A big achievement of modern dentistry has been dental implants. Dental implants are a boon for people missing teeth as these restore function, bite and aesthetics in a much better way than unwieldy dentures.

Acting as natural tooth roots, anchoring single crowns, bridges or dentures firmly, dental implants help you eat, speak and flash your smile just like you would with your natural teeth.

The only negative thing about dental implants is their cost. If you are residing in Phoenix, Arizona you may find the price range of $3,000 to $4,500 for a single tooth beyond your financial reach.

However, you need not fret as affordable dental implants are very much a reality. And for that you will have to travel a mere 194 miles southwest from Phoenix to Los Algodones, Mexico.

Los Algodones – A Destination for Low Cost Dental Implants

Otherwise a sleepy little border town in Mexico just about seven miles from Yuma, AZ, Los Algodones teems with dental tourists from the United States and Canada seeking dental work that falls within their budget.

It has gained the reputation of being the dental capital of the world.

With its hundreds of dental clinics offering smile enhancements for a mere fraction of the American prices, Los Algodones has become a destination of choice for many.


Just a three-hour drive from Phoenix, this Mexican dental tourism mecca offers dental implants costing just about $750 a piece (average price of a single tooth titanium implant; contact us for more details through the website form on the right).

You will wind up having a complete tooth replaced (titanium implant + a dental crown) for under $1,500. That’s almost 50% savings over what you would shell out back home.

And since Algodones is less than 200 miles from Phoenix, your travel costs will also not eat into the savings you enjoy.

Quality Care at Affordable Prices

Phoenix residents can look forward to getting their dental implants at a top Los Algodones clinic.

Which is a member of the American Dental Association and is manned by competent and bilingual staff sensitive to the needs of people from the north of the border.

The clinic has its own state-of-the-art laboratory with CAD/CAM technology ensuring your dental work can be done without any delays.

Additionally, you get a range of services such as ground transport, FREE parking, assistance with travel documents, hotel bookings at special client tariffs in both Algodones as well as neighboring Yuma, and complete destination support, among others.

Client Reviews

The clinic has a great track record with nearly 2,500 patients visiting the dental facility annually. Here is the Los Algodondes dental review video of an Alberta, Canada resident who found the staff to be friendly and accommodating.

In another video, a Minneapolis, Minnesota resident reviews dental work in Los Algodones – Mexico.

While you might find traveling to Algodones for dental implants tempting, we suggest you consider your options and conduct ample research to decide what’s the best for you.

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