With Cosmetic dentistry in Cancun, Mexico, you will never feel intimidated to smile, speak, or even eat! With DentaVacation, you will save up to 80%.

Check out this blog to find out about the cost, best cosmetic dentists, clinics, and cosmetic dentistry procedures in Cancun.

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Dental Work in Cancun, Mexico

Mexico, which has long been regarded as one of the top places for veneers among Americans, is now gaining popularity among UK patients as well.

Source: Qunomedical [1]

Explore Cancun for Cosmetic Dentistry

f you are still wondering which destination to visit for an affordable smile makeover, the most straightforward answer is Cancun, Mexico.

By choosing cosmetic restorative dentistry in Cancun – Mexico, people can get great deals on usually too expensive procedures in their home country.

The question that is often asked is, “Why is Dental makeover cheaper in Cancun?” The obvious answer is the cost of living and working in Cancun is much less than in the US or Canada.

Let’s understand in detail what makes this city a lucrative destination for aesthetic dentistry:

💰 Affordable Hollywood Smile in Cancun, Mexico

  • Cancun cosmetic dentistry is up to 80% less expensive than in the US.
  • This is because the cost of living in Mexico is 65% less than in the US. [2]
  • This means that you can get a flawless smile without spending a bomb.

🦷 State-of-the-Art Dental Clinics in Cancun

  • Cancun has one of the best dental care systems in the world. [3]
  • To add on, the cosmetic dentistry clinics come decked with modern facilities.
  • You should also note that the clinics also use international prosthetic brands.

Top Reasons To Choose Cancun for Cosmetic Dentistry

Top Reasons To Choose Cancun for Cosmetic Dentistry

🧑🏽‍⚕️ Certified Cosmetic Dentists in Cancun

  • Mexican cosmetic dentists are some of the best.
  • Dentists at our partner clinics are bilingual and speak English.
  • Not only will they provide you with high-quality, affordable treatment, but will also make sure that you remain comfortable during the stay of your procedure.

✈️ Proximal Location & Bonus Vacation

  • Cancun, Mexico, is just a short flight away from the US.
  • Further, the city is famous for its white-sand beaches [4] and pleasant weather and can warrant a splendid vacation.

To conclude, there are plenty of reasons for you to visit Cancun for cosmetic dentistry.

Let’s now have a look at the cost of the most sought-after smile makeover procedures in Cancun.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in Cancun, Mexico?

Cosmetic dentistry in Cancun costs between $250 and $750. The same procedures cost anywhere between $950 and $4,000 in the US. This entails a savings of about 80%.

Further, the exact out-of-pocket cost depends on the procedure you are opting for.

For instance, dental veneers cost $420 in Cancun, Mexico, against $2,500 in the US. This means a saving of 83%.

Then, dental crowns in Cancun, Mexico, are priced at $350, whereas the exact cost is around $2,000 in the US.

You can save 83% on getting dental crowns in Cancun, Mexico.

Comparison of Cosmetic Dentistry Prices Between US and Cancun (USD)
Procedure US Cancun Savings
Dental Whitening $950 $250 74%
Dental Veneers* $2,500 $420 83%
Dental Crowns $2,000 $350 83%
Dental Implants $4,000 $735 82%
*per unit

Cancun cosmetic dentistry prices are subject to change. It’s time to score your confidence back with dental work in Cancun.

Get smile makeover @ whopping savings of ~83%!

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Best Dental Makeover Clinics in Cancun

Let’s now discover the best clinics for smile makeovers in Cancun, Mexico.

Get a better life through quality dentistry!

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Best Cosmetic Dentists in Cancun

Just knowing the best cosmetic dentistry clinics isn’t enough.

You should also pay attention to which dentists will be doing the procedures.

Let’s now look at the profiles of the dentists who will be restoring your smile.

Explore Smile Makeover Procedures in Cancun

A smile makeover is commonly called a dental makeover or smile design.

It consists of one or a combination of procedures like dental veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, enamel shaping, and gum treatment.

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It is different from full mouth reconstruction, as cosmetic dentistry mainly focuses on the esthetic element, while complete mouth rehab also includes fixing chewing capacity.

In the following section, we have explained the standard cosmetic dentistry procedures in Cancun, Mexico.

It is a cosmetic procedure where the color of discolored teeth is lightened. [5]

💵 Savings in Cancun: 74%
⏳ Duration: 3-4 sessions

Alternative names: Teeth bleaching, In-office bleaching, Chairside bleaching, Power bleaching, Zoom whitening

Teeth Whitening

Cancun Teeth Whitening

Cancun veneers are paper-thin shells made of porcelain or composite covering your teeth.

They give you the perfect Hollywood smile.

The cost of porcelain veneers in Cancun is $420 compared to $2,500 per tooth in the US.

💵 Savings in Cancun: 83%
⏳ Duration: 2-3 sessions


Dental Veneers in Cancun

These crowns are tooth caps that cover damaged teeth. [6]

These caps are usually made from porcelain, metal, glass, or ceramic. [7]

💵 Savings in Cancun: 83%
⏳ Duration: 2-3 sessions

Types of dental crowns in Cancun: Porcelain, PFM, e-max, zirconia, and acrylic crowns.


Dental Crowns in Cancun

These are standard treatment options for replacing lost teeth. [8]

The surgeon implants a screw-like device into the jawbone.

The fake tooth and the dental implant are connected via an abutment. [9]

💵 Savings in Cancun: 82%
⏳ Duration: 3-9 months [10]

Dental Implant

Oral Implantology in Cancun

Other cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

  • Treatment for high lipline
  • Enamel shaping for worn-out teeth
  • Gum treatment for discolored gums

Smile Dentistry

Other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in Cancun

Although we can go on and on about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Cancun, some of the most sought after benefits include:

👄 Improved

👌 Improved

🦷 Improved
Dental Health

🍛 Improved

Steps Involved in Smile Makeover in Cancun

Step 1: First of all, consultation with smile designing dental experts occurs. Post that, treatment plan options and patient’s expectations are discussed.

Further, pre-treatment photographs are taken.

Step 2: The second step entails digital smile designing. This is done to portray how your teeth will look post-treatment.

Smile Makeover Process in Cancun

Smile Makeover Process in Cancun

Step 3: Smile designing is a multi-disciplinary approach, but most procedures involve veneers.

You should note that crowns, dental bridges, implants, and teeth whitening can also be a part of cosmetic dental services.

For veneers, anesthesia is given, and teeth are trimmed. Impressions are made. Acrylic temporary veneers are cemented.

Step 4: Post-treatment photos are taken. Post-op follow-up is done.

After all this information, we are sure that you must be tempted to know what other people say about their experience of getting a smile makeover in Cancun.

So, without much ado, let’s head over to the next section.

Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry Reviews

I was nervous about getting my dental work done overseas, but after coming here, my experience has been amazing!

-Stephanie from Canada
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Witness Stephanie Sherlock from Canada talk about getting a smile makeover at Cancun Dental Specialists
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Watch John, a Newyorker talk about getting dental implants in Cancun

Going to a new country for a smile makeover involves a lot of fears and inhibitions.

Now, let’s understand what makes Cancun, Mexico, safe for cosmetic dentistry.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe in Cancun?

As dental tourists, we understand that you are not only concerned about the quality of dental treatment but also your life.

You should note that Cancun is blessed with exceptional dental care and certified dentists who have international exposure.

That’s not all. Cosmetic dentistry clinics in Cancun pay special attention to hygiene and your comfort and safety.

Plus, international sterilization standards are followed, and our partner clinics use world-renowned material.

You should note that World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has given a “Safe Travel” stamp to Mexico’s national destinations. [11]

All these factors render Cancun, Mexico, a haven for dental tourists.

Savor a Dental Vacation in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun beach

Cancun Is a Beautiful Tropical Beach Town

Passport and Visa Requirements

US and Canadian citizens don’t need a Visa for a visit shorter than 6 months.

Further, you will need a valid passport — with a 6-month validation period before entry.

Source: Travel.State.Gov [12]

Tourist Attractions in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a beautiful beach city. However, apart from lush beaches, it also offers architectural marvels.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza in Cancun, Mexico


Savor the Splendid Beaches of Cancun


You name it – cost savings, quality dental work, state-of-the-art dental clinics, and expert and friendly dentists – and you will get it all in Cancun.

No wonder more and more people are choosing cosmetic dentistry in Cancun – Mexico, to get that perfect set of teeth to show off!

Get started on your journey to get the perfect smile.


The average cost of cosmetic dentistry in Cancun is around $500 as compared to about $2,000 in the US and Canada.

This entails a saving of almost 80%!

If you are wondering how much does a full set of veneers costs in Cancun, the answer is $420. The same will cost you $2,500 in the US.

Thus, in Cancun, you can save up to 83% on getting dental veneers.

Cosmetic dentistry is absolutely safe in Cancun. WTTC has given a ‘safe travel seal’ to Mexico’s cities.

In other words, Cancun offers excellent dental care with certified dentists and savings of up to 80% on cosmetic dentistry.

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