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Zimmer Teeth Implants in Thailand

Zimmer teeth implants in Thailand are now available in almost all the leading hospitals and dental clinics of the country. Zimmer dental implants offer a comprehensive solution to almost all types of implant cases, no matter how complex they are.

High cost of teeth implants is a huge deterrent which stands in the way of people seeking the perfect smile. Affordable dental implants in Thailand overcome this hurdle as these are of high quality and come at prices much lower than what these would cost in the US, the UK or Canada. The cost of dental implants in Thailand is estimated to be 50-60% less than in the first world countries. You can ask for free estimates to know about the cost of Zimmer teeth implants in Thailand. zimmer-dental-implants

Medical tourism including dental tourism in Thailand has been on the rise. As per statistics released by the World Travel and Tourism Corporation and the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, nearly 1.54 million medical tourists thronged this South East Asian country in 2007, thereby generating revenue of $740 million. As per prognosis by the Kasikorn Research Center, nearly 2 million medical tourists were expected to arrive in Thailand by 2010.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium fixture resembling a screw which serves as the support apparatus for replacing one or more missing teeth. For people who are fed up of the hassles of fixed and removable dentures, implants offer an easy way out of their predicament.

Some of the products that one can choose from Zimmer implant catalogues are:

  • Tapered screw Vent.
  • Hex- Loc.
  • Advent.
  • Screw Vent.
  • Swiss-Plus.
  • Tapered Swiss Plus.

Advantages of Tapered Screw Vent implant system

  • High initial stability for primary restorations.
  • Implant platform creates favorable conditions for bone level maintenance.
  • Offers two surface options.
  • Offers two coronal collar options.
  • These implant systems have high survival rates. As per a study called “Retrospective clinical evaluation of tapered screw-vent implants: results after up to eight years of clinical function (2008)” by Ormianer Z and Palti A, among the sixty patients who had received 267 tapered screw implants, the survival rate of the implants after 7 years and six months was approximately 98.5%. The success rate for the surviving implants was approximately 96%.

How to find an Implant Dentist in Thailand

  • Patients should do thorough research before deciding to get dental implants from Thailand. Bangkok has an impressive number of dental implantologists.
  • Denta Vacation helps prospective patients get in touch with doctors from the leading hospitals in Thailand.
  • Before deciding on an implant dentist, patients should take into consideration a number of factors such as the area of specialization of the doctor.
  • Number of implants placed, together with the success rates, speaks volumes about the efficacy of the implantologist.
  • Medical tourist must feel completely at ease with their implant dentist they finally decide on and must discuss their expectations from the procedure in detail prior to the surgery.

Why Thailand for Dental Implants

The World Health Organization’s 2000 ranking placed the healthcare system in Thailand at number 47. In the recent years, millions of offshore patients have undergone medical procedures in Thailand and their numbers are increasing rapidly. There are a number of reasons why tooth implants in Thailand are viable, a few of which have been mentioned below:

  • Thailand was the first country in Asia to have a hospital accredited by the Joint Commission International in 2002.
  • Many of the leading hospitals of the country have also been granted with the ISO 9001:2000 certification.
  • Many doctors in Thailand have received their education from the US and quite a few of them are American Board certified.
  • The surgeons are highly qualified and many of the implant dentists in Thailand undergo intensive training for a period of 4 to5 years at a stretch before practising.
  • The best hospitals and dental clinics in Thailand are equipped with state of the art instrumentation and follow extremely strict hygiene protocols thereby resulting in the standard of care administered at par with that in the US.
  • Also, the presence of large number of clinics and qualified personnel ensures that there is almost zero waiting period for getting dental implants in Thailand.

Where to Go for Dental Implants in Thailand

New teeth implants are available in dental clinics in almost all the major cities in the country:

  • Bangkok – The capital city of Thailand, it is home to a number of hospitals, some of which cater exclusively to medical tourists. The ease of accessibility and the high level medical expertise have made Bangkok a hub for patients seeking a myriad of treatment from across the globe.
  • Pattaya – The city is home to a number of modern clinics offering dental procedures at reduced costs.

Cost of Dental Implants in Thailand

  • Medical care in Thailand can bring in massive cost savings. Cost of dental care in Thailand can be approximately one-tenth the cost of dental procedures in the first world countries. bangkok-thailand
  • Despite the reduced costs, hospitals and dental clinics in Thailand do not compromise on the quality of care administered.
  • Prescription drugs are available at cheaper rates in Thailand than in the first world countries.
  • There are a number of insurance companies which are encouraging patients to travel abroad for surgery. However, in the USA there is a vast chunk of the entire population which does not have dental insurance – nearly 45 million Americans in 2008, as per figures released in the National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief, 2010.
  • Cheap teeth implants in Thailand are also a boon for the vast populations of uninsured and underinsured people all over the world.
  • The savings from one major dental procedure and diagnostic test can even result in sufficient savings to pay for an exotic holiday in this tropical getaway.

Things to Do in Thailand

Zimmer dental implants in Thailand also give medical tourists an opportunity to explore the culture and beauty of this vibrant country.

  • The multiple tropical islands, sandy beaches and archeological sites in Thailand offer something to suit everyone’s taste.
  • Numerous Buddhist temples and World Heritage Sites are some of the major tourist attractions in Thailand.
  • The Grand Palace at Bangkok in Thailand is a must visit for all the tourists.
  • Thai cuisine has gained popularity for being delightfully aromatic and spicy. From the exquisitely prepared Som Tam to simple street food, Thai cuisine is a treat for the taste buds.
  • Also, Bangkok is renowned for its pulsating shopping malls which offer a wide variety of local and international brands.

Zimmer dental implants in Thailand are rapidly emerging as the popular option for people seeking high quality, affordable solution for missing teeth. Fixing dental ailments together with vacationing can be possible only in a country as multi-faceted as Thailand.


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