The video shows a satisfied Virginia resident talking enthusiastically about the level of hygiene maintained by the dental clinic in Los Algodones.

Watch on YouTube: “Testimonial – Cleanliness at Los Algodones Dental Implants Center”

Video Narration:

Then I came here and I said to my husband I said –

“I hope it’s not dirty alright, I don’t do dirt, I’m bit snobbish right”, well I came in through that reception area, perfect, then the door where the seats are in the corridor, right.

Okay, still everything fine, the toilets are checked out fine.

Everything clean, clean, clean, I liked that and then I went in to the where they do the…the slides of the pictures.

And you know what they have and that impressed me so much, around the door knobs, the little bands which they take off for new patients or whatever.

So everything is clean, you don’t take your germs from somebody else to another, everything is clean.

It worked like clockwork and everything and everybody was friendly and things like that.

And I didn’t wanted to feel any pain, so I wanted to have special treatment, I wanted the hospital to come and give me an infuse and that was set up you know.

And so far (chuckles) but the most funny part is I did not have my procedure yesterday.

But my husband who wasn’t coming for any procedure had enormous procedure but that he’ll have to tell you himself you so but I couldn’t be more happy.

Biggest factor contributing towards influx of foreign patients at Los Algodones dental clinic is the ease of access.

Algodones falls close to US-Mexico international border and is well connected via air with most US cities.

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