The video shows Cheryl from Alberta, Canada sharing her experience of getting dental treatment in Mexico.

Watch on YouTube: “Los Algodones Dental in Mexico – Review of Dentist”


Cheryl…I’m from Alberta, Canada. It’s inexpensive; we had a couple of referrals from two different families that had come till .

And they were all happy with their work, so that’s what made me choose this place.

I didn’t come for anything specifically, I needed check up and they let me know the work that I needed to be done, so I went from there.

Mostly because it’s the expense, it’s a lot more money to dental work done, even the check up. You’re looking at four five hundred dollars just for X-rays and a check up.

Well, he had a little bit of issues afterwards, but the work was guaranteed, so we’re dealing with that right now, he had a couple of crowns redone, so that’s what we’re doing here today.

I’ve had crowns done and the cleaning and I’m happy with the work that’s being done.

Everybody, all the staff is very friendly, very accommodating, they’re here to help you out and that’s pretty much it I guess.

At first, yes because my husband and I came down here last year and we weren’t planning on getting any dental work done at that point because that was our first time here.

We just kinda wanted to see for ourselves what it was like and get a feel for it but here in testimonials from friends, families and a lot of people who’ve come here to get dental work done.

We hadn’t heard anything negative so we thought we’d try it for ourselves. So we did.

A lot of people travel from Alberta to Mexico since savings here far outweigh the rigors of travelling to another country.

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