The video shows a Virginia resident extolling the benefits of flying to Los Algodones for dental work.

Watch on YouTube: “Dental Treatment Abroad – Virginia Patient Story”
Dental Treatment Abroad – Virginia Patient Story


“We flew in to Yuma, alright, and we took a Taxi from Yuma to the airport which was about 15-20 minutes for just 30 dollars.

There was nobody at the border so we just walked over there was nobody. We just walked and he said “…here’s our passport” we just walked.

“So, and on the other end, other side, there was Tony from the hotel and it was a piece of cake.

So, that would be…that would be the, what I believe is the low season right, because it’s very very hot at the moment and I believe that the more, basically it’s the season November, December, January that time.

“So I don’t know long the wait that would be in that corridor coz’ I’ve heard the wait can be horrible in that corridor.

I have not experienced that, so I’ve been very fortunate, but if there is anything that was the only thing I saw online if I did testimonials from people was that they had to wait.

“And I saw, you’re saving more than ten thousand dollars that’s worth the wait.

I mean don’t you think so, you know how stupid can it get.

Three or four hours of sitting somewhere and you earn twenty thousand dollars, I’ll do that.

They have television there, they have internet there, you could read a book and you make money.”

In another video, she discusses the high levels of hygiene inside Los Algodones dental clinic.

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