The video shows Ms. Solomon from Minneapolis, Minnesota discussing why she flew to Los Algodones for dental work.

Watch on YouTube: “Testimonial – Why I saw a Dentist in Algodones”
Testimonial – Why I saw a Dentist in Algodones


“My name is Julie Solomon and I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota which is a lot cooler than it is here but I like the heat here.

I did some surgery I needed, I googled it and a lot of people said they get work done here, I needed a lot of work done, in Minneapolis that probably would cost me fifteen thousand dollars to get the work done that I got done down here last fall for three thousand.

“I really had been only like three years since but every time I go to the dentist in Minneapolis, you can only afford to get like one or two teeth done and then all the other ones from that left neglected.

And they just sort of build up and there’s just too much work it’s like, I’m gonna go somewhere where I can get done all in one shot, so that’s why I decided to come here.”

There is more to Algodones than just affordability of dental procedures.

Los Algodones, Mexico as a dental holiday destination, strikes a chord with US patients.

Algodones offers every essence of south of border which renders it a rustic charm.

Apparently, the zero crime rate makes it comparatively safer then other Mexican towns and cities.

Ready to visit the molar city?

Yes, take me there!