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Immediate Load Implants in Thailand

 Single Trip Immediate Load Implant for $1,212 only 

Dental tourism is one of the most interesting ongoing trends in today’s world. On the quest of low cost treatments and procedures that would give their smiles a complete makeover and make themselves look more beautiful and personable, people are up for having a dental holiday in Thailand. Getting immediate load implants in Thailand for example, gives one the benefit of achieving a perfect set of teeth at a cost forever desired. immediate-load-dental-implant

Immediate load implants can be had in a day’s time. Now the concern is – is it just an exaggeration when Thai implants dentists say that ‘teeth in a day’ is possible with this new implant technique? It is indeed true in some cases. However, the procedure of getting immediate load implant takes about 15 to 20 minutes and patients can get a permanent crown in 30 days.

Low cost dental implants in Thailand make it a great destination for those looking forward to combing dental care with a calming vacation. Quality and affordable dental treatments are now offered in the Southeast Asian country, thus providing people with cheaper options to save themselves from heavy bills.

How Immediate Load Implants Score Over Traditional Implants

  • Immediate loading implant, also called tooth today, is considered a more viable alternative than the traditional and delayed implants.
  • The tissues and gums surrounding the tooth can contract in case of delayed dental implants.
  • This can result in an unnatural looking gum line when the dentist tries to place a tooth.
  • In case of immediate load implants, there are no such complications.

When Can a Person Not Opt For Immediate Loading Implants

A patient cannot go for immediate loading dental implants in case she/he suffers from the following:

  • Periodontal diseases.
  • Bone loss in the site of implant.
  • HIV.
  • Diabetes.
  • Lupus.

Advantages of Getting Immediate Loading Implants in Thailand

  • The country is one of the most visited dental tourism destinations in the world as cost of dental care in Thailand is attractive and economically viable.
  • Fees charged by dentists in Bangkok, Phuket and other dental tourism hubs here are often lower than that charged by their counterparts in the industrialized countries of the world. This automatically brings down the cost of tooth implant.
  • The cost of living in Bangkok and other parts of the country is low and this adds to the low price factor too.
  • The Thai clinics follow strict hygiene standards and make sure that the patients should not be disappointed. Thai dental clinics are well equipped and engage some of the most experienced dentists who have also practiced abroad.
  • It wont be difficult finding a dentist who would perform your all on 4 implants in Bangkok, Phuket, or any other Thai city you choose for your treatment, with ease and expertise.
  • Low cost smile makeover is what dental tourism here is all about. Be it getting a full mouth restoration, bonding, white fillings, or dental implant dentures; in Thailand all come for a price much lower than what these cost in the West. Even the cost of tooth veneers can be so low as to be termed a trifle when compared to the costs in the US, the UK, and Canada.
  • One can get good deals on dental aesthetics procedures in Bangkok and other parts of the country. Get in touch with Denta Vacation for more information.
  • According to a survey published by the US Centers for Disease Control in 2000, more than 44% of Americans did not have dental insurance during that time – which in turn fuelled dental tourism. Those sans dental insurance coverage are opting for affordable dental treatments abroad and a dental job for getting dentures, bridges, crowns, immediate load and Zimmer teeth implants in Thailand can be right thing for them. grand-palace-in-bangkok-thailand
  • Accommodation here is affordable. Rates of hotels differ according to the services they provide.
  • Factor in the air-fare and accommodation expenses and you still save a lot.
  • Thailand is world known for its dramatic natural beauty. Be it the tropical islands, sun kissed beaches, and World Heritage sites – this mystical land has a lot in store for the visitors. People who come here for medical treatment can also choose to stay back for a refreshing recuperation. The old Buddhist temples get you closer to the tranquility within.

There is no need to be embarrassed if missing teeth is a problem. There is a new age solution in the form of dental implants and same day or immediate load implants in Thailand win the brownie points because of their affordability and quality.

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