

Dental Fittings

The abutments for the replacement teeth will be fitted once the implants have been placed.

Your dentist may suggest a temporary overdenture to put over the new abutment.

Step 4: Aftercare of Same Day Dental Implants

Step 4: Aftercare of Same Day Dental Implants


The patient may often resume normal activities with same-day implants soon after the dental implant operation.

The most crucial modifications to consider are diet and dental hygiene.

Step 5: Follow-Up Appointment

Step 5: Follow-Up Appointment

Follow Up

The patient will have a follow-up with the dentist in about 6 months.

This is done to ensure the one-day tooth implant has healed correctly and that the teeth all fit together properly.

Source: Intech Open Journal [4]

Who Can Get an Immediate Load Implant in Thailand?

This choice is appropriate if your treatment doesn’t necessitate a sinus lift operation, bone augmentation, or ridge expansion.

Further, if your natural bone is sturdy and solid enough to handle the instant implantation and pressure from a new tooth, you should go for this treatment.

The following lists distinguish an excellent candidate from a bad one: [5]

Good Candidate

  • Sturdy jawbone
  • Good general health
  • Non-smoker or willing to quit before treatment

Bad Candidate

  • Bruxism
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Poor oral health or any chronic disease

Pros and Cons of Same Day Dental Implants in Thailand

Now that you have analyzed whether you would be a good candidate or not, check out the pros and cons of immediate load implants in Thailand.

Pros and Cons of Same Day Implants in Thailand

Pros and Cons of Same Day Implants in Thailand [6]
The success rate of immediate load implants has been noted as 97%-100%. [7]

The below section highlights what other patients say about getting same-day dental implants in Thailand.

Patient Reviews of Immediate Load Implants in Thailand

Is Thailand Safe for Immediate Load Implants?

Going to a new country entails a lot of apprehensions, especially if you are a dental tourist.

You must be wondering if Thailand is good for immediate load implants. In that case, you should note that as of 2020, there were 7,560 dentists in Thailand. [8]

Further, Nobel Biocare is a world-renowned brand, and our partner clinic uses the same in Thailand.

Apart from that, Thai dental clinic follows international sterilization standards to ensure patient safety and hygiene.

Above all, Thai dentists are board-certified and also have international exposure. Further, they speak fluent English.

Dental Tourism in Thailand

Whether enticing street food scenes, scenic landscapes, or temples adorned in grandeur, Thailand knows how to mesmerize tourists.

After getting your immediate loading implants, you can relax and savor a holiday to rejuvenate yourself.

Snapshot: Thailand

Snapshot: Thailand

Visa & Passport Requirement

Australian passport holders do not need a visa to enter Thailand for touristic purposes.

Further, they can stay there for up to 30 days each time they visit. However, it is only permitted twice a year to enter Thailand without a visa through land border checkpoints. [9]

Similarly, citizens of New Zealand are also exempt from the visa requirement for a stay of 30 days if entering via the international airport. [10]

Flights to Thailand

Our partner clinic, i.e., Sea Smile Dental Clinic (erstwhile Bangkok Smile Dental), is located in Phuket, Thailand. You should note that Phuket has its own international airport (HKT).

Mentioned below are some flights from Australia/New Zealand to Phuket.

Flights from Aus/NZ to Phuket (HKT)
Origin Time Stops
Melbourne (MEL) 8 hr 50 min Direct
Sydney (SYD) 11 hr 55 min 1 Stop
Christchurch (CHC) 13 hr 30 min 1 Stop
Auckland (AKL) 16 hr 55 min 1 Stop

Tourist Attractions


Missing teeth can play havoc with your confidence. Immediate load implants in Thailand are a way to regain your lost self-worth.

Thailand offers a low-cost treatment and gives full value for money by providing prime dental clinics and the most sought-after dentists.


Immediate load implants are available at the majority of clinics in Thailand.

However, since this is a technique-sensitive procedure, we recommend you opt for a high-rated dental clinic.

Sea Smile Dental Clinic has state-of-the-art equipment, certified dentists, and global accreditations.

The culmination of all its credentials helps the clinic to guarantee satisfaction like none other!

Immediate dental implants are not expensive in Thailand. In fact, same-day implants only cost AUD 3,200 in Thailand.

This is just a fraction of what you will pay in Australia or New Zealand. You can save 60% of Australian cost on getting same-day dental implants in Thailand.

Clinics in Thailand offer a variety of payment options.

For immediate load implants in Thailand, you can pay via cash, debit card, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express).

You should note that financing options are also available.

Experience an exotic vacation in Thailand! 🇹🇭

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